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LLN336- Seasons of the Soul

2011-12-15-Seasons of the Soul

Lightline #336


1Topic: Seasons of the Soul
2Group: Lightline TeaM
1Teacher: Michael


Topic: Seasons of the Soul

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael




Student: I just wanted to remark to Michael how delightful it is to sit and listen to him talk. It seems to fulfill some innermost childlike need to sit on the Master’s lap and have him tell a story. There is something in the teller’s voice that is so loving and assuring, I could sit and listen to it by the hour. Unfortunately it takes place in some realm where all my troubles are far away and all my concerns are gone. So I have no thoughts, I have no worries, and therefore I have no questions–which in some ways is a terrible waste of an opportunity. But I am so comfortable listening to these sessions, especially with Michael. For some reason it seems to me they did call him The Comforter. Back in there when they did apply all these names to him, Comforter was one of them. That’s all I wanted to say is, I’m comforted.

(I register within you)

Michael: Well, it is I who need to thank you then, my daughter, for it is within you and within your soul that I register. And you pay me the deepest honor and respect, I’m so glad it works. That is the purpose–just for us to visit for a while, to be together and feel this essence of each other. So I thank you for that recognition and that appreciation. I’m so glad that you can feel my peace.

Student: I can feel it whether I’m hearing your voice or not, but hearing your voice seems to magnify it and bring it down into the temporal realm. It’s very personal, spiritually and humanly.

Michael: Thank you, my dear. And I thank you for all your good work in the kingdom. You have a very true heart and it does come through.

Student: Thank you–I hope so. Just so you’re pleased.

Michael: I most certainly am. Be in my peace.

Student: Well, to add to G’s sentiment of peace, I just wanted to share this beautiful tone. My wife and I have been listening in on this call and my cat has been hanging out here, and she is purring up a storm. It’s just been so beautiful, I wanted to share it real quick. (purring is heard in the background)

Michael: Thank you, my son. See, there’s just something about being together that is enough. It’s the recognition of each other’s infinity–the full extent of our being, which we can only kind-of intuit. But we can learn how to be content without really getting a hold on it, but letting each other be; and then delighting in their personality, their character that does come forth given a chance.

Student: It’s a really beautiful reminder to us of the eternal now, especially when we are spending quiet moments with our cat. She seems to be a master of the eternal now.

(Your priceless human bodies)

Michael: Well, I’ll have to playfully admit that my “now” is a bit bigger than when–I’ll very playfully say–I was stuck in a human body. (laughter) That being stuck in a human body was so priceless the giving up of it was a truly unfathomable thing, even for me, for I did stay with it to the very end. I had such deep love and affection for what my poor body was going through. So, my children, just have appreciation for this flesh and blood, for this living stuff that’s straight from God’s imagination.

Student: I would like to share something personal. (Go ahead) Just recently with the turning of the seasons, we’ve been experiencing a very beautiful, beautiful transformation from Summertime into Fall. The falling of the leaves, and the spirit of the holidays is very abundant where we are. But along with that comes the shortening of the days, and for me personally I’ve been having a little bit of a difficult time. You know sometimes you, quote, “drink too deeply of the cup of sorrow” so to speak. Yet it’s been a very beautiful experience in many ways because it reminds me of those aspects of my life that I am blessed with. And it seems, you know, when I have my moments of clarity I realize how much I learned, and how much I am continuing to learn through these difficult moments where I experience this sort of sadness.

I just thought I’d throw that in the mix because a lot of people suffer with sadness around this time of the year. I thank you for this beautiful circuit we’ve got going here. It’s very calming and I feel very much at peace, as always.

(Seasons of sadness)

Michael: Yes. Thank you, my son. This season of celebration does sometime have that kind of psychological demand to be happy, to be gay, be gone all sadness. That’s why it’s important. But even beyond all that it’s possible to be still and to return to yourself, your own center, your own home base in spirit. Sometimes just feel your own self breathing; feel your heart beating in your own chest and realize you’re not doing that either. It gets you out of the seasonal psychological demand and brings you back to the real stuff of your life, with the real folks of your life.

And when you lose that fear of your sadness, there can be a strange wealth of assurance in that. You are losing your fear of feeling. You’re allowing your whole total self to register just what is happening; and now it’s sad. But in that sadness can be so much vital information about you, about your life. So as soon as you lose your fear of sadness, its nature does change. It’s not that you welcome it, not that it is other than what it is. But as you lose your fear of it, as you ride it out, as you weather another inner storm, maybe a precipitous feeling of dropping from time to time, you do find solid ground. You do come back to your home base in spirit. And your heart is still beating; and it’s another moment, another day coming. And you may not know what it contains either. That’s the way it’s set up. We’re involved in an unfathomable infinity in every dimension, and sadness is one of the true flavors of that infinity. And so my son, I congratulate you on being able to feel. Was there anything else?

Student: No, thank you for that, it gives me a new perspective. Sometimes when you are in the sadness it feels like a void, more than it feels like a rich experience. Well, of course I’ve been through it before, and when you have your discerning eye on it, you realize how much you gain from it in the course of the ah…conflict of the vicissitudes. When you come back from that it just brings so much to everything else.

Happiness–the same way when you have a very ecstatic moment and you can revel in it, and feel the nostalgia for you know that, this moment passes as well. It’s just that back-and-forth balance, as you said–the flavor. I like that word a lot. Thank you very much, I appreciate your counsel.

Michael: Thank you, my son. Keep feeling for my peace.

Well, children, if there are no more questions or comments, I’ll sign off for another time. Another Christmas is coming here. These cycles are reassuring, are they not–these seasons of your world?

(Seasons of the soul)

We just talked about the seasons of your soul as we talked about true sadness–that feeling of nothingness, an empty void, nothing anywhere to get a hold of. They too become a part of your soul. They too give meaning to what it is to feel them slowly give way to sustenance, to life, to feeling, to fullness, to overflowing.

These are the seasons of your soul and then sometimes, yes, you have to be content to slumber under the snow and patiently, ever so patiently with faith, await another Spring. But as your poet expressed so beautifully, “Oh, sweet spontaneous earth”–these marvelous bodies you have, and minds, and spirits, and soul, all being mightily unified as best you can into this real essence of you, this personal being that you are.

This is fulfilling God’s purpose for you and for him–these experiences that you have the courage to feel. For appreciation, my dears: it does originate in you. The truth and the beauty in your life may very definitely have seemed to be just “out there” to be recognized. But the appreciation of it, the feeling of it: this is your deepest worship. This is your deepest thankfulness to God for all he has given of you and for you.

And then I delight in saying, ”My Goodness!”–you look over and here is another one, another human being, another friend with which to share. So we thank our Father for knowing what he’s doing in creating and sustaining us.


Good Evening, my dear ones. Be in my peace.

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