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LLN334- Working Together, Relationship, Leadership, Maturity

2011-12-01 Working Together, Relationship, Leadership, Maturity

Lightline #334

Topic: Working Together

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia, 0802-AB Jack

TR: Gerdean



Prayer: Heavenly Parents, come in and give us a little shoring up, as it were. Let us know we are in the divine family, siblings, one and all in a very loving embrace. Thank you, God, for this family that we’re a part of. Help us remember to love one another. It’s easy to love You, but we forget how to love one another. Perhaps you’ll send someone this evening that can help us with that exercise … or anything else you want us to learn or know about or be reminded of. We’re all ears. Thank you. Amen.


NEBADONIA: Beloveds, I am the Spirit of Spirits Divine Minister, loving Mother. Let me just steal away with you for a moment before your host comes in and addresses your more specific needs. Let me just take a moment with you and cuddle with you for a bit. Come sit on my lap. Let me hold you in my arms. Feel my heart beat. Feel the warmth of my breasts and know that I am nurturance personified. Come to me and rest your head on my shoulder. Snivel and weep if you need to; I will comfort you. Tell me stories. Babble freely. I am open to your expressions, understanding every part of you — the part that fears, the part that is excitable, the part that endears. You are my child.

I swathe you in my love. Take this moment, this perfect moment, and make it your own. Come back to me anytime. I am always here, always watching you, observing you at play. You are never out of my sight. I feel what you feel. I suffer when you suffer. I rejoice when you are happy. I am your own divine Mother and you are my own beloved child. How precious this is that we share. All of you, each of you, are equally precious to me — each different, each unique, each mine — and Michael’s — and the wards of many celestial helpers.

I will lift you down off my lap now and let you get comfortable on the floor with your blocks and dolls and playthings. Amuse yourselves now in quiet play as you listen to your teacher (who is also) my child who serves me in serving you. Kisses.


0802-AB-JACK.  JACK here. Having gotten my kisses from Mother, I am ready to roll. How is everyone this evening? It seems like a lively group on the first day of a new month for you here, with this calendar, anticipating the holiday season, as it were, and festivities appropriate. I’m not going to help you with your Christmas shopping, but I might be able to help you be a better present for those upon whom you bestow yourself, so that you can be a present, your very presence can be a gift.

Is it not already a gift? Well, of course! You only have to think about what it would be like to be alone, completely alone, perpetually and endlessly alone to know that that can get really boring fast. It’s okay to amuse yourself for a while but eventually we long for companions. God himself knows this. He was the original I AM and he longed for company and so he created the Eternal Son and the Universal Mind and the Universe of Universes became his playpen.

What an amazing and majestic situation we find ourselves in. How wonderful that we are no longer completely isolated. We have the textbook that has opened many doors; for example, the one that exists between you and me, as well as introducing you to how many myriad heavenly helpers, some of whom help from on high and some of whom help in the local universes, some of whom even come here to the planet itself to aid in your ascension.


It’s all about helping one another, you see. When you pray, and the prayer lands on the proper desk for action, the angels are kicked into gear and often we midwayers are called to provide assistance to the angels, all a part of the seraphic planetary government. We help you and you help us. And you help others. You help your comrades because without them, you limp. And you help those who need help because it makes you feel good and it provides an assessment of your own progress.

There are difficulties that arise, I know. Even we midwayers have disagreements among us but they are short-lived. “Petty frictions” they call them. Petty frictions come about generally because your hands have not found something to do. When you are busily engaged in what you are to do, you don’t have time to worry about what others are doing. And when you are working diligently, conscientiously and lovingly at your task and someone encroaches upon your space, your time, your energy, you may feel compelled to inquire how you may be of assistance to them because perhaps they need taken care of before you can get back to work.

Adjustment, Relationship

This is part of the process of adapting to other personalities. You can find this in marriage or in business partnerships but more keenly in marriage because it is a personal relationship. One can be chugging along, happily doing its thing and along comes the spouse happily doing his thing and they run into each other in a way that stops the process that is time then to communicate and assess the situation, weighing and considering the factors, sometimes having to compromise, but learning in the process to include others and their plans as well.

