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OSC130628- About Patterns

2013-06-28. About Patterns

Alabama, US of A, June 28, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Patterns.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The human brain is ‘designed’ to recognize patterns. This is how reality starts to develop in your mind, by collecting a great number of patterns that you can recognize. These patterns allow you to predict future events to certain extent, and to guess what will be the result of current conditions. This is why you are able to finish other people’s sentences just by hearing the first words, particularly if it is a common phrase.

“Spiritual knowledge is also registered in your mind as a series of patterns. However, depending on the material mind for the understanding of spiritual matters is not very practical. Many understandings from your intuition and wisdom are based on resources that go well beyond your material mind and that are not registered in your brain. These things of eternal and super-material value are registered by your Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of God within human beings.

“Your conception of reality is mostly a product of the patterns registered in your mind. However, when you face the realities of spirit, you will have to make an effort to not depend exclusively on your material mind, allowing new ideas and concepts to enter your awareness without the need of a pre-existing pattern to validate them. Your material mind can provide certainty that after this life there is nothing else and your experience in this world will not offer any precedents to show you otherwise. However, through the exploration of the higher realms of your being – where the presence of the Father resides – you will enjoy the certainty of the fact that you have the potential for eternal life. The experience of loving somebody does not make sense to somebody who has never fallen in love, but it becomes a fact that requires no explanation or validation once that person has experienced how love can spontaneously and without reason surge from his or her being.

“When you fell in love for the first time, if you had tried to analyze what you felt and search for logical or scientific explanations for your feelings, you would have faced the fact that such feelings should not exist and that it did not have an origin that could be determined. You could have chosen to fight against that feeling and maybe you could have gotten over it, effectively depriving yourself of one of the most valuable experiences of your life, one that opened the door to the understanding of higher levels of love, bringing you closer to the idea of unconditional love. Many insist in suppressing the yearning of their souls to find the Father and to satisfy their unexpressed needs, just because according to that they have learned up to that point in their lives, that yearning makes no sense.

“But those who can overcome their fears and decide to explore that yearning for divinity will find that their yearning can be satisfied and they start to discover the invisible hand of the Father behind all. Do not let the appearances and the things that you think you know deprive you from an authentic spiritual experience. Through the practice of stillness meditation, you can suppress for a moment the pattern recognition system of your mind to let new information in, information that maybe cannot be expressed with material ideas but that can definitely be felt in your experience.”

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