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LLN174- Stories of Attainment

2008-06-19.  Stories of Attainment

Lightline #174

Topic: Stories of Attainment

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers


Mark: I’m going to start out with by sharing a personal experience, an awakening or awareness shift. One of those situations where the pieces of the puzzle come together. For about twenty years now I have had a habit, I am anxious by nature being self employed with two children and I found it easy to devote unnecessary energy regarding things with a lot of variables in them- I found myself engaging in worry. After Elyon’s admonition to do regular stillness I decided to take my concerns and bring them into stillness in hopes that I would receive some kind of response which would put me at ease regarding my concerns.

A remarkable thing started happening, I would come out of these experiences having what I thought until last week was a glimpse of the future. I would pray and ask for guidance and what I would get was what I thought was a kind of “vision” of the end result or how it would turn out. For example I would see myself coming home from a long trip driving the same vehicle and it hadn’t broken down so I had made it home safely. After this I would be at peace, thinking that I had just glimpsed as in some sort of privilege, the future and it had all turned out well and good.

After experiencing this sensation I would not indulge in the fear any more of the unknown. I would then thank my celestial parents for this gift. Having “received” this gift from the outside I could relax and be calm. This last week my son and my father went to Istanbul, Turkey and the usual concerns arose,the unknowns to worry about, the knot in my stomach. I took this feeling to my quiet space and once again I experienced what I thought was a future glimpse of a safe homecoming, and a fruitful trip attending the return of my son and my father.

During the “Thank you Divine Parents” it hit me- my inner Voice came in and said -“wait, stop, you don’t get it. You have not been “receiving” these visions from outside, these visions of future events, in fact you were the one who has sent these visions out.” I was shocked by remembering Monjoronson’s and the Voice’s admonitions that we have the power to do this and here I was finally realizing that we are the ones steering the whole process with our intention.

( At this point the telephone line went dead and there was some significant pause until another phone line could be secured and the “connection” re-established. Significant effort was required to “shift gears” back into the space and pick up where I thought I had left off.)

I had seen myself as an observer, I hadn’t put myself in the position of having been involved in that, certainly not in having “created” the outcome. I was simply calmed by my “observation” of the ending and not surprisingly, that is how it turned out. I decided that from now on I would envision it the way I wanted to and do it from now on with purpose and intention. I won’t see myself as just an observer but rather as an active participant. It could happen to you and I hope it does. I have to say it made me feel a little slow that it has taken me this long but whenever a few pieces of the puzzle start to fit together it’s gotta be a good thing.

Prayer: Divine parents, the gifts we receive from you are so many, so numerous, so plentiful, they are around us so much that we are largely unaware of them as I found myself in this encounter recently. Yet we seek and we try and the more we try the more these gifts settle into place, the more our awareness can embrace these gifts that are all around us. So I thank you from the deepest place within for the perfection of how all this comes together. I may have thought myself slow in grabbing this particular gift but I know that it has been there for me whenever I have been ready for it and you have been patient and steady in awaiting for me to come to this place of awareness.

Thank you for how this all works- that we eventually get there, each one in our own way in our own time and when we do get there – there are these moments of appreciation and awareness and it seems as though everything is right with all the universe and we have received these gifts in exactly the right time and place and awareness. So once again, thank you for all that you bring to us in this gigantic enterprise of endowing us with these gifts, one right after the other.


The Voice: I would greet all those assembled here in faith and in trust, I am this ones Voice and I am acting under the assumption that I have once again been granted an invitation to join you and be together with you in this place that we have created for this purpose. I am always deeply touched when there are stories of attainment and finally there is the assimilation of all that has come before and it has become seated in the awareness and understanding of an individual. It becomes cemented into the very fabric of the one who is seeking and from that moment on throughout all the entire future ascension process this becomes a possession of the one who has earned it in that moment.

Such grasping of basic principles and understanding is what I am here for as I continually seek to furnish the right inspiration, nudge in the right direction and provide the assurance and affirmation that all this is so while I then wait patiently for my associate and companion to assemble in his own sphere of awareness, the pieces of the puzzle that have been circulated, the inspiration that these pieces would fit together and then the assurance that he is on the right track when he embarks on the assembling the pieces into a more discernible part of the gigantic puzzle.

I am ever thrilled when a number of pieces do fit together and do make sense in their relationship to each other and we take great comfort that we have indeed assembled a few pieces together that can then be contributed to the overall jigsaw puzzle of understanding. Whenever you are assembling a large puzzle of this sort you may become discouraged for long periods of time when it seems as though none of your attempts work together and fit into a grouping that you can then recognize.

In the beginning process of assembling such a puzzle there may be great periods of time when it seems as though no progress is being made but if you steadily apply yourself you see that at first a few pieces come together and you may assemble the ones with straight edges for instance, and this gives you hope that the rest of it will come together if you pursue your efforts. Then there are other long periods where you seem to make very slow progress in your efforts and then all at once several pieces come together and you are inspired to keep going.

