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LLN211216 – Teleconference

Lightline Teleconference  2021-12-16
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Divine Parents, what an extraordinary opportunity this feels like it is. What a joy to come and embrace you in spirit through your emissaries of light and your connection we so crave. We approach you now as the little ones we are, reaching up for your embrace in gratitude for your love, your continued perpetual love and we look to you for more, to be comforted, to be held in your embrace. Now I choose to activate the dimension of my being in spirit to facilitate connection and communication with others in the spirit dimension. I offer my services with the intention of a pure heart in service and to do the will of my Divine Parents as my own will. I embrace the connection, I feel the love, thank you Divine Parents.
Machiventa: I would most certainly accept this opportunity provided. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I enjoy regularly accepting the opportunity you provide here. Your gathering and your providing this forum is the formulation of your petition to the universe to connect and to find more through your seeking in action. So it is always so gratifying to be a part of true spirit transformation as you grow with all your seeking and all your finding. Your dimensions expand, your capacities increase, you are in fact bigger and bigger as you add to yourselves the experiences of your journey and with enlarged capacities comes greater potentials. 
So now that you all have developed some deeper awareness, some greater understandings, some different perspectives and a vast array of individual experience, your effort at deepening your awareness and expanding your perception means that options once outside your dimensions are now available to you. You can now fit in even greater truths, even bigger awareness and so we are here now. We are back in the classroom once again and the discussion remains the same one throughout. How does one react or act in life in accordance with the new found spirit awareness?
You have put yourselves through this training. This is an all volunteer organization and as a result of your efforts, as an answer to your petition to the universe, you have been led to this place where you may find your perceptions have added awareness because you are operating in more and more divine frequencies, thereby changing your perspective, your ideals, your goals and everything about your journey. The new found challenge or one of them I should say, we have mentioned repeatedly, is for you to create a pathway to your Inner Guide, your Divine Fragment within wherein you may find the route back home, back to the First Source and Center.
This idea that you can, that this notion that it is proper, that it is in fact part of your design and part of your very purpose and existence and that the grand plan overall relies heavily on this relationship becoming a union and eventually as one returning with a wealth of experience and knowledge and insight and wisdom which were gained along the route back to the spirit family of which you are a part. And as this plan unfolds, as this divine plan manifests even in your lives, there is the spiritual pressure. Once again, the recognition of a force pulling you towards your spirit family and your divine heritage. That is the force, the pressure of spirit, the pressure that makes you even now seek the truths of spirit, the realities of your spiritual component.
So I would like to support this notion, this direction, this intention to ask of yourself, will you allow, will you accept, will you embrace the reality of who you are in this relationship and will you make real your desire to commune with your Inner Guide? Because all of these things are a matter of personal decision and choice and action: thought, word and deed. I ask you to go within and make your petitions known. Create the dialog so that it may happen. Find a means that works for you that you will allow, that you will accept and ask yourself, when will you allow, when will you accept, when will you don the cloak of one who has the authority to create as you do? You have been told that you are merely a reflection of your Divine Parents, a part of the whole and as such you reflect the characteristics of the whole and you are even now developing your capacities to appreciate your standing in your divine family.
It is as you will choose it to be, it will happen as you decide it will, so be it. Importantly these questions, these considerations should be brought into stillness and brought up for consideration in your spirit parlor where you allow, even request the presence if not the participation of your Divine Fragment. That is practicing the technique of spirit interface. When your Master was on this plane of existence, He made sure to take as much time as He could manage to return to His spirit parlor, to entertain His Divine Fragment to learn the will of His Father in Heaven so that He might know his will so that He could choose that reality and manifest it. This very same technique is what we are encouraging you to embrace, as available  to you as it was to Michael. 
So be it as we experience it even now, as you are able to go within and reconcile these questions that are ever present and come up repeatedly for consideration – are you ready? Is now the time? Are you willing to act in faith with conviction and certainty of purpose? Being presented with these questions offers you a new fresh opportunity to choose, a new opportunity to be, a new statement of a new vision of yourself. And while it may seem burdensome at times to be confronted with so many choices, making choices affirms who you are, your level of spiritual awareness, your spirit capacity. Such is the game at hand: opportunities provided where you may declare who you are now, what you will do knowing what you know now, what you will do knowing who you are, what you would do when you are willing to accept that now is the time. With God, all things are possible. Your seeking for direction is paired with your direction towards God and engendered by your Divine Fragment.
