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LLN153- Where Does Divinity Leave Off

2008-01-03.  Where Does Divinity Leave Off

Lightline #153

Topic: Where Does Divinity Leave Off

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Please join me in some centering breaths. Dear First Source and Center, we assemble at this time to seek your ministry and to accept your grace from on high. Please allow us to have the open hearts and open minds to accept that which you would bring to us as a result of our seeking and our finding in this hour. We come to you secure in the knowledge that we are yours, your offspring, your children and that you being our parents will lift us up and bring us that which we need to sustain us and grow us in this life. Let it be so in this moment such that we may feel that it is so, may feel this connection; not just know of this connection but feel this connection to you and your connection to us. We have faith that this is so but we would approach you to seek the comfort and assurance that our faith is well placed. Join with us in this effort as we attempt to join with you and surely it will be so, thank you.

Mark: This is Mark and I am urged to step forward and share my thoughts that I currently entertain. I am reminded that this evening is with the intention of addressing the aspect of self that I choose to call the Voice and I have some kind of vision of attempting to displace, to kick out if you would, to separate from this aspect of self and there is a great resistance to this because we are in such close partnership that it cannot be expressed outside of me or without me. So I experience this attempt to make separate this part. I do this with an effort at service as I have been asked to facilitate this practice although I find it exceedingly awkward as if it were one side of my self talking about another side of myself, or talking for another side of myself and I say this to assure you that this is not encountered by myself as an easy process.

For me, it is far easier to transmit the messages of a teacher or some other authorized representative, even of Michael or Mother because I do not have to have any confidence that the message I would try to portray from one of these other beings of higher stature would certainly be of the highest caliber and so for me to function in that capacity I am well assured from the onset that the message is supreme and I act only as the messenger. But in this case it pushes me to the very brink because I am a part of this process and the one who I speak for would also speak for me. Therefore I have to muster up the additional courage that the words that will proceed will be from the higher aspects and yes, there are tones of my personality, shades of my understanding, colors that I bring to bear upon this but that is just how this works.

Fact is I am not supposed to be separate, you are not supposed to be separate. We are in the process of combining and becoming one and therefore I find it more and more difficult to speak with any separatism about this but I will in faith proceed as I always do, as I am committed to do, as I have undertaken to do and I step out in faith even now, even in this moment that I act on behalf of spirit and of my highest nature which is also your highest nature.


The Voice: Thank you for this invitation which welcomes me into this arena, I am this ones voice but as you have just witnessed yourselves, this is the same voice that is my companions voice and I call you to witness that his statements spoken to you with sincerity and devotion also were infused with my tones of divinity. Where does the one start and leave off and the other begin. Increasingly you will find this distinction difficult to make for as was just mentioned, you are in the process of becoming one being; a being of mortal countenance and experience and as well a combined being of divine wisdom. This is, as you well know, the plan for your growth and ascension; it is your destiny and a crowning achievement that is yours to make.

And so if this is all true, and this IS all true, then you are merely separated from this eventuality by your current experience as a mortal of the realm who is having this experience in the time space realms. As you evolve you certainly leave these time space realms and inhabit more and more of the spiritual realm which knows no restriction of time or limitations of space. But for now you are gathering unique and valuable experience as to what it is to see yourselves as separate beings; even to see yourselves as separated from God.

In your seeking and your finding you have most certainly discovered that you are not separated from God and that you are not even separated from each other except by your own awareness that this is so. As such this arena of time and space becomes a valuable teacher for you to understand the contrast of separateness and togetherness. You have been undergoing this experience of separateness and determining that the reality that you have perceived up until this time is not necessarily so. In fact you are finding that there are connections everywhere that come right to you, that go right through you. You are part of a gigantic network of connections. You are not in the least separate and the more you grow in your awareness the more you will understand the interconnectedness of the many and varied circuits that have you as part of their whole.

Likewise you are discovering that not only are you not separate from God, you are not separate from your universal parents, you are also not separate from that divine fragment which has been entrusted to you so that you may once again find the connection and experience the unity. You start out as a babe in this realm, alone and if it were not for others, if it were not for your parents loving care you would not survive hours on this planet and you begin at this point to learn of your connection; first your connection to your family which brings you life, nurtures your existence and provides for you the platform from which you experience your life.

