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LLN180- Service

2008-08-07.  Service

Lightline #180

Topic: Service

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Gerdean


NEBADONIA: My lovely children, this is Nebadonia, the Divine Minister of your world, my universe — your Mother. Relax. There is no pressure. This is not a test. There will be no detention. I see no reason to scold anyone. Remember me as the one who nurtures you and who loves you.

I am here with Michael and our many family members who all are interested in your welfare and the thrilling times upon you here on this beautiful orb whereupon our Michael Son lived and died as a man among men, much as you do. I admit having a special place in my heart for you since you have — many of you have walked upon the same soil and breathed the same air as he did on his final sojourn, rather like alma mater pals.

I love this Master Son of ours – my partner and yours – for the many gifts he gives us. And I say he gives them to us because he gives them to me as well and I, in turn, give them back. This seems to be a theme these days in male/female relationship developments and this pleases me because each has something to give to the other, each gender has something to offer the other, and only as they work harmoniously together are they able to be maximal in their efforts, keeping their stride, reaching their potential, feeling their best because of what they are able to do for and with each other.


This ideal or relationship is also the ideal of service for when you give of yourself in service to others, you also receive. And this harmony creates a symbiosis. When it is healthy, it is productive, but when it becomes unbalanced, it becomes unhealthy and needs to be reviewed, and so it is here on Urantia today many of your relationships are being reviewed in light of the new truths that have been given to you. The value you have and that you find in each other is something that we see as a flowering long overdue. And it will indeed affect the planet.

The seraphim are busy upstepping their efforts to match those efforts of yours which help bring spiritual pressure from above as you bestow it in your life in loving service. It then needs to be adapted to practical application, and sometimes this can be frightening, or even painful, but it is essential and it is overall quite exciting. Yes, you could compare it to delivery of a new child, and in fact that is a great analogy of what we see happening because there is a tremendous birthing going on, on your world. Not just on the finite plane but in the ethers and architectural spheres in close proximity to your earth, precisely because of this upsurge of growth that is taking place.

As you were sharing earlier, Daughter, the love and joy that you have within you, the confidence that you have when you tap into your spirit Source, when it begins to flow through you like living waters and pour out upon those projects and assignments that you are given or that you assume in order to pursue your course of destiny, are exhilarating to perform and very faith-founding when you look back and say, “Wow! I did it! God and I did it together!” This co-creation is truly enthralling and we are so happy to see you children coming along so well in your faith, in your confidence of your reality and your value to us and to the progressive plan of ascension into enlightenment and greater understanding for your world and its people and as it marches into the future for your system and the constellation and even our universe itself. It’s good to see it moving along. It’s good to see the quiet times come to an end, the sleeping giant waken.

There is so much to be done here at this time, so much inner work. Consider if you had yourself been sleeping for millennia and you just woke up, all the things you would need to take care of as you faced a new day. And consider if during those many years of sleeping you were not really sound asleep but dormant, rather blundering along doing what you were told, doing what came naturally as if on automatic pilot or by passive acquiescence simply to live from one day to the next and now to awaken to find a new sun shining, a new day dawning, and all the things you will need to take care of to clean up after, the many efforts you undertook while you were in a half asleep, half drugged, half aware state.

The first thing of course is to look around and look at all the opportunities of service that lay ahead, the brilliance of the day itself, the thrill of living, the joy of knowing yourself as a child of God and others as your brothers and sisters. This is thrilling, children. In the past, yes, there have been sibling rivalries and squabbles for your parents’ attentions, but here you have our attentions completely. Michael and I are devoted to you, to your upbringing and we have hosts of heavenly helpers trained and at the ready to help you in your ascent.

There is not need to strive with one another or contend with each other for better positions at our table. You are all precious to us, you all have our undivided attention. We are each happy to spend endless hours with you in consultation and in shared worship and in creative effort. We have at our disposal so many helpers who are so willing to work with you as you become aware of them and as you develop the sensitivity to feel them helping you and guiding your hand in your ways, your loving ways.

I ask you not to overlook my adjutant mind spirits who have been working with you even in the dark, who have been guiding you and preparing you for this day, for this time, and who still have an intimate access to you and your history, such that you are still able to tap into what you have learned from them as a creature of the realm, as you have worked toward this day of standing in the light, of being in fellowship with the Spirit of Truth, of knowing the Son of God as your own Father/Brother, as you look to your elders for counsel and guidance, and as you shower them and each other with the bounty of your love.

I will take questions, if anyone has questions of me. I will do my best to stay within my parameters of authority and still bring you peace. Are there questions? Are there concerns? [Silence] Do you have fear?


Student: Good evening, Mother. I salute you every time I take a sip of water and I salute you now, even though I’m not drinking water. I encircuit, with that sip, all the physical water on the planet and also the welling up of the artesian spring of life that you and Michael have enriched us with and I thank you for your attention, your loving gracious and teaching attention to us, and we are delighted to be swinging our feet over the edge of the bed and putting our feet down on your earth and getting ready to do our wakeful service with you.

