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LLN391- Moralty and Ethics

2013-03-07-Moralty and Ethics
Lightline #391


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Intro to TeaM, Morality & Ethics
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Secondary Midwayer 0802-AB “Jack”, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Presence
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Intro to TeaM, Morality & Ethics
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Secondary Midwayer 0802-AB “Jack”, Tomas
TR: Gerdean


Prayer: Father God, Mother Spirit, thank You for being so much a part of our lives, for being those loving entities and values that we are eager to reach for, eager to please, eager to become like. Help us learn and grow as healthy children into wise adults. Give us the eyes to see and the ears to hear that which will further the cause of truth, beauty and goodness. Thank You for these people here this evening that come to experience this process that we call T/Ring that we have co-created as a platform, as a forum of praising You and sharing our efforts to get to know You better — as well as ourselves and each other — for in this way we will grow into light and life. Give us the guidance that we need to absorb that which You would reveal to us, that which we would receive through Your Son, our Master, Michael. Amen.


0802-AB-JACK:  Jack here. Hi, all. I am a secondary midwayer, familiar with this group and many of the personalities that are tuned in. We’ve developed some rapport over the years. I have known Gerdean since 1968, although I have not been around all this time. I spent quite a long stint in the Far East with some interesting results, and am now focused again on the efforts in your budding culture here that we understand to be the Teaching Mission. There are those who might think it is a result of an entity called …

(Where is it? Well, I don’t have access to the word right now. I regret that the transmitter I use is not as sharp as she once was. I don’t mean to say you are getting senile, Gerdean, but you have been busy all day in one ministry or another and it could be you are showing signs of fatigue, so I will not make demands of you.)

Social architect. Yes. That is correct. It is as if a social architect culled together a number of like-minded people, kindred spirits if you will, and structured the circumstances such that the seed was planted and it grew like a bad weed some 20 years ago.

It is a timely addition to the onward march of accelerated efforts to proselytize the advancing realities of cosmic consciousness. The interesting thing is that it is happening planet-wide, this “spirit pressure,” if you will. The only thing that sets the Teaching Mission apart is that its source was through the well organized channels of the Urantia movement, and the Urantia Book was and is at the heart of its devotees.

This text is the fount of inspiration that served to expand the consciousness of the participants such that they were able to develop a relationship with their own souls, and this augmentation of power by the simple understanding of your divine nature as a part of you, not only as a part of Paradise, enlarges the personality manifestations such that you appear, to some, super-human or super-emotional. This has frightened many people; it has been construed as ego (and often is ego) but any self-expression can be deemed ego because the self is indeed a part of it. It is only as the self-conscious soul recognizes itself and begins to refine itself through consciousness of its being that this state of attainment can be claimed and enjoyed.

I don’t know if that was necessary. I got on a bit of a ramble there, as is wont to happen when I have gained access to your ears, and I am mindful of the influence my words have to those who are listening enrapt to what message might be conveyed in this way. I would loathe to convey misinformation or in any way contribute to misunderstanding, although I will disclaim some over-conscientiousness by remembering that Jesus did not worry about whether or not he was understood. He did not worry about being misunderstood.

He went about doing what he did without second-guessing himself, particularly as he attained increasing levels of self mastery, even to the mastery of his own mind, and this is in fact our goal, or one of our goals, because when you have a mind that is completely trained to follow the spirit leading, you have, in fact, a great soldier of the circles, and when they together bond or form compatible working arrangements, they are indeed a formidable group. We are still in the process of cultivating the workers. And it will take some time, but the work has commenced and the results of the labors are immense.

I will change the subject here for a moment simply because I am fully aware I am focusing these comments to the new person and there are others here who have knowledge of this already who might want to hear about something else, who might have a need for a morality story, a parable of some kind, a moment of armchair psychology, or a look into your methods of ministry to discern where you might improve, or whatever it is you bring to the configuration. I am here as a liaison and there are many others who are here in the Teacher Corps and in the work that would serve if called. Are there questions? Are there topics for discussion? Concerns for the evening? Do the *6 thing to open the avenue of communications and we will overhear your utterances.

Eva: Hi! Yes, I have a question. Hello Gerdean, and thank you so much.

0802-AB-JACK:  This sounds like Eva.


Eva: It is Eva! Hi, Jack. What happens to the mind, speaking of ministry, when we are attempting to minister to someone who is under the haze of Alzheimers? Where is the Adjuster? Can progress still be made?

0802-AB-JACK:   Oh, by all means! The spirit itself hears every word, whether the human machine, the brain, registers your words, your value. The TA, the spirit indwelling the patient, is mindful and naturally this encourages the Adjuster — similar to how you might think a caregiver would appreciate someone coming by to commend their work. Everyone who serves enjoys a doff of the hat for the work they do. Even God likes to be acknowledged. And so to come and speak to the TA is entirely appropriate, whether the human understands the nature of the exchange or not.

You have seen studies of the fellow who introduced the concept that the very configuration of water can be changed by positivity. (Yes) Well, the same thing can derive when you are in the presence of people who are ill. If you bring that kind of calm pure presence, that spirit reality into their presence; they are affected by it, even as they resist it. They cannot help but be affected by it, and their cells, their very molecules will respond to the spirit, and so it behooves you to pass by, for even in passing by, your spirit will reach out and encourage everything in its purview.

