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LLN179- Being a Morontial Mortal

2008-07-31.  Being a Morontial Mortal

Lightline #179

Topic: Being a Morontial Mortal

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: You will please join me in lending your intention for this purpose, to breathing life and energy into this circuit that we form. First of all there is the circuit of all of us, all of us gathered around with our electronic devices spread across the country but close enough to feel each others presence and then expand our consciousness to include and invite our unseen celestial friends, the ambassadors of light that are a gift from our divine parents to help us in this process of awakening and learning.

We invite them into our circuit that we’ve formed and because we can, and because we know enough at this juncture to consider such a thing we ask to invite all of our individual thought adjusters, our “Voices within” and the circuit that they enjoy to be laid over the top of our circuit of intention and in so doing we have another avenue of expression between us. I understand this requires our individual personal consent and so I offer mine and I invite you to offer yours at this time.

As well we must have the consent of our indwelling presences’ because in fact they know us even better than we do and so offering our consent, even our invitation is only part of the dynamic. It still must be approved by our inner guide whose watchcare we are under while we sojourn in this material experience. But having made this petition and spoken these words and believing that we are involved in a co-creative relationship throughout this process, we may then assume that this is so.

I invite you all to assume that with me now that all we have desired and directed, all that we have intended in this process is so because of our relationship with our Divine Parents. Divine Parents, thank you for this relationship, thank you for being as close to you as we feel we are in times like this. It is a true joy to rise up as the children of yours that we are and reach for you and seek your embrace and it is a true thrill in times like this when we can be this close so as to feel your return embrace. Please join us as we drink this cup of beauty and goodness and as we seek for it to be filled with truth, even in this moment and in this hour, thank you.


The Voice: I greet you all once again, I am this ones inner voice, at least that is the name that he chooses to refer to me by which is quite serviceable and just fine with me. I recognize that I have been welcomed by the petitions that have been made vocal in this process and as well by the petitions which have been registered within the circuitry of this grid you have acknowledged now operating between you and among you. This energy field or grid work as you might conceive of it is truly foundational to all that transpires in your lives for as my associate has made bold to state, it is true that you are all fostered and administered to by this circuit of your inner voice.

It is this aspect of yourselves that is responsible for allowing certain events of spiritual significance to impact you and as well this aspect of yourself safeguards you from influences which you are not ready for or for which you declare your intentions to not embrace at any moment in time. Certainly your individual free will choices reign supreme in all aspects of your material manifestation but as you are recognizing, there is far more to you than your material manifestation, in fact there is an infinite, an eternal part of you that is being grown and developed within and it is this enduring aspect of yourself that your thought adjuster is committed to overseeing as far as its appropriate growth and development is concerned.

And so it is that all that happens to you is truly a combination of your individual choice as far as you’re aware of it and the leadings, promptings, guiding and suggestions of your indwelling guide who has committed to foster your development and as well to protect you from unnecessary harm that might come about if outside influences were allowed to bombard you at inappropriate times. I must make some distinction here. If it is the desire of any two individuals or any group of individuals as we witness in this formation there may be a special access between individuals who may desire and choose to allow this intensely personal intimate communing across this, what you have termed the thought adjuster circuit.

This may indeed transpire if the accompanying adjusters will as well agree to such an opening up of what is in reality a highly intimate and personal circuitry. Your thought adjuster knows your individual level of readiness for such to occur and will either grant permission or not based upon their role in safeguarding your growth and development, that is the growth and development of your soul. If however they determine that such connection to such intimate and personal circuitries would not be beneficial then most certainly they may act as the gatekeeper to any such contact.

This, my friends is how you all are and remain protected. Mortals of the realm tend to have fears that they may be “boarded” so to speak, by others with intentions of their own, perhaps even hostile and many times they have a great deal of fear about opening up this personal intimate circuit to any other energy form “out there” because of the potential of abuse but your indwelling guide maintains a focus and steady grasp of your condition and your readiness for any outside influences and therefore it is them who provide the final affirmation that it is appropriate for this to happen in order for this type of intimate circuitry to be established.

You are lovingly protected by not only your indwelling voice but as well by your alliance with your divine parents who have you in a bubble of protection when you are in alignment with them and so there is no need to fear contact with outside influences when you have such safety monitors watching over you and as well, your say is always final. It is impossible for you to be influenced in any direction you do not choose. By simply forsaking any direction, any influence in your life it ceases to have any power or control over you.

