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NID849- Never Stand Still

2014-11-23-Never Stand Still
No Idaho #849


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: I Never Want To Stand Still
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Letter
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: I Never Want To Stand Still
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


[The following is a letter from a cancer survivor to one of our members. The lesson is a response to the discussion that followed.]


In my life, there will always be a crisis, a struggle, and degrees of chaos that pursue me. This is not because life is awful and a burden but because of my own personal desire and constant need for growth. This was my decision and it was decided long before I was ever born. I never want to stand still. I never want to accept my limitations. I never want to ignore the wounds and allow them to lash out uncontrollably at those I love or sometimes even worse myself. I am committed eternally to seek my truth (however hard it is to look at) and expand my ability to give and receive love. And by doing this I am committed to diminish the human limitations that are inevitable in this worldly form.

There’s an emotional whirlwind inside of me and that storm will be the only thing that will bring to me the capability to weather it. The universe will continue to give me trials that when engulfed in seem utterly painful but when overcome reveal themselves to be nothing but compassionate gifts

I do not see nor have ever looked at the cancer as a terrible thing. In fact, quite the opposite, I see it as a reward for the strength that I have already shown in my life. My guides knew I was ready for a bigger challenge. Surviving cancer wasn’t the end all be all of living. Yes, I am a survivor, but not just of cancer, of the whole entire world. We all are. We couldn’t possibly live on this earth and not feel pain. Whether it’s emotional, mental, or physical pain we will suffer. Period. We are here and so we suffer. Period. Yet, I believe that we can reframe the suffering and shine a light on the pain. We can ask our trials, our pains, our losses what they are trying to reveal to us.

While in extreme physical pain often I would just sit and cry, cry, cry but once in a while when I could muster up the consciousness I’d often ask the pain, “What are you needing to teach me?” “What lessons can I gain from this?” And in the dark hours sometimes the answers would come and the pain eventually ceased. It always will.

I know the cancer and everything I suffered around that needed to teach me many things. I needed to truly see my own worth, my inner strength, life’s joys, and the ability to realize that every single moment is a gift, even the painful ones. So, yes I am a survivor of those lessons, the world, and cancer but even when I am dead and gone I will still be a survivor. This life is just one life of many. These lessons are just a few of the lessons that will prepare me for the next time along and the next for eternity. And every moment I exist I will be every moment stronger. And perhaps between lifetimes I will decide to take on another lifetime of strife and hardship circumstances. And perhaps one day I will decide to rest. I will probably rest for a long, long time. And that rest will be good.


CHARLES:  [Mark] Good morning friends, I come to interject some thought into the stream this morning. I would try to construct for you the notion that as illustrated in this sharing, life brings along many circumstances and they certainly may not all be viewed as positive from multiple perspectives but as a result of the changing of perspectives they can be seen to contain inherently the opportunity to be turned towards the good. It is not as though they are necessarily “good” from the start but depending upon the attitude of the participants they may certainly be directed and pointed in a good direction.

This is illustrated by this personal testimony that life’s challenges may be used as opportunities and when seen in this context, all of life’s challenges may be viewed to contain great opportunity for growth and change and expanding awareness. One can, as a mortal of the realm, feel battered by life circumstances until you get to that space illustrated, when you come into the consciousness and awareness that there is more than meets the eye about the circumstance.

There are other levels to be accessed within the circumstance and that seen in this light, circumstances may, if not be welcomed, certainly be accommodated within your level of awareness. Yes, it is overwhelming at times as a mortal of the realm and quite interesting to be a part of this experience with you. It indeed helps to illustrate the issue at hand, how hard it is to maintain focus, to keep your eye on the ball of spiritual living. There are so many innumerable distractions which bid your attention and tease your senses that it is oftentimes too much to overcome.

So it is with great appreciation we view this spectacle that goes on in these sacred moments that we share with you, these times of coming together in spirit when you are trying your best to keep your eye on the spirit ball, keep your focus trained on your spiritual side. This applies throughout your day as you all are aware in that how ever many times you can shift your focus from the mortal material one to any degree of spiritual one it brings a new dimension to the circumstance, not because the circumstance has changed, but because you have. That is the important thing to remember. Circumstances and situations are as they are; they contain multitudes of potential but you as observer and participant are the ones that unfold the circumstance in the degree of spirit that you are capable.

This is indeed the key to a mortal existence in your comfort zone of working with spirit, to keep this in mind, that you can shift your perspective, you can change your gears, you can get in the spirit gear and be watching for spirit interaction and when you do so, you see it everywhere, you see it anywhere, you are ready to work with it and it is ready to work with you. One of the most challenging episodes in your human lives to apply this principle to is, as you spoke, of human illness and dis-ease. This is the supreme animal distraction. There is none greater. If you can maintain a spiritual focus while being physically challenged, then you are indeed a spiritualized being because your animal instincts and tendencies will kick in and take over first and these must be overridden by a higher mind with a higher purpose.

If not they will run their course and they will follow their physical laws and they will act as they have been designed to act, to preserve your earthly existence. Keep in mind when you observe your fellows succumbing to these physical challenges, that these are the greatest of challenges, the greatest of opportunities, the opportunities of the greatest magnitude because these require your applying your higher mind to rise to the occasion and dominate in the perspective that is applied.

This sharing prior was an illustration of one who has been down that path, who has experienced the truth of that principle that I have outlined. You have a quote that: The greatest affliction to one is to have never been afflicted. It may be said that the opposite may also be true in that the greatest affliction may in fact be life’s greatest gift of grace for it contains the greatest opportunity for growth, the greatest magnitude of change and expansion but it must be seen in this light and as such or it simply remains the greatest challenge.

Certainly it is a fascinating experience, watching these physical conditions that you and your fellows go through from the gaining or regaining of something as precious as vision, to the challenge that your fellows are encountering of great physical circumstance. It is a dynamic playing field that you are on and it is true, that as you proceed forward, your fellows will all age with you together and encounter physical circumstances. But, the grace of life is that by the time old age comes upon you, you have had time to gain wisdom, have had time to master some perspective. This is also the silver lining, the good to be had out of the circumstance. If you are old enough to suffer the pangs of age, then you have been graced with a long life. Out of every circumstance, out of any circumstance, it may be turned to the good, it may be used for good, directed for good.


CHARLES:  Thank you for the opportunity to throw my two cents into the well this morning. I very much appreciate the camaraderie with all of you. Enjoy your week, farewell.

LIGHT:  [Cathy] I wish to re-enforce the idea that your attitude enhances the physical surroundings. The attitude of gratitude and worship does indeed enhance the properties of physical aspects. The addition of light also is enhancing aspects of the physical world. As you approach your daily activities, bring light and worship with you for the best action, it will be a blessings.

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