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LLN122- I Am The Still Small Voice

2007-04-26.  I Am The Still Small Voice

Lightline #122

Topic: I Am The Still Small Voice

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: The Voice

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: You know all things and therefore do you know the desire of our hearts to approach you. We have come together in this hour, we have chosen this means whereby we may come closer to you by degree. We trust that our faith in coming to you is well placed and that we are safe in this reaching that we will demonstrate to you in this hour. We know of a certainty of your love for us and your desire to be close to us as well and we only bring ourselves to this point, that we may demonstrate our love for you through our actions, through our intentions, through our desires that we would put into play in this moment.

We extend to you as trusting children of yours that we are, we come to you with open hearts just as the little children come to their parents with open hands and arms. We desire that you pick us up and give us your loving embrace. We desire that degree of closeness with you and welcome any minister that you would send to us to help us foster our relationship with you, our understanding of who we are in relationship to you.

And so I state our intention in this moment to be about this process and I open myself, my heart as we open our hearts that we would receive that that you would give us through whatever means we are capable of receiving it through. We understand, divine parents, that we are literally creating this avenue to you in this moment and by way of creation we desire to use the tools that we have learned in this process, that of forming our intention.

We have done that, that has brought us here to you in this fashion. We then give expression to our intention and promote our idea of how we think how that might be. Then we understand that we must take the third step in this creative chain of allowing and embracing that which you would give us as a result of our petition. Then as the final step in this process we would offer you our humble thanks for we know it is you responding to the desires of our souls and we are grateful beyond words for this that you offer us, this that we would take.

Having given voice to these principles, having committed ourselves to this process, we trust beyond all doubt that we are safe within your grasp, within your embrace and now we will join together and exercise yet another principle we have been informed of in this process, that of choosing to encircuit ourselves though sheer force of will. One by one we become as the bulbs on a chandelier and one by one we plug into this circuitry and add our contribution of light to the overall magnificence that we become having done this.

We also ask that others join us in our chandelier. We invite those who we have our faith and trust in, Michael, Monjoronson, Machiventa, Mother. We also ask Wave, Light, Dr. Mendoza and all others we are familiar with, even those we have yet to become familiar with, to engage with us in this exercise and as a final step we petition, we request, we ask that our voices, our internal fragments of The Father be conversant with each other, be in alignment as more bulbs in our chandelier.

We know Father that these voices are your internal gifts to us, that they are a brilliant reflection of your light themselves and we ask that they join us and add their brilliance to our collective consciousness in this moment. I give voice to all these layers of principle tonight so that we might keep in mind some of what transpires beyond our realm of vision, our realm of senses. There is so much that we don’t comprehend but these things have been shown to us, have been brought into our consciousness and we would embrace them.

We would actualize these circuits right now. It is our will to do so, it our desire to manifest this reality and we exercise our faith that in so doing it is so. Thank you divine parents beyond words, beyond sound and symbols. Feel the love that we offer you in gratitude, thank you.


The Voice: As yet another demonstration that your petitions have been received on high and have been granted in this hour, I come among you once again. I still must force my way to the front, to the surface because there is a great reluctance to receive the words which sound so familiar being said through the same vehicle as my host. I am this one’s voice called by many names throughout the ages. I am considered small and still because I have assumed a recessive posture in my association with you.

It is not my desire nor in my mandate to exercise force in our relationship whatsoever, it is in fact the opposite. I am desiring that you do what you will do of your own accord, of your own free will choice and having made this choice, then I attempt to see where I may fit in around your action of choosing. Once you have exercised this option of choice the wheels are in motion and they may be directed and guided, they may be inspired, they may be fostered and upheld but only when they are your genuine choice, your real desire.

I am sharing this space with you, the space that you call your body or your vehicle. I am in fact literally co-habitating this temporary address that you have with you and I am along for the ride as you are. But I am not at the wheel. Your consciousness, your mind controls largely what occurs and manifests as a result of your manifestation of such a physical life form. You have on board your vessel, myself, right now a passenger separate from you but desiring to form a union with you, a partnership which will eventually become unity itself. You have onboard the gift The Father has given you of your individual personality, the combination of traits that you call you.

This has been referred to as your soul throughout the ages because it is the part of you that is enduring beyond this temporal existence. And so there is your unique self, your soul, there is my self your guide as we return back to The Father from which we came and we have another component onboard. That is the master computer, your mind. It is through the use of this tool that you conduct your lives. There may be aspirations of the soul, there may be inspirations from your inner voice but it is all filtered through the mechanism of your mind and therefore it cannot be understated the use of this tool.

