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LLN173- Monjoronson Q&A Session 6

2008-06-10.  Monjoronson Q & A Session 6

Lightline #173

Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 6

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Lanaforge

TR: Mark Rogers


  • Moderator-Mary Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, Michael, Nebadonia, I ask for your clear adjutant mind presence and Father, I ask you to help me access divine mind and that I expand my parameters in consciousness to take in these thoughts and messages tonight. I ask you Monjoronson to help me be of greater service in allowing the questions which will come forth to be answered in your energy pattern, in your spiritual presence. I thank you for the energetic connection and we are ready for the questions, thank you.


Question #1: [Mary] Hi Monjoronson, we have another question tonight interesting to open with. This one asks are you real and authentic? The questioner would like to know to know what we could say to those who think you are false or otherwise catastrophic or that you are not necessary now nor ever and that the Urantia book is all we need to develop ourselves. Thank you for addressing this question.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am going to speak tonight in a real voice, this is Monjoronson. Again it is a pleasure to be of service, to participate in this dialogue of questions and concerns and seeking of spiritual advice. I thank you this evening for allowing me to be of service. As to the question whether I am real or not I would have to counter with a question, what is real, how do you believe what is real? This really is the question in that a greater sense of reality that you may find a greater presence in your mind is the beginning of the understanding of reality.

As to whether I am real or not makes no difference to the mind of an individual or a group of individuals. The quality which is gathered through comprehending and understanding a sense of reality is a greater gift in your life than understanding my words here tonight. To know something is real or not you have to connect with something that is real; therefore it helps you in discerning what is real, you begin to understand that what one may see, feel or perceive through the senses is a momentary response to external stimulus like reflecting into your eyes into your brain, fingers feeling form, texture, the ears hearing sounds, music, noise, words, meaning, words without meaning as well.

This is what the thinking process must reference in order to determine on a superficial level what is real, in terms of the thin veil which shadows a greater reality which is unseen to you. It must be perceived with a greater sense, therefore I say to you, begin to sense a greater presence within yourself and in determining the presence of that greater sense you may come closer to understanding whether I am real or not. I will have to ask for the second part of the question please.

Mary: Certainly, the questioner asks what you might say to those who think you are false or a catastrophist or who say that you are not necessary because the Urantia book is all we need to develop ourselves.

Monjoronson: Thank you very much for your question. This is a very interesting question. Whether or not I am a catastrophist, whether or not I have come to wreak havoc on your planet is a human concept, not one which I bring with my mission, rather changes in your planet which herald my mission, I have come to serve your planet, serve my brother Michael and to co-ordinate a tremendous spiritual and celestial assistance in these trying times which will be upon you shortly.

As far as my role in the adjudication of the planet, rest assured that change will be coming to your world and I also herald this change. And yes it is true, certainly one who reads the Urantia book, to direct ones sense of being, ones thinking, ones relationship to the divine adjuster; to most people this is adequate, tremendously adequate. If the majority of the human race were to embrace the concepts in the Urantia book it would certainly be of tremendous significance to the welfare of your planet. I would love to see nothing better than twenty-five percent of your planet embrace the concepts in the Urantia book.

I have not come here to upset a sense of well being which you have already established here on your world. There are greater forces already in effect on your world which will bring forth much reflection and thinking to the human mind in the near future. It is the nature of your human race to resist change of any kind. To those that do anticipate and welcome change we welcome you to the Monjoronson mission, thank you for your question.

Question #2: [Mary] Thank you for your answer Monjoronson. Here’s a related question. I believe this question has been translated from Spanish so the wording is a little interesting but I believe this questioner has read some of your messages and believes that some of them might possibly be yours but after reading some of them they had two questions. Why in many messages that are circulating does it seems that you are the one that brings disaster? Wouldn’t it be much better to emphasize the positive aspects of your message such as you being here to reconstruct a better world as opposed to messages about disaster. [That is how I read this question.]

They had a second question which asks if it is true that Chile will be one of the countries more affected by these disasters?

Monjoronson: Thank you for the question, this is Monjoronson. It is somewhat difficult to express to the human consciousness that the momentum of fear in your society needs to have a justification to exist. It is also easy for the human mind to take this fear and place it on the shoulders of an invisible being in an effort to relieve responsibility for ones own actions. A simple concept; consider that what may be ready to happen on the planet is a culmination of hundreds of years of unenlightened thinking, of selfish oppression, manipulation that has brought the world to the brink.