MOTHER: This is wonderful to hear, Daughter. There is a garden before you. It may need some cultivating, but it is a place of beauty in which you will find much joy and sustenance, and of course I am there with you and with every living thing. I take your praise and wear it as a crown.

Student: You can stick it up on the fridge.

MOTHER: I will hand it to my Mother, in honor of all mothers throughout all creation. Without mothers there are no children, there is no kingdom.

Student: We ask that your parental love for us move through us daily with our brothers and sisters, that we help to re-parent those each who need it, who come into our circle, our presence, which is your presence. We ask that your parenting flow through us to those who are waking.

MOTHER: Yes, indeed, and I join you in that prayer. I join you with that energy surge. These circuits of the spirit do connect you as clearly as do the Father Fragments, and sometimes I perceive the adjutants as being even easier to access than the Divine Fragment, for they are so humanly personal. In this way I can minister to you as you pass by in terms of your very, very finite, mortal existence, your spirit of understanding how things work, how people think, how some will react this way and some that. This kind of energy that passes between you as siblings or as neighbors is the stuff of the human connection. It is the circuit through which your essence flows … or not …

Your relationship with yourself and with me will determine which doors will open and which will stay closed. How you protect yourself and how you give of yourself. It will show you what to be cautious of and where to throw caution to the wind. It will help you think more clearly and creatively. And thus you can tap into that same energy in your fellows if they are willing and engage in mutual stimulation of the imagination and brainstorming and planning, and in this way you begin to develop the foundations of group effort. You learn teamwork. You learn social harmony. You begin to understand who among you has which qualities which will serve best in this situation or that and you can confidently recommend your peers for certain tasks or duties based upon your own experiential wisdom of how they will function under certain circumstances.

And so we move forward, slowly but with confidence because the spirit can be felt, it can be perceived, it can be redirected, and you have so much to say about it. Your will has so much to do with how far it will go. And how far afield it may go also. It is in this that the group holds all knowledge. Even the simple minded among you have their story, have their value. God is no respecter of persons. In that context, your leaders don’t need to have high IQs. They need to have ability to work with one another and listen.

Each of you is a leader in your own right. And each of you has your own task at your own appointed time. Some of you never cease your service and some of your services are spasmodic, perhaps even rare, but critical. Each of you has your own unique gift to give, and all of you need to be respected for that truth. We never know when it will be revealed because “it is in the mystery.” As the scripture says, “it comes as a thief in the night” but when you know that your time is upon you, you sing it. The notes fall into place and the music is sublime. Reaching that point sometimes takes a lot of practice. Many hours spent in practice, like “chop wood haul water”, but it is done in love, in humility, in faith, and this causes joy to spring forth from you like the warbling of a bird, profound in its simplicity.

And you are in my eye constantly. I am indeed your drink of water, and I flow through you, refreshing your dark places and carrying the nutrition of living energy to all your parts, so that you may serve and help maintain our creation.

Student: Mother, I understand now what our Master Son Michael meant or felt when he said of the woman who touched the hem of his cloak that he perceived that power had gone out from him and that was this flowing through from our father, our heavenly universal father, this encircuitment with each other and for each other and back to the father.

MOTHER: I will claim such. She reached for him in faith and I gave myself to her. I poured forth from him and nourished her and refreshed her. And he, the Lord, wanted to look upon his Daughter. Let me see you, he said. Let me lay eyes on you. And he then fed his child with that look — that look that I can only imagine — coming from a Son of God to a mere mortal. Such a look as would sustain you and captivate you for aeons.

Yes, I am reminded of the look of the lover. When young lovers gaze upon each other they see the universe in each others eyes, they swim therein, never wishing to break the gaze, the pool of love in which they love is warm and inviting. The pool of love in the Master’s eyes that I know so well from my perspective, must surely be amazing to the eyes of a mortal who seldom sees that kind of love projecting from the eyes of his fellows.

And yet it is possible. It is possible my children, because you are sons of God yourself, and daughters. You, too, have within you the reservoir of living waters that comes from that well, that font, that Source. You too can look with eyes of love upon your fellows and they will be touched, they will be affected. They will recognize something superhuman there, something sublime. It is a gift, this gift of love. Freely have you received; freely give it.

Keep it moving. Don’t hoard it. Don’t feel as if it is going to dry up and you will never get anymore, or that you cannot possibly give it to such loathsome creatures as those surrounding you, as if they are unworthy. It is not for you to determine worthiness. Judge not. Simply let your love shine. Let Father’s love shine through you. And let my love flow through you and into the ethers of your existence — this incredible body of energy, which is living and real. It is part of the omniscience of God. And in time you will know this even more so than you can and do today.

Seek. Seek this font of truth and beauty and goodness. Sit quietly with us in stillness. Come to us seeking this living water. Drink of it. Gulp deeply. And when you are sated, go forth in good faith that it will find hollow spaces in which to embed itself, cupolas into which it can form pools, pockets where you can pour it, that it will feed my sheep.

