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LYT160404- Change is Ever a Constant

2016-04-04. Change is Ever a Constant

Urantia, April 4, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Change is Ever a Constant.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “As an opening statement, allow me to divulge that change is ever a constant. Nothing is ever static in the Creator’s multiple universes of space. It simply cannot be otherwise. There is either progress or regress. Such is the evolutionary method of unfolding as this benefits the evolving God of the present space-time.

“It is the function of this Supreme Evolutionary Being to become complete through the experiential ascension journey of all mortals from the worlds of space who willfully chose immortal life. They do this by answering the one call from the Existential Father Creator to become perfect like this Almighty Being is perfect.

“It has been so expressed by the Existential Universal Creator from the beginning of time — to experience all the individual journeys of all his/her evolving children of all time and space. This is the purpose the Evolutionary Supreme God is serving as the Over-Soul of time in space creation.

“This revelation is given to you mortals because your limited minds think that everything has a beginning and an ending in order to make sense of things and also to fuel your curiosity. In eternity, before time, celestial reality has always operated instantly. Then. hypothetically, God thought a thought and the Eternal Son ‘sprang’ into being as the Word of God and the Infinite Spirit as the God of Action, concomitant with the existence of Paradise.

“As difficult of understanding this may seem to be, there never was a time when the uncaused Cause did not exist. Paradise as the eternal abode of all celestial beings; has also always existed and serves also as the Home for all perfected pilgrims of past, present and future and of all space in time.

“There awaits for each one of you a grandiose ascension journey experience once you decide to accept the will of God as your own. In reality Jesus — Christ Michael — is the living door, through whom you will pass to the universes beyond. You have all the time to prove yourself worthy of all the latent gifts in your evolving souls.

“Do remind yourself, that you are not bereft of Celestial Help, you already know that the Universal Creator has given each man, woman and child a Spark of Himself, called a Thought Adjuster or Mystery Monitor, as a faithful Guide and Helper. And Christ Michael promised whilst walking on this earth a few thousand years ago that He would send and still continues to send his and His Father’s Spirit of Truth, whilst the Holy Spirit sends Her Comforter to each newly born mortal on all the worlds of this universe of their making.

“It is up to each mortal to take up the challenge to become immortal by choosing thoughtfully, as this planet is the incubator of your immortal souls. However, it is always your responsibility and prerogative to make that choice of choosing to do God’s will as a means to become perfect.

“Therefore, change is ever a constant as your life is meant to be the testing ground to learn self-discipline as a means to self-mastery. Life can be a grand discovery tour or it can be thoughtlessly squandered. This remains an individual choice and responsibility. Do think about the alternative and chose wisely.”

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