Slowly you begin to understand that you are a part of more and more that is out there. You have friends in school, later you have associates in business, you have citizens in your county, in your state, in your country. Each one of these is another group, another circuitry that you find yourselves attached to and the more your awareness grows, the more you will find that all human beings are your brothers and sisters. You are all united in one family and this family is a member of even larger families, universal families and as your awareness grows you will see the many layered connections that keep you intact with these many circuitries. Through this entire process you have been granted an onboard partner to provide assistance wherever it may be accepted, indeed to provide you with the benefit of the ultimate connection through all other connections is this ultimate connection of this fragment of the First Source and Center; this part of you, this part that would become one with you and in so doing you join this greatest of all circuits.

You can truly sense the implications of what it is to be the drop that belongs to the ocean, no longer feeling separate and alone but rather feeling part of the whole; but at this point in your evolution you are awakening to the fact that you are a drop, but as a drop you are composed of greatness; you are composed of all the ocean has to offer yet you are experiencing your temporary position as a separate drop. As you well know there is great force when the drops have combined to be the ocean and once you have made this connection, opened up this circuitry, you too have access to the force of the ocean and you will no longer ever feel distinguished and separate but rather merely an aspect of the whole.

That is your experience as a human if you are lucky. Many humans will not rise to these levels of awareness in one short mortal existence and there are, as you are aware, provisions made for those who do not ascend to these awakenings in this lifetime. But you who are here, now, are well on this journey of discovery and you may expect that by your efforts the fruits of success will manifest before you and as you seek, you shall find, as you desire to know who you are you shall be made aware, as you wish to develop your connection to the greater source then it will be so. You are circumventing time in your desire to cover the distance and it is by your efforts that this is so.

Therefore do I recognize all those who arrive at this point as having accomplished great things. You not only have taken the ride of a time space experience but you have become awakened along the route and you have desired to take control of your own journey, to take the wheel and pursue a path that you feel will facilitate your evolution and the universe will foster your desires. You are grand creators and you are awakening to this potential as well. Indeed you are turning your creative potential upon yourselves and I am here to witness to you as is your inner Voice, that your efforts are meeting with success and that this is observable phenomenon by those who are of a spiritual nature.

Now, could my companion have of his own free will and volition offered you these insights? I say probably not as the inspiration for much of this was simply provided much as a teacher would bring a message to be delivered. We have struck a balance in this moment to combine the skills of transmitting/receiving with the inspiration and intuition that I bring to the equation. But when you feel individually, the surge of inspiration, of intuition, of spirit rise up within you, you may be assured that we are working together and it is not important that you speak for your inner voice. It is far more effective if you will speak as the team that you are, to bring your personal awareness into the equation and to allow the divine inspiration of your adjuster presence to bring a combination that is a meeting of the two realms; divine inspiration commingling with material aspirations. At this juncture there is evident to all the fruits of the spirit.

The fact that you will of your own free will choice engage in such an opportunity is a tribute to your spiritual awareness and these are demonstrated as fruits of your spirit. I hope these words have brought some meaning to you and now I would relinquish this opportunity and step down from this microphone that another might address you. There will be a different tone, a different hue as there will come into play a different personality. Thank you for your sincere and devoted attention to these messages, good day.

Monjoronson: Greetings once again, I am Monjoronson stepping up to the podium and accessing this microphone. I will accept your offer to put into play some concepts and would roll two concepts into one. For the benefit of those who would read these words I will restate the concepts mentioned. First there was the inquiry as to the topic of trust and then there was the inquiry as to the validity of the promptings individuals may receive; either time promptings or I will add, innumerable other types of promptings. These two topics are easily combined because the greater aspect of trust most certainly encompass all the lesser aspects of what to trust, how to trust and when to trust.

I call you to witness that you have just heard a description offered in which it was required of my associate that a certain trust be brought to bear in the circumstance, otherwise there was the overall threat ever surrounding all- the threat of doubt. As human beings of the realm I understand that you come from a long history of doubt, mistrust, and uncertainty of anything and everything around you. You do not easily trust anything be it the written word, each other or your own thoughts and feelings. It seems you have put yourself apart from trust; you have separated yourselves from trust to the degree that you have now alienated yourself from trust and require life to prove it to you before it can be trusted.

You do this with your relationships, you do this with your science, with your learned programs, with your intellectualisms and you do this with your faith. You would have faith if it were proved to you, you would have trust if it were shown to you. The child comes into this world in a state of trust. It has no uncertainties or doubts because they have not been installed yet. It trusts that someone will be there to take care of its needs and keep it alive, it trusts that life is friendly until it is shown otherwise. It is the adults who have grown weary of life, who have lost their trust and their faith and now are struggling to regain their footing in these realms.