I very poorly expressed the idea that spirit can operate above and beyond you. You are the vehicle that carries spirit around and as you participate in the act of praying, you participate in the act of healing. And prayer, of course, does not have to be a formal message, it can be an attitude, and so as you sit with someone, hold their hand, feed them something, scratch their back, spend loving time with them. Even if they don’t know who you are, they are gaining from the experience simply by your presence. That will give them peace. It is a ministry. Is that what you meant?

Eva: Yes! Absolutely! That’s so comforting. That feels wonderful. I do like that you mentioned, “even if they resist” for resist they do!

0802-AB-JACK:   Yes, and for many reasons! Much of it has to do with their feeling that if they succumb to that gentle touch, they will melt away entirely and lose all control, and they are holding on ferociously for their own survival. They don’t, perhaps, realize the relaxation and relief might help them through the transition (Right.), through the experience. But the animal mind balks and the human mind resists, even though the cosmic mind assures you and encourages you in the Way.

Eva: So they do have access; the spirit has access to the cosmic mind. They may not.

0802-AB-JACK:   Absolutely. You may also sit at the side of a patient that is unconscious (Yes) and talk to them and they receive something. It may not be the conscious voice that you’re accustomed to, but the – what do we say, “vibes”? – the essence, the reality of what you want to convey is conveyed.

Eva: Many people who have had a passing on of sorts and then been brought back by medicine will tell me that they heard everything so they did not lose the ability to hear, whether it was their cosmic mind or – well, I guess if you leave, you don’t take your mortal mind with you. When we speak of spirit, are we talking about the indwelling spirit or is there a larger…?

0802-AB-JACK:  There is a larger composite because you have the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth as well as the spirit of the Father. There are many, many facets of spirit, but they all come from the original I AM, the First Source and Center, which has shared itself with existence such that it is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, not always through personality, not always through identity, but always in service to the universe.

Eva: Yes, thank you. That resonates. Thank you.

0802-AB-JACK:   Nice to hear from you again

Eva: Oh, thank you. Nice to hear from you.

0802-AB-JACK:   What’s going on with the fellows?

Calvin: Okay, this is a question. Could you talk a little bit about morality and ethics?

0802-AB-JACK:   Yes! One moment, Calvin. I have someone who would very much enjoy talking with you about that. Just a moment, please.

Calvin: Thank you.

TOMAS:  Greetings. I am Tomas, your teacher. I am delighted to be invited into your forum to spend some time talking you on the topics of morality as well as ethics. They are both fruits of the spirit, if you will. They are the effects of a soul saturated in divine affection and reality. It is not possible for true sons to be immoral or to deliberately cheat or deceive another. It is not possible. So if you see immorality, you are seeing someone who is not born of the spirit or who has not made the connection somehow that morality is the effect of a religious nature, a spiritual nature. You could no more hurt someone than you would kick the dog or pull wings off of flies. It’s just not possible.

It [immorality] is eminently possible in the semi-civilized mortal who has not attained a level of consciousness that would inherently promote morality, but at some point in the ascension plan, that comes about. And as you ascend that ladder of psychic circles, you will begin to see who has gone before you and who has yet to attain what you have attained through your experience. Not to say, of course, that there cannot be any finger-pointing or fine-tuned criticism in that regard, because it is not a cut-and-dried science, but it does have some value, some speculative value that can enable you to handle your relationships with others with grace and aplomb and with tact and tolerance when dealing with those who have not yet perceived what you perceive.

Some of the ways that you can deal with this is the way it is dealt with in the kingdoms of men, that being lawsuits and such, but as you know, you are not urged to go to law with one another but to work it out as brothers, as sons of the Father, for this practice in and of itself implies that you are able to do it; you are that evolved; and it is the preferred way. Jesus has faith in you that you can do these kinds of things, so there is an effort made to be moral and then to be ethical. There is some very fine-line philosophy involved in this much argument, but there is a certain core purity that will reveal what is possible and you must strive for the highest and the finest. As a son of god I am sure you will, and when you see that it is not being practiced by others, steer clear … be as wise as serpents and as peaceful as doves.

There are many people who attempt to go into enemy territory in order to teach them a lesson. This is rather arrogant. It is not necessary to go into someone else’s territory to teach them a lesson. If they come on your turf, if they get in your face, then you can deal with it according to your terms and the terms that you have inaugurated with your fellows, for the real work of such judgment is social. I perhaps am off base, but I think the point is clear enough that “First make the tree good, and when the tree is good, it will give forth good fruit.” If it doesn’t, it needs trimmed back. And sometimes we need to trim our own branches. If we see we have developed a dead branch, we ourselves must cut it off so as to be productive for the master.

Calvin: That was very helpful. Thank you. And it was great to meet you.

TOMAS:  Likewise! Thank you! I enjoy a rapport with a great many students and it is always a joy to get to know one more. I always get to learn something from you as well as you learning from me so it behooves me to pay attention.

Calvin: Thank you.