The only influences that have any control over you in your life are the ones you choose. So there are many safeties along the way so that you may not be abused by any others who may have strong energy signatures or who may be imposing of any intentions upon you whatsoever. But when you do choose and when you are ready,g these additional layers of circuitry certainly become available to you and you are able to experience what you would refer to as an intimate relationship with others without the necessity of the normal formation of long term friendships and relationships designed to provide you with the opportunity to build such inner intimacy.

Rather, it is possible for you when meeting a total stranger, if you both are spiritually attuned and you both consent to such an exchange, it is possible for you to have access between your inner guides and in so doing you may be granted this access for such purposes as service. There is an example I would give. You are out and about in your daily lives and you are engaged in some service pursuit. A brother or sister who you do not know approaches you and you feel a nudge of spirit that there is some service to be rendered but may be uncertain just as to what.

It is possible for you to petition that your indwelling voice commune with their indwelling voice and provide you, if all conditions are met and appropriate, with some insight as to how you may most effectively be of service to this sister or brother. In fact this happens quite regularly on your world where an opportunity arises and you are at first uncertain as to how to proceed yet you are motivated to proceed and so your unknowingness prompts you to seek for some answer that you don’t have. It is then that your indwelling voice is called into service and they may internally provide you with some direction to follow which you then register as inspiration.

You have an idea of what to do, something you hadn’t thought of, that is the interface with your adjuster. Sometimes it may turn into a sort of revelation of what is needed, something perhaps from out of the blue that you hadn’t considered and yet appeared to be so right for the circumstances. That may very well have been the exchange between your inner voice and their inner voice providing this means whereby you may be furnished with what you seek in combination with what they need.

So you see this process, this dynamic that we discuss, that you petitioned as your desire of focus this evening is in fact a rather routine and regular phenomenon on your world. You just simply have yet to define it as having aspects that are attributable to your inner voice and the inner voice of others and the connection between them. But we are building this awareness of circuits and connections and combinations and so it is that I bring to your attention what is right before your eyes so to speak and prevalent in your lives but perhaps without significant awareness of the underlying aspects involved.

The next time you receive an insight, get an idea, have something come to you, all of a sudden realize something, remember as best you can that this was just a sacred moment. You just had contact with a fragment of The First Source and Center, your indwelling voice and likewise when you are attempting to navigate this material experience with your brothers and sisters to realize that when these moments of awareness happen, when these inspirations… come about how to minister to a sister or brother or an insight as to where they are coming from or what they need, recall that this too is as a result of the fact that both of you have these indwelling fragments and they are in communication with each other or can be…and with your permission. [phone problems]

But likewise it is not possible for you to seek and be granted access to another if it is against their will or if it is not sanctioned by their indwelling guide. There is no power you could possess that could create such a circuitry if it was not not chosen and appropriate and sanctioned by this fragment within. I hope this discussion outlining some more of the principles around this aspect of your inner voice has provided you with some additional pieces of the puzzle that you may fit into place as you see fit.

I thank you for providing me this access to you here and now. If it were not for your choice to be here and to allow this to happen, then certainly none of this in this moment would be real. But your choosing, your accepting, perhaps even your embracing has taken potential and turned it into reality. You choose to allow me to make my contribution to your understanding. I withdraw now as I sense there are others who would address you, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, Monjoronson here. I must declare that I admire beyond my ability to describe your persistence and diligence and your continued dedication in this process. I realize you all have to navigate your way through electronic devices and pushing precise numbers and being at the right place at the right time and even when attempting to be in the right space at the right time I acknowledge that these material influences weigh heavy in the balance of your lives and I honor you for so co-ordinating yourselves in the face of so many distractions and obstacles and if you are able to do it then most certainly I feel compelled to join you in this process.

So I am here to recognize that it is not always easy, there are so many distractions in this material life experience that you are engaged in that if you are able to maintain focus and be centered in the midst of all that life would barrage you with then you are truly engendering the aspects of and the qualities of devoted seekers. To those who show such devotion and who demonstrate such dedication, great rewards are in store. Surely your lives are swirling about you in a rather constant storm and it is your objective, your challenge, your opportunity to maintain your position as the eye of the storm, the calm central place within the turmoil.

There is the statement circulating through the spiritual circles on your world that it is a goal to be pursued to be in this world but not of it and that is referring to this ability to be a calm and steady center while the winds of adversity and change blow all around you. What doesn’t need to change is this center of peace and calm. This you build of your own choice and this can remain your citadel of the soul. In this place to which you may always return, there is peace, there is safety, there is stillness, there is love and there is grace.

