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LLN155- Thoughts Offered in Prayer

2008-01-3.  Thoughts Offered in Prayer

Lightline #155

Topic: Thoughts Offered in Prayer

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, you are everywhere around us, you are as the air we breathe. Let us breathe in your influence, let us take you within in the breath, let us mix with you in the breath, let us co-mingle this space that is us. We are so grateful for this opportunity to assemble here with this intention, this purpose we share to come together to receive your messages from on high; to co-mingle with you in this space. So let us state our intention to create this space for co-mingling, to inhale and expand, to provide for you within. To focus our intention that this channel be made available, this avenue of approach be utilized at this time. We approach you in complete trust and ultimate faith that this is so and surely with our intention and with yours this is so.


The Voice: I greet you as I understand you have afforded me this opportunity, even extended me this invitation. I would express myself; I am this ones Voice and I would for the purposes of illustration take a moment to reflect on some of the thoughts offered in this attitude of prayer and worship- particularly the concepts of co-mingling within a space. That is a very useful descriptive for the interaction that you and your inner guide may see yourselves in, one of sharing the same space and allowing for this sharing is what is so profoundly important about the discovery you make that this is so; that you are sharing space with a companion, one who will become as you just as you will become as your companion.

At this stage of human development and evolution you are at the very beginning phases of awakening to your relationship to all manner of things; your relationships to each other, to spirit and your relationship to your inner Voice, your relationship to your divine parents, your relationship to the family of man. These are all your opportunities to discover a new sense of relationship. You are of course attached to all of these things, it is merely your awareness of this attachment that creates the difference in experience. As beginning mortals of the realm you are chiefly engaged in discerning your relationship to those around you and after you have satisfied your interest about who you are in relationship to your family you begin to see yourselves as related to different groups and sets and different orders.

The more you can grow in awareness and appreciation of your relative relationships, the more these relationships can be made richer by your awareness. You begin to bring aspects of yourselves across the lines of groups and bring your different flavors into your varied arenas of influence. What values you may learn in a family unit may be brought to bear in other circumstances you may find yourselves in. Likewise your experience in the spiritual realms may bleed over into your materialistic circles and the values of spirit may color the influence that you bring into your different subsets or groups. You all have experienced this type of transfer from one set of circumstances into another and in this way is transformation fostered. When you transfer your highest values from experience to experience you uplift all experiences.

Right now, even in this moment you are gathering a new set of experiences that you can bring with you into your other ventures in life. You can recall this tone, you can feel this peace at any time you desire to revisit this circumstance and in so doing you transform your experience of the moment. This form of positive re-enforcement and creative intention has as well a opposite option. You may choose to bring your negative impressions, your bad experiences, your misunderstandings, doubts or fears into your experience of the moment and likewise they will color your current reality.

So it is important to understand that you have the potential to color your experience of the moment any way you choose. Through a more positive mode of upliftment or perhaps bringing your fears into the equation and feeling the impact of having engaged in that option. Should you find yourselves in the precarious position of vulnerability or of teetering on the brink of choosing to make positive influence or falling into old habits, you may always call upon your internal guide, your inner voice for there is never uncertainty as to the direction to go from your inner guide. There is always support to be found when your request is made to help you uplift your patterns and enhance your experience.

Try to recall as you speed through this journey of life that there is one right beside you that shares the journey, your every step, even your every breath. Perhaps consider making allowance, making space for this relationship. Use your intuition to request this intermingling of presences. This is well within your grasp of attainment, even at your simple request. I would step down as I perceive that this is a difficult gap to bridge and would respectfully withdraw to allow this opportunity for others, thank you.

Monjoronson: I too will accept this opportunity and this invitation, I am Monjoronson. Just as you have been so devoted to consistently meet, so will I show you my devotion to consistently show up and offer my appreciation for your efforts. Truly this dedication and devotion on your part is noted on high. As you stated earlier, you felt gratitude for this group. I echo your sentiments. There are few things as gratifying as the spiritual bonds that are formed between individuals and that is precisely what we have been doing over these times together. We have been co-mingling our energies, arriving at a place that we both have sanctified for this purpose and allowed and accommodated for this purpose.

We meet there, together we share our energies back and forth mingling and co-mingling energies, sensing and perceiving this interchange of energies. We are indeed forming spiritual relationships as well as a group relationship- the coming together for a common cause, a unified purpose and one that we support with our intentions and our desires that this circuit we have enjoyed be supported, even breathed life into. There is so much that we can share back and forth, you bring your experience and I bring mine. When we mix them together we both come away with an increased sense of expansion. We have shared energies together and we have both been impacted by this gesture.

