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LLN333- Thanksgiving, Peace, Growth

2011-11-24 Thanksgiving, Peace, Growth

Lightline #333


1Topic: Thanksgiving
2Group: Lightline TeaM
1Teacher: Nebadonia, Michael, Charles, LIGHT
2TR: Henry Z.


Topic: Thanksgiving

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia, Michael, Charles, LIGHT

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Divine Parents, we thank you for this connection, this connected circle of energy, this spiritual circuit that keeps us alive and helps to keep us in opportunities. We thank you for this connection and this day and its memory, that we here are in a mode of thanksgiving. Thank you.



Nebadonia: Greetings my children, it is good to be here and to be with you on this day which you celebrate Thanksgiving and its memory. Yes, it is always healthy to have children who are humble and are attentive to their divine prerogatives and their spiritual parents and their spiritual ascension. We hold this space today in love and peace, to have all of you here. As Divine Parents, we know the benefits of love and peace and to have order and attention in the universe. In a sense we have a more direct response to love and peace than exists on this world today.

We hold these spiritual stances as an ideal and a model to have our children to aspire to become like us, loving beings in a peaceful stance, continuing with our daily activities, trusting that all will resolve and work itself out, [that] conflict is kept to a minimum. My children, the stance of love and peace exists as a model throughout the universe of the way in which we operate. In the universe we are not going about destroying things that we spend tremendous amounts of time building up and maintaining. We have learned the resulting effort of peace and harmony. We have attuned ourselves to the Paradise energy and we send these down to you at this time, we en-circuit your world and all of its being-ness with this model of love and peace, this neutral stance.

It is true that the spiritual stance begins in the heart and in the mind, that the intention to dwell and live in peace and love is an effort, it is a choice. It is the courageous will of our children which open to our light, our love, to grow in faith and trust in spiritual endeavors. Know that you are being activated at this time and overlaid with the patterns of the morontia life, the life which is to come. These patterns are being overlaid at this time on your world. There is a tremendous sense all over the world today of justice and equality and peace and harmony, families wanting to raise their children and worship the way they want to and have opportunities to better themselves. The whole world is wanting to benefit from its existence at this moment. All life is precious to us and the life we have started and nurtured continues to grow and express itself. We ask you this day to remain thankful in service and opportunity.


Michael: Greetings my children, it is I Michael, your Father/brother. Certainly it is good to be here, always near my children to hold you in a loving embrace as our partners in this spiritual endeavor to live a meaningful life and find inner peace and happiness. As you know, the inner peace and happiness are found within the understanding of who you are, how you are made up, that you understand that you are indwelt by a great aspect of spirit which intends to lift you from your lowly station and challenge you to courageously grow in personality and in service, to become God knowing men and women, God loving and Father serving children.

On this remembrance day of thankfulness, remember your own lives and the opportunities which exist as you live your lives. Know that the challenges which you face and the service mode operations in which you grow together are signs of your budding natures, your young growing spiritual natures. As our children, we are always proud of you. We never see you as in error or incomplete. We see you as young and healthy and growing, growing in an understanding and knowing-ness of your relationship to your Heavenly Father, to your Divine Parents, your relationship to one another in a greater spiritual sense. As the times continue to challenge you, remember to be thankful for these opportunities to be challenged to grow, to be challenged to work together, to show acknowledgement and respect for each other. We continue to hold these thoughts for you today and your world. Thank you my children.

Charles: Greetings to you my friends, it is I Charles, thankful for the opportunity to be given a voice today. I am in thanks to be a part of this circle of love and friendship, here to offer my stance for peace on your world and my stance for understanding. May you all grow in the understanding of thankfulness for the opportunities which life and its challenges present to you, that you truly grow in a greater spiritual sense, that there becomes a greater expression of love and peace on your world between all peoples and all nations. Again, today I thank you for the opportunity to share a few words, thank you.

Light: Greetings my friends, it is I, Light, here to offer my tremendous understanding in the form of light and all of its ramifications on your world. Know that as we continue to grow we continue to hold in love and peace, this world in light and all of the people in it, that one day true peace and happiness will truly be expressed in its complete fullness as an example of living, that these small steps which you make at this time in your lives one day will become monumental achievements in helping to shape the direction of the example which mankind will grow into. We thank all of you who have come here in consciousness of your own spiritual ascension, of your own spiritual responsibility to grow, to grow in an understanding and knowing-ness that the greater spiritual universe will begin to reflect within the societies of Urantia that one day there truly will be peace and happiness here on this world. Again, it is good to be given a voice today and I thank you.

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