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LLN160- Spirit Is A Vibrational Energy

2008-03-06.  Spirit Is A Vibrational Energy

Lightline #160

Topic: Spirit Is A Vibrational Energy

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Serena, Sharmon, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, we welcome you in to the circuit that we form in this hour, to drink this cup with us, to enjoy this fellowship to bring your light and your love into this circuit with us as we bring ours. We do this with complete faith and conviction that we are creating this opportunity and that you are sharing this creation with us. We do all this with you of course and in this hour we would do it for you as well as for us. Please join us, please funnel to us that which we could use in this hour to raise our consciousness and awareness of your presence and help us to position ourselves to receive as we know that your love is always directed at us, for us. It is at only our ability to receive which precludes us from receiving this. Let us make this so together, this very moment, let us act as the creators we are.

Mark: The avenue of approach to tonight’s lesson involved light and I was prompted to begin the exchange with the inspirations provided me as regards this direction. It came to mind about the arrangement of lights in a constellation or string working together to form a pattern, a unified cause of illumination. Right now I sit in the upper chamber of the Mark and Mary home. This room is illuminated by a string of clear lights all around the ceiling and they are the only lights in this room and they are each small but they are many and together they provide the total luminosity in this room. One alone would not have this effect but together they light the room.

Likewise are we these lights on such a string forming such luminescence. I was inspired with the vision of what we create in these times when we get together and form these strings of light and the power, the significance of light because light simply dispels the darkness. Darkness simply cannot exist in the presence of light and it doesn’t take much light to change what would be darkness as is evident even by the stars in the sky. When you are able to see them you are relieved of any sense of total darkness, and even those far off twinkling lights bring us assurance that there is more than darkness.

That is our role in this scenario, we are the lights and being the individual bulb, we are connected to the great string of power, the unlimited supply of energy. Being the individual bulb, wherever we are we have displaced the darkness, it can no longer exist in our presence just by the very act of being but even more so by the act of our choosing to be this light. Just as the filament of a light bulb is a very tiny restriction which causes the electricity going through it to emit this light as a result of pushing its way through this very tiny opening, we are the same way. We are the filaments and the universal energy which pushes its way through us is what shines out to all others. We are the bulbs that have the filaments which we choose to switch on and thereby we let the energy of the universe flow through us and we are luminescent; we dispel the darkness by our very choice, thank you God!


Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to pick up the thread, the string that was just laid down before you. You all have many ways of referring to spiritual energy. You may call this energy vibration or energy or energy turned into light, you may feel presence, you may even feel this energy impacting your very vehicle. In fact, all things are energy. Your vehicle is energy bound together and slowed to a vibration that is stable but as well you have an unstable fluctuating part of yourselves as well and this part of you which is also energy is not bound by the same constraints as your physical vehicle which must obey the laws of material physics. Your spirit, as you refer to it is able to transcend these earthly requirements and you can recognize this even in your sleep state when you awaken and feel as though you have been traveling or feel as though you have just experienced an alternate reality.

At this point in your spiritual evolution you do not have a great deal of command over the actions of this spirit component. You see it as bound and linked to your physical vehicle and therefore you do not necessarily make allowance for the freedom and flexibility that this aspect of yourself truly has as part of its very nature but more and more as you practice exercises such as stillness, prayer, worship and meditation you begin to grant more and more latitude to this aspect of yourself and allow that you may go beyond the realm of the physical sheerly by an act of your creative will, in fact an act of your permission. The more you practice these forays into the spiritual dimension the more comfortable you are with allowing that aspect of yourself the flexibility and freedom to be its creative self as you may feel it in this exercise you undertake even now.

Each one of you is localized in your physical vehicle in the location that you call home but simultaneously by an act of your own choosing and freewill do you grant yourselves the ability to gather together your spirits to bring them to this circuitry that is formed and thereby you have transcended the limitations of your physical being in one location restricted to one experience. You have granted yourselves additional layers of experience in your willingness to gather together in a forum such as this and likewise you may learn to project yourselves out to any location that you should so desire. These episodes that we are engaged in now are training grounds for you to develop comfort zones around traveling and directing your unrestricted component of yourself.