There are times, though, when you are doing your thing and someone either encroaches or demands that you stop what you are doing or they find offense with what you are doing and the entire system shuts down. Now here is the point of my little talk today. Let’s look at you and how you react to someone else’s demand that you stop doing what you are doing. There are so many possible directions we could go, we could spin off from here. If the line was open, I’m sure each of you would be able to think of a different UB reference or other kind of viable reference to underscore the value of many different approaches.

The thing to remember is that this is not a mechanistic universe. You are not machines and family is not a machine; relationships are not machines. You are not robots. There are feelings involved. Emotions, thoughts, impressions, memories, feelings, ambitions, spirit, spirit guidance, experience and so much that goes into one individual making a decision to act and then acting on what they perceive to be their rightful path.

Growing up in the spirit is no easier than it is growing up as a mortal. Going through the terrible twos, sensitive childhood, turbulent teens, troubles of 20’s, the challenges become more complex. Instead of dealing with one issue at a time, you graduate to have two issues to deal with at a time; eventually you may need to deal with three major factors all at once, and while this is stressful, in the experience, once you have mastered the moment, you can look back and feel good about how you managed it, even reflecting on how much order and maturity and clarity and cooperation and so forth was involved. And so your awareness grows; your capacities are obviously growing. And as there are others also growing at their own pace, there is going to be constant adaptation to others.

It is important that you grow in your own consciousness of your own soul, your own Higher Self, because that is who you are becoming. That is who is going to fuse with your Adjuster. That is what’s going to survive the transition from your material life to the next plateau.

Remember now the Garden of Gethsemane when the apostles were fearful that Jesus would be taken, and indeed he was arrested, and those that were there – not counting Judas – came rushing out to defend him. The Master knew that they had arms, weapons, on them, and they would have used those weapons to defend the Master in their loyalty to him, in their affection for him, in the injustice of putting to death such a noble man, and from a human perspective it can certainly be understood, their zeal.


But he said, “No! Back off. Put your weapons away. I need you alive. I need you to be free to act. Don’t get yourself all tied up and become captive of your own passions.” And this is my point. The master needs you freed up. He does not need you captive of your own passions, no matter how right and good and understandable they may be from the human vantage point.

This is how it is that people get into war, why it is that disagreements can end up in hostilities: because you have not learned how to set aside your passion, which is an emotional condition, to have eyes to see the bigger picture. When you are alone and amusing yourself, it doesn’t matter if you take all the toys out of your toy box and mix them all together. If you are alone in your kitchen, it doesn’t matter if you take all the food out of the cupboard or the refrigerator, because it’s your kitchen, it’s your project, it’s your toy box.

And you can amuse yourself all day long in such a manner, even being quite creative, inventive. But when you need to work with others, or when there is an overriding cause, then you need to learn where to subside your passions. And this does not mean giving up, sacrificing yourself; it doesn’t mean you need to feel sorry for yourself or victimized; these, too are more emotional states.

Groups, Leadership

It’s very difficult to grow up and I appreciate that you might not think I know how difficult because I don’t have the pull of the first five adjutants mind spirits as you do; we midwayers are not as animalistic as you are and so you can say, “Yeah, well, what do you know? We have animal fears that you don’t have,” and this is true! Even the angels don’t understand how it is that you can be so fearful. We can know academically that it is built in and has been conditioned for millennia but we don’t personally know. We can only commiserate and attempt to work with that which we understand, but we can hope that you can grow up enough to realize that you are capable of doing the same thing, operating with the emphasis on the higher adjutants and the spirit of truth to look at the farther view, the overall aim, and throwing yourself into that effort conjointly, communally. It will mean some folks have to buck up and some folk have to back down, but a living social organism requires a balance. It needs leaders, yes, but it doesn’t lead if no one will follow. And followers want to have someone lead them, but not if they are going to be led off a cliff. All of you are really very bright; you just haven’t figured out how to do it yet, as a group, as a whole.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not being impatient. I know how relatively short a time it has been that we have been working with you overtly like this. It has only been 20 years, your time, for the most part, and you have all grown immensely – in your awareness of yourself, in the growth of your own self-esteem, in the settling of your own rambunction. Your self-confidence levels are more wholesome and honorable, less erratic and flamboyant. You have all just grown tremendously. I want you to know that. It’s not just prodding you constantly to do more and better. But you come to me – you come to us — for something. And this is what I have to offer. Whatever it is that we have to offer, that is what we are going to provide if you are open for it and so this is my offering.

