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LLN392- Heart

Lightline #392


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Heart
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Heart
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.


Prayer: [Mark] Thank you for the opportunity Divine Parents to gather together as your children looking to seek your embrace in this experience. We love to join together in this way to rally around and hear what you have to bring to us in these moments when we expand ourselves and allow you to come into our lives. Let it be so, even in this hour, thank you.

Inner Voice: [Mark] Greetings to all this evening. As the discussion has been so well orchestrated ahead of time, I am here to facilitate some more understanding between who you think you are and the Divine Fragment that resides along side with you during your journey. I am this ones Inner Voice and I rejoice at the opportunity to come forward in a manner such as this because each and every time we make an attempt to make this translation of spiritual reality into mortal reality it gives us another chance to express the divine in mortal terms and so I am always willing to embrace such a chance as this provides, thank you.


I come forward today to give further testimony to this relationship, to this association that we share, the two of us. Right now I refer to us as the two of us for it is so. I have been issued from the Divine. I am that spark of the Divine you referred to and I have chosen to make this journey with you, to traverse this eternal experience that you have embarked on alongside you. It brings me great pleasure to share your association in this process. You also have been issued from Divine Source. Your beginning was a gift of grace, a miracle from on high, the creation of a one and only in all the universes upon universes upon universes.

No other individual can exactly share your experience or duplicate your journey, it is yours and yours alone. I have agreed to join you on such a journey because the potentials of what lies before us are so thrilling and encompassing and so, I bring my qualities to the equation. I am that Inner Voice, that small still voice, that inner knowing or awareness or understanding that comes to you in the calm and it is ever my privilege to beckon you to more and more divine values, but it is never my intention to subvert your choice in any way.

I have complete faith and trust in what Divine Source has created in you and that you will, given the choices, make the more and more divine one as we proceed forward. I have staked my claim to divinity, in a sense on you and us and our journey, and I do this because I am in realization of the glory of the plan, the magnitude of the journey before us, the thrill of the accomplishment of having pursued the Divine and discovered It and embraced It. This journey is so magnificent I wouldn’t miss it and neither will you for we shall pursue it together, that homing beacon which calls us evermore in the direction of the Divine, we shall follow it together.

I have been with you since the very beginning, since you first chose to do good and right. I have been resident with you observing and presenting to you a presence, a sense of higher good, of bigger greatness and we have arrived at this place because you have chosen the better way, the higher choice. The desire to pursue spirit has brought us to this place. And so we are in this together, you and I. You are the custodian of all the unique traits that the Father has bestowed upon you that you refer to as you, your personality, your tendencies and traits and I have been issued to accompany you in this journey as the Divine counterpart, the one who knows the way back home, when home is the First Source and Center of all that is.

The question on the table is perhaps what may be done to assist me in my efforts on our behalf? The answer is easy, the simple awareness that I am in the equation, the simple willingness to invite me in with intention and purpose, and the sincere desire to work together. These are the gifts that you may give to the One who has provided the entire experience for you, the gifts of your choice, the gifts of making manifest and real your desire to seek and to find your Divine Parents. This is what you can offer, this is what you can bring, this is what you do in your daily choosing to move in the direction of spirit and this is what brings us to this place, this plateau of awareness, this degree of understanding that you possess even now as to your relationship with me, as to our relationship in this equation.

It is really far more simple than one may think. It is so basic and so simple that it is often overlooked. It is truly foundational to your being and yet it may take a lifetime to discover. So I applaud all of you who have discovered, who are trying to discover and who will discover these truths. It will be by your efforts that you gain the footing that you need to rise to the challenge and make the climb into spiritual awareness. I take this opportunity tonight boldly because I seldom get such an opportunity as this to speak freely, if you will, for my influence is behind the scenes, is most in the background of your interpretation.

I have always been there since your earliest memories and so how would you distinguish me as different that you. I am there when you enjoy the sense of having done something righteous. I am there when you are confronted with choices which illustrate divine and moral components. I have always been there so far as you can remember and our relationship has been growing and growing throughout this experience. It would be wonderful for you to fully come into awareness of our relationship in this mortal dimension, but not required. We have an eternity before us, you and I. We have signed up for the long journey and we have shoved off and embarked on this journey together whether we are both in full realization of this or not.

So be it Divine Parents, we have launched and we are proceeding in your direction. We know that this is a divine journey that you have prepared for us and laid out before us. We accept this journey, this gift of grace and we proceed forward in faith that all we have need of will be provided and all that you have in store for us will be bestowed as we proceed forward in faith. Let it be so because it is your desire Divine Parents and it is ours. Thank you for this window of opportunity you have provided here this evening. I accept it as a gift of grace that it is. I now relinquish this spotlight because it is such a gift, I offer it to be shared by others. Thank you for hearing my words. To ears that can hear, let them hear, thank you.

