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LLN337- Perfection, Evil, LIGHT

2011-12-22 Perfection, Evil, LIGHT

Lightline #337


1Topic: Perfection
2Group: Lightline TeaM
1Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael, LIGHT
2TR: Henry Z.


Topic: Perfection

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael, LIGHT

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Thank you Mother and Father, our Divine Parents, we ask that you en-circuit us in this circle of energy, this circle of light and this circle of energy and love. Thank you today for this season of compassion celebrating the Master’s triumphant sojourn on Urantia. We thank you Michael for making us very special in the universe as a planet and helping make us special as individuals who share in similar circumstance to your own when you were here.



Inner Voice: Greetings my friends, this is the Inner Voice. It is good to be here this evening to share in this eternal circuit, this eternal love and energy which goes through each and every one of you directly to your own Inner Voice. We thank you all for joining this evening as we continue our exploration into this concept of perfection. We have been talking about how perfection comes into imperfection and adjusts it. What is meant by this is that it is adjusted in consciousness. Perfection is not something that happens on its own. Perfection is brought into reality through consciousness, through consciousness of the individual personality such as yourselves. Bringing in aspects of perfection is your ability to understand the imperfect edge which abuts perfection.

What this means is that in your mind you can see how you really could have things, you have a sense of how things should be, of how you want them, of how you can feel more in tune as a son of God. It is these aspects which in the human personality creates a pattern shift where you can sense where you are in aspects of your life in terms of relative imperfection and relative perfection and this edge between the two is where I as an indwelt Adjuster works. This is where I work in your mind to draw attention to these edges and to help you understand how to move forward in your life and grow and work towards reflecting a greater wisdom of perfection in your choices and in your lives in general.

Again, perfection, even from a Paradise standpoint, is something that must be achieved. For example, when the Creator Son and Daughter leave Paradise to start their universe building adventure, the creating of a universe like Michael and Nebadonia did when they created Nebadon, Nebadon was a concept, a concept which manifested in pattern and energy. But it has been a tremendous task of patience and understanding and wise decisions to guide and govern and steer the universe towards a divine sense of order. We as Adjusters bring a divine sense of order into your consciousness, into your mind.

No two people grasp these concepts in exactly the same way. This is the tremendous co-creative nature of God and man creating a better man, a better woman, a better individual in which to have expressed the divine aspects of ourselves. This is of course a large and general and long term application. The ability as individuals to begin to traverse that road towards perfection, affects every quality and aspect of your life. You cannot on one hand have integrity in one aspect of your life and have no integrity at all in another aspect of your life. So part of perfection is bringing these various discrepancies within the human consciousness to some neutral equilibrium to consciousness where you begin to see the wisdom in changing certain things about yourself, not to mention that many times these things may be mentioned by others.

But until a human has the ability to see these things for themselves in their understanding, then are they able to consciously move forward in a greater understanding of who they are and what they are doing and what must be done in certain areas and aspects of their life. So at first, the inner life is something which is tremendously personal. It is not something which you are ready to share with someone, but gradually this inner life begins to flavor the whole outer life, it begins to be observed by others in the way in which a person is.

This is a tremendously uncomplicated and simple way to look at your reality here on earth. Yes, a lot of times you do not come to an understanding until way past the time that is necessary for you to come to an understanding. There are progressive lives after this one in which you will continue in your understanding and your gravitating towards becoming one with the Inner Spirit presence, with this inner aspect of the divine. This is the spiritual universe curriculum, the ascension scheme, the ascension scheme where you become one with the Indwelt Spirit and are defined at that point. You are defined by a new name, your are defined with a new purpose, a sure and tested way of seeing things and of doing things.

Back to this idea of this edge, this edge between perfection and imperfection, between something that has achieved its intended harmonious state, its perfected state, against something which has not achieved that state yet. This edge is not a boundary and it is not a fence, it is something that merely shows you where this edge is. As this edge begins to move closer to perfection it begins to define itself, it is not so rough, it is not so textured, it is more smooth, harmonious, crystal-like, clear, pure.


It was not long ago we were talking about evil and non-reality as having this textured surface, this rough irregular bumpy surface which kind of catches, it creates situations in reality that disappear once the surface becomes smooth, the surface of the reality. For example, the example of the idea of evil as reality is a tremendously temporary thing, it has no depth. Oh, true, it is intertwined, it is tremendously patterned and it is not easy to get rid of but it is shallow, has no depth, it is mostly just a surface, this irregular rough texture which grates into consciousness, into the forward movement of human society.