I want to encourage you. I want to help you know yourself, your capacities, what you are up against, what you have to deal with, what you don’t have to deal with, what the other guy is dealing with also, how to help him deal with that if that’s appropriate, how to mind your own business if it is not appropriate. The Art of Living is what Rodan calls it, and it is not just done without a conscientious application. Everything you learn, you learn by experience.  You can learn things out of a book but that’s not really doing much for the Evolving Supreme. I’m talking about helping to create the experiential God. That’s the stuff. That’s the meat and potatoes of this existence – learning universe administration from the ground floor up, as it were.

Experience, Growth

We certainly are, we midwayers. We’re getting some great experience here, some over-the-top experience because of what this planet has undergone and I know we are looking forward to engaging with other advancing midwayers from other worlds to share what we brought with us and what we have gained from this experience. This is what we are all going to do throughout eternity is meet new people, learn to work with them, go on to do the task we’ve been given, and advance.

Funny thing about this spiritual growth, this reality-izing. It takes up a lot of psychic space. We can see your gears working overtime as you ponder this and that, as you make your decisions and act on them, as you make mistakes, change your mind, try something else, succeed and advance. It’s exciting watching it. It’s so gratifying just to see your attempts. And yet there is no … no office manual, no guide book, no rules and regulations handed down from Adam and Eve from the garden, no constitution or bill of rights coming out of Daligastia. Even we, your closest cousins are relatively new at this game and the planetary government overseeing these quarantined worlds.

I’m going to quit talking now. I’m not interested in doing all the talking or leaving you in the dust of my ambition or ignoring you in my enthusiasm. I’d like to engage with you, if that’s amenable to you. I also want to say that I am a liaison for others and there are others who can be made available – not all of them; some of them are otherwise occupied, but some of them are here, are aware of our forum, open door, our light is on, and so we are not alone here. Therefore I instruct you that if you would like to participate now, press star six on your phone and that will open the line between us and you can interact with the group. Bring me your questions, concerns, commentaries and we’ll take this time together to learn to work together, practice fraternity.

“Come on down!” as Burt Parks would say. “The Price is Right!”


Geoff: Hello, Jack.

0802-AB-JACK.  Hello?

Geoff: Can you hear me?

0802-AB-JACK.  Yes, I can. Who is this?

Geoff: This is Geoff, in Texas.

0802-AB-JACK.  Hello, Geoff!

Geoff: We had a conversation on a previous occasion.

0802-AB-JACK.  Good. Remind me if it’s relative.

Geoff: I just wanted to thank you for that discourse, which was excellent and to say that, for me, it is your loving friendship that I feel, first and foremost, and that’s what I enjoy about you, but if any closer contact is possible, I am certainly amenable to that.

0802-AB-JACK.  That’s right! You wanted to have someone come to and visit you in person.

Geoff: Well, I could certainly use a direct contact with somebody. Unfortunately, at the moment, I’m moving around, and am about to go to my home country for the festivities, as it were, …

0802-AB-JACK.  I see.


Geoff: … and other things, at the moment, so I’m a little disrupted at the moment, but I am always open to receive some contact, because I have been kind of operating in the dark, for a moment, purely on faith.

0802-AB-JACK.  Well, operating on faith is not a bad way to go.

Geoff: No! I am enjoying it!

0802-AB-JACK.  In fact, even if you were to sit down and talk to me or the heavenly helpers that are parading past your consciousness, there is no guarantee that you will not still have to believe on faith. There are still no credentials, no diploma on the wall; it’s all a faith walk.

