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LLN400- Navigating Through Fear

2013-06-13-Navigating Through Fear
Lightline #400


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Navigating Through Fear
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Teacher Gorman, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Fear, Guidance
 3.2.2 Light
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Navigating Through Fear
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Teacher Gorman, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.


Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, we are provided with all we have need of by you, we always have. There is never a time, I call you all to witness, that we have not been provided with what we need to survive in this life Oftentimes we allow ourselves to be engaged in fear and doubt and uncertainty about that truth, about that reality, that somehow, somewhere in the future of an unknown, uncertain time, we may not have the support and the love and the sustenance and the life that we enjoy, that somehow we might fall short of having what we need to survive and to thrive. Yet we never have. Yet we stand here at this point in complete conviction that our life is as a result of our Divine Parents creating us and nurturing us to this point.

So wherefore do we doubt Divine Parents? How could we doubt in your certainty, in your protection, in your watch care, in your guidance, in your peace and in your love that has been with us from our first breath to this moment that we recognize you? So please help us to remember this as we move forward in life and into the uncertainty of what we call the future.
Please help us to recall that just as you have been here for us in the past, you will be there for us in the future. Your love for us knows no bounds, certainly has no end and so therefore should we never doubt of this truth. Help us to embrace this truth and take it forward with us in faith that no matter what, no matter when, no matter where, no matter how, you will be there for us and with us and that there will never be a time where you do not have us in your embrace as there has never been

. We are as little children Divine Parents, we fear and doubt, we entertain uncertainty. So help us remember your embrace, remember the light that you have provided for us and the grace that we have experienced in this life. Let it be so to our core so that no matter what we face, we will have this conviction of certainty and let it be called faith, in you, faith in our connection to you and faith in the certainty of our future with you, even more glorious than our past has been. Let it be so as it is the desire of our hearts for it to be so, thank you.


Mark: I am asked to offer a thought stream in my mind pattern this afternoon so as to get the ball rolling. In some conversations and experiences today I have been confronted with the rather instinctual nature of fear and what it is like to have fear brought up into the environment and how fear spreads and is contagious and seems so inherent and basic. This fear is triggered so easily and the path of fear is followed so readily that it seems inherent somehow in the human condition. In consideration of this, the question arose: What does one do when confronted with fear that is all around us? How does one navigate through this maze of fear, doubt and uncertainty? This seems to be the reoccurring and rather eternal question before us and so I put this question out there now, having some preconception of the direction this will go. Thank you.

Fear, Guidance

CHARLES:  [Mark] Thank you my friend, I am Charles and I appreciate you offering your thought stream because what is one mortals thought stream is in fact a reflection of a general thought steam, maybe not the specific details but the overall thrust that is felt by many because you are tied together in a collective consciousness as you have referred to it. So what one feels is representative of what many feel, perhaps in their own way with their own slant but nevertheless, of a similar vein and with a similar emotional attachment.

And in answer to the question: What does one do? I will offer what has been offered before in yet another perspective, because every perspective helps illuminate from a different angle. What one can do is to adopt the posture that prepares one to be ready to endure the rocky seas or the high waves ahead. This posture is accomplished by a certain seeking of the refuge of the solidity of spirit. It may be likened to retreating back into the captain’s quarters and getting an eye on the compass heading once again, out of the direct thrust of the storm, to take another bearing and establish another heading based upon withdrawing and retreating into the relative comfort of an environment that you create for yourself. The environment in this analogy, of your captain’s quarters for you as spiritual explorers, is your inner environment of peace, created when you withdraw into the stillness and seek the quiet and solitude and allow spirit a place to exist side by side with you, in fact, allow spirit a place for spirit to embrace you.

By retreating into this sanctuary of spirit you are no longer buffeted about by the storm that may be raging around you. You seek the peace and security of this safe environment of spirit where you are endowed with the bigger perspective, a grander view over all that is transpiring. For when there is a storm raging, the winds are lashing at you and the rain is pelting you, it is hard to think of anything else but the wind and the rain and the storm. And true enough, these elements are out there, they are real, they exist, they are encroaching on your very reality, on your very presence.

