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LLN220106 – Teleconference

Lightline Teleconference  2022-01-06
Teacher: Light, Charles, Gerdean, George
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: My desire, my prayer is to be of service, to act in this capacity with one goal, to be in service and to do what I believe to be the will of our Divine Parents. I state this intention, the thought has been transferred, it has been issued in word, it has been defined and proclaimed and now in faith I act and move forward. Tonight as partner in this exercise I request to direct the energies to some connections which haven’t been made in some time but yet remain intact. These connections, these relationships were formed in spirit and survive in spirit as they are upheld and maintained. It’s my desire to maintain some circuitry at this time. I request to hear from Light, so be it.
Light: Hello and thank you for asking for me. I am Light, I am real, I do exist as you do and any amount of time that elapses between connections is irrelevant to the connection. Our choice is all that is relevant, our decision to choose to activate this circuit, choose to come together on this shared frequency, that is our creative choice in motion, that is our will and desire manifest. I am pleased to say that I feel a special affinity for this group. I have been openly welcomed here before, maybe not so requested but certainly allowed, certainly accommodated, certainly chosen in the process and this connection remains. It simply awaits our activation and so I am pleased to join you as you pull a seat for me around the table for tonight’s visit. It’s my pleasure to be invited and be welcome. 
As mortals of the realm, in your beginning state you find yourselves, you are as infants to the spirit plane of existence. You are just discovering your characteristics and the aspects of your being which are responding to the call of spirit. Truly it is a miracle to witness that individuals, mortals of the realm, while in the flesh as mere animals have within your capacity the ability to be a divine creature of spirit, eternal in nature and to watch you explore and unpack this destiny you have before you is a gift of grace to behold. Similar to you, I am just beginning in my ascension as you are and I feel such fellowship, such connection, even of family. I will always cherish the relationship that I have had with the members of this group and the individuals who have connected with me as I have connected with them through the thought, word and deed process of exchange that we have developed. We have created this mechanism where we are able to share and communicate and this is certainly miraculous. This connection that we have forged is created out of sheer will to do so and such will is a potent force, such desire may be a creative force as you all witness in your experience, in your seeking.
It was mentioned before that if you set out right with the right orientation, the right moral compass, the right spirit bearings then the path is made clear and the path is made clear as a result of your desire to make it so. Your desire to travel it and follow it and go where it may lead means it is easy for you to follow and stay the path, to stay the course because you become honed to the signal, to the frequency, to the heading and then it is simply a matter of progression, a matter of movement forward one step at a time but with certainty and conviction that bolsters your faith and brings you certainty and conviction. 
I thank you very much for your request to hear from me. It means a lot to know I am considered a comrade and Spirit friend and we have an enduring relationship. Remember that time is not a constraint to our relationship in spirit context. I encourage you to spend time feeling the frequency of others that you have come to know in spirit. In this way you build the connection of relationship.  If you are attempting to make the connection from your side and they from theirs, you will eventually bridge the gap. This is true in any relationship, even in your mortal experience. It takes two to participate, to build the connection. It then takes energy to maintain this connection and keep it strong and then as a result you have the solid foundation of the connection to build on, to work with, to use and to grow.
I take my leave now as I think there are others who are welcome. Good day to you all.     
Charles:  Greetings friends, I thought I would take a moment to reconnect, I am Charles. I have been on assignment and away for a while but I have maintained the connection. It is real as we witness even now. There is a question on the floor I understand, as to whether turbulence will become worse as the journey moves forward this next year but I think that this question refers to the feeling that you have that this is so, that events are speeding up, are increasing as if time itself is moving faster.
Observing this around you the natural questions arise, is this spirit pressure? Is this a trend and are we seeing movements? But again, you already know the answer. You are each watching the wheels turn, watching as things spin and you see for yourself the instability and the wobble in the spin. As you know, when a top starts to wobble there is a period where it’s not wobbling enough to fall but it appears out of control as opposed to when the spin is correct and there is no wobble but rather the pinpoint accuracy that the increased energy has brought to the equation. So here you observe the stability of the top must be in your paradigm. The opportunity before you is to provide the energy, to bring force and in so doing this added energy, this added force brings stability and brings certainty of function. That is where you find yourselves as you watch the wobble, as you watch things lean too far one way or another. This is the opportunity to inject energy into the equation. If this gigantic enterprise is not sound, then offer energy in whatever direction you think will assist, in any direction you think would be helpful and the addition of enough energy to the equation will certainly right the top and make it spin on point.
