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LLN183- The Spiritual Veil Grows Thin

2008-08-28.  The Spiritual Veil Grows Thin

Lightline #183

Topic: The Spiritual Veil Grows Thin

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought AdjusterMichael, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Our perfect and righteous Divine Parents, this day, this hour, even now guide and direct our journey, sanctify our steps and coordinate our thoughts. Ever lead us in the ways of eternal progress. We seek your guidance and your blessing as we come together to gather from you wisdom and insight that you so graciously provide for us when we come together for this purpose. We truly are grateful to our deepest core for this interface we share with you on this regular basis that we come to cherish in our life journey and experience. We pray to be in alignment with this process and what you would bring us through this process. Help us to embrace what you have for us in this hour. Thank you for all that you bring.

Mark: I would share an opening thought since this is an evening devoted to the discernment of the inner voice and as well we open it up to any teachers and guides who avail themselves of this process. I found this paragraph to be quite proper about another description of this inner guide, this inner voice and the distinction between that and our soul which is referred here to as our consciousness. This paragraph is:

Consciousness is what you truly are, an interconnected living soul forged from the love of The Creator. In addition there is a special heavenly node. This living energy is directly formed from the essence of heaven. She is the director and is referred to in your literature by many names. Let us use the terms-your I Am presence, your Me presence, your inner voice. This special being is you in the grand network of interconnectedness that is this divine universe. Both of these living wonders, your soul and your I Am presence come together to create who you are. As you grow in awareness of the divine you come to the elementary truths that allow you to easily dissipate the illusions of this present reality of yours and glimpse the ways of the divine. These brief aha moments are merely a preview of what lies ahead. This is why many of you say that the spiritual veil is growing thin.

I offer to this group this statement as affirmation of what we have come to grow to know ourselves as truth. This spiritual veil does indeed grow thin for us. We have indeed ventured out beyond some of the limitations of the mortal flesh and have experienced this distinction for ourselves. We are beginning to know of a certainty that our consciousness is us, we are our consciousness. We have discussed projecting it out and about and where it resides and where the seat of our consciousness may be found and as well we are becoming familiar with this additional aspect of ourselves, this divine presence, this voice within.

In this process we have grown to comprehend that we are a combination of these elements, both are gifts of the divine First Source and Center and as we grow these aspects together, we enjoy this liberation from materialism and are able to see ourselves more and more as the infinite spiritual aspects that are ours in this process. I am so very grateful for the lessons we have learned in this process of discovery. We have returned again and again to this well to seek more and greater understanding of these aspects of ourselves. In an attempt to free ourselves from the bondage of strict materialism we have ventured out and gained new perspectives and I witness to you all that we have succeeded in venturing beyond and the veil and we have gone where we are destined to go.

Then it becomes our desire to return and come back again and again to relive this experience of venturing beyond the veil for we know deep somewhere inside that it is our destiny, it is our birthright, it is where we are headed, where we are going and so it is an excitement, an anticipation, a joy at knowing that we have such divine places to go and such spiritual arenas to go there in. I am grateful to the creators who have established this route for us to travel, this experience for us to have, this life in which we manifest this transformation from material awareness into spiritual awareness and beyond that into divine presence. I am grateful beyond words, we are grateful for this experience and for those who have brought it to us.

I now acknowledge that I have given way to the voice and we are in partnership in our gratitude for this process. Indeed we come together for this purpose, we have both been created for this purpose by the same loving First Source and Center. Now I ask that this aspect of myself, this divine component be elevated to principle speaker at this time, and so be it.

The Voice: And so it is, I step forward to accept this offer, I am this ones voice but I so closely share this journey and these ambitions, that this gratitude has to be virtually indistinguishable. It is so true that we are both so graced with these gifts from on high and yet our experiences and roles are so vastly diverse in these beginning phases of growing this partnership and relationship. But this is as per the design, to allow us these experiences of apparent separation and then the experience of the discovery of this glorious partnership and then the opportunity to manifest the awareness of this partnership as it was designed to be and a tribute to the designers.

I recognize the validity of the attempts to portray these different aspects and the accuracy of the statements that we are in fact both created from on high and are aspects of each others journey and experience, that our journey is in fact one journey shared by different elements and that these are elements in the course of this journey become so close and so united as to even become as one in the process. So this beautiful design is the pattern and the way and the result of simply being who we were created to be and doing what we were created to do.

It sounds so simple and obvious when stated as such and yet we all know there is great distances to be covered and many experiences to be had and much growth required before the truth of these simple statements may be made real in our individual journeys. But it is comfortable to know of the journey and of the pattern, of the design, of the results so that we can attempt to savor the journey and enjoy the passage from one phase of awareness to the next, Hopefully the knowledge and the wisdom that this is so will lighten the burden of such a sense of trying and struggling to get the job done and make the journey smoother and easier if we can relax into it and let go of the striving and struggling and merely allow this river of pattern to let us float down calmly and gently.

