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LLN335- Contrasts


Lightline #335


1Topic: Contrasts
2Group: Lightline TeaM
1Teacher: Voice Within, LIGHT
2TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.


Topic: Contrasts

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Voice Within, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, what a joy it is to assemble with all these loving material friends here on this end of the line, our end of the circuitry that we form together willing to engage with spirit, willing to be with you our Divine Parents in this process, willing to seek your counsel in any way we may receive your divine wisdom. It is this desire that brings us close to you, this innate sense of wishing to be near you, wishing to follow you and be with you. We thank you for all of your emissaries of light which are sent to us in this process and we would now welcome your engagement, welcome our increased awareness of your engagement and proceed in faith like we do each and every time and we find you when we seek you, each and every time it is so. Thank you.

Inner Voice: [Mark] Greetings this evening, it is my distinct pleasure to barge into the classroom as it were, I am this ones Inner Voice and although I haven’t been at this conference in a while, I have been summoned. I have been summoned by the desires of your hearts because in this discussion about this contrast that you have observed, this dichotomy, these things which happen side by side, apparently to you, It is my desire that you know that I am there with you through this process as you observe the distinction before you, the examples of great goodness and beauty, paralleled by the examples of need and sadness. Observe with me these circumstances.

You have been told in your text that I am called the Thought Adjuster, and that is for the reason that it is my task, ever and enduring, to gently nudge the perspective of your thoughts into ever higher and higher realms and as has been contributed here, to begin to witness that you see things in a different light, in a different way, an ever higher and more divine light, an ever higher way to see the same circumstances which changes the circumstances. This ability to see life through the lens of a more divine filter provides for you the means for you to change it, for you to alter it, for you to see it in a different light and therefore experience it in a different way.

When you see great need laid out for you, it is possible for you to look at that through the lens of the divine and realize that it is a cry for love that is in need of receiving love. When you see great altruistic efforts put forward which helps brothers and sisters around you, likewise, you will see it through this divine lens and you will realize that this is the implementation of love, this is the cry of love being expressed. As you may have heard, all things boil down to a cry of love or a cry for love, at least as you are able to distinguish them so far but the more you grow spiritually, the more you are able to see the tone and the hues of love permeate all things.

Those things which you may observe to be distasteful or inconsistent with divine love and pattern, you may register but not participate, you may observe but not choose and in so doing, your energy is channeled either to what you choose or away from what you do not choose. This is how great change comes to an individual and then subsequently to a world, to a culture, to a planet. First there is the observing through the right lens so that one determines the appropriateness of any action witnessed before you and then comes the discernment, the choosing. Do you choose to support this given activity or do you withdraw your support by simply not choosing it. When enough of you on a planet, in a culture on a world follow suit, then those things which are not consistent with divine pattern simply wither away, they lose the energy.

It was mentioned here earlier that such a thing as this call contains a certain life energy of its own and you are quite correct. This is as a direct result of your choosing it and your supporting it with your energy. Even if it is not done every time consistently, it is supported enough by enough individuals that it exists unto itself. Any one individual may fall away and others may join and the continuum exists of even an etheric thing such as the circle formed by this call. Likewise are the policies and actions of your world, they must be supported by enough individuals to give them life, they must be promoted by those who would choose them. If they are forsaken and not chosen, they wither and die just as those things which are not portraying divine attributes simply become further and further away from the divine and eventually cease to exist. Those things that do nurture and portray divine attributes come closer and closer to the divine, they are supported more and more by spirit and they grow and thrive.

This is where I come in in your perception of your world. I am always there to nudge you in the higher way, to suggest choosing the better and higher and more divine pattern over the lesser and lower patterns before you. You are coming more and more to sense my presence as we engage in this process of discernment together. I would support this notion that there is a moment of the eternal now and you are in that moment; you are even in that moment of the eternal now of perception, albeit you cannot embrace that grand a concept right now. But, you will come to see one day, if you will, that there has been this continuum of you that has begun in imperfection that has transcended through this time of experience and perfecting and ultimately arrive at this moment of relative perfection, even culminating in absolute perfection and all these moments exist just as this moment exists.

This concept of no time and yet every moment is simply too grand a concept to hope to instill in mortals of the realm as you are trapped and surrounded by time, you cannot escape the paradigm of time in your thinking. And so it is that you see yourselves plodding through this time line that you are on, beginning, middle, and end. But I tell you that this beginning, middle, and end are but one of the moments on your grand time line and you will see when you leave this dimension of time, how restricted you were in your thinking because of your existence of being born, of aging, and of passing. But this is part of the divine plan, to provide you this contrast, to provide you this experience so it is my pleasure to join you as a timeless being through your experience of time which is our experience of time.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity you provide me to be with you throughout this process and for you to be with me throughout eternity. Thank you for the opportunity to dialog with you in this way. It is my pleasure to join you and to speak to you from within for I speak as your Inner Guide would speak. I speak with the sentiments of all of the Voices Within when I express gratitude for our relationship and the experience that has been granted us through this magnificent gift of grace from our Divine Parents. Let it be so and let it be filled with awareness and joy and gratitude that it is so and let peace pervade our entire experience. I thank you all for listening. I now withdraw back into my recessive posture, only to await the next opportunity to co-mingle with you in whatever fashion may be permitted, thank you.

Henry: Thank you Mark. Greetings to all of you this evening in this circle of light, circle of love and friendship. Father/Mother, we thank you for this circle of light and love, Light and LIfe. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Inner Voice: [Henry] Greetings this evening, it is good to be here and continue in the vein of thought which is being presented on the topic board. I also am the Voice Within. I can’t help but think this topic is the story of the universe; the act of perfection coming down into imperfection and slowly organizing, teaching, training, and creating perfection and at some point, continue nourishing and supporting this creation till it someday attains perfection. That certainly is a universe story.