Geoff: Yes. And I’m happy to continue in this manner as I make progress. But … it would seem that you know more about what’s going on with me than I do! So, occasionally – I don’t know. I’m striving to get myself into a position where I can receive perhaps with a little more clarity. The “prompts” and you know. I’m receiving, and everything’s going ahead, but I’m still a little vague about the details, obviously. So …

And I’m going through a difficult time emotionally, to say the least! But it’s on the up and up, so I’m not – it’s not like I’m struggling with the situation; I’m starting to enjoy it, actually. But time is short! … here. One wakes up one morning and ten years have gone, and in a human life span, that’s huge! It’s just like a flash in the pan down here. So … it gets a little scary because—

0802-AB-JACK. How old are you now, Geoff?

Geoff: Sixty-one.


0802-AB-JACK.  Yes, well, you’ve got a pretty good handle on that. It is a “flash in the pan,” as it were. You by now recognize your mortality, but you still have some time! And so appreciate this: if you can document your psychic development, your emotional maturity, your spiritual growth or your soul’s progress, you will be able to see it in your own handwriting.

This is one of the benefits of learning to be a transmitter / receiver and, keeping a record over the years, you will be able to look back 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago and realize how far you have come.

Geoff: Yeah. I know. I know.

0802-AB-JACK.  You don’t realize it if you don’t have those notations.

Geoff: Right.

0802-AB-JACK.  It’s all entirely too natural, like you don’t see yourself growing up, you just look in the mirror one day and you’re an adult. Or you look in the mirror and there’s someone looking back at you that looks like your father! How did that happen?

Geoff: It can be disconcerting.

0802-AB-JACK.  Truly.


Geoff: But funny enough, it takes about 50 or 60 years to actually reach a point of understanding what’s going on. And there are dry instincts and all these other things going on, so it takes quite a while to figure all that out. Also, one has to – hopefully successfully – raise a couple of children in a spiritual environment, as well, and that takes a lot of energy and a lot of years.

0802-AB-JACK.  Yes, those are investments.

Geoff: Exactly! Great investments and it’s a wonderful blessing, so really, I think I’m coming to a point where I am able to put this together, and I’m pretty much able to dedicate my life to these aims that we discuss all the time and these –

0802-AB-JACK.  Well, this is good, because you have now reached the point of age of discernment and your Thought Adjuster has morphed into a Thought Controller, and so you will be able to think more and more like an elder statesman and “What can I leave (as) legacy, because I will be leaving soon. What can I leave here before I go in terms of…?

Geoff: Right. Well, certainly, it’s a matter of, well, you know, realistically, you’ve got like 10 or 15 years to go and it’s just a matter of what are you going to do with them?

0802-AB-JACK. That’s correct.

Geoff: It’s just clear, and what could be more enticing than trying to do the will of your Creator?

0802-AB-JACK.  Nothing.

Geoff: Nothing! So once [indistinguishable] there really is no contest, it seems to me.

0802-AB-JACK.  Yes you’re right.

Geoff: So that’s the point I’ve reached, but I’m still not clear. I’m enjoying it more, and I express myself more, but one still has difficulty as a human figuring out what is going on and why it has to happen in this way. It’s just … But never before have we been in a position to make that assessment. That’s the wonderful thing about it. Every other human being that ever lived didn’t really have what we have. They didn’t have the ability to gain this information with one finger. And that’s fantastic.

0802-AB-JACK.  Well, they did. Faith has always been a factor.

Geoff: Oh, yes!

0802-AB-JACK.  The advantage is: the Urantia Book has come and with it has brought the Cast of Characters that you have fallen in love with, and made every effort to know and invite into your life … with varying degrees of success.

Geoff: Yes, and it’s wonderful.

0802-AB-JACK.  It’s wonderful, yes.

Geoff: So, just that, you know. I mean, gratitude it the only thing I can think of, thank God. When one scuffs one’s foot against something, and it hurts, gratitude is not what comes into one’s mind. But I think it’s a pretty good bet most of the time. Just to be in gratitude.