The more you pursue the assembly of this puzzle, this jigsaw puzzle of your awareness, the more of these clusters you find come together and link up to bring you glimpses of parts of this puzzle. There are times when a group may be assembled and you are certain that they fit in a certain place that you foresee them going but it turns out they are upside down and fit into a different place but nevertheless your effort has not been wasted and they do fit.

And sure enough, if you pursue your efforts and maintain your dedication to this process, more and more of these pieces come together until near the end you find yourselves having great success because you have eliminated many options and are now proceeding in clear directions. And then there is the moment of success when you have persevered and you are now looking at the final few pieces of your puzzle and you have complete confidence of your success even in advance of its actual happening because you have persevered, you have shown yourself dedicated to this process and you realize the bulk of the effort has been put in and if you simply keep going you will most certainly finish.

This analogy can serve you quite well for what you are doing in this life. You had a large puzzle spilled out before you and you have taken it upon yourself to sit down and apply yourself to the assembly of this mosaic of your awareness and each time you spend energy in it there is some movement forward, sometimes greater, sometimes lesser. Sometimes you consider having success as being just lucky and other times you feel in the flow and are really making advancement that you feel you are responsible for.

But one this is for certain, this is a gigantic puzzle and will take much effort and much dedication to bring to any sense of completion and certainly you are showing yourselves dedicated to this process of applying yourself to this seemingly daunting task of gathering these bits and pieces and finding where they fit together and then making them part of the overall tapestry. And like your puzzles you grow in your conviction that if you maintain your course and keep applying yourself you certainly in the end will triumph over this challenge and certainly this is so.

The more that you assemble, the easier it is to find places for the rest of the pieces until finally you are not at all concerned that you will find a place for every piece and certainly have ultimate victory in the end. This is the exercise that we have before us, this assembly of pieces that you come here each time to gather and bring back and see how they fit into your paradigm of awareness and understanding. The more you try, the more you succeed, not always at the same rate, not always as quickly as you’d like but if you try you have found you succeed.

And so it is and so it will be with all of your spiritual pursuits, if you are diligent and apply yourselves and you are faithful in this process then certainly you are rewarded for your efforts, perhaps not in your timeframe, perhaps not as you expected it would be for perhaps some of those clumps and pieces are in the wrong part of your puzzle or in the wrong context. But nevertheless if you keep trying you will find where they fit in and how each piece has a place, a position to hold in respect to the others and it is through your creative force that you assemble these truths into this tapestry of awareness.

You are not on the sidelines observing another who is assembling their pieces. This is a personal exercise for each and every one. No two puzzles are the same and so as you go about this task of gathering and assembling and then awakening to what you have assembled you are given more and more to work on. Your universal career is a series of such exercises where you must of your own effort reach out and explore the pieces, find them out for yourselves, consider their relationship to you in your dimension and discern where they may be fit into your arena of awareness.

I would conclude my remarks with those and allow this arena for others. There are a number of others who are, like you, enjoying this opportunity to experience this arena and to take with them just as you take with you this additional piece to your puzzle, to enhance your awareness and understanding just as it enhances ours. Thank you for this opportunity, I now withdraw.

Monjoronson: Greetings, this is Monjoronson here to drink this cup with you, indeed to take away from this experience this sense of creation that we forge in this very moment. I greatly appreciate the analogy of assembling the puzzle because as mortals of the realm you are quite prone to see your lives as puzzling. You view with some puzzlement the unfolding of your life and are always looking to see where you can fit in that which you observe into the context of your awareness. Your experience base provides you with the context in which you will interpret all that comes into your field of observation and as such this experience base is a conditioning factor to all that you experience in your realm.

Your previous experiences stored in the data base of your mind conditions what you see by categorizing and defining what you see in terms of what you have already seen; that is all things that you experience are perceived by you in relation to other experiences you have had in your data base. This referencing is how your mind makes sense out of what it sees in this world and therefore it becomes more and more important as you embark into the realm of spiritual awareness that you allow yourselves the latitude to perceive things that are in the spiritual dimension from the spiritual perspective because these things are not housed as experiences in your mind until they are.

So how does one have an experience with no point of reference in the mind? It is through having an experience which is outside the parameters of the mind and inside the spiritual dimension. Then, once you have indeed had a genuine experience in the spiritual dimension your mind is forced to reconcile this experience and accept it and define it in terms that are familiar to it. But it is quite a routine and easy matter for your mind to decline to embrace things outside its dimension and all of you know that there are truths and facts that are simply not embraced by the mind at any given time until the mind has had sufficient evidence to register these new facts as real and as worthy of its consideration.

Oftentimes to introduce some new layer of awareness to the mind it is necessary to provide several steps to getting there. First perhaps the mere suggestion of a alternate reality, one unknown as of yet and then later to bring up that suggested alternate reality for consideration and then perhaps finally to set out to honestly and seriously explore as yet unknown option as potentially real. Finally you may allow yourselves to accept what was previously unknown and unreal to your mind as now being genuine, authentic and real.