After all there is the statement- who can you trust? what can you trust? and why? You have within you the answers to all that you seek, the verification to all that you would doubt, the ability to go within yourselves and find the truth; not the truth that another would tell you, not the truth that is written and therefore must be correct, not the truth that must be in the absence of all else but the real truth. This is available to you by virtue of your divine fragment who knows all things; who has direct access to the First Source and Center where all truths resides. You need not look to another, their writings, their sayings, their predictions, their understandings, these are theirs. They may own them, they may proudly assemble them as part of who they are but you as an individual must be in process of assembling your own truths.

There is an overwhelming tendency right now to participate in the herd mentality.( the primary’s were going on at the same time) Among humans of the realm this is almost an irresistible urge. Even in this hour there awaits a country to see who a select few will choose so that they may perhaps choose them as well. Public opinion and consensus tend to dominate over real truths but you are engaged in the process of discovering the process whereby you may gain trust and it is not by giving it away. It is by owning up to it yourself realizing that within you lie the answers and that represents the greatest challenge of trust that you face. Will you trust yourselves, will you be honest with yourselves, do you accept that there is a part of you that is trustworthy?

We tell you over and over again who you are; that you are children of divinity but we observe that you do not trust yourselves with such grand designations. They are not grand designations, they are statements of truth. This is who you are, each one and your ongoing process of discovery is designed to bring you to this awareness and once you embrace the fact that it is not about trusting without, it is about trusting within; then you may forgive all of those around you who are on their own individual journeys of discovery of trust and faith. You will begin to understand what they are undergoing is true for them, it is real for them, it is certain for them but they are expressing their individual experience.

What is yours, what is true for you, what is real for you? It is every bit as valid as what is real for any other out there. When The Father fragmented Himself, the idea was that these fragments would all be different; there would be not two drops of the ocean that were the same, and so it is that no two realities can be the same. Your individual understanding, your individual awareness constitutes your individual reality and it is true and it is right and it correct for you and you alone. Others may find aspects which resonate with them, you may find aspects of others experiences which resonate with you but they are not your experiences until they become owned by you and validated by you and embraced by you and this is done through your bringing these experiences within for your confirmation and for your embrace.

If they are not compatible with your reality if they do not resonate within then you will most certainly feel that and know that of a certainty. So in the grand scheme you can only trust yourselves, but you must trust yourselves. This extends to how you would have your reality manifest. If you are one who is looking to see particular numbers on a clock and is keyed to be aware of such things, then such things will be used, not because they are chosen by those on the other side but rather because they are chosen by you as something that you will accept, something that you are aware of. Likewise there could be innumerable other ways that you would choose to be approached or alerted or be made aware and these methods of your choosing will be utilized.

You have chosen one this very moment. Without you aligning yourselves in this process you would not be accessing this particular message. This is a result of your choosing, we did not send out mandatory invitations that you would arrive and be so instructed. You have chosen to follow this path and in so seeking you are finding. Once again I will state that you are powerful beyond your wildest imagination. You are cocreative beings whose power is largely untapped, you are scratching the surface of who you are. This is all yours by virtue of your birthright and you are growing into yourselves, becoming confident with yourselves so that one day you will trust yourselves.

It is ironic in a grand scheme sort of way that your universal parents trust you beyond measure, the universe at large trusts you and that you may be some of the last ones to come on board as trusting yourselves but this is by design so that you may experience what it is like to come to this place of your own efforts. And so we watch as the design plays out and we see that it is invariably successful every time, and so it is that your success is assured.

I observe that that is enough at this time to attempt to digest. I would remain in attendance and field any individual questions or observations that you might have.


Q : I appreciate your counsel Monjoronson, I really didn’t disagree with a thing you said. Learning how to trust ourselves is a very key factor in learning how to live in peace with ourselves and have that inner confidence that will enable us to work in fact better with our indwelling adjuster. When we are all functioning in trust that liaison that things do indeed work. Like the lesson on the symphony, if I am a piccolo and I am playing my heart out as a piccolo should play I’m not going to worry about what’s going on with the violas or the symbols because they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, knowing that we’re all paying attention to the master conductor. I do appreciate that, it’s probably none of my business what the other instruments are playing as long as I stick to my own notes.

Monjoronson: Let’s take your analogy one step further. It may not be your business to be concerned with the details of the other players in the symphony but it most certainly is your pleasure to be a part of such a grand and glorious project, the fruits of which will elevate the soul and raise the vibration. As an individual player you would not necessarily have the full power of the orchestra to evoke such emotion but as a team player you are responsible none the less equally with the drummers and the violas and the piccolos to insure that the entire grand scheme gets upheld and offered. [Thank you for that approval, that acknowledgement.]