If you find yourselves being buffeted about by life’s circumstances you may always return to this place, this sanctioned place of stillness. I would speak for one brief moment about your concepts of time. You view time as a rather continuum that had aspects of it that were before, you call those the past and there are aspects of it which are occurring currently, you refer to that as the now and you recognize that there are aspects of it yet to come, you perceive that as the future.

But within this dynamic of transfer from what was through what is and into what will be there is another aspect of time going on, that is what I will call your individual local time. You know that across your globe are spread a number of time zones and you also randomly choose to set back or forward your clocks depending upon how you like time to fit in your available daylight. All these are your own efforts to make sense out of this continuum that you observe.

But throughout this continuum, you as an individual are on your own personal time scale. You have your own local time, that is your ascension, your experience is unique unto you and it will unfold in its own due time as it pertains to you and you alone. No two individuals share this same time scale. Some will move more rapidly as they embrace the different levels of ascension and others will take more time as it were to savor and revisit and reacquaint themselves with aspects of their ascension and so their time frame will be different.

Your individual time frame is unique to you and external influences are only impacting you as you choose to allow them into your awareness. This material experience is fraught with the imposition of time and you as developing mortals of the realm cannot see it in any other way but I tell you that this whole paradigm of time is rather an experience that you create for yourself as you justify what is going on around you. When you have reached a certain level of ascension you will recognize that your previous notions of time and your strict adherence to it were but a phase that you went through, were a paradigm that you embraced at that place in your evolution.

But one day you will come to realize that all time is contained in the very moment in which you are considering it and this idea of past, present and future is merely the context that you use to see this phenomenon of time. It is in understanding these principles of time that you can become more effective in manipulating what has yet to transpire in your experience. When you realize that you are in this moment projecting your next moment then you can begin to project the moment that you would have and that you would like and the more you are in alignment with divine principles and ideals the more these projections become your reality.

I perceive I have given you quite a bit to consider this evening and I would not overburden you with too much for your consideration at any one time so I will conclude my remarks there and remain in attendance should there be any dialog or questions or perhaps there would be another to address you, thank you.


Q: Monjoronson, Thank you for stopping since my sense of time and understanding can just barely keep up with the thoughts that you’ve just given us. Can I ask a question? If we wish, desire, intend, choose to come into better alignment with our divine guide, our First Source and Center fragment, can we give permission to the adjuster circuit to then participate, to strengthen, to be a party to this choosing, intention to live on our own time scale?

Monjoronson: I recognize the thrust of your question and I acknowledge the value of your bringing forth the importance of choosing, of providing permission and perhaps even of petitioning for your intention. There are no greater tools you possess as a mortal of the realm than these that you just provided. All things begin with your thought, your choice, your permission, your request, your intention. Literally your world turns on these things. Your experience is completely a result of these things.

If you could just but realize this truth it will change everything in your life. There is nothing that happens to you that hasn’t come to you by some avenue of approach which you have sanctioned, that is either a petition, a request, a thought, an intention, a desire, an invitation. This is how your life is determined moment by moment, day by day. Mortals of the realm make a great mistake when they consider themselves as observers or even victims of what they call circumstance.

They use words like I am lucky or I am unlucky, they see themselves as somehow the affected ones not the affecting ones and until this shift occurs in their awareness and their perception they will have no command or control over their circumstance because they do not understand the principles involved in the creation of these circumstances. If their errant thoughts and doubts and concerns are the ones being promoted in their process of choosing and petitioning then their life will reflect these unfortunate thought patterns.

This is why it is so important that you gain control over the flow of thoughts that is happening all the time in this data base that you refer to as your brain. It can be the greatest tool for creation ever known but it can create anything, things that you may consider good, things that you may consider bad. Creation will honor your choices whether they are made in awareness and seeking ideals and beauty and goodness or whether they are made in hatred, doubt, pessimism, frustration. It will honor the creation of what you choose and so it is important to train this organ you call your brain to choose the ideals, choose truth, choose beauty, choose goodness always every time and eventually nothing else can come into your life except what you have chosen; truth, beauty, goodness, love, light.

Have those be your choices my dear ones and if you keep choosing those and re-choosing them every time you will see that that is exactly what you get and your very life will be a manifestation of your choices. As it is now, only choices made in awareness, with intention, with purpose, will your lives change to reflect these and eventually if you train yourselves well enough to repeat this you will become a manifestation of that which you choose; truth, beauty and goodness.