And so it is incumbent upon you to have a safe place to retreat into a protected zone of spirit. In this zone of spirit the storm outside may still well rage but it does not impinge directly upon you because you have retreated into a higher realm, into a different realm where you are protected from the direct impact of all these different aspects that seek to infringe on your personal space. And spending some time in this zone of solitude, and the sanctuary of peace, you are then emboldened to set the course again and strike out anew and boldly go out into the storm in faith that this too shall pass and that if you maintain your heading you will arrive at your destination regardless of what may be before you.

This is very important for any spiritual seeker because the world out there has so very many distractions and so very many prospects that may be actuated. But if you do not have a strong heading and if you are not convinced of your direction, it is easy to be buffeted about by the elements. But to those who have retreated and received from spirit the direction to go and who execute their direction in faith, then they are not distracted by the many potentials that are out there, but rather seek the long term view of their ultimate destination and arrival at their chosen heading.

Of course, these analogies are easy to make and these suggestions are easy to say but life keeps confronting you with bigger ways, greater rains and unforeseen occurrences that have to be navigated, that it is easy as a mortal of the realm to be knocked off course. It is easy to be challenged in your faith, in your belief, in your heading. You even start to doubt that you have a connection with a higher spirit presence. This journey becomes so long and arduous that one may begin to doubt their own faith, their own conviction, their own certainty.

But this journey that you are on in this life is a proving ground for your faith. Will it endure throughout the journey? Will you abandon it when times seem rough? Will you find it again when you have forsaken it? Will it be your ultimate guiding force or will you allow the tides to shift you in the direction of their choosing? This is what the journey is about, no specific destination but rather an attitude throughout the journey, an opportunity to build faith, to develop faith, to grow faith and to execute your decisions as a result of your faith, to demonstrate your faith around you and about you in the process and you have the rewards of having done so.

These are your opportunities no matter what the challenges, no matter what the storms, no matter who the crew may be, no matter what the vessel may be and no matter in what direction you are headed, these same principles apply. A good captain of a ship is a good captain no matter what the ship is, who the crew is or what the destination is. What makes a good captain is the conviction of faith and a determination to execute that faith no matter what and though out all, in the good times and in the hard times. This, my friends, is how you navigate the times of your lives, the struggles, the relationships, the fears that arise before you like great waves.

By withdrawing regularly into your peaceful chamber where you draw strength and courage from an association from a reality even greater than yours, and by so doing you draw such great strength and you develop such great conviction that you strike forward in faith. No matter what the circumstance, no matter what arises, it is the same technique, it is the only technique. If you are not strong, if you allow yourselves to be derailed from your convictions and from your certainties, then the journey will be arduous and unpleasant and you will spend vast amounts of time wallowing in uncertainty and doubt, even gripped by fear.

But if you take the time to build around yourself this chamber of peace that you will infuse with spirit, that you may retreat to at any time and every time you feel doubt, fear and uncertainty, then you will emerge from this chamber refreshed and vigorous again to attack the challenges of life that are before you with conviction and purpose and certainty. This initial mortal life of yours, this first journey that you are on is such a fertile ground for you to develop your faith. That is what it was designed to be.You have to rise every day and make choices. Will those choices be a manifestation of your faith? Will they be an execution of your purpose or will they be conforming to another’s view of reality or another’s journey?

I say that the real gift of grace in this life is your gift of your free will choice. You need not be shoved around by the tides and the winds, rather you can chart your course and you can stay that course through your constant choosing, the execution of your free will choice, a supreme gift given you that makes you captain of your own destiny, that gives you a voyage to navigate and allows you to demonstrate how and in what manner you will do so.

It is easy to become mired in the details immediately before you. What will happen now, what will happen at this time, what if that happens? This is a potential hazard, that is a potential obstacle, and it is true, and any good captain does well to be aware of such hazards that must be navigated, but, to the point that they strike fear in to the heart of any good captain, they do a disservice. It is one thing to know about the hazards out there to be navigated about and to take wise and prudent steps in plotting your course, but it is another thing to be paralyzed by fear, even fear of the unknown because as you are all coming to know in your own lives, you create from the unknown what becomes known. You choose among all the potentials out there before you what becomes real. You are the one who manifests destiny by the actions of your choice.

