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LLN182- Urantia to Become of Architectural Sphere

2008-08-21.  Urantia to Become of Architectural Sphere

Lightline #182

Topic: Urantia to Become Architectural Sphere

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Jonathan


Michael: Friends I am with your Sovereign Son Michael. I have much love for this small world upon which you live. It has been through unfortunate episodes but it has likewise been blessed by many events sanctioned by our Father in heaven. We have come to regard Urantia throughout Nebadon as my sphere, the sphere of Michael. I however am no respecter of planets for I love all beings residing on all the spheres. But just as I held James, John and Peter closer to me in confidence when I was walking upon this world, I also hold your planet close to me as well. Whereas there are roles that are played in order that we may fulfill a function, while I was in human form I asked John and James and Peter to fulfill a role all the while my love was equal among all of the apostles.

Urantia is also playing a role. It is becoming the world upon which it may be said, that sphere which was last shall be first. We have throughout Nebadon, many architectural spheres, ones so designed as to function quite conductively to the education of all who pass through those spheres and to the efficient operations of the rulers in those realms. Urantia will be over the course of time, redefined as an evolutionary sphere to one of architectural status, it will become a blend. This will not occur immediately for the evolution of The Supreme must continue according to our Father’s will and you and those who follow after you in the course of time to dwell on this world are not to be prevented from undergoing the critical living experiences of human form.

Yet when the potentials for supremacy attainment are realized, I will decree Urantia to be redefined. I will usher in this new status by sending to your world various celestial administrators who can modify the planet’s physical arrangement that it may stand throughout eternity as a witness to the triumph of good over evil, to the ability of mankind to rise from darkness to the light. It will show the mercy of our Father who can turn time into eternity, who can grant everlasting life to any soul and even everlastingness to any sphere. I chose your world for my final bestowal toward sovereignty attainment because it offered me the greatest challenge a Creator Son could confront.

I have been ordained by Father in heaven as Supreme Sovereign because of my success. But I also knew that while the world I chose, Urantia, was floundering in darkness I could, though in a small way, infuse some light and while it was a small spark of light, my original apostles did take note, did receive that light and were transformed and their subsequent actions initiated what has become a blessing to all on this world. They brought God closer to mankind, they did so by fostering a relationship of friendliness and approachability. I have stood before The Father on Paradise and even as a Paradise Son I am awestruck by His majesty, purity, grandeur and love.

But all the greatness does not shield or divide us from the camaraderie of the immediate connectivity of a Divine Parent to the child. Because of the many ages of isolation that Urantia underwent, your world was not able to develop religious teachings and cosmic philosophies which embraced the approachability to God. Paradigms were developed which emphasized the difficulty of attainment and many techniques have been created designed to bridge the gap. But I taught you that it is direct and simple, simply love God with all your heart. Love Him with a mindedness that sees all in your life as part as part of His will.

Love Him with your soul for this is the arena wherein His love is most strongly felt and love Him by way of every action you undertake. Your love for the Father is reflected in your love for one another and this love is by way of your actions. All you undertake to deepen your sense of the proximity of God is for your own well being and you do well to observe yourself, to make adjustments, to alter your approach to life as you come to discern deeper truths, as you seek to reach higher goodness. But I must say to you that while you do this, you promote the ascension of your being but you will not in reality draw The Father any closer for He is here with you right now.

We are gathered here in a small cluster of souls and my love for you is great. Each one will touch the soul of another and offer a signal of the way to Paradise and if that other soul chooses, it may modify its course or it may accelerate its direction toward Paradise because of your ministry. Few ever, is the opportunity to transform multitudes. I cautioned my apostles against this intoxication while I was walking among your ancestors. It is the single transformation, one on one that has a lasting impact for much in the external social environment can be the energy of frenzy, an emotional tide of elevation that is merely temporal.

But the one who has ears to hear and truly listens will receive in the silence of the soul, the truth, and in that solemn moment choose to follow me to walk the higher way. So when I ask you as I have asked others, to go forth and proclaim the gospel, I ask you not to gather about you throngs of hungry personalities, I ask only that you walk with one or two of my other children and demonstrate how close The Father is to everyone. If Urantia had taken the course projected by our universities of spiritual advancement, you would not have the sense of such distance between your Creator and yourself.

