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LYT160403- Be Vigilant and Aware

2016-04-03. Be Vigilant and Aware

Urantia, April 3, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Be Vigilant and Aware.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Thank you, child, for your attentiveness in surmising that another gem may pass through you to the world at large. For whosoever pays attention, the celestials will make sure that this message will be noticed. It will be a message in which the word ‘vigilance’ will find its proper meaning.

“Many of this world’s citizens are becoming aware that the skies are seemingly getting darker and earth’s atmosphere is changing. The word climate change is increasingly on more people’s lips. However, let Me sound a warning here that there is nothing new under the sun. What you are seeing is a small indication that the inner earth has not finished evolving and many planned changes by the Master Force Organizers are speeding up her evolution.

“Some humans living on her continue their raping and pillaging. The greed of a few have stepped up their pace in removing more of the bounty that is meant for all people to share and enjoy. They need to learn to share with one another that which the Creator has placed in Her creation. I will tell you now that calamities will increase due to the thoughtlessness of the few. And therefore, no one is going to escape the results set in motion by these few, as everyone in the household of planet Urantia is subject to the same law of cause and effect.

“Everyone is asked to be vigilant for the signs in the sky, the signs on and in the earth and the signs in the waters which pertain to gross pollution. Surely there must be some humans alive who are beginning to realize that your precious homeplanet is being poisoned by the few? Where will you find another beautiful planet like the one you were born upon and where you began your walk towards eternity?

“Has it dawned on you that if you don’t ‘pull up your socks’ and start doing something constructive about this worrisome situation, that there may be some very unpleasant times ahead for all of you, as no one will get off this planet unscathed. Each person is responsible for their own actions or inactions during their journey through life.

“All cynicism aside, please don’t blow this wonderful opportunity to help the planet evolve, one person at a time. In eternity you will be proud when you learn what this planet has become and know that you played a small role in the outcome. What God has planned, will be. The Creator has all the time to see His plans come to fruition. He created all of you to be His hands and feet here on terra firma. It is no accident that you are here and by your free will choices, you are deciding how to live your lives.

“The question will remain: How vigilant and aware were you during your short life span and what shall you account for in eternity? Be vigilant and aware, this is your choice and responsibility.”

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