Thank you my friend.

Q: Hello Monjoronson, [hello] I wish to make a statement and maybe a question as well. I do acknowledge that one of the most trustworthy things in a humans life is their own experience and all planets [involved] with the Caligastia rebellion and the Adamic default I can imagine a planet that is settled in light and life does not have these erroneous concepts as a legacy coming over from the evolution that it is important that we are all safe. Because of these rulers we inherit a season of distrust moving forward from that legacy so we being agondontors are trudging a different path regarding trust and the only thing that we can really be sure of is our own experience that we have lived.

Monjoronson: Oh my friend, you have just provided a key. Let me please use your observations. You state that we observe that your human species bears the mark or stigma of its past and that it is a challenge to overcome such a stigma. I am welled up with the feeling that this is a key point to be made. At some point in your process, in your evolution both individually and collectively you must of necessity make a break with the past. The past is just that, it is past, it is history, it is not here, it is not now, it is not in this moment. What is in this moment is what you have referred to as your experience. Now, if you are strong creators and if it is your desire to create a new future for yourself, then part of what you must create is a break with tradition, a break with your past, a break with deception, a break with deceit, a break with distrust, a break with dishonor.

You understand that these things carried forward into this moment pollute your moment, they contaminate your environment and you are saddled with them as an obstacle to overcome before you can even begin to proceed with a new vision, a better vision, a higher vision of the way you would have it. Now, consider what stands in your way. As agondontors you have already shown that you have faith to believe in things unseen therefore do you have the faith to create the realities that are not currently known. You have the faith to forsake dragging the obstacles of the past into your now, into your current moment. You have the trust that you can do this. This is up to you, it is not future generations, it is not another time or another place. It is the moment that you decide that you will do this.

You are all rather fond of pointing to a time of light and life as something in the projected future, that it will be nice if it arrives one day and I will say to you that day begins today with your thought, with your trust, with your intention you create light and life even if it is only in the space around your physical being, even if it is only in your family; even if it is only on your block, you create it because you choose to create it.

And so I encourage you to consider this turning of the page, this making a break with the way things were because you cannot create the new way if you have a yoke around you of the way things were. It is true, we have history to consider. History that can help us put some perspective to our position but then we must free ourselves of its shackles. We must be about creating a new future, a new paradigm, a new awareness.

That is what I am here to usher in as are you. You are the ones who will have the bold new ideas of a more ideal future, then you are the ones who will take the steps to make it happen, you are the ones who will create it. It is not something that will be thrust upon you from on high, this state of light and life, it will come from you and you are now bolstering your courage and finding your voice and positioning yourself so that you may speak with the authority of one who has trust and faith and conviction. This is our privilege my dear ones, we are so very fortunate to be here together as this unfolds before us but also we must roll up our sleeves and be at work in this process. This is not granted to us, we must make it happen but when we show ourselves willing we have the vast recourses of the ocean behind us; and so be it, let us work together.

Q: Thank you Monjoronson, we certainly have had an interesting evening with your joining our circle and stepping up to the podium, I envision you leaning across on your elbows and peering over your glasses and earnestly encouraging us to do this. I have before me on my desktop the idea of uninstalling the doubt filter that our culture has forced between us and this separateness that you’re talking about. Is it so simple to decide to uninstall this doubt that casts its filter on our experience and leads us back into the past of defeat and deception? Is it something that we can with trust say yes I am done with doubt, I have uninstalled it from my desktop mind?

Monjoronson: Lets go with your analogy. First of all I like your analogy of joining your circle. I merely refer to the podium because that typically is where the microphone is and as I need this particular microphone I will envision myself in a group with you as that strikes my fancy. As for your metaphor of uninstalling your doubt filter; I would point out to you that when you first came on line as it were, in your very first computer when you were very young, you were a trusting individual, you did not have a doubt filter. There was no such program running to protect you because you were unaware that you needed protection. As you grew and thought you had more to lose in this process or more to be protected, fear and doubt were introduced to you as a mechanism for protection.

They have served the human species admirably as this mechanism for protection for quite some time but as you evolve as spiritual beings, as you grow into awareness you need to change your operating system. No longer do you find it serviceable to use the same old programs to do the same old things because you must remember, it is like bringing the past forward. The same programs bring you the same results every time. The same patterns will produce the same results so therefore as you grow in your skills, your abilities, your awareness you will find it proper to upgrade your systems and find operating systems that provide you greater latitude for discovery because that is one of your greatest obstacles.

