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LLN393- Human is Expansible

2013-03-21-Human is Expansible
Lightline #393


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Something Human is Expansible
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Something Human is Expansible
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, welcome. Welcome Nebadonia. Welcome especially your Holy Spirit. Let it be with us and help us feel it; help us be aware of your presence. You’ve been requested by special demand to stand in Michael’s stead tonight, so we’ll acknowledge your unique being. Obviously, this will be a mystery for us for some time to come–just how the two of you can be so intimate and One–not only with each other but with the Trinity, and still be very separate, distinct, unique beings. But we look forward to meeting you, ever and ever closer as the ages roll on. Amen.


NEBDONIA:  Good evening. This is your Mother Spirit and I welcome you right back. It’s good to be with you. It’s good to be with my children and so I invite you to imagine you’re me. Just close your eyes and ask yourself, how big is it “in here”? Are there any limits spatially “in here”?” Now imagine that this “in here”–this most intimate being of you, extends out and out and out until it touches all my other sister spirits. As I’ve said before, we are to each other like bubbles in foam. We delineate each other’s boundaries in space.

Then imagine, inside you, “in here,” you have all the millions of inhabited, evolving planets, and all the architectural spheres—holding all of the children of Michael’s and mine. Then consider all the nigh uncountable visitors from all over creation just dropping by from time to time–even with us right now–to see how we run things here, what all is happening in our Local Universe. Think of all the special interest that focuses on Urantia because Michael’s life among you.

It’s wonderful being a Mother Spirit and having so many children–being in touch, being in living contact with so many beings, and not only my children but all the spiritual visitors. Of course, among my children are not only my human ones but all my others, all the others that help me and Michael administer this part of the galaxy. This is the enormous wonder you have to look forward to, and it will definitely occupy your interest for some time to come.

 (Something human is expansible)

So, my dear children, there has to be something in you that is expansible. It’s not this physical body of yours. That’s pretty well established with all the dense energy you call matter. And, of course, it’s alive. But in your spatial extension–let’s pin it down that way and say you’re definitely not expanding that way. But you are in terms of your mind. You’re definitely growing that way constantly.

It’s what we call your soul, this record of your human life that God, even our Father has a hand in. Think of your abilities, those things on which you’ve had to spend enormous energy sometimes, and time–part of your life, to learn how to do something, both with your body and with your mind. Now that experience is part of your soul. It’s part of your knowledge, your ability to store experience. Then think of the way you organize that knowledge, that experience, along hundreds of different dimensions of which cause and effect is just one.

This is what gives rise to meaning, all these relationships. Think of the times when you said something and someone didn’t understand you, and they said, “Well, what do you mean by that?” You tried to put the exact same essence in different words but with the same relationship of meaning.

Your lives have meaning to you. It’s a very scary, painful situation to be in when that meaning seems to slip away for any number of different reasons. It’s very painful when the meaning seems to drain out of your life. It prompts an emergency response to find out why because, as you are listening to me right now, meaning is such an enormous part of you. It’s both mental, shall we say pure brain activity, but it’s also personal.

 (What is creativity?)

How can that be? You recall your personality is a direct gift of God’s. God the Father literally creates you a unique personal being. The Eternal Son endows you with creative spirit: it’s part of you. You speak of spirit so many times, so always keep in mind that whenever we speak of spirit, it’s creative spirit. It’s that part of cosmic reality that is not tied down to the previous moment. It escapes, if you the will, the bounds of cause and effect—material/energetic cause and effect, and literally brings something new into each moment.

And as God does this with the whole creation, all the creation itself is constantly new, constantly building up an Over-soul of all that exists, all of reality; so with you, too. You have your creative spirit in that God shares his essence with you, this enormous power to not be bound simply by what happened before. It’s this creative spirit that helps you organize all this experience coming into you, happening all the time–your knowledge, your understanding.

These are the dimensions of a human being that I am most intimately connected with. I’m part of you in this sense. I augment these abilities, these natural abilities of yours. I give them a little boost, a little bump. And so you can know your lives, my children. You can know yourselves with these dimensions of human being, these inseparable mind-spirit connections with the world around you and the people in it, and with your own self, listening to me now. It’s your own soul, which is not only your memory but God’s record, God’s viewpoint of your life as well.