TOMAS:  Thank you for your question, yes.

0802-AB-JACK:  Jack’s back. I didn’t know if you wanted Tomas again or not. I cut him loose. He is over there in the panel, but this is Jack. Any other questions? Anything else you want to discuss?

Lee: I do have a question about the trials through our lives. I know it has grown me a lot, but it seems the trials come at me time and time again and I’m getting to the point where I am not as anxious about them. Many of them have come at great surprise, and it has actually led me to become more spiritual, but I just want to know why some people have more trials than others.

0802-AB-JACK:   I guess you could say “It’s the luck of the draw.” (Chuckles) When the Thought Adjusters look at their future assignment to volunteer to indwell a mortal, they have some idea of the situation they are getting into; they know how savage or civilized the world is that they are going to and as far as the person, they have an idea of the circumstances they will be going into and if they didn’t go, they wouldn’t have the experience of the human existence. That’s how they learn about the outer worlds is through you, thus the Supreme is enhanced. They aren’t always very civilized these worlds, you know.

Lee:    Boy, I’ll say!

0802-AB-JACK:   It takes some time for some humans to manifest any interest at all in spiritual things, spiritual values. There is nothing for the Adjuster to work with. Eventually and gradually, however, they may come along, find a world like this one, where you live, where I live, and find that it had enough character and substance that they’d like to try it. They volunteer, they look at the files, as it were, they find a family in New Jersey that has these problems, those diseases, that cultural admixture, this religion, this intellect, etc. etc., and says, “I’ll go there because I need the experience.” They also go to Dafur and Arab Emirati. There are stages of life at a great range and indeed, why are some born on a Caribbean Isle and some are born in the desert; why are some born into starvation while some are born into plenty. It’s the nature of the evolution of the world itself.

The Adjuster doesn’t care about whether it is fashionable or not, whether it is civilized or not; it is interested in the soul of the mortal it attaches itself to. It is there to cultivate the soul so that it can gain personality, but like any friendship, it takes two to tango and you hope, of course, that the human will recognize your presence and seek to work with you rather than against you, and …

(Never mind. The T/R is winding down.)

Lee: Thank you.

0802-AB-JACK:  You can feel fortunate where you are that it isn’t worse than it is and I’ll tell you one more thing I’ve come to know, and that is, as you look at the travesties of your earlier life, if you did in fact survive, you will have grown as a result of the experience and of surviving the experience.

Lee:  Oh, yes.

0802-AB-JACK:   You will have a new and valuable perspective. You can say, “I don’t know why I experienced that. No one should have to experience that brutality, starvation or whatever.” And this is true, very true. On a planet this age you should be able to get better treatment, but unfortunately it has had a couple setbacks. You know this. Don’t you know this?

Lee: Oh, absolutely.

0802-AB-JACK:  It is quite backward because of the quarantine, actually, thanks to the Lucifer Rebellion and then the default, so we are overcoming those handicaps through the expression of divine affection such as we talked about earlier, Eva and I, about the power of the spirit. Remember when Jesus said something to the effect of: “In later days, people will be able to do even more than I am doing here and now, than we do, they can do, and so there is much to be learned about what he meant there, and just as science is encouraged to fill in the gaps of what we did not know, what you did not know before the Book was produced, and what you can know today and in the future, there will be progress there, so stick with it, and discover which things can be learned that you don’t know but you won’t know until you pursue the study of it.

Lee: I understand. Can I ask another question?

0802-AB-JACK:  Yes.

Lee:  There seems to be a lot of activity in the space realms that I’m seeing over the internet. I actually did see – are there other people, humans visiting our area, our world?

0802-AB-JACK:  You should know there are student visitors.

Lee: Okay.

0802-AB-JACK:   They are not necessarily arriving, however, in metal ships. Their transports may be of a different caliber or quality. But you can rest assured that student visitors do come and, yes, there is a lot of space activity but there are a lot of limitations, rules and regulations, in place as to who can come into a quarantined world and what for.

Lee: Um-hum. Thank you.


0802-AB-JACK:  Haven’t we had a good time. There is still time for another question or comment if there is one from you. Otherwise, I will offer something here as a parting shot.

The mind is an amazing thing. And the science of mind has barely begun. There is so much more to the science of mind than parts of the brain; more than imagination, more than academics, more than emotion. The spirit of God works with and through your mind, as do many seraphim, enabling you to recognize qualities of divinity in such a way as to get you to pause and ponder these virtues such as mercy and justice and brotherhood and fidelity and those qualities which will enrich and enhance your being as you grow up and as your soul evolves and which the Adjuster will be happy to have on fusion.

There are those who feel they have obtained all they need to attain, having lived their life here, but think beyond your own needs and think about what your Adjuster might appreciate. It has to go to school to learn how to teach you, and when it fails to connect with a human being, it goes to yet more classes. It makes an effort, a constant effort to secure you for life eternal. What can you do to help your Adjuster help you? Think on that.

And thank you for being here this evening. It is always fun to get together with an attentive classroom such as this. Thank you, Tomas, for stopping by, and, all of you who stopped by to observe our Light Line forum this evening, come again! Later!

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