I understand that there are questions to be addressed this evening and I think it appropriate to allow others to embrace these questions, perhaps more suitable at least from your perspective, to the task and so I will withdraw out of respect for your desires to hear from the others and receive your serving from the well of truth once again. Thank you for your invitation and I leave you now with my appreciation for your efforts to acknowledge and to invite me in to this arena, I now withdraw.

Michael: I accept the invitation to join you, I am Michael and I understand there is more to be discussed about the nature of the Spirit of Truth which we have touched on previously. I would never withhold anything from you my dear ones and so we will discuss to your hearts content issues until they are resolved within your person to your satisfaction. The question arose as to the distinction between my Spirit of Truth which I have freely bestowed upon all my children and whether it is appropriate as per someone’s experience to seek out this Spirit of Truth as an individual being within you in an attempt to form a relationship and perhaps grow to acknowledge and even respect to the point of worship this element within.

I must attempt to make some clarification for you. This Spirit of Truth is my personal presence within you. It is a fragment of my presence that is intended to be my presence extended to you so that you may bring your considerations and your understandings to me directly within and in so doing I will provide for you the necessary assurance that you are in fact on the right track, you have in fact made a correct assessment or you are encountering real and genuine truth. I offer you this ability of discernment so that you have a source within that you can always utilize to check the accuracy or validity of any situation, circumstance or truth.

This fragment of my presence that I provide you for this purpose is a direct contribution I make to you and is not an individual entity of itself, therefore it has no individual personality or consciousness and as such is not approachable in the same way that you would approach another individual consciousness in order to know them and grow a relationship with them. When you are attempting to seek your inner Spirit of Truth you will find me there, you will find an aspect of me as a fragment of my consciousness and not a separate individual personality consciousness.

So when you pursue this Spirit of Truth you pursue me and you will find me as you direct your efforts to do so. So I would rearrange slightly your thought patterns that you have some other personality or being or self that you are looking for when you are seeking the Spirit of Truth but rather you are looking for and finding me and I have told you that I am with you always, not just with my Spirit of Truth but there with you, around you and available to you in other ways as well. So you will not find a separate distinction that you can seize on as different but rather it is more of the same. I would like to clear up for you that as my presence and as I have assured you, I do not forsake you, I will not leave you.

You may leave me, you may choose to go away from our relationship, you may choose to not choose me, you may grow away from me in pursuit of other things but I will never forsake you or leave you. No matter what you do or have done or will do, this is not how I treat my children. I do not shun them or abandon them or leave them out in the cold. If they are out in the cold they have gone there themselves, they have gone away from me, they have gone away from truth, beauty and goodness and this may represent their choice even though they may perhaps have been unaware that they made this choice.

But if they find themselves in a place without me it is not because I have left but because they have. I grant them this freedom and honor their choice but I do not employ the tactics of control that are suggested by someone blaming me for having left them. This is not my way and it will never be my way. So I hope I can clear up for you, this not the way I work and if one finds themselves in isolation and away from my presence it is because they have made choices which have brought them there, maybe even inadvertent choices or choices in unawareness but these choices were theirs and the results of their choices are theirs.

The very opposite is true as well, every choice that they make to come to me results in a guaranteed approach to me. And so many people go through many various stages of feeling close to me or feeling abandoned by me but I remain fixed in my desire to be with them and constant in my service to them through my desire. It is important you understand that because this whole notion of a wrathful Father or One who would withhold or control by withdrawing love is simply not truth and I encourage you to release that thought pattern from your framework if it exists there. I am here to portray a loving Father beyond any conception you can have of the amount and the degree of love which is possible.

At no time will this love be severed from The Father’s end, it may only be embraced or rejected by the many children who are attempting to make choices in their journey. So fear not in your approach to me or to The Father. You cannot make too many missteps when you are earnestly trying. You may discover that steps you make have not been fruitful and have not gotten the results that you desired and then it is only for you to try again for that which you seek is still available to be found and if you can ease the burden of this journey by realizing that it will work out, you will succeed. You will find that which you seek, all in good time and with valuable experience in the interim.

Then you may be about this journey with more joy and lightheartedness and well being for you are no longer struck with the fear of doing wrong or failing or not being successful with all your efforts. As long as you keep trying and it is your desire to approach me or The Father, I guarantee your success. I hope this serves to inspire you and release you from the notion that you can get too far away from me if it is your desire to approach for it is simply not possible for you to make such gross errors and mistakes as to sever my love for you and be isolated from me.


Q: Michael, you mentioned that your spirit is without personality and there seems to be a parallel with our adjuster who is also without personality. I’m wondering if we perhaps take it another step and say the spirit of the spirit which is Mother’s spirit is also without personality but she surrounds us like a glove and you are around us all the time and The Father is around us all the time. So these three vehicles that we have to approach the trinity is actually an attenuation of yourselves so that perhaps we can better understand you in our mortal state. Is that in the ballpark?