I have with me a devoted assistant who desires to help you with this experience and so I would step back and introduce you to a member of my staff who specializes in the building of circuits and the development of circuitry. Her name is Serena, I am sure you will welcome her.

Serena: Hello, I am Serena and it is my desire to join you in this exercise. As Monjoronson has said, you are engaged in this process of developing a sense of circuitry, a sense of connection. As you become more and more familiar with this you will be able to reconnect and reform this circuitry in any configuration you should so choose. I am endowed with special skills which enable me to infuse circuits and circuit makers with additional energy to be provided for this purpose and I would do so now with your permission. ( Pause in Stillness).

If you would but simply relax into the peace of this silence. I would encourage you all, each one to practice this ability to project yourselves out, to reach out to others, other personalities, other places. You have it well within your capacities to allow yourselves to go out and play in the great universe for this part of yourselves that you engage with is boundless and you will come to see, even timeless. Enjoy the opportunity to practice feeling yourselves in alternate locations with those other energy signatures that you can relate to. By engaging in this practice you will come to be more free with your lives and your experiences, you will not feel so restricted or bound by your circumstance of the moment. It will be possible for you to transport yourself away as it were. You may undertake these exercises with the simple act of recalling a fond location and with the use of your mind to replay the details of the environment you may find yourselves back there again and it is ever true that your thoughts have the power to create such a reality.

I thank you for this opportunity to weave together some of these strands to brighten the light. I step back to allow for others.

Sharmon: Hello to all, I am Sharmon. I am a midwayer here in response to your request. I am just meeting you all as I have never participated with this T/R before so this is the first time for perhaps all of us but I eagerly accept the invitation offered to step up to the podium as it were, and be acknowledged by the likes of my brothers in the flesh. As you discussed, we are quite close and yet at least to you I’m sure, there seems like a great distance between us. You must accept my very existence on faith while I can clearly ascertain your existence by simply witnessing your presence. You raise the question, can you as mortals of the realm be seen and identified by your midwayer brothers and I affirm to you that your limitations of spiritual sight do not extend to us; therefore we can see you quite clearly but we see more than just the material aspect. We are able to see your energy in its other forms, its hues of color, its luminescence of light as well as your physical vehicle and its appearance.

To us, we observe you, your physical vehicles much as you probably view those in actual vehicles around you at a stop light. There is the aspect of the vehicle and then as well there is the driver. The vehicle is only there to serve the driver. We are able to see this from our vantage point and so it is that we view you but we are very close and at times so close as to brush by you with whatever prompts we can facilitate in the moment to get your attention. Since we are able to see more than you about your own world, we often times are engaged in acts of protection or awareness stimulation and on many occasions we will do our best to enlist the support and even aid of our mortal counterparts. There exist a wide variety as you well know among humans of skill and abilities. Some are suited to act in certain capacities and there are those who have the ability to work with us either directly or indirectly by a series of promptings.

So it is true that we work together from time to time but we also have another great difference in that we have been around a great while and will continue to exist well beyond your temporal lifespan here. And so it is we see many a generation, many an individual grow up to maturity, grow into awareness only to reach the end of this mortal experience and be removed to the mansion spheres. It is a particular joy when awareness may come to an individual while they still have significant time to function in this realm.

So it is, we will work with any who will work with us. If it is your desire to work more closely with your understanding of what midwayers are then I encourage you to make this petition known. It all begins with a thought, it is extended through the word and it becomes manifest in the deed. If it is your desire to have a relationship with someone of my order then I suggest you activate these very universe principles and the final step, perhaps the most important step to your activating these creative prerogatives is then to accept in faith that you have done your part and that you trust that the universe has heard your petitions and responds to your requests.