This is me. This is what I’m doing. This is my joy. This is my fulfillment moment by moment. And this is yours. You have all these elements. You are composed of all of these elements just by the grace of existing. This is your existential reality, my dears. It’s the one aspect that, however imperfect you start out, however immature you start out as a little balling, bloody, bundle of life; this is how you’re expanding along with all of the rest of reality. And if you so choose, this is how you continue to expand forever.

Have a feeling for this expansion because between you and your soul, right in your most intimate feeling of yourself, this is the greatest gift to yourself–to keep growing, keep reaching for and keep feeling for that element that, even though it’s a continuity in that it persists day to day, reality itself is expanding and you need to expand with it.
A very limited sense of sin would be to stop experiencing, which you can do mostly through a number of numbing-out drugs—“getting wasted”–as you say–”killing time.” You have all kinds of expressions for this way of living—“same old, same old” every evening—“getting blithered” and “out of it.” And so every evening is just the same as twenty years ago. Think of all that opportunity, all that creative power gone to waste, where every evening could be somewhat new and different.

 (Growing older)

So lean into it, my dear ones. Strive to feel and experience that newness of each moment. And as you grow, fear not growing older, not only because it certainly beats the alternative, but this is your soul that you’re adding to. This is your purpose here. This is how God and Michael and I created you to be this expansive, expandable one. Fear not that at some point your mind and your spirit and your personality are going to be overwhelmed. That just happens from time to time. But count on the fact that God is the co-author of your soul. And even you, your personality–like your body and your mind–might get overwhelmed from time to time. That too is part of your life. That too you will encompass. You will have it as an eternal possession.

So carry on, my dear ones. Lean into it, embrace this expansion. And fear not, for you are a creature of God’s and you always will be. Now if you have any questions or comments, let’s expand out into them.

Student: I’m intrigued by the idea of expanding out, and yet it seems the limitations are compounding. I know as a writer, our writing group lost its place down where we were meeting, and we’ve been unable to find a new place to meet—a public place, because everybody wants money. And we, of course, don’t want to pay. We just want to meet there and buy a cup of coffee maybe, and take up space, and expand ourselves. But I guess they don’t think that benefits them.

My point here is that although we may want to expand ourselves and our service opportunities, they seem to be getting more and more limited because of the culture we live in. There are so many restrictions and rules and regulations, and it seems they are getting worse. If you don’t have the floor, you can’t take it. And in order to get the floor, you have to go through so many hoops.

I grant you that when the moment is there, when it presents itself, the spirit will rise up and speak, will rise to the occasion–take the opportunity. So I will agree that’s something we can do. In the end it’s probably more ideal than setting up an artificial situation or a conference or a venue to expand ourselves. But maybe I’m just even limited in what you mean by: we should expand ourselves. How far can I go outside of my boundaries without being out of line, or without upsetting the apple cart, or disturbing the peace?

 (Expanding “in here”)

NEBDONIA:   Well, yes, my dear. One way you can do all of that is always, as I say, close your eyes and wonder: how big is it “in here?” And so tonight I wanted to talk about this “in-here-ness” of reality, because every personal being has this “in here.” Your psychology might kind-of poo-poo it and call it mere subjectivity, but this is your life we’re talking about.

Student: Indeed.

NEBDONIA:  The expansion I talked about is simply/almost too fundamental to get a hold of because it’s your experience itself–your purpose for being here. You’re an experiential being and you need to keep experiencing and not to fall into some kind of boredom, or establish what we call a “bubble of familiarity” where you use your creativity to establish a bubble of familiarity around you so nothing happens–there’s nothing scary happening. But then you whither away like a plant cut off from sunshine–in your bubble of familiarity of the “same old–same old” every evening. So the expansion I’m talking about is the way personality, and all of the attributes of personality, are capable and need to expand.

The Urantia Book puts it that the relationship between your personality and your soul is one of constant growth. If it were to cease, you would cease. This is mainly what I’m talking about. Now with respect to your group, it is wonderful if there is a community college or, shall we say, a lot of the churches of all the various religions which have little meeting rooms you could use, even if you’re not of that denomination. Besides that, if there are no regular social clubs of different organizations and things–you talk about not being able to rent out a room–you might get down to the basic thing of meeting at each other’s houses on occasion.