But here is where the opportunities arise. Where will this end up pointing to? Where is its ground zero, its center point? This is what you determine, this is what you all decide in the moment and this is how you afford change. It is how you use the lever of your creative nature to influence the direction, to influence the point of highest wisdom to bring to the equation a more spirit based assessment, a spirit based determination of the situation at hand and to bring that component of yourself into the equation. The gigantic enterprise has many who inject energy and the energy serves to cause direction and movement of the whole and that is exactly what is in progress even now in this process. Your individual contributions will move the needle, will steer the ship because this is an enterprise of combination. So make your contribution. Do not worry that it is insignificant or unimportant, rather, be bold in offering your potential, your gift to create, your capacity at thought, word and deed.
Thank you for opening the door and allowing guests such as myself the opportunity to fellowship with you. Such connections are special and worthy of maintenance. I now allow for others, thank you. 
Mark:  Internally I’m requesting to hear from an old friend and this old friend I believe will respond. There’s been a request for contact with this individual and so I honor the intention and the purpose and propose and request to hear from a dear friend Gerdean who I now believe is available. I’ve had to overcome doubts about hearing from former colleagues and friends and considered this impossible after having read the Urantia Book. I now know that that’s not the case so I open the door for my friend Gerdean. I pull up a chair and would love to visit.
Gerdean: Oh Mark you know I will join you in this process, after all, we invented it and I am keen to utilize it either from your side or mine. Either way, the process exists, it is real, the connection exists, we can make it, we choose to create it and it is, even now. I’m thrilled to be asked about, to be asked to be at such a meeting as this where I truly do feel comfortable, I feel welcome. I feel appreciated as a member of this team even though I am joining you around the spirit table and not in the flesh at the potluck like we used to. I’m thrilled that you are still meeting and still utilizing this format. This whole Teaching Mission endeavor has been fraught with challenges and at every turn there was a call to establish integrity: integrity in the process, integrity in the desire, integrity in the willingness to be of service, integrity in the accuracy of the communication. That’s one of the things that I will always cherish about my association with the movement of the Teaching Mission was all those that I worked with in the process were so very concerned about being righteous in the process, being true to the will of The Father in Heaven. I’m convinced no more could be asked or given than to be ever desirous of being a reflection of your Divine Parent’s will. As has been said, that path is easy to follow. That path is a deep rut that makes it easy to maintain your direction. 
I would point out for your consideration that this question of the evening about whether things perhaps will get worse or better is virtually the same question that gets asked every time the cycle turns. Every time the calendar flips over there is a concern of change, a concern that there are some impending changes afoot. Certainly, it is always true because that-is-life. There are always changes ahead. That is the growth process in action. So there will always be challenges ahead, maybe more, maybe less, certainly different. Then the best method to navigate through these circumstances would be to look for the spirit lessons in each of these challenges and seek what they have to teach you, to bring to you. Rather than resisting change and holding on to old patterns be willing to embrace change but condition it to be divine change: change to a more divine pattern, change to a more perfect situation, change towards divine pattern.
That is what is so special about being involved with an organization, a group with individuals who have been exposed to advanced teachings such as the Urantia Book, then have ventured out in spirit exploring the principles expressed in the text and indeed have made great progress in the lab portion of their class, actually running experiments and achieving results in the lab of life. That’s what the Teaching Mission has been to the Urantia Book. It has motivated many to be out and walk the walk that is talked of in the U[rantia] Book. That is what I have enjoyed so much about my association with the likes of you all, true pioneers to take the latest information and use it to propel you to create a connection because you have been informed that you can and you are exercising faith to make it so. 