You are all aware that your mind can lead you in directions of positive thinking which then brings with it goodness, beauty, peace, love and likewise you are all familiar with the ability of your mind to direct you in the opposite direction and it is there that you encounter fears and doubts. Having had the benefit of growing to be adults of the human family you are quite familiar with the potency your mind has to literally create your reality in the moment that is, if you direct, your mind can take you down the road of truth, beauty and goodness or if you allow your mind, can direct you away from those things and into darkness and fear and doubt and uncertainty.

Perhaps the most significant advancement that you could make in your mortal career would be to gain an understanding of the potency of your directed thought and then to take control and seize this tool to be used for the forces of good. Those of you who are engaged in this process of desiring to be all that you can be, even desiring to develop a relationship with your inner voice, you have followed your leading to get you to this place. You have in fact followed your inner voice to get you to this place. Those many incidents where you were prompted to make the call or reach out or direct yourself in this direction, have been times when you are already functioning in partnership with your indwelling spirit, and yet chances are you were not in realization that this was the case.

I tell you that so much of what has brought you to this level of awareness has been done in partnership with your indwelling voice that you would be surprised to look at yourself from outside yourself and witness that you could be in a state of unawareness about what you have been engaged in. It is easy for one such as myself to witness those of you who are here in this forum as already having made commitments to the relationship that you enjoy with your voices. Any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of this is quite transient and will not persist for very much longer as you are literally creating the avenues of approach.

You are doing that in this hour. Your intention to be here has provided the universe with motion, with direction, with purpose and that can be directed and put into play for your highest good. If you could through your further diligence and practice, harness the energy potential in the circuitry of the mind you would see vast arenas open up to you when you are in greater command of where your thoughts would take you. It has been asked even this evening, what can be done, what can we do, what is it proper for mortals of the realm to assume that they may do to harness universe energy to manifest the qualities of truth, goodness and beauty, to direct even the mortal affairs of the world in a more godly direction?

I tell you as an answer to your prayer, to your petition thus voiced, that the most powerful thing that you can do is direct your intention with the use of the use of the most powerful tool that you have, your thoughts. Your mind is an incredible tool that can project an energy on the carrier wave of your thoughts. It has been known for centuries that prayer and petitioning The Father have had tangible affects and have impacted people positively and now it is once again brought to your attention that you are creators of your thoughts, you are promoters of your thoughts, you are projectors of your thoughts and if they are harnessed and are directed towards the highest ideals that you are aware of then they become potent forces in the universe.

This is simple laws of nature, this is as per the divine design. This is not a special granting of power or privilege. This is merely manifesting your true nature, that of being divinely inhabited. If on board your vehicle you have the gift from The Father of your soul and the gift from The Father of your guiding light then you are truly inhabited by divinity. True you are surrounded by mortality and you are controlled largely by the mind circuitry but your very essence, all that endures, all that is you, in fact all that is us comes from The First Source and Center.

Can you really grasp the significance of these composite parts of your being? Do you really embrace that parts of you are divine fragments waiting to manifest themselves, even in the material life that you live? In your subsequent incarnations on the morontia worlds there [you] will have much of your lack of awareness removed and you will come to understand more completely your true nature and character as a result of who has created you and under what auspices. But for now you are safe creatures and I applaud each one of you hearing these words because you would not be here if you had not exercised your faith to get you here, you would not believe had you not extended your faith. You might not trust had you not offered yourselves to be led and then in the most magnificent miracle of all had you not chosen to accept, to believe, even to offer thanks for that which you have received, you would not be here.

So you ask what can be done and I reflect that you have already done magnificently else you would not be here. You are on a progressive evolution, a staircase of ascension if you will and you have willingly of your own accord taken the steps necessary to bring you to this level and your soul and your spirit desire to move forward, to go beyond where you are on this landing, and so it shall be. There are steps too numerous to count beyond where we are but in the same way that you have arrived here you will make this ascension your own. You will take one step at a time, you will exercise your free will choice.

You may pause and rest, you may even retrace your steps from time to time and revisit other levels but you are engaged in your eternal career, your ascension process and in this you are assured of your success. And yet even so it may appear difficult, it may seem trying. There is uncertainty. This mortal existence does require of you much faith in things unseen, even in unseen partners residing within but these are as the steps that you take. First you tentatively place your foot and then as it appears solid enough you may slowly shift your weight and then eventually there is confidence that the step is sound and you are able to put both feet and trust that the step is in fact sound and will uphold you.