And so while all things are possible, all things evil and all things holy, it remains up to you which ones will be part of your journey, which route you will take on your way through the maze because all routes exist and you may choose as easily to take the route of evil as the route of divine. So, if that is the case and you are the captain, what will you choose? And in so doing and in so choosing, you will create your journey, you will chart your course and nothing will befall you that isn’t within the realm of your awareness and your choice because it simply cannot exist if it isn’t then embraced by you as part of your journey.

So fear not my friends, it is not about the destination for the destination is guaranteed for all those who seek God, the destination is guaranteed. It is about this short journey that you are on and how will that journey unfold and as the captain of your own vessels, that choice is yours and yours alone. So seize the moment, grab the opportunity and realize that this is the journey of a lifetime and your hands are on the wheel. You are the ones charting the course and trust and have faith that the universe will bring to you that which you are in alignment with, that which coincides with your faith, your vision of truth, your perception of beauty and your allowance of grace.

And the journey should be a good one. The journey will be cherished throughout an eternal career. So be bold and enjoy yourselves, realizing that your destiny is secure, your destination is guaranteed. All that is left is the distance in between and you are the captain who decides the route to take in that distance. All is well my friends, fear not, only believe and enjoy and bring joy to the equation for that is the choice you have as well.

I feel like we have been out on the high seas together. Thank you for this opportunity to share this analogy with you and these words of peace and comfort. I pray that you take them in and embrace them for they are meant to lighten up your journey and bring you peace in your experience. Thank you for hearing my words tonight, it has been a pleasure. I understand this forum is regularly made available to others and I do honor that formula. I will now withdraw and allow for others, thank you.

GORMAN:  [Henry] Greetings to you this evening my friends, it is I Gorman, coming into this circle this evening to share some continuing thoughts about this animal legacy, this human trait called fear. What is it that this fear does? One of the things that fear does is that it locks time. By that I mean it takes time and it puts constraints on it and it kind of locks it so that it removes it from real time and puts it into a time where nothing exists but the fear. For example: During your world wars, these were times of tremendous fear, especially in those countries where the wars were being waged.

Everything was locked into a fear space. Nothing else could really happen and this fear locked everyone into this space of war, the space of retaliation and aggression against whatever ideology. It took people out of time, it removed them from their lives and suddenly put them into a different mode of operation. Everything responded to the war, to the fear. Peoples beliefs were challenged, peoples freedom to be tremendously creative was compromised. Everything moved towards a war effort.

You have just heard from Charles what fear does inside the human psyche. It is treacherous, it is powerful and it is real. It is real in the sense that it is designed into your human animal legacy nature. It is something that must be controlled. This is what the spiritualizing effect on the human mind does. It attempts to control the reaction to fear. It doesn’t mean that fear doesn’t exist or that fear is good or bad. Fear just is and to those that succumb to fear, it has a tremendous polarizing effect. It can bring you into whatever alignment it needs to express itself.

What is it that a spiritualizing mind does to deal with this fear? Well the first thing a spiritualizing mind does is become aware of the fear and attempt to isolate the fear by moving into a space which is grounded, into something that is non fearful, a space in your mind that is comfortable, that is resourceful, that is nourishing like love, a loving space, the notion of a safe, neutral, loving, supporting space into your mind and eventually translate that into the body because this is what fear does. Fear immediately translates into your nervous system, into your adrenals, into a physical condition. It sets you into a spin, it draws you into a tremendous human emotion and reaction to that emotion which can paralyze you. It can get your attention and it can draw all of your resource to support it.

So what is it in the human mind that is an antidote to fear? What is it that holds fear at bay? The first thing we are talking about is awareness that this fear exists. Then the ability of your mind to compartmentalize this fear, to be able to put it into some kind of context, to be able to limit this fear from having complete control of your mind, its power of choice and decision, its effect on your will, and even though this fear mechanism is hardwired into your being, it is a spiritualizing nature which brings one into a harmony with a spiritual sense, a sense of something positive, greater, something which brings a sense of hope, brings some sense of safety, peace and some comfort.