Your current operating system of life has you confined, has you constricted to its parameters and it is not possible for you to step outside of those parameters given the same old current pattern of your operating system. Therefore if you wish to expand and you wish to grow, so does your capacity need to grow, so does your operating system need to expand to allow you new areas for growth and expansion. As a mortal of the realm it is exceedingly difficult and not necessarily advocated that you entirely delete your doubt scanner. This is a part of your operating system and as such it is adjustable by you. I can be set to doubt all things and allow nothing through the filter or it can be adjusted downward to only be activated in certain times of uncertainty based upon your individual awareness’s.

So I would not necessarily recommend deleting that entire aspect of the program but I would most definitely recommend you taking control of that rather automatic part of the program to be serviceable to you in relation to your awareness, your trust, your faith; your ability to find out for yourselves your truths because your doubt filter may be triggered [to] a number of instances but these remain as quarantined until you have taken them within and assessed their value and been either confirmed in the value or unable to receive substantiation. The purpose of the doubt filter then is to raise the question or alert you to the potential that there is an issue or a question or something that you have encountered that will require your internal processing.

If your doubt filter is set too high you will never entertain any possible beneficial options. If your doubt filter is set too low you will be seen as gullible or malleable by others. All of this is made right when you realize that you have the ultimate data bank within and that you need only to check with your internal data source to either validate or fail to adopt any outside information. There is no fear to be had that this will turn into a virus and take over you or your abilities or your skills, it is simply not possible because you are unassailable in this internal citadel of self. It is merely a question of you filtering through all that your experience entails and processing where and if anything that you come across fits in to your internal system. Thank you for your offer of that analogy which was most useful.

Q: You’re welcome. So we’re to be in Jesus’ words “wise as serpents and harmless as doves” so then how does Michael’s spirit of truth as poured out at Pentecost relate to our own doubt filter? Can we replace our outworn and outmoded programming for Michael’s spirit of truth?

Monjoronson: You may absolutely request a download at any time to upgrade your operating system to the most current standards available. You may do this by asking to interface with the mind of Christ. You may do this in your prayers to be granted wisdom from on high, you may do this in your internal moments of awakening. You may do this in a number of ways but you can rest assured that you are online, you are linked and that you may receive these upgrades just by simply requesting them.

Q: That was beautiful. Whoa, I can do that.

Monjoronson: Yes you can, yes you can.

Q: That’s a very joyful way of giving the past a goodbye, to wake up every morning and download the Father’s will for me today, this moment.

Monjoronson: And to carry that analogy one step further, most of your will identify with what its like to receive an upgrade and at first you may feel some initial slight discomfort with the rearrangement of the new program but you quickly begin to see the improvements made and once you have but a few moments experience with the new upgrade you find yourself pleased at having made the change even though at first there was perhaps some initial resistance to things being different until you discover they’re better.

Q: Right, those new reminders, those new icons on the desktop, those new prompts with new insights and I’m entering where I’ve asked those reminders to take me. Is that sort of the idea of an icon, to click on to that whatever prompt and go, oh here I am in the moment to go through into where I’m supposed to see here.

Monjoronson: In this analogy your icons can be seen as your doorways to your individual experiences much as a photograph can bring you back to the experience of a vacation you have fond memories of; likewise does an icon in this analogy represent a doorway to open to a place you were before that you can remember to access and that you can utilize. I would carry it one step further to say that there has been much discussion I have provided about reassembling this network. Imagine yourself right now putting an icon on your operating system that you could click on and in a moments notice be here again. That is the value of what you referred to as these icons, they are portals, doorways into different dimensions, different realities, different circuitries much as this one.

Q: That is awesome and awe inspiring, thank you very much.

Monjoronson: From my perspective is that all of you beings have gathered around to hear the message and are drinking it in, taking it in to your own persons. It is now part of your experience, your individual personal treasure trove of experience. Congratulations each one. You have come to this point and you have received. You have put effort out and you have been rewarded.


Q: Well thank you for your presence here tonight in the circle, everyone.

Monjoronson: I echo your words, thank you. I will draw this meeting to a close. It seems like an appropriate point. Once again, thank you, thank you for, your devotion, your attention. It is truly inspiring to see from where you have come to where you stand now. I honor you in your journeys each one and I look forward to our further working together to create light and life before us, thank you.

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