Maybe pass that around so different ones of you can be the host. So I’m sure, again by using your creative spirit, you can find a way to get together because if you’re determined, hardly anything can keep you from getting together. Certainly, my dear, you point up the one way in which, by your very design and being with each other, and each one of you being somewhat unique: this is the greatest experience of all, this sharing between you of your lives. As we’ve said so many times, when you look in a person’s soul, you will discover this yourself someday when you are reborn.

As you’re more and more a morontia being, a soulful being, this is what will be there for you to keep you company. “In here” are all the people you’ve known and shared so much with. So carry on. Like I say, if it comes down to it, you can meet in each other’s houses and do a little round-robin that way.

Student: Thank you, Mother.

Nebadonia: Right! Let nothing stop you from expanding and growing. You have your soul of what has been. You have the whole cause and effect of reality itself happening. But in this moment, in this now, in this eternal now, you are capable of being a creative being and setting your own course. So we love to say: More power to you! And be in my love.

Student: Thank you.

Student: This is L. I’m wondering about something that I read in some of the transcripts. This is regarding, you know of course, we as humanoids eventually won’t be here anymore. There’ll be a new type of humanoid. Is that correct?

 (No end to evolution, either)

NEBDONIA:  Well, my dear, there is no end. There is no final resting point, you might say, to the evolution of human beings on an evolutionary planet. And this applies to all the aspects of you–your ability to use your creative spirit; your physical bodies keep improving; and your mind, of course, right along with them. As this happens: read that part (Ed: in the Urantia Book) about Life on a Neighboring Planet. It gives you some hints of what can be done in terms of social organizations that keep evolving, along with the kinds of politics and human relationships. All this keeps evolving.

Student: What I did read was something about, you know, God is pretty fed up with, you know, our–what do they call it?—brute-ness?

NEBDONIA:  Brutality?

Student: Or evil? I’m sorry . . .

NEBDONIA:  Well first off, there’s no way God ever gets “fed up” with anything, even though God has his own will and there is an ideal way for each of us to live, including Michael and myself.

Student: There is an article within the transcripts that talks about…I think it might be in…I’m not sure where–I’ve been reading so much in all of your websites, and I’m getting a little confused as to where things are. But…

NEBDONIA: : That’s okay, my dear, just put it in your own words.

Student: Yes…that he is going to: like when the leaders, the human leaders of the Urantia Teaching Mission, and when Monjoronson comes, what will happen is there will be a peace. I don’t exactly know what they’re talking about, but some part of your body that Lucifer has implanted, or put within each person’s body, that’s why our…the humans on this planet are so messed up now. Are you aware?

 (The Lucifer Rebellion and culture)

NEBDONIA: : What you have is: the Lucifer Rebellion was hundreds of thousands of years ago, but it was so intense, and so complete in its own way, the normal evolution of planetary and human life–in other words, civilization, and culture, and things–was so totally disrupted that you have a persistence of this. Even when there are no more evil spirits around, you still have this persistence in culture. You can look around the world and there are still cultures which glorify murder. I mean, it’s that simple.

Student: I know.

NEBDONIA: : This is also what we’re not dealing with. We’re not dealing with any kind of evil beings still on the planet inciting folks to do this. We’re talking about an evolution of culture and civilization that will slowly outgrow this more juvenile kind of behavior.

Student: And Lucifer put something in the genome–is what the article was talking about. I don’t know who was talking at the time.

NEBDONIA: : Well, with the genome, the physical part of human beings, your body can only evolve in a very enlightened society where some poor person doesn’t have endless children because there’s no way of avoiding this. Consider where so many children are not wanted, and so, despised and maltreated all the time they’re growing up. In other words, there are all these parts of the situation. The human body itself has not evolved as it might have on a more normal planet.

Student: Right. No, I understand all of that.

NEBDONIA: : You’re asking about the very basic part of a human cell, the genome, and how it is not, shall we say, as advanced as it could be. So I’m answering your question.

Student: Okay. Thank you.

NEBDONIA: : As I say, there is no limit to how much the human body and the human genome–if you want to look at it that way, on a cellular level; there’s no limit to how much this can evolve; and the extent of human life. People can live to be hundreds of years old. Just imagine if every child born on the earth were born to a very saintly mother and father. Life as you know it would be totally, totally transformed because there is enough material available. There is enough energy here, you know, to feed and clothe and house your people, and let them have wonderful lives.
But you do have a persistence of culture and certain kinds of civilization that you are still involved in. From Michael’s and my standpoint, there is still an enormous amount of cruelty, gratuitous cruelty among people on the planet.