Consider that there are consequences for actions and ask yourself, am I responsible, are we as humans collectively responsible for our actions, for our decisions and there one begins to find that such fear based propaganda exists within the human. It exists in the minds of t/r’s as well as in the recipients of messages, it exists in the minds of human beings at large. All thoughts exist within human consciousness as well on the planet and yes there have been messages in my name that have spoken of such confusion, that have given the impression to some that I am the great destroyer, I am the destruction agent sent to wreak havoc on your world.

But my friends, such is not the case. As to what you recommend and ask for, it is important for you to read more of my messages, more of my teachings, more of my understandings and begin to see more of the light which I bring with my staff to your world. We come to your world in a tremendous humble posture. Our task is not an easy task, decisions will have to be made. I work for the light, I work for The Father of us all, I also work for my brother Michael of Nebadon. It is a time in which radical correction will be brought to your planet.

It is a time in which there will be tremendous requests for spiritual assistance, spiritual guidance, spiritual presence, spiritual help. There will be a need for answers, there will be prayers for direction. Some will entertain wholehearted disbelief, others, genuine denial; yet within most men will be born this great compassion, this overwhelming enthusiasm to be part of a brotherhood of the human race, to be of service, to be of help. Since our mission is multi-functional, we partially assist as teachers, as ministers, as administrators as well as adjudicators.

We encompass the whole gamut of spiritual authority necessary to bring correction to the people of this world. It is the people of this world who are worth saving therefore you can rest assured all effort and consideration is underway to make sure that no one is left behind. We have the whole human race within our consideration and within our responsibility. I thank you for your questions, I thank you for your concern and as you continue to pursue truth, do pursue it through a positive channel, thank you.

[Mary] Thank you for addressing that Monjoronson and I’m making a personal note that that question did mention that there are many messages circulating and that means that there are some human choices being made about which messages to circulate that I was just thinking of and thought I would mention it. I personally like your loving messages about how we can grow as individuals and thereby help the planet move forward through our own beings delight.

Question #3: We have another question here, looks like it’s from a group and they are having their question translated into English from Spanish and they say their groups real longing is to serve for the love of God and that they have by various means listened to your call and want to be part of your team Monjoronson and they humbly and with pleasure ask if you would find them a teacher and they are interested in knowing which one of them might be able to channel you until such time as others will be more opened and able to channel. They also want to know if it is possible for them to do a merkaba even when they are separated physically and they thank you for listening to their question and to state your answer.

Monjoronson: Thank you very much for the question, this is Monjoronson. As I address the question I will address it as such as a group and I say yes to your group being of service to my mission and to the greater part of your community and the area and the people in the area in which you live. During times of change, many groups will be needed to organize and the various needs of the people in the areas whether you are affected by direct parts of the planetary turbulence or not there will be tremendous psychic turbulence. People will need to have a calm and secure place to go.

They will need others who they trust, who they feel know what they are doing, who know who they are. Part of your question is one in which your group needs to begin to practice in meditation receiving the presence of the celestial teacher. There are many and much information is already out on this subject of bringing teachers messages into reality. There is always one person in a group capable of bringing in the messages. As to a teacher, I will send you a teacher. The teacher will present himself within the group quiet time. The teacher will partly speak in my behalf as well the teacher will speak to the relationship of humans and celestials.

Again we are tremendously grateful in the spiritual realm that human individuals are grouping together to be of greater service, to be more readily directed in understanding the bigger picture of the groups place in the reality of the area in which they live. I thank you for this question. Was there another part to this question?

Mary: Yes, it involved whether or not a merkaba can be done even though the group is separated physically.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. The merkaba is an extended energy system which can be connected irrespective of the location of its members. Once our members have come together to form the merkaba and the merkaba once is established, the individuals can connect into the merkaba irrespective of their locations. These energy merkabas exist in four dimensions. The fourth being the dimension in the mind, therefore it is not necessary to be in a particular space, only of a particular mind. I thank you for this question. I send greetings to your group and continue to practice in your stillness until the teacher comes and begin to trust the teacher and begin to know that you are loved and are part of a greater community of service, thank you.

