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LYT160508- Personal Choices, Decisions and Actions

2016-05-08. Personal Choices, Decisions and Actions

Urantia, May 8, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Personal Choices, Decisions and Actions.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Today our message is to explain something personal in the way of having a choice and decisions for the brain to think about; even though routine thoughts happen for the most part automatically. However, if a little more thought would be given to this most valuable intellectual resource of the human mind, perchance better choice and decision-making could be rendered more thoughtfully, resulting in beneficial actions all around.

“To be able to think clearly is a most precious gift that is highly underused and underestimated. Most everything has become so automatic and acted on by rote that little thought is routinely given during daily life to note if there are areas that can be improved upon.

“Therefore, a wake-up call needs to go out to the world to perchance reach another few of the sleepers on this planet, who accept everything at face-value, and question very little about why things happen the way they do.

“Allow me to tell you once more that everyone is responsible for their thoughts, choices, decisions, actions, reactions or inactions. When looking at the world at large, much could be remedied if more people would use their God-given brains. It seems that there is hardly anyone to notice the darkening of the sky around them. Why does it always seem to need some sort of a calamity for humans to wake up and take notice?

“Can you not see that the spirit of this planet is getting restless because of thoughtless mortals living upon her and some of those are wantonly raping and pillaging her aching body?

“Yes, your planetary home is also a living breathing being, who quite independently and lovingly has provided a most wonderful home for you all to discover, to live, to grow and to learn on. She has been most patient but she, herself, is still evolving and growing and would appreciate if collectively you could help her along by taking care of yourselves in a responsible manner and clean up your own areas of habitation, rather than defile them and take from her whatever is meant to benefit all of you equally.

“Really now, you all have the chance with your choice and decision-making capacities to leave this world a better place. This is your mortal home, so give it some thought as to how will you leave it when you pass on. Neat and tidy as you found it, or do your offspring and their children need to clean up your mess?

“Consider for a moment how all your personal choices, decisions and actions are reflected to the great Universal Creator. Are those pleasing in God’s eyes? Are they beneficial to Mother Earth? Whether you live a short or a long span of life on your birth-planet, it truly matters what you do, as the results will be visible in your souls.

“Do spend some time in reflection and think about how you can live in an increasingly present-centered awareness of the world around you and think of what you can personally do to leave this world a better place. It all depends on personal choice, decisions and actions; as each human reaps his or her own reward.”

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