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LLN154- We’re Only Human

2008-01-17.  We’re Only Human

Lightline #153

We’re Only Human

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Centering poem offered by Mark:

We’re “only” Human

I look out my eyes and I see

All the world around me.

Sights and sounds, touch and feel

let me know these things are real

I look in the mirror and I see

this bag of bones that I call me.

Surely it must not be-

that’s all there is to me, it must not be!

There’s part of me you cannot see,

The only part that’s really free.

From the limitations of this life,

The uncertainties and strife in this life.

This part I feel inside of me

surrounded by what you see.

Surely is the greatest part,

it guides the soul and steers the heart.

This small part with a destiny so grand,

the universal helping hand.

Transforms this life of sights and sounds

into the realm where values are found.

In the stillness is where we’ll find

cosmic answers and peace of mind.

In our lives we’ll begin to show it.

We’re not just human and we know it.

Cause we’re only human – on the outside.

We’re only human – for a short time,

We’re only human – until we outgrow it,

We’re only human – until we show it.


The Voice: Greetings, I am this ones voice here to accept your offer to join this forum on equal standing with you offering my observations and my energies just as you may offer yours. I will most certainly take these threads that have been offered and attempt to weave a new pattern. There was the observation offered of the sense of connection when you meet another in spirit. You are in fact accessing the spiritual arena and together entering therein and playing about in the new energies of spirit.

It is perhaps somewhat analogous to what it is like when you are at one moment standing on the diving board and at the very next moment, after you have made your choice and put into motion your action, you are immersed in another environment totally different and yet you are able to choose to dive in and be able to be surrounded by this distinctly different environment. It has an impact on your senses and you register that you have changed your immediate environment and are experiencing an environment that you may seldom get the chance to experience.

Likewise do you each one stand on the diving board of spirit. As you are all perhaps aware, it takes your intention, your will, your desire and even some courage to direct your actions to cause such a change in your environment. One minute you are out in the open air, the next minute you are submerged and everything has changed. Likewise with spirit, one minute you may be engaged superficially, you may be not engaged at all or you may be distracted from all that goes on around you and then in the next moment after your choice to redirect your energies you find yourself locked in the spiritual environment with a brother or sister and you realize that this is a different environment than you spend most of your time inhabiting.

The other thread I will weave into this imagery is the awareness that this is so, the awareness that you have noticed that you are not only human, you are more than human and you’re growing awareness that this is so. With this growing awareness you may choose to exercise your option more frequently at will to take the dive into the spiritual arena, to make the shift with intention and you will find that you’re choosing to access these spiritual arenas was as simple as your directed thought. All you have to do is decide that this is how you would have it; this would represent your desire and as a result of your intention and your direction you will find that it becomes easier and easier for you to make that transition, to take that step or to make that dive requires less and less courage, less and less faith in the process.

This is because you are more than human, you are human and you have a component of divinity as well. Your humanness is certainly a transient experience and you’re having to distinguish and choose spirit is a unique experience in your eternal spiritual career. At no other stage of your evolution do you have any question or doubt or distraction or misunderstanding about your choices. This is your experience of not knowing and still choosing, still trusting and having faith and learning to look to your partnership with your fragment of divinity. In the scope of your eternal career, this brief moment of unawareness that you experience as a mortal of the realm is indeed of minimum significance in the overall picture- that is it’s a very short lived episode albeit one with a powerful effect on you as you reach out in relative darkness and in faith find that which you seek.

You have a saying- “come on in the water’s fine”, so from the spiritual arena I may call you and say, come on in, its fine and more and more you desire to respond and take a dip, immerse yourself in spirit and feel the refreshment of having transcended the burdens and the dust of the material life. Remember there is always one with you, so close to you that you think it’s you and in time it is you. It has the same tone as your own voice, the same thought patterns that you recognize as yours and yet there is more, more than the human thought patterns, more than your own thoughts and words. They are your thoughts and words infused with spirit, commingled with divinity.

Keep this in mind as you make your attempts to distinguish that aspect of self that you are attempting to identify when you look to your inner voice. Remember when you are wondering how you will know that this voice is a part of you and working with you, recall that it will sound just like you, that you will recognize that it has a tone that is of a higher vibration, that it has a resonance which is an elevated frequency and you will mix your frequencies with these higher frequencies and they will be blended and your own frequencies will be made to appear as though they are more than human.