And so I applaud your thought pattern which indicates that it all begins with your choosing, your inviting, your welcoming, your intention and if you are focused with your intention, you then become what is commonly referred to as a master for a master does not put out anything that he does not want to see manifested in his life and if you only choose those things which you want manifested in your life which you see as good and positive and true, then those are the things which surround you and condition you and become who you are. I hope this is helpful regarding your question.

Q: Yes, thank you, it comes to me that I can choose now in this circuitry to intend to be less affected by time frictions that wears me down on the outside and be gentled by my efforts to become part of this greater circuitry adjuster pro counseling and I thank you Monjoronson for that assisting in the insight to that picture.

Monjoronson: I will use a metaphor that I find within this t/r’s framework. Imagine for me if you will, as you are a child of The First Source and Center whose destiny is absolutely secure as it is. As this child of destiny you are engaging in a myriad of experiences, however your destiny of ascension and eventual return and reunion with The First Source and Center is most certainly guaranteed. Now, if you are this child of destiny and if you are certain that you are to be eventually taken up and reunited with the Creator of All and you are in the meantime simply going about adding to your experiential base, then you are as one who is in a time capsule.

You go back, you go down, you go out, however you perceive it to the very far reaches, the very slowest aspects of the universe that is known as time and space to gather this experience of what it is like to be surrounded by materialism and to live within the confines of yesterday, today and tomorrow. But you are in a time capsule and after this experience you will get back in your capsule and you will move to another experience and there will be a different paradigm that you experience in relation to time, in relation to materialism and each stop that you will make in this time capsule will provide you with a whole new experience of what it is like to gradually lose this connection to materialism, lose this connection to time/space reality and become more and more of your infinite self, your eternal self.

You will get back in this time capsule and keep proceeding up your ascension career but you, the one in the time capsule have not changed. You started out as a divine fragment from the Creator out to gather experiences and you will end up a divine fragment of the Creator returning back to The First Source and Center having gathered to yourself these vast experiences; everything from what it was like to be housed in a mortal body of flesh and blood and as well what it was like to live the life of an angel and as well what it is like to be an unlimited infinite being of spirit.

But you have been the same, it is the same you. You are the one in the time capsule going between dimensions, going between what you call time but this is merely an experience for you to have here and now and when this experience is over, upon the event of your transformation from this material plane you could be said to board your capsule again and find yourself at your next destination and you will realize upon awakening there upon some mansion world that you are still you, it is still the same you.

These are just experiences of dimension, experiences of what it is like to be in these different dimensions, to even be as far away from The First Source and Center as the material earthly plane. I hope this analogy can find some resonance with you.

Q: Is that what it means to be a morontia mortal?

Monjoronson: Indeed it is.

Q: To be of this plane and not constrained and restricted by it.

Monjoronson: Yes, although when you are in Rome you must do as the Romans do and as you find yourselves surrounded by your material vehicle you call a body you must play by that set of rules. However, you are discovering about yourselves that you are a dual dimension creature. You are the tadpole who has within their character to become the frog, to transform from a life born in the water to a life where you are compatible living outside of that dimension. In fact, you are a triad being, you began your very existence as a water creature just as a tadpole.

You spent months of your development just as a tadpole, a water creature. You did not have the experience of breathing air until the day you were born and then you became an air breather and so you have already made quite a transformation in your material life and now within you, this air breather, there is an infinite spiritual being that will take off and embark on this journey and you are discovering that this next part of your journey can be glimpsed in this life, can be accessed to some degree while you are still with your feet on planet earth.

That is what brings you to a forum such as this, you are being called to explore the next dimension, the next arena of experience and you are encountering that it is available to you now because time is under your control. You step out ahead of yourself in time when you embark on these spiritual adventures because surely this is your destiny of the future but yet you can access it even now with this simple act of your choosing to do so. And so your choices are rewarded, the universe brings you that which you choose and if it is a glimpse of another dimension then so be it.


I perceive our plates are heaped full this evening and I would thank you all for coming to this banquet and feasting on all the spiritual principles and ideals that have been served this evening. I pray that they nourish you to your very core and that you are inspired to maintain your course of seeking and finding for surely you are on the right path and surely as a result of your efforts you are being granted that which you seek even now, even in this moment.

Thank you divine parents for this grace that we perceive even now. I leave you all, farewell.

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