This is how evil can be viewed on your world, not so much to define evil, but to show that evil has slowed down, has interfered in the otherwise peaceful progression of the planetary human to come to some semblance of peaceful living, peaceful ideology, peaceful and stressless economic. Imperfection in and of itself is not necessarily evil but evil will never ever become perfect, only perfectly evil, yet the pattern of evil can shift and adjust itself within the consciousness of the individual. In terms of perfection, it is not necessarily that things that need to be changed are all evil or wrong, it is just that behaviors reflect what’s on the inside of the human consciousness in terms of its grasp on you and your experiences. It is tremendously difficult to choose to do something, not because everyone else is but because you feel it is something that you must do for yourself and eventually this begins to translate into others doing the same thing.

So in a certain sense, you are living in a time and space where everyone, no matter where they are, are moving gradually towards perfection and to see everyone else in a positive light no matter how negative some of their behavior patterning may be, some of the bad choices they have made, but your ability to see goodness, potential, your ability to actually see resolution, to see peace, to see that the behavior in society begins to reveal the consciousness of the individual. Your society is not tremendously far from this. A few adjustments and tremendous progress could be made.

It is a fine line between what one must do within ones own consciousness, for ones own reality, and what one must do outside of oneself to help create a greater reality for others. The ability to take responsibility, to help the present situation in human society to bring in more light and consciousness and help share this with others is also an aspect of the impending and growing perfection consciousness within the human soul and within the human mind because it is entirely possible to bring the mind to a soul space like a soul mind, a mind which is consecrated, dedicated, determined to improve the quality of life for not only the individual but for society at large.

This is what we are talking about in terms of being a cosmic citizen. Yes, you are aware of a greater universe and you are aware of things on a large scale, but the task at hand is the world you are in, the person in the body you are, what you have become and what you are doing about it. This is the personal spiritualizing tasks which we are talking about.

We thank you for allowing us to share these concepts with you this evening and I leave you in peace. I will step aside for others to present themselves, thank you.


Michael: Greetings my friends, my brothers and sisters, it is I, Michael. I just wanted to acknowledge and share a few words about the season which is upon Urantia in memory of my birth and acknowledgement of my having been on Urantia and the compassion, joy, and love which is expressed in this holiday season as a result of my presence here on the planet which actually still is here. So as you share this spirit of joy with your family and friends this holiday season, remember to also share the inner life, the inner life of love and compassion with everyone this season and one day this world will truly grow into a consciousness of having Christmas every day of the year, that you will get past the place where you begin to distinguish and see the tremendous potential that each day can bring as Christmas generally does to most of the individuals here. Remember those who are isolated and who have tremendous depression and doubts and insincerity during this season who feel disconnected, find a way in which to connect with a few of these brothers and sisters. Help bring a little light and love and joy also into their lives, especially those who are less fortunate that you are.

I embrace all of you as one large family of brothers and sisters and I praise the Eternal Father who is in the midst of all of us. Thank you for allowing me to share these few words this evening. I hold you in peace, I am never that far away from you that a thought in my direction will not immediately bring me into your consciousness. Thank you and good evening.


Light: Greetings my friends, it is I, Light, here this evening being given an opportunity to share a few thoughts, especially on this light filled holiday where all over your planet there are light decorations everywhere adding to the spirit, the spirit of giving, the spirit of receiving, and I’m not necessarily talking about the commercial kind, but the giving and receiving from the heart and blanketing the night with light and color, with creative imagination. So much of the light on your world is created by electricity, but there is a greater light which is created by thought, intention, understanding and knowledge, action and willful decision.

It is this light reflected through love of which I speak, the light filled spirit of the holiday season, the ability to bring your feelings into perspective, your ability to be thankful and share this thankfulness at this time, allowing each one their own beliefs, their own understanding of this holiday season. Many times the real meaning is hidden within people and it is wonderful such as the one approaching brings out the best in people. Unfortunately, not everyone though, but also continue to exercise compassion and empathy, to shine that light where there is little light this holiday season, where the warmth has grown cold and where the ability to feel connected has resulted in isolation.

Show people that you have the ability to understand what this season is really about for if this idea of the Christmas season could somehow motivate consciousness to a greater understanding, the greater mass of humanity would move with it, move towards this understanding. What is nice about this holiday is that it has results. If these results could be understood in a different light it seems that mankind would want to find ways to improve relations between each other, would want to create situations in which people smiled more, people live in less fear, that a great nation such as yours would have tremendous security, less stress.


Continue to pour forth this light within your life with those that you love and those that you do not even know as of yet. I thank you for allowing me these few thoughts, I leave you in peace, thank you.

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