Voice Within: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is another voice from within here to give other examples of this dynamic relationship which we share, me and you. In a sense I am truly a Paradise Seed and I say Paradise Seed because I actually am pre-Paradise but the notion to indwell a humanoid person on a planet on the edge of space and guide this child home to Paradise is one of the greatest gifts which can be given to God. So in this respect I say, I am a Paradise Seed growing within you, not only revealing to you who you are, but revealing something greater than you, a sense of beauty, a sense of happiness, a sense of relationship, a sense of proportion, perfection, quality, love, awareness, consciousness, to indwell a human mind as a child, those delicate connections, these delicate connections which grow into awarenesses through decisions and actions, through divining who it is you are becoming.

We do treasure these relationships, these tremendously intricate and dimensional relationships and I say dimensional because we are working on all levels in your mind. As a human you understand that the quality of mind can affect the quality of your human vehicle, your human body, the quality of your life, the quality of your relationship with others. It is interesting to speculate as to what you can do to facilitate this intimate contact, this individual one to one intimate and personal relationship. I tend to look at it as, what is best that a human does not do or what it is that humans do that interfere and get in the way of facilitating conscious awareness of a dimension which lives within, a dimension of truth and righteousness, a dimension of self consciousness, a dimension of compassion, of beauty, of character?

A lot of the mental conditions that humans adapt and practice can interfere. For example, things like worrying, thinking that you are not worthy, feelings of shame, feelings of guilt albeit genuine human feelings but feeling which do not lift the mind to a higher consciousness, things which keep the mind in ruts, in tapes that keep playing over and over, things which human minds hold on to which are not real. They are things that the mind is telling itself to make you feel good, thinking that you could believe this, assumptions, fabricating factual information in your own mind, distorting your sense of perception and reality.

The Adjuster thrills at those moments the mind consciousness becomes aware of whatever it is the Adjuster is working on in the mind, the areas of your mind, the areas of your personality, how you are looking at the lessons that you are going through. Are you learning from these lessons? Are you growing? So there is a tremendous amount within the human mind which renders it non-productive. It is tremendously difficult to grasp and perceive opportunities and act upon them if your mind is in some altered state, feeling that you are not worthy, my belief system could never allow this, I am ashamed, I feel guilty because I am human, all of these things which the Adjuster is completely aware of.

Part of our journey here and now with you is to bring consciousness of our presence, that we are working within you and that as you live life you begin to discover, you discover truth, certainties about yourself, realities about yourself, you begin to change habits, shift your mind to accept things which it was not able to accept previously for in the facts of reality, all things are related, all ideas, all notions, everything you act upon is all related. Part of developing into a personality, a wonderful and fragrant and beautiful personality, is activity. You can’t lock yourself into a cocoon thinking you don’t have to make any choices, you don’t have to be responsible for anything.

Well, certainly this is not true. You should become responsible for that which is given to you and your own thought, your own creative energy, the possibilities which can exist if only you accept that they can exist, because as long as you are telling yourself this can’t happen, this can’t exist, I can’t go there, it is only a matter of time before you begin to see well, maybe I can go there and maybe I can do this and maybe I can accept this. Growing is letting go of what is past so that the hands and the mind, the spirit in the body is pleased to grasp that which is coming, to grasp what is here now.

The greatest demonstration of a spiritual nature is for a human to truly live the golden rule, to do unto others as you would have others do unto you, to actually believe and practice that in your ability to actually love them as humans, and not to accept all of their behavior but to genuinely love them as a soul, a personality, a potential child of God of the universe. Who knows, you may be living out eternity with these personalities that right now are tremendously difficult for you to accept because you see their behavior as a threat to you.

Opening up, relaxing, letting go, sensing creative endeavor, potential, feeling oneness with the Divine, feeling as a child suckling at the mother is the relationship of the human mind and the Adjuster. It is nurturing, knowledge can set you free. Will, understanding, these are spiritual tools which the Adjuster uses to work within your mind. To grow in understanding is eventually to demonstrate more compassion and greater love, patience and peace, acceptance. It is very difficult to live in a state of excitement of a spiritual sense.

If you are in states which entertain negative types of thought which bring you down closer to the earth plane so that you are just hovering over it, hitting everything as you are trying to smoothly move across it, feeling that you can’t go anywhere, that you have no choice, some of the negative stuff doesn’t have to be tremendously dramatic. Find out within yourself what it is that holds you back from truly expressing you because the Adjuster is working to have you fully express yourself in whichever form this expression takes whether it be in the arts, creative, whether it be in family relationships, whether it be in community service and leadership.