Student: Right.

 (Inexorable expansion, growth, and evolution)

NEBDONIA: : This is what you are involved in, even something so minor as your need to have locks on your doors and vehicles to keep them from being stolen–something that basic. But never fear, my dear, because also, as Michael and I have taught so many times, we see there is this absolutely inexorable expansion and growth and evolution of culture. There’s a spiritual Renaissance happening on your planet, and it is really speeding things along. That’s why tonight I said that in one way it takes courage not to fear this expansion, because in a way it is inexorable.

Student: Is there a way for us to see this happening?

NEBDONIA: : You are leaning very much in that direction, my dear, I mean just by following these transcripts, by tuning in to us. This is a spiritual activity outside of yourself, you know–the Teaching Mission and all that. But it’s also within yourself, in your meditation. That’s why we encourage you to meditate as deeply as you can every day, especially in the morning time when the whole day is before you and your attitude towards yourself and towards the day is so critical to establish. The best way is in your prayer and in your mediation.

It’s your relationship with you. It’s your relationship with yourself that we’re talking about here. It’s this inside reality, this “in here” reality that you experience. Work on it. Treasure it. Tease it. Have fun. Play around. Imagine all kind of things. Let your imagination run wild. And then, you know, heave a sigh and come back down to earth–but from a new viewpoint.

Student: Thank you, Mother.

NEBDONIA: : Oh!–you’re welcome. I’m always here. Just ask for Michael and me, and say hello to us every now and then. We really appreciate that. Say hello to us whenever it occurs to you. Maybe sit down and have a little five minute mini-meditation on what’s happening. It’s feedback, my dear. This is your relationship with yourself. Just keep opening. Keep wondering. Keep your beginner’s mind . . .

Student: I do wonder a lot . . .

NEBDONIA: : Keep your beginner’s mind. That’s especially so critical as you become more and more knowledgeable and understanding. Reality is always new. That again was part of my lesson tonight. You can detect the newness that this day never happened before. It’s even kind-of scary: there it is waiting for you. So rise to the occasion; and be in my love.

Student: Thank you.

 (Creative personal spirit)

NEBDONIA: : Well, my dear ones, if there are no more questions or comments, let me re-emphasize what I began with this evening, because among you, and in your emails back and forth, and in your computer chat rooms, the word “spirit” comes up often. I would always like–whenever that word occurs to you, or every time you read it: attach the word “creative” to it, because this is that other half of your reality, the personal aspect of reality.

All spirit is personal. There is no impersonal spirit abroad in the universe. It is all part of some personality, some personal being and their creativity, as contrasted to that other half of reality in the primal, primal division of personal and impersonal reality–the impersonal part that you relate to so much as cause-and-effect. That’s the continuity of matter and energy that is, from your standpoint anyway, absolute. Your science has yet to find the bottom or the top of that—to you, absolute– causality of what follows what. You depend upon it.

And yet, and yet there is this creativity going on. Personal beings are not bound by physical continuity. Their own personal, God-given continuity transcends that of matter and energy. That’s what’s happening out here all over the creation. It’s personality wrestling and playing with stuff and energy to make something new. And as: so without–so within; that’s also what’s happening “in here.”

This is your creative spirit ever new in here, storing your experience, expanding your knowledge, expanding your understanding, expanding your courage to extend yourself out there where you’re not exactly sure what’s going to be holding you up. It’s the ability to relate and enjoy and treasure one another, including the ability to be thankful to our Father in worship—the transcendent ability I help you with.


It’s the ability to use all of the elements I just enumerated–to use all of yourself; to gather all yourself to be active and creative here and now. That’s the whole dimension of wisdom that also keeps growing apace.

 (We have each other as a blessing)

NEBDONIA:  So you have my blessing, dear ones, and I have you. You are my blessing to me. Just as Michael and I said one time: you’re a bit of a mystery to us. We don’t know what you’re going to do next! That’s the delight of having creative children, is it not? All of my love, little ones. This is your Mother Spirit wishing you all the best. I’ll be right there with you. Good evening.

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