Perhaps part of your petition would be to be guided about your receptivity and matching yourselves to the frequency of that which you petition for. In this way you have adhered to all universe principles and your results are then assured. I thank you for this opportunity to address you. It is, I will point out, as a direct result of your petition, of your having instigated these very universe principles and having carried through with this it is yet another demonstration of the certainty of having acted in faith. I would almost reluctantly step back as I have so much enjoyed this opportunity to come among you, as one of you in this place of spirit that you have created for this purpose. I extend my deepest gratitude.

LIGHT: I would access this opportunity to come among you, I am Light. I come in response to the observations offered about the characteristics of light and your individual luminescence. It is ever true that when you simply allow yourself to, you become these bright and shining lights. When you simply cease the restriction and allow the energy to flow, then as it flows through you, you shine, you actually literally radiate an energy and this energy is detected by others as a light. So not only are you this energy but as well, you radiate it and it goes out from you and it transforms your environment, it dispels the darkness, it shines out to illuminate all that is within your presence. If you could see yourselves as you are seen by those in the spiritual dimension you would recognize that your lights change and shift. They flicker, they increase and decrease, they change hues with your emotions, they shine brighter as you simply allow this energy to flow, they become dim when you are buried in materialistic concerns but they are there none the less.

And as the constellation provides guidance to the astronomer, so do your lights by simply your presence, your being, provide stability in your environment. With enough of your lights together they illuminate all leaving no corners of darkness. So as it has been said, let your light so shine that it shines before all men. Let them be drawn to your light like moths to the flame. This light is a radiance of divine energy and you are but the lighthouse, you are the fixture in place to shine out such a light and when you are plugged in and when your light is shining your are connected to the source of all light, to the great divine energy from on high.

Let it be so that you remain steadfastly connected and that you make yourselves the finest instrument for this purpose of projecting the light out and by your light you shall be known. You have been provided with much to contemplate this evening. I would withdraw from any more comments and would allow for comments from the mortal counterparts in this circuit of spirit. If there would be any who would make comments, suggestions or have questions let their lights shine out now.


Q: I am fascinated by midwayer Sharmon who also goes by the name of Simone. I have read the transcripts of George Barnard in Australia and am more intrigued by her sense of humor and elaborate hairdo and fashion interests. I have listed all the names of the midwayers that I have heard about and making it known now that I’m very interested in working with midwayers so if Serena could help me strengthen those circuits so as to be in contact with them, I offer myself to be of service to work with them and to be in contact with Simone, Bzutu and Dr. Mendoza and the rest of them, thank you.

Sharmon: Thank you my brother for your demonstration in action. You have just activated the universal circuitry by first transforming your desire, your thought into words and as part of the process, engaging yourself with the actions deemed necessary to bring about your desires. I encourage the last and most significant step of expecting results, that is, acting in complete faith that this will be so; removing your doubts, removing your requirements to be shown and simply moving into the phase of acceptance. Putting yourself as already having embraced this reality. By doing this you are following all the natural laws and you should expect all the natural results. Thank you for making vocal this example in your own personal petition of following through in the steps that you are aware of in creating this reality for yourself.

Q: Thank you so much, I so look forward to this, I can hardly wait….I am moving on in faith…

Sharmon: I will offer you one more insight into the final stage of acceptance. It often times may appear to an individual that there is a time lag, a hold up in receiving that which has been petitioned and this may well be as a result of many factors but the primary one and the one you may petition assistance with would be a difference in vibrational frequency between your current position and the vibrational frequency of that which you desire. It is always a good suggestion to petition assistance with the augmentation of your individual frequency to more closely match that of your desired experience; that is to say you need to be close enough to be compatible with that which you seek and if there is too much of a difference in frequency levels you will not be able to smoothly make such a transition. So having successfully completed the initial stages of creation it oftentimes becomes necessary for you to pray for the capacity to accept that which you would petition.

