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LYT160409- The Law of Cause and Effect

2016-04-09. The Law of Cause and Effect

Urantia, April 9, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Law of Cause and Effect.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Once again we set ourselves the task of keeping a sacred promise a long time ago made to be of ‘mutual’ support toward one another. You know very well that God desires willing workers on the ground to be His hands, his feet and to do His bidding when they get prompted. Oftentimes it is unbeknownst to them as to when they did something out of the ordinary or spoke some helpful words to some distraught soul who was in need of hearing those words.

“There are many occasions when humans ‘spontaneously step up to the plate’ not realizing that they in fact are God’s messengers on the ground. It is the same with healing prayers and work done in secret. Common folk don’t realize how often their prayers for someone can make a profound difference in another person’s life.

“Angels are always on the ‘lookout’ to carry those prayers to where they do the most good. The secret is that prayers for others benefit not only the one who prays but also the receiver. It always starts with the intent of the sender to help uplift (though often unwittingly) someone who happens to be in need of such a prayer.

“This works the same way with a gentle embrace, which is given with sincere love and sympathy from the giver, and is picked up by the receiver’s soul. It is the same with a genuine handshake that can be felt as a strong support or limp, as in being not altogether trustworthy. It is in the impression of a person’s makeup how these nuances are received.

“Life is like this: it is made up of impressions that either feed the receiver or repel it. It is part and parcel of being human and emotions at any given time play a huge role — especially if one has had some negative emotional experiences that often become trapped as a ball of painful disordered energy somewhere in the body that can later play havoc with discomfort, whilst most of these painful hurts can simply be released with love and forgiveness.

“Life can be so beautiful, but is so very often taken for granted without any deeper thought as to why things happen the way they do. Often God gets the blame as humans are prone to forget that they thoughtlessly occasioned most of the unhappiness themselves at sometime in the past.

“By living more in present-centered awareness, much discomfort at a later age could well have been prevented by dealing right away with unpleasant circumstances, rather than letting resentment fester until it unforeseen blows up later as a cancer or some other illness in a fragile human system.

“What we are about here with this lesson is to remind people that life is too short to be squandered thoughtlessly by living unawares. Truth is that one gets out of life what one has put into it. Life adheres to the law of cause and effect. Therefore, endeavor to truly live with the minimum of regrets and filled with love, praise and gratitude towards the All That Is.”

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