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LYT160504- The True Reason for Living

2016-05-04. The True Reason for Living

Urantia, May 4, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The True Reason for Living.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “In your lesson this morning you read how wonderful it would be if you could discern others with spirit eyes and hear with spirit ears. Dear child that would also entail that you would become aware of others’ needs and longings. There is not a human alive on this planet who does not entertain secret longings about true love in their hearts and an honest-to-goodness true partnership.

“There are so many people who are more bereft than they themselves are able to realize. Often life seems so harried and busy that many don’t give themselves the chance or the time to get to know their inner selves or begin to realize that they actually are God’s children.

“This has nothing whatsoever to do with going to any church or belonging to any denomination. Truly, life matters only if people have been able to cultivate a personal relationship with their Maker and Creator through their Thought Adjuster and have started to develop their embedded divine blueprint, which is always available to them to cultivate during their life span.

“How wonderful it would be if increasingly more of His mortal children would take a peaceful pause to breathe deeply and realize there is a purpose to life; and take some time to turn within and figure out the how, the what and why in life.

“It is regrettable that on this planet there have sprung up near uncountable confusing belief systems, which are accepted as truth by too many sincere souls, And they do it often without giving this matter any further consideration. Instead they should search their hearts where truth resides, (even though it feels like too much work) which on a higher level is true. Remember that nothing of real lasting value is accomplished the easy way.

“Of true importance would be some soul-searching to find out if the self is truly happy or instead perchance chasing after ‘something worthwhile out there,’ instead of searching within and finding the beginning of soul peace and contentment already there.

“This would comprise the beginning of an all-consuming discovery tour to find that Pearl of Great Value within, which can be had by any thinking and normal-minded human in the form of a personal relationship with the Spark from God within, so patiently waiting to be discovered.

“It is then that the real purpose of life will be discovered in accepting the urge to increase soul values through practicing the fruits of the spirit such as sincerity, fairness, forgivingness, tolerance, courageous loyalty, loving service and more — the true lasting values in eternal life.

“Hidden gifts that have been waiting to see the light of day shall be discovered to support and companion the traveler on the ascension highway towards the eternal destiny of perfection — learning along the way as much as possible and fulfilling the one command ever given by the Universal Creator: to become perfect.

“This means having become co-creators with the Spark from God, given for this specific purpose as Guide and Companion along the way. Therefore, the sooner you allow yourself to listen to the still Voice, the sooner your eternal journey can begin in earnest with your full cooperation, resulting in increasing inner peace, joy, contentment and satisfaction.

“This is the true reason for living.”

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