Thank you for this opportunity to address you. I have enjoyed the chance to come out from behind my host and be given the latitude to express more directly. I bid you good evening.

Monjoronson: I greet you as well, I am Monjoronson and if you are faithful enough to keep on attending these meetings then I will show my faithfulness as well and join you to promote greater spiritual awareness and understanding through these changes that we both enjoy. I must say in adopting you and this mission I have spent a great deal of time observing and even some time in your direct company such as now and I have been so charmed by your humanness and am greatly impressed with the circumstances that you have to navigate as mortals of the realm in your dimension.

Mortals of the realm, yet awakening spiritual beings as well and I witness that negotiating these dual experiences constitutes a great challenge for you as you grow in your awareness and perceive of your relationship more and more clearly. You start as children having to gain awareness about how to negotiate your material existence and how to best navigate through the reality of what it is to be a mortal of the realm and then you are in a sense born again into your spiritual awareness and you must learn how to negotiate your way through the arena of spirit. This particular juncture of being a creature of duality is a treasured experience as it only happens once in every universal career.

Often it appears as though this growth imposes a struggle upon those who take it on so seriously and it appears as though great effort is put forth to move from one place of awareness into another; but just as the child is only a baby once for only a short period of time and then that experience is never to be repeated, likewise do we observe you as struggling to advance from your first stages of learning to walk to ones who would wish to run away and go and explore. So while I join you in your enthusiasm to be about this project of growing your souls and evolving your spirit, I do cherish much as the parent does, these stages along the way, these steps that are taken one by one, each one so significant in the moment to the overall journey.

You have a practice in your culture of taking pictures of these different stages and keeping records of what it was like to remember the first steps, the first words, the first of any experience and you will delight to know that there are universal records kept of all your steps that you have taken as you grow and evolve from your material component into your dual nature. One day you will greatly enjoy watching yourselves taking this whole project so seriously and so devotedly and growing right before your eyes. I certainly am enjoying seeing every step taken individually and collectively as the class takes steps ever forward. I would conclude my remarks there to allow for any contributions or questions that any might have. Come on in, the water’s fine.


Q: Hello Monjoronson, [hello] I really enjoyed the papers written by the Divine Counselors and in one they share the concept that many times they have been in the presence of the Universal Father and he knows whereof he speaks. Of course, you being from Paradise, could you share with us what it is like on that side of the curtain in Havona and also the experience of being in the immediate presence of The Father or the Paradise Trinity.

Monjoronson: My friend, I would love nothing more than to grant you with an experience of what that is like but I am simply unable to make this transfer. It is as though I would try to describe the color blue to one who is blind. You are simply limited by your senses and the only descriptions I can offer have nothing to do with your senses of the flesh. They are more closely related to this sense of what it feels like to be in the spiritual arena, even to be in this moment now here together. This is the closest sensation I can offer you as to what it is like to go beyond feeling.

As you well know, those matters of spirit are not bound by issues of time or of space; they are not conditioned by any of the factors that are in your environment and so your thoughts may be of great distances but you fail to grasp an awareness that distance is only a restriction in your time space environment. There are literally no restrictions, no conditions that are imposed on those who are in pure spirit form and this is ever true for the First Source and Center as well. Your attempts to understand this have had you distance yourself from this source but that is only because you are so conditioned by your requirements of time and space as to think of yourselves as so distant and different and distinct.

Indeed that is your experience in this realm but The Father knows no such limits of experience and whereas you might perceive that it is necessary to go to this place and therefore be in proximity of The Father, it is distinctly different than that but I will certainly fall short in any attempt to describe to you what it feels like other than to offer you reference to your own feelings of spiritual connection, spiritual awareness and spiritual stimulation. When you encounter these sensations you might register them as being in a different field of sensation and you would be right; they are outside of your senses and yet they impact you and you feel them. It is in this realm that you do you’re approaching to spirit and to use words such as invigorating or any other such descriptive word only relates to your sensual experience.

Therefore we do not have the proper framework to fully define what feelings you are destined to encounter as you too approach the Father in your own way. Remember that you do have one who has left a trail of bread crumbs for you to follow back and will be most anxious to help you return back. But I can only tease you how glorious an experience it is to approach the First Source and Center.


Would there be any further contributions this evening? I have most enjoyed sharing this time with you once again. I will offer my commitment to join you for these meetings, that we may grow in awareness together. Thank you for your attention, farewell.

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