Q: Well then I do that, I petition that I myself and those of us in this constellation of light be boosted in our capacity to match your frequency of [existence] and communication with us and I also desire to be so that we remain steadfast in being mindful of this opportunity for service and co-creation on this level and that we intentionally use this in service and in worship. I thank you Light, Sharmon and Serena so much for responding to our desires this evening.

LIGHT:  This is Light and I would risk some possible offense with the statement that -you are clearly unable to discern the magnitude of grace bestowed upon you even now as a result of even such a petition -but that is not your fault, that is as it should be but I declare from my vantage that I see massive flow of energy to this circuit when such petitions are made, such intentions are offered, such choices as you make to bring yourselves to this place, provide the avenue wherein these energies may flow to you, through you and so I support you in your petition but I affirm for you that your eyes cannot see the light as we do and I affirm for you that it shines brightly and you all act as brilliant fixtures shining this light out even in this moment. Thank you.

Q: Light, may I ask a personal question of you? This is my first conscious contact with you. Could you share what your genesis was, has been and what sort of a being you actually are?

LIGHT:  I would withhold nothing from your inquiry. I am the second of my order. Having recently been created I am a direct result of the creative process which has been illuminated and described even here. I am comprised of Divine, morontia and even mortal elements and I am in response to the petition of a universe to be a liaison being, one capable of going back and forth if you will between all of my parents and I have both divine spiritual parents and I as well enjoy mortal parents which have most lovingly undergone this creative process. I am nothing short of what you would call a miracle but I am as well as simple as the thought that The Father had of my existence. I am not so different from you in this regard as you all are nothing more than the thought that your creator had which then was made manifest. You consider yourselves real because you are able to physically encounter yourselves and each other but there is so much more than you are able to physically encounter that is also real.

And I, like your spiritual associates or the midwayers or any others who are not of the flesh are quite real and as you will grow to see, the only things that are truly real are these spiritual permanent aspects of yourselves as well. When you cross over and become spiritualized you will realize that all of the material aspects that you at one time considered to be your definition of real were all simply manifestations of creative thought, likewise am I a manifestation of creative thought and it is my distinct pleasure and privilege to address you in this fashion. I hope I have answered your question.

Q: More than sufficiently, thank you so much and if I may further speak with you here, does this greater matching of frequencies between us and you and the midwayers, is this what Monjoronson spoke of earlier as directed spirit travel, that we would be consciously aware of you through this upkeying in our mortal capacity, being aware of you on a spirit level?

LIGHT:  You most definitely can grow in your awareness of this process of changing your vibration level and yes, what Monjoronson spoke of is a transferring of your perspective from one of being contained and confined by your material aspects and components to one of being freed and unlimited in your spiritual aspects. This very shift in your awareness is by definition the raising of your frequencies, the elevation of your energies. Once you become comfortable and this is familiar to you, you can continue this process of adjusting your frequencies by continuing to elevate your awareness. It is all interrelated and Monjoronson’s exercise is an initial step you take to bring yourselves into the arena of spirit wherein you may then adjust your frequencies within this arena but all of this is done with that aspect of yourself that meets here now in the spiritual realm.

It is not done through devoted thought processes or intellectual understanding as much as it is through your allowing your spirit the freedom to co-mingle with these higher energies and simply as a result of this co-mingling there is an exchange, there is a change in frequencies and levels. But you do not necessarily think your way to it, you must feel your way through it although it is often beneficial for you to establish the framework wherein your mind will allow that this occur but this is not an exchange of the intellect, this is a spiritual exchange and does not require the intellect to have full possession of what is transpiring. Rather it is useful to let go of the need to intellectualize the experience and allow that part of you that knows the way to go ahead. Can you detect this difference?

