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SCG211110 – Spiritual Contact Group


*             Machiventa: My friends, we are here gathered with you this evening.  We revel in your sharing as you speak about those things important to you, or that you are concerned with or about.

When we speak of the potential good coming forth from the challenges you face, recognize that we do not ignore the difficulties inherent in living a life on Urantia at this time.  This is a transitional period for your world as the safety and comfort of controllable patterns and processes are slowly being replaced with shifting ideas about morality, ethics, freedom, honor, loyalty and family.  For us, this signals that the ships have left the harbor and the opportunity to replace prior patterns with new and perhaps more enlightened patterns, exists.  It is thrilling and inspiring from a spiritual perspective.

From the material viewpoint, however, this does cause instability and a struggle for power amongst various mindsets.  Recognize that forceful assertions do not always equate to final outcomes, even if there are unfortunate circumstances involved as you must traverse this new path to see what will emerge.

It is important that those who have been inspired spiritually find their voice and speak up for their vision of goodness, of cooperation, of earning your liberty through the maturation of perspective rather than asserting unbridled freedom.  Setting your intentions is an important step in the process, both individually and collectively.  What is the core of what it is you want to be and to express?  We witness you each and your inspiring ideas that percolate in your minds.  We encourage you to pursue what it is you believe would add to the fabric of unity and healing, bringing people together rather than separating, but not sacrificing truth, beauty or goodness in so doing.

Seek to clarify your intentions in the days ahead.  We hear you talk about your service ideas and what you want to present, and we recognize that you ebb and flow in your inspiration.  Where there is doubt and a lack of belief that you can achieve, we would like to encourage you to replace that with the cohesive confidence built from your internal reflection with your Indweller.  With faith in that relationship, you cannot go wrong in your service efforts even if the outcomes are not what you envisioned at the outset.

What the world needs most remains the same.  To see Jesus living, acting, loving and caring as reflected in the hearts and minds of his children.  Trust that you are one and you have the full right to assert from that place as a child of God.

I am Machiventa.  I appreciate the opportunity to share with you this evening, based on your reflections and sharing tonight and on other occasions.  I am open to questions if there are any this evening.

D: One of the basic questions is how is it going?

*             Machiventa: We are thrilled as I mentioned earlier.  This time provides the opportunity to provide ministry and to establish patterns that perhaps might provide a higher perspective for your world than previously.  Is there more to your question?

D: I was always curious why you would tell us names of personalities and characters during the Lucifer rebellion, such as Ellanora and others. Is that a history we are going to be able to share with the planet about the Lucifer rebellion?  It seems like you use similar language recently about liberty and other terms related to the Lucifer rebellion.  Is there a place where we can bring that story to the world?  Is that part of what I can do now?

*             Machiventa: Indeed, the story can be shared.  It is touched upon in the papers of the epochal revelation for a reason, not simply to be an ornament on a bookshelf.  As you are inspired, perhaps it can be related in a way that is more accessible.

D: Okay, thank you.  I have an idea.

*             Machiventa: We look forward to its realization…  I would like to withdraw at this time and provide you the opportunity to ponder these words this evening, and also to reflect in your own minds through the stillness.  Feel free to share your inspirations, as well, my friends.  Feel empowered to step up and be the light that you are, to let those yearnings find fruition.  Thank you once again, for your efforts to gather and to listen and to serve.

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