Finding this within yourself is one of the challenges of developing a spiritual edge, honing down this spiritual edge that you can control fear with the flick of your mind, the flick of a thought, to put fear in its place, to realize what fear is. It is a shadow, it attempts to shadow reality and to overcome you like a darkness. So grounding [is] a sense of being in light, a sense of knowing-ness, a sense of understanding that you just face and trust as a sword and shield, not yielding to the firm grasp of the darkness of fear. It is a choice. It doesn’t mean that you will not experience fear. It helps to insure that fear does not sweep you away like a torrent and un-ground you from your base of knowing who you are and what you are doing, allowing yourself to stay in real time where fear wants to pull you out of real time into its shadow time.

So back to this notion of fear pulling one out of time into this sub-section of time that is controlled by fear. In a spiritual sense, time is but a moment in eternity. In a human sense, a moment in time can give one a glimpse into eternity and in any spiritual sense, eternity is far removed from fear. Spirit is far removed from fear. It can actually be said that the spiritualizing mind is one that seeks to become fearless which means that you are not driven by fear. It doesn’t mean that you do not experience fear and danger and take precaution, it just means that you are not unconsciously ruled by the dominion of fear.

So, these are some thoughts this evening to consider about fear and what it does in your mind. I thank you my friends for allowing me these thoughts to come into this circle of friendship and share these truths and awarenesses with you. I also acknowledge the forum to open this platform up for others to speak. I will take my leave, good evening.


LIGHT:  [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Light and I would like to point to your common ancestry. Your ancestors were, in their more primitive stages, so very fearful of the dark. They would do strange things to avoid the dark because to them, darkness brought with it uncertainty and fear. There was an unknown quality to the dark when they were unable to see their way through and so it represented such a great fear to them, to be in the darkness, that they would go to extraordinary measures to please the gods so that the light would return. Once the light returned, their fears were quelled and calmed because they could see their surroundings, what was around them and there was no more extreme uncertainty because the light had been shed and all was plain to see.

I invite all of you to see yourselves as lights in the darkness, that you are these lights as a result of your awareness, that you take with you the knowledge that the light exists, even if there is darkness. This is faith, this is the execution of your faith, to take your awareness of the light into the darkness and wherever there is darkness you may shine this light as an example of your faith and by virtue of your faith. In so doing, you illuminate these dark corners, these clouded areas, and they become visible and therefore the fear is dispelled because the uncertainty is removed.

It takes a very small amount of light to change the condition of darkness and you are each capable in your own lives, of being this small amount of light for where there is light, there is no total darkness and others may use your light and be comforted by your light. All you are doing is demonstrating your faith in the light, that it exists and that it is a certainty and you are bringing it with you. You are carrying it with you because it is a part of you. In so doing you illuminate all around you and others may see your light and be attracted to it because they may feel in darkness and may be overcome by the fear of the unknown and here you are, a shining light throughout, a lighthouse to those who are in need, providing direction to those who are around you and showing the way just by virtue of your being there.

It is not necessary to consider that you must go out and change things by force, rather you will change things by illumination. You will change things by bringing your faith into the equation and therefore lighting it up. Where there is light, darkness is easily dissolved, is calmly dissipated, there is no struggle, there is no great battle that must be done for darkness always withdraws in the presence of your light, light always dispels the darkness. So simply by being aware, by bringing your awareness, by bringing your faith into the equation, you change it, you reorder it and darkness cannot exist in your presence.

Consider this when you navigate your journey, darkness cannot exist in the presence of your light. It is that simple. This universe principle is adhered to throughout so the task is simple. Be the light, bring the light into your experience because you believe in it, because you have felt it, you have seen it, you trust it. By doing so, your reality will be conditioned by this light and the darkness will not be allowed to overcome you with even the smallest amount of light aboard your vessel.


LIGHT:   Thank you for allowing me to interject this perspective on light once again. It is always my pleasure to join you at these times. Thank you all for your attention and your dutiful study of our words and lessons meant for your edification, good evening to you all.

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