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LYT160501- Real Life is Lived Within, Not Without

2016-05-01. Real Life is Lived Within, Not Without

Urantia, May 1, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Real Life is Lived Within, Not Without.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “As per divine appointment, you are willing and ready to take another dictation to help your understanding of why and how matters unfold in life. Child, do you ever stop to think that God’s plans are always in motion as they are carried on the divine energy flowing from Paradise in a never-ending cycle?

“Most people live unawares and never entertain even the slightest notion as to how they could improve their life just by making it a habit to listen within as to what the still Voice of God would love to convey to them.

“Of course, this does not happen overnight, as it requires self-discipline and perseverance in the practice of setting each day some time apart to listen as those skills can always be improved upon.

“Truly, this would be a miraculous happening if more people were inclined to turn within to search, rather than without. In doing the searching without, they lose a lot of valuable time that could be put to good use to find their own Divine blueprint within and start fulfilling their own special skills, which lie dormant in their souls.

“The awareness of inner possibilities can come to the fore by developing those inner listening skills. However, this subject has been broached many times before; therefore, we might be preaching to the choir so to speak.

“The real problem, as seen from the celestial realms, is that so few as yet are following the prompts and leadings from the Gift from God within them and even question Its existence. The adages from Jesus remain: ‘Seek and ye shall find’ and ‘Knock and it shall be opened to you’. These sayings are still as current as ever.

“What a marvelous discovery tour awaits each person in its search for the Gift from God within. Often they will remark: ‘Oh, if I had only known of this, I would have put more effort into listening and really trying to discern God’s will for me. My life could have turned out so much better.’

“This lament is heard by the angels on high after the person has exchanged the mortal life for the immortal life and has to carry on from there with whatever values are accrued in the individual soul. Often this is no laughing matter as the earthly life could have turned out so much more valuable. These positive values travel with a soul to be further build upon on the ascension ladder to perfection.

‘Many people think that they will get another chance at earth-life to do things better the next time around. However, the incubation time on earth is past and will not be recalled. Remember that Jesus also said: ‘According to your faith, it will be done unto you.’

“The question remains: what if you were to do your life all over again, what would you change as you have no recollection of this present one? You might find yourself a great deal worse off, because you did not learn anything the ‘first’ time around.

“You do have a most wonderful eternal future ahead of you; please don’t waste precious time living in the past. The real life is lived within, not without.”

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