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LLN211021 – Teleconference  

Lightline Teleconference  2021-10-21
Teacher: Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Divine Parents, I petition to be an instrument of your peace in this moment, at this time.
Inner Voice: And as you wish my friend, as you know, any such petition to be of service is lovingly welcome and your efforts at preparing the environment and creating the arena wherein this may happen are the signals that you are once again genuine in your pursuit and sincere in your dedication to follow where spirit may lead you on your journey. Once again it is my privilege to address you in this verbal fashion and not just as a subtle hint or pressure that you may feel which may get your attention and grab your interest, perhaps at precisely the opportune time in which you may be challenged to act.
There is a concern on the table about spiritual pressure, what it is and how it may be approached, what it might feel like and how one might utilize this force for their own spiritual advancement or their own purpose of spiritual growth. This whole notion of pressure means that things may flow more easily through the mechanism of spirit delivery. If you think about a plumbing system delivering liquid, the more pressure that is applied, the more liquid is delivered and therefore the force is greater, the potential is greater, the capacity is greater. Simply by applying more pressure the circumstance is changed, the pressure throughout is increased causing greater flow of spirit energy.
There are different ways to increase the flow of spirit energy in this analogy of plumbing and one would be to install bigger pipes to deliver more water. This is akin to your developing greater spirit capacity, the building of a better delivery system for your spirit energy by going with bigger pipes, providing more capacity because you have gained this greater capacity throughout your journey and in your studies of spirit. This you do on your end, this adjustment in the plumbing to service your fixture is a matter of your own personal choice and application. Another way to increase the flow of spirit is to turn up the system pressure, to make more pressure available so that when the tap is turned, more may flow. This application of pressure is not a personal condition, it is a system wide condition. Therefore this spiritual pressure, when applied, increases the flow throughout the system and increases the capacity for exchange and the potential for delivery.
Another way to consider the notion of spiritual pressure applied may be the installing of additional circuitry and conductors within the circuitry and of building the spirit connection just as the material connections that create the flow of electricity. Again, in this analogy, there is individual personal work to be done to make sure the circuits are secure and available and enhanced with your current abilities and skills. And all of this is under your jurisdiction in your voyage, but as well, there may be an additional infusion of energy, additional current applied to the circuitry so that more is available to be shared and to be used in the process of circuitry. There are external pressures and there are individual internal pressures. Without any pressure, there may be no progress or movement or adjustment or growth. These pressures applied create the stimulant to act and to move and to adjust as required to evolve with the current reality.
So, as a result of pressures within and without, you find yourself in motion and on the playing field and you find yourself confronting another on their own distinct path of growth and it may be a challenge when you discover these individuals are on such a seemingly different path with different ideas that govern their actions and thoughts. This is the challenge of mankind, this difference of experience provide for such a difference of approach and these ideas may be so diametrically diverse that they represent a serious moral challenge. And this is where you would like to direct whatever motion is in motion to turn into your lane of love and grace and peace and tolerance and forsake any past renditions of conflict, of doubts and uncertainties, fear and hatred. Reject these pathways, these lanes for they tend to lead you in erroneous directions, perhaps even triggering one to engage not only in disapproval but in contempt and hatred for those who believe so fervently and yet so differently than you do.
It is always good to remember to stay in your lane, to operate within your lane of love, your lane of divine energy and frequency wherein all matters are considered through this lens of grace and at all times the definitive question would be, what would love do? What would God do? What would Michael do, that’s what love would do. And if we attempt to navigate our journey by always staying in our lane and with the help available to you by your partners onboard, then truly you will have no trouble following your lane and not taking erroneous turns off of your path. This may very well be a result of the spiritual pressure that you have sensed and that has been applied and perhaps instigate feelings of inspiration and of purpose. This lane of love that we’re choosing to ride in together is the circuit that we have been focused on using. It is the same energy, the same love force manifest in various ways.
And so I am very grateful for having this time with you to attempt to unpack some of what is going on behind the scenes, as it were, and even within you as an individual. You are here in response to the spiritual pressure that you have sensed so it has in fact worked and continues to work as it is applied. When I refer to spiritual pressure it could be that I am referring to spirit potential because as the pressure may be applied, the potentials grow exponentially. And so many feel that this time is a stressful time of many changes and choices and decisions and the choosing of positions and this is what causes the fragmentation, what facilitates the rub between you and your brethren who have had different experiences and therefore have different perspectives.
Growth for the spirit seeker is relentless. It moves forward at a pace and waits for no-one. If growth does not happen adequately at this level there will be compensation in the next for growth is key to the evolution of this entire project. It is as one big experiment which includes all of us and the experiment is not finished until all of us have been through the program and learned and grown and increased their capacity for spirit awareness. So be it as it is even now. Growing may involve the customary growing pains as realities are shifted and foundations may need to be secured so that you are building your growth on the solid foundation of spirit awareness and as such it may endure with you as you make your way back to the First Source and Center. So much to consider about this life in the flesh and this journey down this stream gently.  This is the expression of your creative energies and you are creating our journey and our experience throughout.
And now you are graced with the awareness to direct your intentions and to create your journey with intention. It is up to you to manifest your version of truth, goodness and beauty based upon your experience and your growth. But as you unfold and let your beauty radiate, you are as another beautiful flower in the garden of the Lord, shining out with all the beauty the individual flower has to offer while complimenting the entire bed of flowers with all the  uniqueness and all the individualism and still an essential part of the whole.
I welcome the opportunity to continue further in our exploration of some of these parameters, most significantly the parameters of our existence together, yours and mine, your partner, and the journey we have before us is slated to be magnificent. The fact that we can discuss and envision, albeit imperfectly, such a thing is a true mark of spirit growth while on the earthly plane. I rejoice at this accomplishment and at this success we are having of getting to know each other and getting to be closer to each other in this process of sharing while we forge our connection in spirit.
Thank you all for your devoted attention and I bid you all a joyous journey knowing now that you are in the right lane. Stick to the lane and every encounter you have will be flavored with love, will be tinged with the highest attribute of the divine. Bring this with you in your travels. By traveling this lane of love you carry with you the force of the lane, the power of the path, the security of the connection. Stick to the lane, let’s pursue life’s experience from this lane together. Good day to you all, farewell.
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