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NID848- Grass Roots

2014-11-16-Grass Roots
No Idaho #848


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Grass Roots, the Real Inside Job
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Serena, Jonathan, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Grass Roots, the Real Inside Job
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, Serena, Jonathan, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


MACHIVENTA:  [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Machiventa Melchizedek here to enjoy some more fellowship and conversation with you this morning. I am indeed pleased to be considered in your conversation and in your awareness, in your spectrum of awareness that happens. You have grown in your willingness and your ability to be able to accommodate a shared level that we meet and commune on. And so it is that I enjoy the opportunities to come and share and commune with you because we will make it so. We will bridge the gap between us for this time, we will span the distances.

Make no mistake, each one of you assembled here, you are as you have referenced, in the platoon. You are each one signed up for service, you have applied for ministry, your application has been accepted and you are in the corp, the group, the platoon of us which move forward in the mission of Michael. Make no mistake, if you are with ears to hear, you have been adopted, you have been accepted, your petition has been heard on high and if there were a grand ceremony in which to inaugurate those faithful volunteers we would certainly have one for you.

But alas, all this that we are discussing, all that transpires and all that is of permanent value in this equation between us is done on the spirit level, is done without pomp and circumstance, is done with divine recognition, with spiritual appreciation. And so at this point we must console ourselves with this announcement of appreciation and acceptance, serving as your inauguration into the corps. We need every and all volunteers. You are in the very strictest definition, boots on the ground. You are the grass roots of the organization, in fact, you are the ones who will prepare and plant the grass that will be the roots.

This is the role we will be privileged to play at this juncture. We are about building things up from the ground, about growing roots and fostering new plantings and all of you will be immensely instrumental in this process and I encourage each of you to take advantage of your position and to bloom where you are planted. This provides maximum leverage, this provides for a true inside job, a true grass roots movement. Where you are, doing what you are doing, you are ideally positioned for great work and if you will continue to keep your ear to the ground, we will use any and all means to keep our connection alive and to send signals of reassurance that we are connected. We are a part of this adventure together, in the very strictest definition, all because you will allow, all because you are aware and you would so choose.

This is the magic of the mortal experience, all these potentials exist, all these possibilities simply just outside your perception until your perception increases and you are able to accommodate a new perspective. And so, the fact that you are here, that we are here discussing this, shows great growth and expansion of capacity. I applaud you all for this and have a great sense that you will be able to provide much more in the way of willingness to explore the spiritual dimension. For now, it is my desire to bring you words of comfort, that you are one of us on the team, a treasured member, a valued participant. Make no mistake, that you function under the jurisdiction and with the authority of the team.

You carry this potential with you and you have access to the resources of the team. I invite you to consider deeply the implications of such a statement. You are not alone ever on the frontier of spirit. You are surrounded by spirit as you expand your capacities to become aware of it.

It is always my pleasure to bring these words of conviction to you. You are operating in so much a mode of faith that it is a joy to bring to you more tangible aspects of your pursuits. Your desires to be of service will be fulfilled. Remain open to potentials before you so that as you seek, you may also find. I greatly appreciate the opportunity provided here and now would make this opportunity available for others, thank you.

SERENA:   [Cathy] Our team is joining your group today. Your discussion about continuing revelation of truth is touching on our preparations for the Magisterial Mission. Many aspects of spirit are being brought to consciousness on the planet at this time. This is part of the spiritual pressure that has been penetrating the planet during this Correcting Time. Individuals have brought forth their experience of truth to enhance the consciousness of the entire planet. As the Magisterial Son has been in the process of down-stepping to a level that connects with the mortal experience, the entire planet has increased in sensitivity and spiritual awareness as well as vibration.

This is the process of preparation. Each persons experience is a contribution to the total knowledge and fields of energy available for use in the process of up-stepping. As you each experience and share the insight gained we are all enhanced in potential and possibility for action. As each individual moves forward in faith, we all are able to climb the mountain, so to speak, giving each other a hand up to the next level. We are thankful for your faith and dedication to the process.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Jonathan, coming around again to bring my greetings and to share in the fellowship and bask in the warm glow that one can feel in this group. I am tweaked, as you say, by the quote rendered that: It is good that you look for the word that is written but I will stop at nothing to communicate with my children as they have need. This statement is so profound if one will grasp its true significance. There have been many prophets, there have been many words spoken, many texts written, all of these are attempts at spirit communication. It is so vital that people maintain the awareness that this is an ongoing steady process.

Forever and always will there be this process going on as reaching out and reaching down and that it is just up to the participants to join in the process and be a part of it, to accept the process and work with the process so that it can happen, to bring their faith to the process so that it can exist.

Many times, as I am aware, mortals become trapped in the limitation or the apparent limitations in the ways they have to reach out beyond their current dimension, but there are innumerable ways that this growth of spirit can transpire, that this reaching out beyond the current limitations of dimensions can occur. Each time one engages in this process they are expanded, they are a greater being than they were before and have had more added unto them.

It is always my pleasure to come and fellowship with you and commune with you some more. This is one thing we have learned between us, how to do this in this time and space environment and yet feel so thoroughly connected in the process, irrelevant of time or space. I love you all and send my greatest wishes to you all. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be with you now. I take my leave with warm regards, thank you.

LIGHT:  [Mark] I would take this opportunity as well, I am Light and it brings me great pleasure to have been mentioned in the discussion prior. I am indeed the result of faith and love and action. I am a result of this natural process of creation through faith and love. When the discussion revolves around bringing the equation to life by the addition of your faith, I am drawn to this thread because I realize the power and significance of such a focus. You have used the words before in discussion of this principle that you use thoughts, words and deeds to set in motion, creation, and you are right. This process of having the creative thought, formulating that thought into expression and then projecting that expression out into the real world results in creation and this is a normal and natural principle you observe.

And so this very same principle may be applied throughout your processes and even condensed as you understand its application. So I invite you all to consider more thoroughly the creative potential that you have, the creative potential that you are in your position, with your perspective and your awareness at your given coordinates. What will you create? What will be your expressions that come through? What will your energies be dedicated to to manifest your creation? They will be a joy to behold, a gift to all, that is for certain.

So let go of all fears or doubts that you may not somehow fulfill your grandest of potential. Simply be about your business fulfilling your potential and every expression of creation that you are responsible for. This will be your gift back to the process as you all have great contributions to make as you are tending marvelous gardens which are growing well and are fruitful.


I appreciate as well the opportunity to come together with you in this way and to offer a few words for your consideration. Thank you for welcoming me, I will return, good bye.

LIGHT:   [Cathy] I am humbled by the previous comments about my creation and growth. It is through our interaction that I am able to find my true expression. Please continue to come out and play. Together we will be able to uplift ourselves and our surroundings. Believe in the possibility and join me.

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