But the part that becomes aware of perfection, the part much like yourselves, nurtured by spirit with an indwelt presence form perfection to gently navigate, nudge, and steer the mind of a human life, the evolving spiritual awareness of a person that has universe survival potential. The part about attaining a certain understanding and a certain resonance with perfection and all the while standing in the midst of something that is something less than what you are experiencing, less than what you want to experience but is just as real nonetheless.

You see, perfection and imperfection are both real, very real. This is why they are able to exist on the same level because they are both in reality now. The difference in imperfection and perfection is not that one is real and one is not real, [it] is that perfection imparts something to imperfection which is like a catalyst and it creates a quantum shift. This is what perfection does. On a personal level, as a single human being, what this means is that if you see a greatness within yourself, you begin to feel a tremendous compassion for the need around you to help bring others to your standard of awareness, to your level of practice, to your depth of consciousness.

So all the while like a catalyst which exudes its essence into a neutral matrix and causes it to change, to shift, of course if you are talking about a resin, yes, it will harden a mass. But if you are talking about consciousness, you are talking about seeding consciousness with thoughts of light, with acts of love and compassion which exemplify a being indwelt with perfection. The levels of perfection shift from Paradise outward and the levels of perfection shift from thought to actually achieving that which can be thought.

So all are indwelt with the ever manipulating spirit Indwelt Presence which are constantly shifting and manipulating and interjecting into your thought stream of consciousness and shift you in the direction of thought as well and actually in a sense, subliminally putting the thought in your head and then beginning to show you as an echo, the thought and then having in your mind the thought being repeated to you by others until you come to the point where you can speak the thought yourself and own the thought and then proceed from that point and begin to manifest [it] in an action and own that action. It is the act of taking a thought and putting it into action which constitutes spiritual growth, especially if those thoughts are in sync with the order of things, the attaining of a greater awareness, a greater insight into each moment, into what you are doing, into what you are thinking, how you are applying this to your life, how is it affecting the quality of your life and how are you affecting the quality of other lives.

So this contrast between perfection and imperfection is this contrast of a part which is like a catalyst, changing the whole, and as more and more parts develop, the greater experience the whole is receiving and the greater momentum is shifting within the whole. Yes, certainly a great universe story, the part and the whole, of perfection as viewed from imperfection and vice versa. On one end, the end you’re on, in a certain sense you see perfection from a sense of imperfection, from not seeing perfection at work. You are particularly having the ability to distinguish what it is which perfection expresses, how perfection expresses, how it expresses itself within your mind because it will express itself slightly differently in each mind, all similar yet different and you constantly vacillate within your own self between that which has been worked on, has become more perfect, and that which needs to be worked on which is less perfect.

So the levels of perfection and imperfection exist between everything living and as you traverse the universe career and the ascension career you will grow in an awareness of how perfection has come down and organized imperfection and slowly through intelligent, loving devotion, through compassionate and just care, through a tremendous trust as is established in spirit, you begin to understand more and more the quality of perfection. Your growing sense of awareness will create a tremendous desire at some point to actually be in perfection and be perfect in perfection as a complete whole part as you will become as a finaliter to Paradise. This desire will continue to grow and its awareness will create a tremendous foundation of trust within.

Yes, back here where you are now, in the beginning, become aware how relatively lucky you are to have achieved the first step of consciousness, to actually begin to live in a better and more perfect way of relating to your life in cooperation with being spirit led. Truly an adventure, a lotus coming out of the entwined muck of the pond to radiate a momentary acknowledgement of beauty. With that thought I will leave you this evening. Thank you very much for this circle of friendship to come into, to be with all of you who are here and to share these words. I now step aside, thank you.

Light: [Mark] Hello, I am Light. I really do not wish to obscure any of these thought patterns here tonight but I have been granted the privilege of offering one more little parting perspective if you will and that is; I ask you to consider what if, when you look out at the world of contrast that you see and you realize that things are not as they could be in perfection, what if your vision of perfection was your gift of grace from on high, your realization that things are not in a perfected state, brings to you the consciousness of a higher state, of a better way? What if, instead of becoming discouraged that things are not reconciled with your ideal of this better way as is so common on your world, what if you allowed yourself to go to that future state, that future moment of the eternal now where things are in a more perfected state? What if you allowed yourself to transcend the moment in which your ideal does not exist and proceed to the moment where your ideal does exist?

Then what if you were able to bring that moment back to have and to hold within so that your realization of a more divine scenario, a more perfect pattern was reached for and grasped and brought back into this moment. I tell you, if you were to apply yourself to this technique, then states of perfection which do not currently exist in your immediate environment, they well could exist in your internal environment. These states of more ideal patterns are out there to be grasped, to be latched onto, to be internalized and brought in to be owned.

This is your privilege, this is what happens when you are tweaked with the awareness that there is a divine way, a better way, a higher way, and rather than descending into frustration that it does not exist immediately before you, what if you set out to go find where it does exist and to seize on that moment, to live that moment here in this moment? They are as one. I invite you to consider these possibilities, these potentials before you. They are within your grasp, they are yours as a birthright as a divine being who has an eternal ascension career ahead of them, full of these moments of the eternal now.


It is a lot to consider but you are up to the task so I throw it out to be considered. It is my pleasure to engage you in such topics and thoughts and I look forward to watching where these serves may go and how many may be returned. I bid you all good evening and happy consideration of all that you have been presented with this evening for your edification, farewell

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