Question #4: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson. I am going to shift gears a little bit here with this question. This is a question about the relationship between humans and animals and our pets and how important humans find their relationships to be with their animals, with their pets and that oftentimes people who might have difficulty with meaningful human relationships are often able to find companionship with their pets. They would like you to speak to whether or not animals are self aware and on their own evolutionary path that goes beyond the mortal life. They suggest that perhaps something of a guardian or teacher or spiritual companion nature. If not can you explain why humans seem to have such an affinity for these creatures and they in turn have a strong affinity for us. Can you offer guidance about the human/animal relationship please.

Monjoronson: Thank you for the question, this is Monjoronson. The relationships between man and animals is a metaphor for mans relationship with the divine presence within. The divine presence loves you unconditionally, unconditionally as to animals love humans. All life loves all other life. In life fulfilling its function there is tremendous love, [just] as a greater being serving a lesser being is also a tremendous sign of love. The relationship of man and animals, humans and animals is relationship which will always endear you throughout your many worlds and mansions world experiences and yes, it is quite possible for certain particular animals to reach consciousness as did your first ancestors reach consciousness.

At this time though it is doubtful that any animals will reach enough consciousness to create a new race of beings on your world for this is not of the order of things, but certainly certain of your pets can be recalled during your mansion world experience. A greater sense of reality is the relationship with the divine presence within. All other relationships need to reflect the quality of an infinite relationship with the divine. Everyone needs to be acknowledged and loved, all life needs to be acknowledged and loved whether it is plants being cleaned of pests by the insects or being moved by the breezes, nurtured by the water, fed by the nutrients in the soil, animals eating the plants contending with the space of all other animals, all life contending for its own space, its own acknowledgement in a greater universe.

And then there is man, the greatest achievement in the animal kingdom and a personal fragment of a Divine Father which comes from Paradise to live within the mind of an animal origin being. This concept reflects the dynamic of the relationship of all life towards God. It is certainly wonderful that mankind loves animals, has animals to love them, can begin to learn to love each other as they do their animals. In a spiritual sense you use the relationship to reflect the greater relationship with The Father, with your Divine Parents. All relationships based on love and respect, mutual love and respect are valid within the universes.

There is even a time in the evolution of man when animals will lie with each other and be peaceful. In the later stages of light and life as the planet begins to settle, as all things begin to settle and to come into resonance with each other rather than dissonance with each other, all life will settle into a golden age and man will learn a greater relationship with the animals. I thank you for your question.

Question #5: [Mary] Well Monjoronson, the last question is not really a question for you so much as it is a request as it is for Lanaforge to please speak with us. It says, Lanaforge please a come and have a chat with us, we have not heard from you in quite a while. We sincerely invite you.

Monjoronson: Again, this is Monjoronson. I thank you for the questions and answers and as I have been of service this evening I bid you a pleasant week as I sign off this evening, thank you.

Mary: Thank you so much for being with us Monjoronson, we appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

Lanaforge: Greetings, it is I Lanaforge here to be of service today at your request. Also here to report that the Monjoronson mission on Urantia is closely calibrated with the activities of the twenty-four elders on Satania. It is of certain knowledge which the twenty-four elders possess about your world that is being collaborated with the Monjoronson mission. In essence great deliberations are being considered as to efforts which will uplift, maintain and sustain the greater population of your world.

It is my concern that the special circumstances surrounding your world are best left to the twenty-four elders for their consideration. What greater representation for a planet than individuals who have partaken from your history personally to be of service to a greater counsel on high. Michael’s bestowals here again gets personal service. It is important for you to understand that you are in good hands, that there exists a tremendous compassion for your world in the administrative centers here.

Even though you may be rushing your world to a quick end we are holding it still tenderly applying the needed pressure on high to watch the gradual movement that ensues below. It is of great importance during these times of changes of uncertainty to begin to claim your divine heritage, to begin to seek to truly know the divine self within, to begin to show forth the divine self, the outside amongst your brothers and sisters. It is Michael’s firm desire that the brotherhood of the human race be reconnected to a greater family, a universe family of benevolent, kind, compassionate, just and trustworthy fellow creatures.

I thank you this evening for your request. Continue to search within, know that you are loved and that here on Satania there is a greater counsel of greater good at your disposal. Thank you and good evening.

Mary: Thank you very much for coming to speak with us Lanaforge.

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