And so you will have served. You will have been of good cheer. You will be a bringer of the light. And so it is not a difficult assignment. We are not hard taskmasters, your Father and I. We simply want for you to live in our love, bask in our peace, and do the bidding of those on high who oversee and supervise the unfolding of the drama of the evolving worlds of time and space. Fear not. Fear not the little things.

I appreciate that it might be difficult for you to formulate questions, in the face of this poetry. It is a dimension to which I invite you, which does not necessarily lend itself to formulating thoughts of the nature of your daily lives, but I don’t come to you that you might ask me academic questions or those things that can be answered by academic study or consultation with your own comrades. I sit with you here and I feel your soul reach out. I feel your soul ask the questions, and I perceive them being answered as you avail yourself of my loving presence. And so you see, my children, words are not necessary. Words are not necessary for you to reach to me and to respond to me and for your innermost questions to be answered.

Therefore, I don’t feel as though we’ve missed anything. Or that you have failed to rise to the occasion or have been remiss in any way. If feel you. I feel your Spirits. I treasure this connection, this relationship that exists between us. This safety, this peace and this dimension is our home, truly, and we will spend many, many hours together, you and I –and we. I can work with you. I can work with you even in your finite world, in your finite challenges, when you are dealing with difficult personalities and difficult situations. I work with you. I can do this. I can help you. Remember the person you are dealing with is indwelt with a God Fragment and I am with them and in them through their adjutant mind spirits. I surround you as does the Spirit of Truth and we are all conspiring together to bring you into the divine will, to that harmony and peace that will enable the path to unfold before you as day follows night.

Yes, I know there are difficult situations ongoing. There is pain. There is mayhem. There is terror. I know this. I am there. Your Father is there. Our angels are there. I know this. We are working with that. You will be too if you are not already. This is part of the effort involved in uplifting the races of time. When you find yourself in these situations, when you find yourself experiencing moments of angst, anger, or panic, try to remember I am with you. I am part of you. Michael is with you.

If you can remember that, if you can find that within you and grasp that, the chaos and the mayhem will stop. It will stop for you. It may continue around you, but you will be able to resume the peace that passes all understanding. You will be beside yourself with the wonder of divine reality, even as you maintain yourself and take care of business, even as you put out the fires and swab the wounds and the tears.

Follow our guidance. See what we would have you see. Allow your eyes to focus on that which we show you. Open your ears to that which we want you to hear. Follow our lead. In this way you will minister and you will know that we are together in this ministry.

We are real, children, not some figment of your wishful thinking. How we manifest in this manner is often criticized, looked at askance, mocked. But you know the truth. Underneath the format, the mechanism, beyond the artificiality and the fallacy, is the reality and the truth of our being. Think not about the T/R. Think not about the telephone. Think not about these extraneous distractions. Just know that your spirit is in our hands and we are with you.

I know. There are a number of concerns now tumbling forth. “What about this financial system/situation?” I hear you say. “What about fuel costs?” “What about my daughter’s braces?” “What about my son’s education?” “What about my wife’s cancer?” I hear these questions. I hear your concerns. And I will sit with you and I will respond to each one of those, each one of those, endlessly, and walk through them each with you. We will find solutions where possible; we will find peace in every case.

Try to take the farther view. See the farther perspective. It’s so easy to get lost when you bury yourself in details. And when you embrace the details as if they were the great reality, then you push us away, you push us aside, and it is more difficult for us to minister to you. And so let those things go, set those aside for now, let us take you in our arms first. Let us hold you until your fears subside and then we will deal with those things, we will deal with each one of them and we’ll get through them all. There will be joy. There will be deep and abiding joy.

Such is the way of life. Such is the way of wisdom. What a wonderful opportunity we have now, and that you have now — this time on Urantia. So many options. So many directions. So many opportunities. Sometimes, truly, we see that it is overwhelming to you, just as it seems negatively overwhelming to some, it seems positively overwhelming to others, and so it is very tumultuous, very dynamic.

The Urantia Book is like a large boulder thrown into a pond and the waters still have not come to rest. They will not come to rest for quite some time, but you need not take it all in at once. Just do your daily duty as it is presented to you. Get out of bed, put your feet on the floor. Know that we are with you. Stand up and proceed into the day. You only have your task to perform. And it will never be more than you can handle.


My beautiful babies, I really need to begin to withdraw my presence from you here on this format. Know that I am not withdrawing in truth. I am a part of you. I am encircuited within you, I am a part of who you are, just as the Father is a part of who you are, but I will step back from this format so we can get along with the business of living. As creatures of time and space I know you have commitments, restrictions and limitations, but wasn’t it wonderful that we had this time together. I certainly feel better for it. I feel you have benefited. I am sure that no one has been harmed.

Blessings on you my children and peace be upon you. Until next time, fare well.

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