This is relationship and whether it is done in this moment between you and I or whether it is done between you all as a group or between you and any other mortals of the realm. This is the basis of relationship, the sharing of energy, the sharing of our individual fountains of love. We bring our energy, it contains our love. We are generators of this love as we are generators of our energy, when we bring them and share them, we have shared our love, shared our energies. If you can begin to see that this basic principle is the one underlying all of your relationships, this knowledge will transform your relationships, this information can color your experiences. Bring into your relationships the awareness that you are sharing each others love, you are sharing each others unique contribution to the pool of love.

No matter what the circumstances may appear to be on the outside, you are in fact sharing energy with each other and the details of the circumstances may vary widely but the underlying principle of what is going on is universal. So in all of your [actions] and in all of your relationships, they may be made better by your awareness that there is as well as your material interactions, a spiritual component to all of your relationships and just the awareness that this is so and the reflection upon this fact will change the nature of all of your relationships. You will begin to see the divine component in every interaction you have with every other.

My companion has a relationship with a principle of the human body and it’s interaction with the breath and while I am not of material body as of yet, I certainly perceive that there is great significance in his observation that the breath can be harnessed and focused and used to create these conducive environments. And so I support this observation that this can be a useful method of focusing your intention, certainly not the only method but a serviceable method I concede. While he may struggle with my picking his thought patterns to use, I nevertheless stand by my observation and would cite the fact that truth is truth regardless of the source.

I would conclude my remarks with those but I would remain in attendance in this group and should there be any desire to interact with questions or observations I would certainly entertain any of those or perhaps even some time spent together in stillness, as you so desire.


Q: Good evening Monjoronson, [good evening] and everyone here. I would like to know if our intentions and our attempts to bring into action our intention are perceived in different ways by different orders of our teachers and administrators. I believe that my interior voice knows my intentions and my efforts. I have read in transcripts that teachers see our light and don’t see the rolling clouds of emotional response that we go through every day, they don’t penetrate to our material vision and as we step out to say Melchizedek levels or teacher sons are you more aware of our spiritual intentions?

Our imaginary future efforts to create transformation or change, are you more able to draw on our unspoken yearning for unity and practical life so that what we feel is right and progress is recognized- higher as well as inner dimensional…I think I’ll stop rambling here…

Monjoronson: My dear you mentioned the key to this whole issue of understanding and awareness when you said that there is one within you that does know of a certainty where you are at and there can be no misunderstanding about that to your inner voice as they are as intimate with you as is possible. How another such as myself may perceive you is through this same circuitry where the one who knows you the best may commune with the one who knows me the best and then they exchange accurate and truthful information without any possibility of any misinterpretation. They are engaged in the spiritual circuitry of the Thought Adjusters and that is how this awareness of another is passed to you and that is how you commune in the highest sense of spirit; is this co-mingling of circuitries as well where your inner guide may engage in sharing with an others inner guide and enjoy that relationship as well…

Q: So we are understood and through our Adjuster co-mingling we begin to participate in understanding, a two way street?

Monjoronson: It is absolutely a two way street and it is a two way street in all circumstances whether it is your deepest spiritual intention or whether you are receiving change at the supermarket, there is a spiritual component to this relationship and you are touching on a variety of levels, one of which is this rather spirit to spirit communication. That was my intention earlier in my descriptive about bringing this awareness into your everyday situations because there are so many levels beneath the top one on the surface that you may access by simply your awareness that this is so.

Q: So we can access the layers of the progress angels or the angels of industrial life or all those kinds of circuits in this supermarket exchange is that what you’re saying; that we can see with the inner eye to the circuitry and participate in the circuitry and contribute to the strengthening of that circuitry?

Monjoronson: It is as you will it to be and if you will it to be on a deeper level then it is . ..if you will it to be on a superficial level then so be it. You have power of intention to access as many of these levels as you so choose at any moment under any circumstance. That is what it is hard for you to believe as humans of the realm, is that all this is at your disposal always; it is you who conditions when you will make space and allowance for this to happen. Once you do make space and create an allowance, you will witness that there will be additional layers added to your experience, even layers of spiritual recognition.


Thank you my dear friends, it is such a delight to mingle with truly means a great deal to me that you welcome me so warmly into your circuit. I accept your invitation and I extend my invitation that you join me in lifting the planet one experience at a time, one opportunity before us in each moment. Let us grow in awareness of our creative potentials and then let us be about utilizing them together to create.

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