 All the while while we are here discussing this we are in the dimension of spirit. We are in our individual spirit place of acceptance, of welcome, of peace, that part of us that we reserve for a sanctuary for spirit, for that aspect of our being. We share the common frequency between and among us that allows us to join together in the circuitry we create in the moment and each time we form this circuit, each time we come together over this broadcast we are tuning in to the same frequency and we are observing the same channel. This whole operation of tuning into a frequency much as you change radio stations is how you are going to move your dial and thereby change the frequencies you are able to detect. The more time spent in stillness and in conjunction with your Inner Guide the more elevated the frequencies will be, the more divine and thereby the more real.
Circuits are opening up throughout the network. There is a grand desire to bring this world back into the circuitry of greater communication. The idea that the circuits have been severed from on high is in need of revision. It is now as many of these other conditions we find ourselves questioning, the validity, the realness of the idea that the circuits have been severed and no longer exist, now comes an opportunity provided to all those present at this time, in this place, the opportunity to experience a new frequency, a new level of connection that is long overdue on this world. It is in fact true that you have endured some duration of severed circuitry, you have in fact endured quarantine from the circuitry but it is the desire of the creators to reinstate this world and to reconnect with its inhabitants. This potential has been seen as too much, too much to ask, too much to expect, that it must be for another generation or another time. This thought pattern now is a problem, an obstacle to overcome. When a thought has been accepted and embraced, it is difficult to navigate around such a foundation. It requires new consideration, new willingness, new appreciation, new exercise of faith, again, fresh in this moment.
It is always a cherished opportunity to have use of this method and means because we have so chosen to do so. I stand in gratitude for the many different aspects which must come together to manifest such a reality as we enjoy. Truly, such is the demonstration of faith in action, the very faith that you may question you have when push comes to shove and you are confronted with your own individual personal question of faith and how deep is it, how much conviction you have of it and how willing are you to act in accordance with your faith? I invite you to spread your wings and catch the air currents that are ascending, the spiritual pressure applied.
Thank you all for the opportunity you provide. I take my leave now and allow for others. Good day.  
Jonathan: Hi folks, Jonathan here stepping up to access this voice. I do this in honor of this method that we employ even now, this connection that we share. Truly, I am grateful for establishing such a wavelength, such a mode of operation, a frequency of thought that has allowed us to succeed in bridging the gap. No matter the distance or the time, we are bridging the gap using our spirit component, the essence of our being, and I call you all to witness it is real, it exists, this communication, because we have extended in faith to embrace it. We have allowed ourselves to believe that we have this as part of our capacity. We grew to believe and have faith in the assurance that we were part of this divine family of spirit and as such we would grow up to be like our parents, creators of our own mini-verse of experience which we will return to the Master Creators who provided it for us.
I bring this experience up because I can with all of you. You know what I am talking about, what I am referring to. You know what process we created and used and still use to this hour, the one we created, the one we manifested, the one we chose and I call you to witness, it works. We do have success, we can make connections, we can join each other on divine frequencies. And as a result of having found these truths to be self evident in your lives, you are then driven to act somehow in service, to respond in gratitude for that which you have found, which you have gained, which you have realized in your journey and to share the joy of your finding, the peace that you found, the grace that you have encountered, to share the love of God that you have witnessed.
And this desire to be of service, to respond in service to the grace you have received is noble and well and good but it is always proper to maintain the perspective that this entire journey that you are on as an individual is not designed for you to be a servant. The service that you as an individual need to provide is the service no one else can provide: the service to you individually, personally, the maintenance of your spirit garden, the provision for maintaining your devoted time to stillness and providing the frequencies necessary to embrace divine frequencies. The more calm and connected one is, the more loving and divine the frequencies become and these are what your hearts desire to share. And service provides you with the opportunity to do that but your first priority as an individual, as a fragment of the whole, is to mind your own growth and development and to provide yourself the proper exercise, the proper opportunities to choose, to reaffirm your values, to grow your soul.
So be it, that happens throughout your entire experience. Whether you are focused on the inner dimension or the outer relationships, growth is occurring throughout almost as if this life, this journey before you is one gigantic learning curve. As you grow in your spirit awareness the course of your journey changes as your perspective does. Enjoy the ride. Navigate the journey in the moment with the information you have, with the guidance you petition and receive and with the faith that following your conviction gives you the opportunity to exercise your faith and make it strong as is your goal, as is your objective to grow your faith and these life experiences provide you with abundant opportunities to exercise it as you so choose. 
It’s nice to feel as though you understand a little more about the parameters of this game of life and of your various dimensions that you will encounter. It is my pleasure to discourse with you on such matters of spirit because I can, we can, we do. Good day to you all and may your journey be light. I will look forward to checking in in the future and share how the journey goes. I have a keen interest in sharing as you would so allow. So be it, good day. 
Mark: Thank you Jonathan. It’s good to hear from you mate.
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