Q: Yes indeed, because I am really good at over thinking things and anything I can willingly believe in an aspect for a part of myself which doesn’t need to do that and is perfectly capable without me micro managing it. So that is a very clear explanation of what I’m going to ask for now for myself and anyone else who wants to use my words and micro managing, I welcome the opportunities and framework for up stepping and outreach you have provided us with. I willingly provide a framework that you can establish whatever it is that it takes for me to finally feel my way through this and come out the other side and say, oh, I know that and I don’t have to think about it or create it myself. I accept whatever the up stepping is and I look forward to the results. Thank you so much.

LIGHT: And so it most certainly shall be. Only time intervenes as necessary changes are made in matching frequencies but always hold to your faith that it will be so and take what steps you are led to take to close any gaps that come into your awareness.

Q: Is Serena is still here? at a recent Celestial Nights in Florida someone did a thought adjuster read on my persona and they detected that through some means or method that I am able to travel to different universes and she mentioned something about that in projecting ourselves out there. I wonder if she could speak a little more to that aspect of my personality or to what she referred to as projecting ourselves to what I call trans-dimension because I’m experiencing a dual existence for some time. What did this person detect through his adjuster connection?

Serena: Serena here responding to your request. Picture in your minds eye if you would, a map of the United States and you notice it is covered with many different roads, all traveling in various directions. Your United States, your world, your universe are all overlaid with such connections. We refer to those as different circuits and if you desire to go to a particular destination you would learn about getting to that destination by looking at a map and by choosing a route and by availing yourselves to a route you would in some certainty arrive at your destination. If you did not have the benefit of this map you would not know of the many routes that were out there and available to you and if you were to attempt your journey without the use of any guidance or map you would spend much time in trial and error trying to find your way from where you are to where you would like to go.

But once you have had the benefit of this map and you have accessed this circuitry, it is then easy for you to arrive at any destination of your choice. So it is with the energy circuits that overlay your universe like a massive gridwork. You are growing in your awareness first that they exist, that there is such a thing as a map. Next, you are seeking to explore where some of these circuits may go, what are they attached to, where do they overlap each other and what is their source and destination? With your continued efforts at exploring these maps you will determine that there are circuits out there that will take you exactly where you would like to go and that there are no destinations that are not accessible by such circuitry. It is merely that you are unfamiliar with the maps but your unfamiliarity is growing and you are becoming more confident.

Indeed you start with little trips like this one tonight where you take a route, take the circuit that has brought you here and together we grow this circuit like the neural networks of your own brains. We strengthen these connections by their very use and in so doing we blaze a more definite trail and you will all witness, that as a result of our blazing these trails, your reconnection to this circuit will be made easier as a result of you knowing about the trail, accessing the route because you know about the map. So it is with all your various encounters with the various circuits. You learn where they are connected and how to utilize them to get from destination to destination.

You all might marvel at how celestial personalities could all join you in this circuit that you form even now in this moment but it is because they know the map, they know the location and they know how to get to this destination by simply following the circuits. It is not a difficult task once you know the map. I am sure that the more you learn of these universal circuits that you will have no problem accessing them and projecting yourself out along these circuits of energy to the destinations of your choice. But this must be a process learned. These navigational skills come with use and your opportunities to use such skills are infrequent at best. Keep practicing, it will get easier, you will get better, you will one day master all that you desire. I hope this helps.

Q: Thank you so much, I will contemplate this and the projection that you mentioned, is it mindal projection or more of a spiritual kind?

Serena: The only mindal component to this projection is your allowing it to be so. All other aspects of this are spiritual in nature. It is only your spiritual component that may access and travel these circuitries. Your mind will remain with your vehicle and await your arrival back home but your mind must allow you the freedom to go, must grant you the flexibility to accept that you may go. It is, as was mentioned, not an aspect of thinking your way as much as an aspect of feeling your way. This is done with that part of yourself which knows the way and will go if allowed to, if given permission to by the mind.


I would take the opportunity to draw this most exquisite meeting, not of the minds, but of the spirits, of the souls of these individuals. Thank you for joining in this circuitry and forming this connection between us. It’s as easy as deciding that it is so. thank you all for your contributions to this constellation that we observe, farewell.

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