Michael: Indeed my friend, that is in the ballpark. It is quite a difficult thing to describe when you are so encompassed by us to try to tease out in your experience who is where and what in your observation, for as you have said, we are so close and intertwined in this process that it is difficult to see where one leaves off and another begins and in the end it is not the goal to see where one leaves off and the other begins but rather to strive for complete synthesis of these various and varied aspects of The Supreme, of the One, of the whole.

While I fully understand the desire of you to make these distinctions and to try to define for yourselves the aspects of each, there is so much overlap and as you say, attenuation that truly it becomes an impossible task at times to draw the line and make the distinction. I call to witness for you even in this hour earlier when my mortal companion and associate involved in this process drifted from his own offerings, contributions and observations and found even himself being influenced by other aspects of self, and where did this occur and at what point may be impossible of definition but at some point there was recognition.

Likewise with my Spirit of Truth and with you, it is such a part of you and so ingrained within you that it is completely taken for granted as it were, that it is there, a part of you which is exceedingly hard to define as separate. As you cited, where does your Mother, Mother’s energy leave off and you begin? She not only surrounds you, she is within you, you are made of her, your very selves resonate with your lives, so where is she? She is you, you are her, your inner voice, is it you or will it become you at a certain time which you will define? Are you distinct partners right now or do you overlap and share this journey at times until there becomes a defining moment when there is no distinguishing between you?

This is a cosmic dance of attempting to recognize the different aspects but I assure you that the overall design of this plan is for you to ultimately blend and combine these aspects to become as one. And so it is that we will move forward through this process reflecting on distinctions, variations, differences, aspects of the whole and in the final analysis we will be unable to draw these distinctions as we are blended in this process together. I hope such a far reaching result is comprehensible to you even if such a paradigm shift cannot be fully comprehended at this point, the seeds of this truth are planted now so that they may bloom and flourish later.

I now desire to step aside and allow for my brother in this process to address you regarding your final question. I leave you with my peace, farewell.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson honored to be invited into this arena where truth is gathered and embraced. I recognize the observation and will synthesize the question of the accuracy of the personal experience cited of sending love to other groups of beings which may be currently unknown on the surface of your world. I assure you that there are many, numerous groups of living beings whose existence you are entirely unaware of. They do in fact exist regardless of your current state of unawareness and they are accessible by others who would choose to access them via the spiritual realm.

Most of the other groups of individuals that you have heard of or have referred to are more advanced than the brotherhood of man on this planet in terms of their spiritual receptivity and awareness. Most are able to communicate via this spiritual method with each other and now as you witness they are as well experiencing the beginning of communicating with certain members who are receptive in the family of man. I bring you the assurance that your efforts at sending love and receiving love from these unseen groups of individuals is entirely valid and appropriate, as valid and appropriate as your sending love to other unseen personalities you are aware of, even as Michael, Nebadonia, your teachers, the Melchizedeks and many that you know of as a result of your own personal experience.

They are equally as unseen and yet they equally as surely exist and so it is entirely appropriate for you to develop this ability and sense of awareness through your efforts and through trying and practicing you will surely develop these abilities to send and receive this universal vibration of love and this may be expanded as you are so inclined to develop into communication of various sorts or simply the sharing of appreciation and worship that you both simply exist. But as was stated earlier, you can do no wrong if you are engaged in the sending and receiving of love.

If you are expending your energy and your intention on projecting love, then you simply cannot err and you will be successful because this is the most dominant and potent force in all the universe. It is this circuit of love which is responsible for opening up this very channel of communication as well, this feeling of openness of wellness and goodness that is projected back and forth between us that creates this pathway that we use to communicate even now. It is the universal frequency and you may use it as a carrier wave to project your intentions one way and the other way.

And so anytime you devote your intention and your energy to practicing this sharing of this frequency, you will find that you are what you call, in the flow. You are positioned properly and to those who extend themselves to position themselves properly, they receive the assurance that they are on the right track. That is what you have witnessed in your personal observation. You have received this assurance that you are on the right track. You may not be in full comprehension of the nature and character of who or where these personalities are but that is unimportant.

What is important is that you are sincere in your intention and the universe rewards this sincerity with success. So I encourage you to embrace this success as the result of your efforts and to experiment and explore the dimensions of this carrier wave of love to all you know about and to even those you have yet to know about. If you perceive these unseen individuals then you may open up a channel and cast your intentions to them and most certainly you will have success in some manner or other.


I hope this helps to affirm that you are in fact on the right track, headed in the right direction and engaged in the right activities to get you there but as Michael has shared with you, you must keep trying and try again to reaffirm your commitment and to practice your technique and most surely you will be rewarded for your efforts. I would now take this opportunity to draw this evening to a close. Thank you all for your participation, your questions, your insights and the carrier wave of love which allows this connection to be open and to be utilized. You are responsible and we are responsible for the creation of such a circuitry through our volitional will that it be so. Thank you all and good evening.

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