Almost every social institution on your planet needs help. You have so much to give, to express. Adjuster consciousness begins to give rise to thoughts of need, you need to express yourself, you need to grow, you need to change. Need and desire go hand in hand in a spiritual sense. This all interweaves with your earth journey. Each of you is involved in some aspect of the social human nature, the institutions. The Adjuster brings color, brings fragrance, brings dimension and depth, transformation to the table, to any situation. Adjuster consciousness is always fair, rarely one sided, harmonious, seeking to find the middle ground in which things can work.

Think of me as a negotiator, negotiating your thoughts, able to organize them in a way in which [my] mind can begin to slip and meld into yours that you don’t even notice. I am so smooth you think it is your own thought. It is not important that I take credit, what is important is that you have the thought. Possibly you may act upon it. This is another aspect to human nature which greatly pleases the Adjuster, the indwelt subject acting upon this higher thought, acting upon the thought options which are presented, disguised.

It gives me great pleasure to give voice in this format and pleasure is a purely human emotion. It is more in synch with who I really am and who you are really becoming. I thank you for allowing me these brief thoughts to meld with your own mind and your own thoughts, to generate notions and ideas to add to the overall dimension and quality of your lives. I thank you for this space this evening. Go in peace, thank you.

MICHAEL:   [Mark] Indeed, I am Michael of Nebadon, I am a Creator Son. I am your Divine Parent but as well I am in a very real sense, your sibling, for I have trodden the very earth that you now traverse. I understand the mortal existence. I have invested myself in this understanding the better that I may relate to you, my children and my siblings. This experience that I gained has offered me the opportunity to bid all of those who are my siblings, my relations, my offspring, I have gained the position to bid you all follow me.

You are familiar that I gave this encouragement to my apostles, to follow me, and indeed at that time we were focused on my life and my teachings. But to you who I say, follow me, I offer you the opportunity of an even greater perspective of my life as the way, for I have traversed the very paths that you are walking. I have come to spirit as you are coming to spirit. I have made the moral and ethical choices responsible for bringing me to a greater awareness of spirit just as you are doing. So when I say follow me, I am implying not only the living of my life in the flesh, but my choosing to be in awareness of my relationship to my Inner Voice and thus to the Father above for these examples I have set for you so that when I say follow me, I mean follow me in my attainment of this awareness, I mean follow my choices that I made to bring me to this awareness, I mean follow me in the execution of the life of a mortal of the flesh who has chosen awareness and who seeks to include the Divine Fragment of the Father more fully in life’s circumstances.

Even when I beckon you to follow me, it is to follow me through the portal of death, really the transition from one dimension into the next for I have traversed this path as well. I have gone before you and assure you that this path that you follow insures great rewards and gifts of grace. I have traversed these paths and so when I say follow me, I assure you that I know of your journey, I know of your struggles, your choices, your opportunities for I have experienced them as you do now. In addition to your Divine counterpart, your Voice Within, I offer you my assistance if you should only choose to invite me in for I have a special affinity for all my siblings who are traversing these paths that I am familiar with and so I offer to come and offer my guidance and assistance on route and thus I commit to you that if you follow me, I will lead you. Let it be so Divine Parents, that all my siblings, all the children of Divine Parents follow each other through these portals of experience, through these episodes of life in faith that those who have gone before them have blazed a trail and are beckoning their brethren to a glorious new and better experience on route.

Once again I leave you all with this encouragement that I do bid that you follow me and I will be there to assist you whenever you choose to do so and so I can usher you in to all that the Father has in store for us for I came to blaze the trail and to demonstrate to all the steps required and all those miraculous encounters were as a result of my union and partnership with my Divine counterpart and the connection that that establishes is the First Source and Center, the Father of all. I encourage you as well to establish this connection. It is a virtual certainty that you will do so. It is only up to you as to the when and under what circumstances. I have shown you the way and beckon that you follow me and while I support your finding your way, I encourage you to move in the direction that I have moved and you should attain the same divine grace.

So be it, I pray to Divine Source that all of you enjoy the passage, enjoy the journey, take in to the full the experience that has been provided. And to the extent that you are able to embrace this relationship that you have with the Divine, your journey will be made more full and your experience more vast. This is my prayer for all of you in this hour, that you gleam the most that this experience of grace has to offer and take it with you as part of you and have this to offer to the Supreme and to your Divine Parents who have made it all possible so that they may share in this with you, with us.


MICHAEL:    I thank you all for directing your intentions towards spirit and I hope you all have found something in this evenings dedication to comfort you. Know that you are loved, you are even cherished as one among universes of universes which is unique and special and therefore cherished by your parents. Thank you all, I leave you all in peace but never leave you entirely, farewell.

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