While many of you do long for a deeper tangible and uncertain sensitivity, your uncertainties, your calling out for God, are contributing to a demonstration, or more correctly to the actualization of a class of faith sons who are capable of consciousness of The Divine without sight nor sound nor proof. The very consciousness itself is the point of contact with divinity. Sight and sound and proof are external to that direct engagement. I love this sphere, I love all who dwell upon it regardless of their stage of enlightenment, even regardless of their alignment of their will with The Father’s will for they are all my children.

Urantia gave up it’s life in unfortunate episodes but it has come back to it many times over and as you ascend to our Father on Paradise you will be able to look back upon your nativity sphere and witness the manifold blessings that are coming to this planet. I spoke of leaving the 99 sheep to go find the lost one. Urantia, I have located and placed upon my shoulders and I have brought it back to the flock. You understand this by way of the correcting time. There is great rejoicing in Nebadon over how well Urantia has recovered and how well it proceeds to it’s bright future.

I have spoken at length and it is my desire to offer you the opportunity to communicate to me. Please ask if you have a question or desire clarification or simply want to express the feelings of your soul.

Q: Hello Master Michael, good evening. [greetings] Happy birthday, it’s interesting that today August 21 which commemorates your birth on this planet here as in the Urantia book and that’s why I say happy birthday to you.

Michael: Thank you, I enjoyed every moment on this world even though I came as a young babe and was not fully aware of my birth here as many of you here do not recall those early days, months and years. I do celebrate happily having come to this world, thank you for your acknowledgment.

Q: Thank you, you’re welcome. It strikes me that you do not recall maybe the early days or months but as Creator Son, I guess you can look back in a video format, you can watch the video of your birth and see how it was, the early days and months. Can you not do that if you want to?

Michael: I can and we have throughout Nebadon many theaters within which such replays of the past can occur. But in order for me to fulfill my mission being born as a babe of the realm, I chose also to limit my Creator consciousness so as to fully and truly experience the human condition, no extra benefits, no hidden tricks. It wasn’t until I attained the psychic circles that I was able to reintegrate my Creator consciousness and then I began my mission for the benefit of the world however until then my mission was for me to discover God as you do without any extra help. That is why I also do not recall my early moments of time on this world.

But you too will also enjoy retroactive replay of events of the past by way of our brilliant talented celestial artisan corps. In such reviews, even while your consciousness did not retain those experiences, will expand your comprehension of the merit and value of all you have experienced, even that which you don’t remember. This will enrich your life, enrich your human earthly life through a morontia vision.

Q: That’s interesting, I got one or two things to say in addition. Recently I’ve been going through a phase of trying to actually relate with Nebadonia or the Creative Spirit as the feminine aspect of God, as one with the “she” qualification. For many years I have looked upon the Holy Spirit as one with an equal qualification. So when I talk with the Holy Spirit I pictured in my mind a man and I have come to a place where I say okay, I can see the Holy Spirit as Mother. Instead of picturing in my mind the image of a man I should picture in my mind the image of a woman when I’m addressing the Holy Spirit.

For example when I am communing with you as Christ Michael, visually I think like most people, I picture in my mind a man, a male [figure] when I am speaking. So now when talking with the Holy Spirit, I now try to picture a female [figure]. It has not been an easy transition for me or for many on this planet. Number one, the planet is heavily patriarchal and number two, the position of women in society generally speaking is not on an equal plane with man. I see it as difficult for people to see the concept of Holy Spirit as mother. Please comment on that.

Number two, the Urantia book portrays Nebadonia as someone more than the Holy Spirit, as like the Holy Spirit is an expression of Nebadonia but Nebadonia is the Holy Spirit and more? How do we look at the relationship between Nebadonia and the Holy Spirit? Please comment on these things, I really appreciate it, thank you.

Michael: The qualities of male and female are helpful in understanding and relating to our Divine Parents for your world is designed with this duality and indeed the First Source and Center has been perceived as male due to the patriarchal orientation of this world. But not all qualities of maleness are divine and there are qualities of the female that is truly divine, but all three persons of deity share these qualities interchangeably. Here in Nebadon, Nebadonia and myself manifest initially what has come to be known as male and female on a biologically evolving world. When I was here I said “follow Me”, that is very much a male like expression.

