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LLN220113 – Teleconference

Lightline Teleconference  2022-01-13
Teacher: Charles, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Divine Parents, I stand in gratitude for this creative opportunity we have before us as we move into an uncertain future. We maintain our bearings and our headings by your light and we come to you even now in seeking your embrace in whatever form they manifest. So be it, even now.
Charles: I would accept your offer to access this creation, I am Charles and the previous discourse has reminded me that we have in the past spoken of launching out on the journey together as in a raft going downstream and we are ever faithful that the water will take us down as intended. The journey is yours to define. As the process unfolds, we are tasked to navigate the various rapids and turns and long flat stretches.  How you navigate these different challenges is made so much easier when you become aware that you are not only accompanied by your onboard partner, but you are also destined to share and consult with your onboard partner as part of the journey. This helps you immensely in the day to day navigation of life, of all the opportunities that arise before you as they are all opportunities as you have noted, all chances that you can take, opportunities for you to contribute your creative energy and form pattern of your choosing.
There is a great synergy shared in a group of seekers such as this, a coming back to this pool for another cup of sweet spirit communion, of fellowship of seekers and a sharing of the joy of having found that which you are seeking, having found connection to the God within. This is what the journey provides you, a vehicle to express and a mechanism to manifest. it is with such delight that I have been privy to share with you some part of this journey that we have shared, the journey of finding each other through this process and the journey of you finding your inner guide, the spark of divinity within you that you seek.  
So as the journey continues around this next bend of the river ahead, look to make your choices and decisions after prayerful consults and after reflective stillness and then expect and receive contact. Allow that this is fully a part of your composition. It is as per design but the method of discovery, the method of you seeking insures that you will find, that your seeking will meet with success. So be it with style, so be it with awareness, let it be so with your very intention. Make it so because you are the sons and daughters of creators and creators in your own right. Manifest this truth in your being by choice and because of awareness that you can. I pray it is so for all who hear these words, to accept their birthright as members of a divine family and act accordingly. Let it be so.
Thank you for these moments that we have to share back and forth, our perspectives, and I will be forever grateful that you have included me in these exercises and in the spirit family that has been created around this venue and around this vehicle. I wish you good day and good journey before you. 
Inner Voice:  I respond to your request to take the podium, I am the voice for now. I have been granted this one’s voice as per our arrangement and I am grateful to return to this forum. There is so much light which occurs when there are so many light workers gathered in one location so to speak, around one circuit supporting one field of energy that’s created and sponsored and nurtured and that grows and lives as do its participants. I understand there was a request made of the Thought Adjuster circuitry and I am more than happy to sponsor such a request and to honor it for it is so genuine and real that we are happy to be a part of such an expression of joy and peace. Let this calm reign through the tone that you hear. Let it be a frequency of peace, of love and of grace, then stand in gratitude for the grace and the goodness that has been created.
It’s good to meet with you here again on this frequency. It’s good to come together on the same wavelength, the same tone and rally together around the same prayer, the same desire of the heart, to do good, to be of service, to be good. Trust me that such desires are well received by all those on high. Such desires keep one on the straight path, keep one in the lane bound for truth, beauty and goodness. By seeking to stay in this lane and stay on that frequency, you are able to see challenges and opportunities differently, from a different perspective and what you are exploring so thoroughly at these times is your capacity and your ability to commune with your Inner Guide as part of your process, as an aspect of your being. 
All of you are here having responded to the call that this is the case, that it is in fact an opportunity before you that you have chosen to seize. It is your seeking in action and with all that seeking, certainly there is finding, there is discovery, there is embrace and there is acceptance. All of this raising the level of awareness and changing the perspective and this is the process as it repeats. We are attempting to focus on the component of spirit that will allow this sharing, this coming together. It must be in the context of spirit, it must be in the framework of spirit. So it is incumbent to you to exercise this set of muscles that may not have been utilized. They are a part of your composition, they are as you may liken to learning to use your wings, it is a part of yourself that you can access, that you can choose to endorse. So that is what you are about, even now in this very moment, exercising your movement in spirit, your place you put yourselves and the frequencies you find to tune into. 
In coming to this group we all enter into that space that we’ve created where we can meet and conduct ourselves, place of acceptance, even a place of holiness where all things are considered through as divine a lens as we are aware of. That’s where I am here to help, we are here to help. We stand at the ready to assist in your evaluations, in your considerations, in your seeking we may help, in fact we regularly do. We are in these exercises looking to expand the circuitry and to strengthen the connection as there is now more latitude to do so and we are and we do and we have, even to get to this point; we are in motion. Make no mistake, we have left the shore and shoved off on our journey and we have already tasted success, we have already felt the flush of spirit conviction, of certainty of faith because we have already experienced the gifts of grace throughout that have brought us here. This affords us complete faith and trust that such will be our destiny, that we will be taken care of as is the natural order. 
Knowing that we have more future before us when we join together means we have conviction of purpose and certainty of destiny even if we have complete uncertainty about the next immediate move. We are privileged to have a glimpse of the long game that is really being played and we are here desiring to connect, to seize the circuitry and to create that which we believe. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and of an eternity and certainly we are here to seize it. It is in response to the seeking that we find that we are brought that which we seek. And so it is, even now and irrelevant to time, this creation we enjoy, this sharing of this frequency is ours to revisit and re-spark, rekindle at any time. It is simply the returning back to the citadel of spirit, returning back to the place of spirit receptivity and welcome. 
I appreciate being summoned to the meeting, to have a chair set for me around the table. This affirms again anew and fresh each time your choice to accept and be a part of this whole process. Your willingness to accept me and honor me as part of your process is a magnificent honor and this honor you give to all of us partners, all of us guides, all of us divine sparks. You honor us by acknowledging us, by pulling a place up at your table, by willingly requesting and choosing. This opens the door, it sets the stage, it creates the space and it is in response to such a gesture that like energies respond to bring you that which you desire and in some cases that is me, is us. 
We always look for the opportunity to be recognized and perhaps even invited, welcomed to the innermost sanctuary. Such has been the pleasure in working with this group, in consciously installing the circuitry behind this group and all the Adjusters present. Even this suggestion sets the stage, creates the opening and acts as a prayer which then can be answered. It is part of the creative process and I appreciate that we have been so successful in our efforts to identify the process and the elements involved to the point where we have really created a language of sharing. This is all miraculous and yet simple creation which are one and the same.
Thank you all for joining and your steadfast commitment to follow the trail and respond to the call. I look forward to the journey ahead as the dynamics change and the opportunities shift. Remember to maintain the divine perspective and to ask for assistance in so doing should you so desire. Good day to you all, good journey ahead and we will meet again as we strengthen the connection and increase the bonds. So be it, farewell.  
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