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LLN211111 – Teleconference

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2021-11-11
Teacher: Charles, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Thank you Divine Parents for this opportunity to gather and rejoice in your embrace, the embrace of spirit, the embrace of us into our spirit family. We always enjoy coming to this well and drinking of this cup and feeling the refreshments of the embrace of family. We welcome this opportunity even now.
Charles: I am eager to avail myself of this opportunity, I am Charles and I have been absent for a while in the program and I thought I would stop by to join you in this fellowship of spirit. There have been many dimensions discovered of your personal beings in this process we have been engaged in for some time. You, in very point of fact, have been undergoing nothing short of spirit training by coming to venues such as this, by preparing your own internal environment, by conditioning your very reality to facilitate by all these and many other contributions of energy. You come to these gatherings to explore the dimensions of your spirit component and we have greatly enjoyed these times together where we take to attempting to manifest the attributes of spirit as we become aware of them. There’s no better place to spread your wings and to try your fledgling flights than with a group of fellow earnest seekers with open minds and open hearts and ready to receive greater truths and more divine realities.
So this spirit training that you engage in is taking different directions and turns as it evolves forward and recently there has been a shift in emphasis on exploring the dimension of your spirit companionship with your Onboard Partner. This is only possible because of your recognition of such, your awareness of such and so we can build on that and develop that pathway and create that spirit neural net and secure the structure on which we build our understanding. On this journey we have been experiencing the rather direct results of your efforts becoming manifest. As you grow your capacities you are expanded and there is more to you, more of you, more depth to your energy signature and this is absolutely thrilling to behold. As an observer who has been around for a little while, I affirm for you that those who are here now, those who hear these words, those who are still enrolled in spirit training have all advanced and have all changed their dimensions. You have all grown closer to God, you have chosen to seek for your Divine Parents and so begin your journey home. 
Now, together we are standing on the cusp of a great awakening and this awakening will be from within, this great awakening will be the individual realization of the personal connection to the Divine Guide onboard with you during your journey. This awakening has already begun and I would venture to say that I could call all of you here to witness that there has been an acceleration of intensity, of pressure, of interest and you have all heard the calls. Even long before this particular call you have responded to more subtle calls that have led you here. This call going out has summoned you here but you have already embarked on the journey to make this real for yourself. You are all working on the skills of conditioning your experience and in fact, in these exercises, you are in the process of creating and of building your own construct as the scaffolding for your process. This is your tool for working in spirit, one of them. This is yours to create, yours to have to assist you in the process of working in spirit and of directing of intention, a space for focusing thought and of determining purpose and creating the pathways for healing energies. This is done by the manner of your choosing. In this process of spirit training you are becoming familiar with the tools that may be used and you are assembling your own construct, your own working model of how to maneuver and direct your creative intentions. 
So, now we have an opportunity before us as we are about creating a path, a method, a formula, a construct for connecting. You, the ultimate you, the spirit you with your Onboard Spirit guide will realize the goal of the relationship between you to become so familiar, so compatible, so joined together by will that you become one and share the journey that you were destined to take with a Divine Fragment, there to assist as the homing pigeon to lead you towards the divine or back to your divine origins. This is an exciting crossroads we find ourselves at that may come to be known as an epic shift in consciousness wherein man will finally know of a certainty they are not alone. They will finally understand they have a connection to the whole and that they are a piece of the entirety and enjoy the familiar relationship of family with the whole. 
I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to join you once again and appreciate that you reserve a seat for me in the classroom with you all as we continue forward in the spirit training of the mortals of the realm who are hearing the call to learn to be liaisons with their Divine Component because they so choose. Bless you all on your journey of discovery and I look forward to observing as your creative potentials manifest before us. So be it, farewell. 
Inner Voice: I am being given voice. I am that element of whom you speak, that component of your very being and it is of course my desire to join you more fully and completely on this journey I have chosen to be with you on. It its so deeply refreshing to sense your desire to bridge this gap and to forge this way. You who have developed the faith to actually pursue and activate these principles of spirit know that such results of seeming miracles are but the acceptance of the grace at hand. There is no special miracle in working with spirit as all working with spirit may have divine characteristics. 