But I also manifested what is a quality of my consort Nebadonia when I said, “where two or three are gathered, there I am with you”. This is a quality of femininity, the desire to belong, to share. Your Mother, My Creative Spirit partner is also the source of your mind. As you look to deepen your association, know that the very thoughts you think were given through her circuitry of mind. You are understanding correctly the relationship of Holy Spirit to Nebadonia, it is the same as the Spirit of Truth to myself, it is also quite similar in pattern to the presence of the indwelling monitor and The Father on Paradise.

If you are blessed with a direct encounter with the divine light that dwells within you, the thought adjuster, you would swear up and down that you saw God when in reality it was the divine fragment. When the Spirit of Truth infuses you, you recognize me, when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you recognize Mother Nebadonia. But I am a manifestation of The Father and The Son on Paradise. He who has seen me has seen The Father and he who sees Nebadonia sees the Infinite Spirit. Be not so concerned over our polarity for we too manifest the three persons of God.

You will note in your text that The Eternal Son is also called the Eternal Mother Son for Father and Mother are antecedent to the Infinite Spirit, at least as the story is told. So I also carry what may be called “feminine qualities” for I am a representation of The Eternal Son as I am of The Father. Your Mother is all about you. Your Mother inhabits Nebadon. There is no place you need to go to visit her for she is everywhere. You may deepen your sense of connection to her by realizing the extensiveness of her nourishing qualities, how she is always with you ever caring, how she is integrated into your own consciousness.

I asked when I was departing from this world that my apostles come together and share a common meal and to do it in remembrance of me. That very sharing, that common element is a manifestation of our Mother Spirit who goes in between connecting one another. You remember her just as you remember me, in your very actions you may think to yourself, let us come together and honor our Creator Son. But as you come together and honor me, you are honoring her. So much about you, around you, is the Mother Spirit manifestation. I am a director, I am a projector, I seek to fulfill The Father’s will in Nebadon.

Mother Spirit is an assister, she is an enabler and an energizer. She creates the conditions wherein the will of Our Father may come to fruition with each one of you. I hope this furthers your comprehension and deepens your relationship with Nebadonia.

Q: Yes I appreciate that, I appreciate your comment on that, it is enlightening and enriching, thank you.

Q: Michael, while the Urantia book states that death is the only means of terrestrial escape I have brothers and sisters at this time who are suffering from premature diseases and it is shortening their stay. While it is inevitable that they will pass, Monjoronson spoke of healers and said that there are healers on Urantia but in the main we must learn to heal ourselves. Some of my brothers and haven’t sought out The Father and yourself, is that a permissible or acceptable mode of getting your attention for their own healing? Could You give some comment on what must a person do in order to heal themselves?

Michael: Firstly, one must set straight the affairs of spirit and the volitional opportunity to seek The Father’s will, to choose eternal life, a life already granted that you must accept or reject. When this affair is in order then you have the ability to heal yourself for you are now in partnership with the creative life force of all the universe. But also settle in your philosophy that the mode of life called human being is transient. I did not live much more than three decades. My life was much shorter than yours but that was not important to me, it was the awakening of my relationship with Father in heaven.

As you know, I did allow for healing in manners that appeared supernatural to those about me at the time I was here, but you know also that the physical vehicle will pass and it is the standing of your soul that is the most critical. For one to heal oneself, you will be successful by looking beyond the pain, the ailment or the injury to perfection, the creative life force, to peace and harmony and in that focus you will crowd out that which you seek to dislodge. But remember, Father knows all and Father may have in store for any one of His creatures a greater purpose at another level. Do not hesitate however to come to The Father and ask, make your desires be known. You will never, ever be disciplined for asking amiss.

Seek His healing power as you wish but please, weigh no judgement upon the outcome as to whether you were right or wrong, you were acceptable or rejected for The Father’s plan is larger than the creatures ability to grasp.

Q: Thank you so much.


Michael: This t/r is tiring, I will withdraw to allow for refreshment. Thank you my brothers and sisters, every one of you who are hearing and will hear these words spoken today. Shalom

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