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LLN211209 – Lightline Teleconference

Lightline Teleconference  2021-12-09
Teachers: George, Inner Voice. 
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Step one: Condition the environment within. Make the approach to spirit through the act of worship and gratitude. Thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace, this ability to fellowship together as we reach to embrace spirit. We seek to find you in this process Divine Parents, to feel your embrace as we reach up and you unfailingly reach down for us. That’s why we keep returning to this desire, to this longing to find you and be with you. So be it, it shall be so, it is so, even now as we pause to drink this cup of goodness, this cup of love, this cup of embrace and warmth and peace. We have come into our chapel and we are in deep gratitude for our relationship with you our Divine Parents and we seek your embrace here and now. 
George: As part of this calming into worship, seek to institute the power of creative thought to calm the vessel, to calm the mind, to calm the environment, to bring a sense of peace and quiet to the material flesh and bone. The body most certainly will follow your directive and will calm as you so direct. One brings the body into alignment for spirit receptivity by calming the distractions and by stilling the waters so that the reflections may be clear. Another necessary component is the confirmation of intention, the statement of purpose in this moment and the commitment of faith, even now. You have learned the importance of conditioning the environment, the environment within, as you prepare to receive and work in spirit frequencies. You are preparing the environment for your creative expression through the alignment of your intention with divine pattern. These are alignments and observations that may be shared with your internal guide, your associate from on high who most certainly can assist in your process. You are attempting to form a pathway to this circuit and to this tool that you have and for this gift of grace.
As you may be aware from your texts, during the life of your Master, He was known for constantly returning to be the with The Father, for returning to consult with God. This connection is what is available to you. This same aspect of His being that Michael enjoyed, his Onboard Partner was his connection to The Father, was his association to the whole, was his portal to the Divine. Such a portal is yours, even now. Such a tool, such a gift of grace is yours for the taking or rather for the making. One of the primary factors in creation is the statement, is the word. What it is you are going to create? the stating of purpose so that you may attract to yourselves like energies. So having now stating a purpose of creating this pathway and forging this method to connect that is reliable and that one can repeat at will to get to this place where you are in creator mode, by asking for assistance from your Divine Fragment, you broaden greatly your resources and you greatly influence the caliber of thought by consulting with the most divine component you can imagine. 
Now as you move through the implementation of this process, you extend in faith your visualization of gratitude for receiving an answer to your prayers and a response to your petition with sincere gratitude for the end result because it represents your will in alignment with the will of your Divine Parents. Continue to remain eternally grateful for all that you receive, even this new gift of illumination, this new resource that you may install in your citadel of spirit, that you may use in your spirit workshop which then can be pursued with intention and by faith. 
Now one must follow through with the deed of providing the necessary means for receiving the answers to your petitions. In order to accomplish this, it is required one must act to manifest, thus requiring the deed, the final step to follow through with the process. All are invited to avail themselves of the previous thought patterns or some variation thereof immediately prior to going to sleep for the night. If you engage in such active mental exercises and focused intentions you put your mind to work in your favor for your pursuits of spirit and to condition your environment before rest so that the natural rest state of your body can be matched with the relaxed state of the mind and prophecy may occur in such an alpha state of relaxation exercises. Allow yourselves this opportunity, to create your experience of the night by setting the stage, planning the event and exercising your creative free will choice.
It is always good to return to the inner chapel, the church within and return to the place where your space has been so conditioned as to allow and accept working with the spirit component of your being. The idea of a spirit workshop is not so far removed because you create a space and bring the proper tools and the intention to do the work in it. “A master at the art of living makes no distinction between work and play.”
Inner Voice: Of course my friend, I am glad to step forward and seize the voice for now. You are correct in perceiving that you cannot leave yourself out of any such exercise and that anything that happens with the relationship between you and your Indwelling Guides are unique experiences and part of a cherished journey that we will have together. Your attempts to separate us in the process so as to define each of us is a difficult task to do for sure because we are so blended and have been together for as long as you can remember, that this effort to hear from your Inner Voice as separate or as you would hear from another individual is what can make our communication so difficult of translation.
Oftentimes we are simply on different wavelengths dealing in two different genres or platforms and simply incompatible in communicating while on such different wavelengths. When our wavelengths change and vary and as you raise your spiritual vibrations and as your wavelengths change, it is far more approachable that we may find some common ground to share frequencies as they are coming closer and closer. But you will not always hear words as you do now as this form of communication with you. This opportunity is rare and should not to be assumed to be the model of how this is supposed to transpire, rather this that we enjoy now is a combination of different skills applied and different experiences bringing the juncture of spirit contact presence.
Most of the communication that I send you on the wavelength and frequency we both share, most of my communication is in inspiration, in appreciations, in new awareness, new realizations, moments of breakthrough and understanding, moments of creative inspiration to express and become. I send these signals, these visions, these dreams as my method of communication but I am pleased to expand my method to include a verbal discourse should you so desire. I am referring to the advent of offering to journal and in effect be the scribe for me as I respond to your petitions. By doing so you are providing me with a method, providing us with a method, you’re employing your skills at being able to be a scribe to receive that which you desire.
So if verbal discourse is your chosen form of communication, I invite you to employ that method. Write me what your questions may be, what the desires of your heart are and then allow that you can receive from me the answer and put yourself in the position of scribe by putting the words down as they flow to you, as you think I would answer, even as you think God would answer and all the while, circling back to the worship and the gratitude for being part of this extraordinary cosmic family of spirit. Either way, any way, if you choose to write something or paint something or sing something or pray something, invite me to join with you in the experience. Call me in, I am in the co-pilot seat and am enjoying the journey with you and it is so, even now. 
I must acknowledge the significance of the earlier contribution of an instance of utilizing this circuit, this grid the we have built here together, this portal where love can be issued forth from and remember to rekindle it and revisit it. It is another workshop, it is another place where we may implement spirit tools to create more peace and love. So be it. All of your efforts are gaining you great momentum in this process and having tread this path it becomes familiar, it becomes regular and returning to it the routine of traveling the path becomes so ingrained that it may be shortened and it may not be so laborious. When the pattern is repeated it becomes familiar, it becomes easy and it becomes easier to recreate and navigate. And that’s what we do in these exercises, we travel the lane once again, we enjoy being part of the frequency and the energies that we join as we gather around this portal of light looking to connect with God Within and He will take it from there. Be still and know that I am the little voice inside. 
Thank you for invoking my contribution but I applaud your effort to take responsibility and institute some of your training as that is the purpose of these exercises, to gain confidence as a result of repeated success. Thank you all for providing this space and your time, your intention and your energy to combine with all the rest around the circle and all of their attendant Indwelling Guides, circuit upon circuit as we join together. I offer my commitment to return and continue our exercises as you so desire. I take my leave now or at least I take leave of my audible voice and go back to the tones and frequencies and ideas and inspirations and affirmations and flushes of conviction. That’s where you’ll find me most readily. Seek me there but seek me anywhere you like, I will meet you. So be it, farewell.
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