The fact that we are here in the spirit training arena and working on exercising this component demonstrates the success of the call and your response to it. This is the strongest indication of the great potential we have to activate. So as we go about this process we are building a road, we are creating the trail that others will observe and that we will mark with the appropriate locations but this is done now by those of us who show up. We have to create this approach that works regularly and routinely and you as mortals of the realm are required to help us define what works and what needs some revision. What construct are you building? What is your secure method of moving into the spirit dimension and functioning in that dimension of your being? You are becoming a powerful creative force in league with divine inspiration, divine direction and divine purpose. 
When dealing in such commodities one must develop the routine, the method whereby this works for them. It will certainly be distinct for every individual as each one finds different methods more or less effective but we are honing in on the important aspects, the alignment of spirit, the spiritual compass heading that one gets when in appreciation and when in gratitude for all that is, this connection of gratitude for your experience, for your life and for the grace that you see all around you providing you with this exquisite experience of a spirit being housed in a mortal vehicle for one short existence as a material being of the realm.
Surely, when one sets out to chart a new course and maintain a new heading, it may be required that there may be a new understanding, a new awareness. There may be required new concepts introduced to facilitate the constructs that must be fashioned and maintained and utilized in this process of maneuvering in the parameters of spirit by conditioning your environment, thereby your experience and your results. In defining your purpose you are able to focus and create intention in alignment with your purpose and with spirit value and this combination will never fail. This movement in spirit represents spirit growth. It is never in vain, never falls short and is never unimportant because that is what this whole gigantic experience in time and space is meant to facilitate, the growth, the personal spiritual growth of eternal souls and it is happening at an accelerated pace. 
Now we observe an increased pressure, an increased infusion of purpose and intention, a purpose to make connection, to find connection, to create connection because you may so choose to do it really is that simple and that profound. So we return to this arena to share the frequency, the arena of spirit and enjoy the fellowship of those who want to be in this dimension and who want to function in the realm of their spirit potentials. Such interests will always be fostered, such interests represent the gift of promise to your Divine Parents. The fact that you are seeking them and seeking that part of you who belongs to them, brings great joy. Any parent warmly receives the affection of their children. Such is the gift you give back to the system, to the design, to the purpose manifest. 
So I invite the participants around this portal, this circle of light, I invite us to volunteer our services at our efforts to define and describe the whole experience we have been going through and this looking for connection, this seeking for the way, the individual route and all the different attributes that go into making such an experience and exploring all the conditions required. I invite us to focus energy on petitioning individually for the way that works for you, the approach you make and how would you describe it? How do you make a spirit trail and mark it so others might use it to get there? You who are blazing this trail must witness your experience and must provide the benefit of your experience for the good of the whole. There are always pioneers who venture out and go in as yet unknown directions. We stand here together in spirit as those pioneers attempting to make a connection and to make a pathway that we can easily traverse back to the spirit dimension wherein we may utilize our construct and tools and skills for the most divine effect. 
I assure you all such efforts made bring certain rewards and the effort in and of itself is a gift of grace. The experience to pursue and learn and grow is one of life’s greatest gifts. To this end of experience, of recording your experience, do not overlook the significance and importance of the personal journaling and acting as scribe for your Inner Guide. This is an extremely effective technique when employed with sincerity and diligence. It is incumbent upon me to bring that up as part of a pathway, as perhaps a condition of creating the environment and conditioning the environment and there is as well the alignment of your intention and your willingness to cooperate. We have enjoyed the stretching of some muscles here today and the expanding of the wings which is the important part because as has been quoted, “even when the air currents are ascending, no bird can soar except by outstretched wings”. The air currents are ascending my friends. You feel them. It is time to stretch your wings and allow the air currents to raise you up. So be it, as it is in process, even now.
I always extend my gratitude all the way to the top for this gift of grace extending through all the Divine Parents to the mortal counterparts. I am grateful to all the participants for your time, for your focus and for your contribution to this energy field. This field, once having been created and formed, now exists and will continue to exist albeit its form may shift and change but the energy provided that we have invested in our creation of this loop that we enjoy even now, that will take form as the moment calls for. We have enjoyed tonights forum. The energy will match our intention and we are learning the significance and the power of directed intention in this process. Do not be afraid to step off the edge as the air currents are quite strong and they will certainly support your choice to trust them. In the end, you were made to fly, you simply have yet to embrace that truth but now you may take flight as you so choose as all the conditions are being made favorable. 
I bid you all a joyous flight and look forward to another fellowship, another training session, another experience in spirit with you all. Good day, farewell. 
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