0802-AB-JACK.  Yes, absolutely. Especially, having come so far!

Geoff: Yes. Well, one might as well put ones hooks into that because I can’t think of a better way to go out.

0802-AB-JACK.  Well, adapt yourself as an elder statesman. And allow some of the younger, more energetic entities – mortal entities – the opportunity to practice their attainment, and offer your guidance and counsel as an elder statesman.

Geoff: Well, there are a few people that don’t see me exactly in that role.

0802-AB-JACK.  Well, but don’t try to teach those who won’t learn.

Geoff: Yes, well, I have a youthful side to my behavior that tends to be a bit eccentric. I’m a musician; I play in a rock band, and I design gardens and things like that, so –

0802-AB-JACK.  Well, that is not as eccentric as it may once have been.

Geoff: No!

0802-AB-JACK.  It’s quite contemporary these days.

Geoff: Yes! Music is a wonderful thing, actually, to reach a person’s heart without having to go through the mind. Music pretty much cuts through a lot of those divisions.

0802-AB-JACK.  Yes, but it’s not going to help them make decisions, soul-saving decisions.

Geoff: No. Well, actually–

0802-AB-JACK.  That requires a little grey matter.

Geoff: Exactly.

0802-AB-JACK. But, getting them into a place where they feel comfortable with themselves, such that they are able to look at the thoughts that bubble up, for them to entertain and make decisions about, is helpful. It’s like our conversation. It puts you in the mood to think about it, and so it’s helpful. It’s not the end all be all; your ministry, my ministry, millions of ministries only supplement and assist the real work which is that between the mortal and its maker – that betrothal that is so personal we can only encourage them to find it and engage in it because … we’ve got ours! We’ve got our path. The thing to do is to encourage others to find theirs. And then we can share in the bounty. We can all stand in the light of one another.

Geoff: Thank you, Jack.


0802-AB-JACK. Thank you, Geoff. Don’t try to push it while you’re visiting your homeland and having adventures. Enjoy yourself. Find these days precious but, if you can, develop a practice of conscientiously going apart by yourself (at the same time every day, ideally) and that becomes then a dependable aspect of your character.

Geoff: Oh, absolutely.

0802-AB-JACK.  That you can use–

Geoff: I love the stillness now.

0802-AB-JACK.  — to your advantage, yes.

Geoff: It used to be a chore but it’s anything but now, I can assure you.

0802-AB-JACK.  That’s exactly right. It’s like moving into spiritual fragrance.

Geoff: Indeed. Well, thank you, Jack. I’ll back off and let somebody else …

0802-AB-JACK.  Thanks very much, Geoff. There is time for another exchange.


Self Realization

Somehow I want to convey to you before I sign off for the evening, the importance of respecting your own heart, your own soul, your own space, your own being. Yes, you want to engage in self-forgetfulness so that you can be of service and not constantly be stubbing your toe and tripping over yourself in your own concerns and needs and desires and urges and ambitions and all the things that flesh is heir to. Yes, you do want to become self-forgetful but you don’t want to forget yourself to the point that you don’t take care of yourself.

You need to know yourself, and respect yourself, and once it has become secure, then you can become self-forgetful. And teach and preach and harmonize and work and play from a strong vantage point. If you just go off and burn yourself off willy-nilly, you won’t endure. You will fall flat on your face and have to start back at the beginning and I know that a certain amount of that is necessary, inevitable, but I just want you to take care of yourself. Be good to yourself.

If you are good to yourself and you know how it feels to be good to yourself in the proper way, you will want to be good to others also. You want to do unto others as you want them to do unto you. You want them to be good to you — not necessarily to spoil you or indulge you or tolerate you, but to be good. Jesus went about doing good. I don’t mean “goody-two-shoes.” I don’t mean people-pleasing and saying things just to try to impress people and get them to leave you alone or whatever lesser purpose. Just be good to each other and be good to yourself. Later!

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