Well done my friends, well done. From one pioneer to another I say well done for having maintained the course and having brought yourselves to this place. Thank you for your request, it means a great deal to me and now we have just created a new channel and a new door has opened, a new connection has just been made. It was made tonight, here and now as a result of desire from your side, your willingness to execute and to take action in doing so which is exactly my contribution from my side, my desire to be with you and my intention expressed, my willingness to reach to you and bridge the gap with you and from both sides we have forged the connection. Now it may be utilized, it may be traversed, we may call it into service at will and it is so. Thanks again my friends, we will talk later should you so allow, take care. 
Mark: If I may be so bold as a co-creator in the universe, I now take thought and turn it into word by requesting another friend, someone I have been waiting to hear from and expecting to hear from but I haven’t opened the door. Now I open the door and would like to fellowship with my friend George and I have a feeling he does as well. So be it.
George: Ah my friend Mark, you call my name, you summon me and it is indeed my pleasure to respond. You are the one who has taken to the pulling up of the chair around the table for the likes of me and I accept, I will take it. You had confidence that I would respond to your request because you were aware that in the context of spirit, all things are possible. We had glimpses of this reality even in our meetings, eh friend? We could see the durability of spirit, the long-term nature of spirit and I recall feeling as though whether working in spirit in the material plane or at some later point in the spirit dimension it would all be the same thing, working with the same component of self, the same avenue that we use to go to in spirit.
I feel very fortunate to have actually come to know you on the mortal plane and to discover with you that although I considered I was working for different spirit energies, it turns out that all of the individuals working in spirit, whether working with a platoon or as individuals, all individuals working in spirit for the will of The Father, all such workers are in fact working for Michael. Even his associates are under his purview and it was an enlightening experience for me to have to understand that there is truly one people, one God and we were in fact, all of those who were assisting and helping in spirit, we were in fact all on the same team, Michael’s team. Whether we ascribed our contact to a platoon or to Machiventa or to Monjoronson or many others, all of us were on the same team, all of us working for the same common good. When you have conviction of this it makes your navigating these challenges so much different. There is the gigantic plan in place and the sooner we learn we are all on the same team and working together for the same cause, then we find that the way is made clear. 
When I was enjoying your company there was some discussion at the time about perhaps being able to exercise the option to maintain a human vehicle for extended periods to do perhaps some work in spirit for The Father. This concept of staying longer and being able to be of more service turns out to be the natural order of things as it is. Your opportunity to be of service will always be before you. There is no shortage of growth opportunities out there and your mission in this life is working more closely with spirit throughout the process is where it is at considering your spirit progress is what really concerns you. The more time you can spend exercising it, the more you can rely on it to be strong. 
What an incredible opportunity this represents, this connection, this ability to communicate and to share back and forth. Thank you for being steadfast in your willingness to accept this as truth. That goes for your willingness to try the whole Teaching Mission format. I know there is always an element of doubt with true sincere seekers. There is always a concern for integrity and that it be genuine and real. I call you all to witness that your experience through this process we have created can affirm for you the reality of such because you can sense it. You can feel it with that part of you which is akin to it, that part of you which recognizes it.
As it turns out, there was no plan in place for my longevity of mortal flesh but as I mention, as it turns out, that is of little significance because the work of spirit is more easily accomplished in spirit form and this is what we were experiencing and learning for ourselves throughout this process we shared, certainly accomplishments of some magnitude. My fondest regards to this group, to this circuit, to this connection which has been created and expanded through tonight’s exercise. As I said, the work of spirit is best done in spirit and the fact that you have to navigate your thoughts, navigate your body and prepare and condition for spirit to work is a great distraction, one you will be free from at some point. Then you can really get down to the work at hand, of creation, of spirit manifestation.
I look forward to a future communication as I am keenly interested in how things turn out. I invite you to apply the many lessons from on high that this process has afforded you and you will find many, many supportive perspectives and viewpoints that can help you put into perspective your current challenge. Take advantage of the work that has been done so far and certainly you will have the advantage as you move forward in having some experience in that dimension. Safe travels to you all, even if the journey may only be within. Thank you for allowing me to join, it has been my pleasure. Take care, until we meet again. Bye now.
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