So it is with this process of exploring your spiritual dimensions. At first there are many notions and ideas that are entirely foreign to your concept frame and it is difficult to reach that far in one grasp. So the seed is planted and you may come back to the seed and nurture it, provide it with more nutrients so that it may not cease to exist and at a later time, perhaps with more awareness and information to support this ideal, you revisit the concept with a new level of understanding and awareness. Finally, after you have “waded in” so to speak, you are ready to take the plunge and dive in to this new spiritual paradigm after having tested the waters and see that they are okay.

Finally you are immersed in this spiritual awareness and understanding and then you call to those who are still on the shore and assure them they should come on in, the water’s fine. This process is repeated time and time again as it is not often possible for you as thinking mortals of the realm to make quantum leaps but rather you must take one step at a time and eventually you are in pretty deep. So it is with this whole series that we have been engaged in for this number of years now. You all have come to this place and at first you dipped your toes, you gathered a few pieces to take back with you.

The more you return to this place, the more of yourself you immerse in this spiritual awareness, the more pieces of the puzzle you have gathered and the more understanding of how they fit together you have. As we now witness, you have come in to the water, you are now eager to return to this place so that you may once again submerse yourself in this arena and in this awareness and you no longer have the doubts and uncertainties that in the beginning kept you from wanting to jump in. So it will be with all of the others on your world.

They are now coming to the waters edge and beginning to dip their toes and decide whether they think their time is right to go any further. Likely it will take repeated attempts as this is a new experience for them and one they will not readily take to rapidly but rather they will follow the standard procedure of one step at a time, one experience building atop the next and eventually they will bring into their consciousness that which they presently are unaware of.

This is how awareness is gained, this is how insight unfolds as we go through this process, little steps, even aha moments from time to time but it’s a gradual, steady process as you all have discerned in this effort. As you all have discerned, if you keep at a steady pace, your progress is of a certainty. I sense that that may be quite enough of a prepared lesson for this evening. I will remain here in attendance and there are others who would all be honored to dialogue with you or take any questions that you might have at this time.

LIGHT: Greetings, I am Light. I wish to bring some practical discussion to what has transpired here this evening. I witnessed with you the personal encounter of my dear associate and his experience with creating the “future reality” and I would ask you all to consider -what if this is so? Imagine for a moment -if this is true, what then? What if you could simply focus your thoughts and intention into the eventual outcome of anything that’s in progress or in motion?

What if you were to actively take part in such a process and seek to steer and guide all that is in motion in a direction that you would desire, what would happen then? I encourage you each to consider what would happen for you are at varying levels involved in such as this every day with virtually every decision that arises before you. In every observation that presents itself you are determining its magnitude, its direction, you are even unconsciously adding your intention in your very act of considering what you are observing and experiencing.

This condition that was spoken of is where you are adding your creative component to the mix, it is where your influence may be used to guide and direct the circumstance or situation that is under your consideration. You have been told now for some time that your thoughts are far more powerful than you are aware of and perhaps through exercises such as have been discussed here tonight you may begin to see that this is indeed so and you may come to some greater understanding of the significant part you play in this process; not one of merely passive observer witnessing life as a movie going by but rather everything that you take in to your perception that is in motion, that is in real time receives an influence of yours, a creative guiding force from all those who give it their energy, their thoughts.

These are what are used to condition and direct and, yes, create what you would have out of what you are observing and experiencing. You have seen in your lives that you experience what you think you will experience most of the time and is that because you are simply interpreting and observing your life correctly or was there some aspect of you that knew that it would turn out this way because you have invested yourself with your creative prerogative?

It is a which comes first, the egg or the chicken scenario. Do you create what happens and then it is so or is it so as confirmation of how you knew it would be? I tell you this is all one cycle that originates with you and returns as well. Both are true in your very consideration, your very taking it in for interpretation and consideration. You are conditioning it, you are determining what you would like, what you expect, what you want, what you foresee. All those are part of your consideration, perhaps part of your subliminal prayer and then as life would have it, it may come back to you as you expected or nearly as expected and you then say I knew that would happen, I just knew it.

How is it possible that you knew it? It is possible because you knew it from its inception, from its creation, you willed it into being that way and therefore you are not surprised to see it that way. You expect it that way because this is how it usually works. I invite you to observe life with a different perspective from this moment on. Realize that every thing that comes into your consciousness you are affecting, you are changing by its very presence in your lives and the more you apply yourself to its attention and provide the situation with your energy, the more effect you tend to have on the eventual outcome.

If you honestly reflect back I am sure you will begin to see in hindsight that this pattern is one that has been present in your life for a long time and now that you have greater awareness of this pattern and its cycle, you may with greater intention begin to involve yourself in it more fully and bring more of your creative potential into the equation.


Thank you for hearing my words tonight. I hope this practical suggestion meets with some resonance and you are able to expand the scope of your awareness yet another level, good bye.

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