Then you have gained another level, you have risen and you are able to look back and see that you have made progress and you are alright, it is o.k. This is how we will proceed forward. It is not possible to dash up these stairs and certainly it is not possible to take them two or three at a time. Each one must be thoroughly invested in for the experience it contains. It is critical that you derive your experience in a methodical fashion. You are willing but you must be sensible about how fast you are able. All this will most certainly transpire in good time and you each one are enjoying the fruits of having taken the steps you have taken thus far.

It is good and well to savor each step, to glean from your efforts the wisdom, the truth and the beauty contained in your having acquired the next step. It is even beneficial for you to attempt to express or teach what you have learned as it helps you to further identify the values contained in what you have just successfully mastered. I applaud you all who hear these words for the progress you have made. In seeking you are most certainly finding and it is an honor and a pleasure to behold the manifestation of your higher natures as you acquire these aspects of yourself.

Fear not my friends. You are so far down the path of righteousness that you will not be easily derailed. You cannot easily reverse your course at this point and somehow fall into misunderstanding and darkness. No, rather you have through your willful intention, made yourselves into beings of light that are beheld from on high with love beyond measure. You have done this of your own accord, congratulations. You have succeeded in becoming light beings in emanating light, in becoming true examples of mortals who have progressed beyond the limitations that you have imagined and are now charting new territories for yourselves.

The Father’s plan is magnificent in its implementation and yet you come along and contribute even more grandeur by your willingness to go where few have gone in such a short span of time, that is even one mortal life. And so we are charting this course together. We may guide and inspire, you may then intend to follow and finally you may use your great tools of the mind to choose to pursue this avenue, to align yourselves with this projection. In so doing you activate that part of The Father’s plan, that law of universal ascension that decrees to those who engage with spirit with complete intention and with total purpose, they will create the way, they will literally form it as you are doing in this hour.

You all are familiar with your brains and how they work with forming neural networks and how you can create a neural network in your brain that is a thought or a memory. In the same way you are now creating a spiritual network, an avenue to be used to make the connection. You form these in your brains on a regular basis when you train yourself or remember a detail or fact and likewise by returning to this place you are strengthening your spiritual network and making more connection each time.

To those of you who will assume this role, will take this responsibility to heart, there is no limitation to what you may achieve in this process save that that you bring into the process. This communication in this moment is evidence of yet another thing being created that did not exist until you chose to create it and so you have received the rewards now of your efforts.

Since you are powerful co-creative beings I now petition you, for it all starts with you. I petition you in this moment to receive that which would be granted you. that which is your souls desire to enhance this circuitry between the partners aboard your vessel. Please position yourselves to do this now. Take the co-creative steps, submit your petition, make your internal commitment, stand now in readiness to receive. Please take a moment to do this now.

Focus if you would on the center around your heart, this is the dwelling place, the residence of your inner voice, your subservient partner, your divine counterpart. Make room if you will, make space, create the environment wherein you will become a more responsive host. Make internal petition that this be so. Finally, reflect in gratitude that this is so. You have just made it so. You have this power, it is under your jurisdiction to do this and now, having done so, give thanks.

I bring to you the affirmation that it is so. As well I bring to you the affirmation that we have collectively created among us, between us, even within us an unprecedented event never before having been recorded on this world. Of course that may not even be new to you. You are powerful co-creators and you go about creating things that never were but that will endure beyond you. And so it is in this hour we have partnered together to do just such a thing again.


I will, with some reluctance, step down from this extraordinary podium that you have built in this arena of faith that you have constructed. What a marvelous opportunity, what an incredible experience. I drink this cup with you and as well offer my gratitude with you for all that has transpired and I assure you that we are not in any way finished but rather we have only just begun. Thank you all my dear ones for your extension of faith. I withdraw now to allow you to bask in the glow of your success having just been created and acknowledge the joy that is surrounding such a magnificent display of mortal and divine partnership. It was thought to be potential and you have embraced it and made it actual.

Drink in this cup, savor this juncture and return to this place for gathering strength when the energy of the moment wears off and you need to recall your spirit connection. Return to this place that we have created and refresh yourselves. Go in peace and enjoy and spread love and radiate the light that you are to all the others. Farewell.

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