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LLN408- Presence

Lightline #408


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Presence
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia, LIGHT, The Presence of Spirit
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Presence
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia, LIGHT, The Presence of Spirit
TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.


Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, join me in the gratitude I express for the members of the group to keep it moving, keep it going. Give it life, provide the energy necessary to sustain the vision to keep the dream alive. We all have a part to play in this process and I stand in appreciation for all who contribute, those who would keep this particular dream alive, this vision viable for not only us here and now but for any who may contact through the natural order of things, through any that you may send to us, for us to overlap or contact with. Help us to stand firm in the purpose of our commitment. Help us to be strong in the certainty and conviction that it is your will that we thus proceed in faith and with your assurance that we are on the right track. If we err and are not somehow pleasing in your sight Divine Parents, let us pray that you make this known to us that we may change our course to greater please you in our efforts to be more effective in our mission and more perfect in our purpose. These represent our agenda, our motivation, our purpose, our desire to do your will in this process is our agenda, that your will may be represented by our will and in the end may our wills be indistinguishable. Help us make it so step by step as we move forward in faith, even now in this moment as we move forward in the uncertainty of what you have in store for us as eager seekers and students of yours. Thank you for always providing our needs. We rest assured that you hear our petitions and now rely on faith, thank you.


MICHAEL:   [Mark] Greetings my dear ones, I am Michael and it brings me great pleasure to come among you in this way, in this manner in which you provide me access. I fully support the idea that you rely on faith to execute this task, to open this doorway between us, for it is your faith that is the key that shall open this door and I have placed this key around your neck as it were, so that you may have it to use at your disposal when you so desire and when it is your desire to be close to me all you need do is exercise your faith and utilize the tool I have provided for you and as certain as the dawn arises, you may count on my accepting your invitation to be with you for this constitutes the desire of my heart. This is the execution of my will as well as yours and so I will eagerly join you any time you make allowance for this relationship to occur.

I am particularly joyous to come among you at this time of year when many are reflecting on the service that I rendered to this our world, so many years ago. I am honored by those who reflect on my service and the gratitude which is offered for all that I have done. I wish to join in with that sentiment, to blend in in harmony and in unity with that sentiment of gratitude for now, I have such a sentiment of gratitude for you who are in my stead, in my place on our world right now. You are the hands that I may reach through to embrace another so that they may feel the weight of my hand on their shoulder when you volunteer yours for such service.

You are the voice which may speak words of good cheer and comfort to my children who may be downtrodden. You are the voice to be raised up and shout for joy in demonstration of the Father’s love. You are the one who has eyes and may look into the eyes of another and may share a bridging of the gap between two of you my children, two of you my family members, and in so doing I rush to join in. I cherish the opportunity to co-mingle with you when you are sharing amongst yourselves and in relationship with each other. It is pleasing as a parent is pleased by the enjoyment of their offspring or as a brother is pleased in camaraderie with its siblings. In these ways, I live, in these times, I Am. With your willing assistance, I do, and in service to our Father, we can.

I rejoice to know of your desire to be in service, not only to me but with me in service to our Divine Parents. I accept your offer to be partners in this process, not that I wish to override the desires of your heart in any way, rather I wish to go along with you for the ride. I simply desire to be with you, to share with you your joys and sorrows, your observation and understanding for I am as you are and you are as I am. Let us rejoice in the fact of family and association and relationship. Let us drink of this cup to the full and share it so that we both experience the opportunity.

Thank you all for thinking of me this time of year when we celebrate my life and service and every other moment of your life when you glance in my direction, when you offer me even the slightest thought of recognition. I warmly receive all you would offer. Feel my embrace dear ones, as it is my desire to bestow it upon you. I bid you move forward in even greater faith and with even more confidence because I have told you plainly that I am with you and that together we can and we will. So let us move forward in joy and with expectation for all that the Father has for us to unravel and unfold and embrace. So much [the] better when there is another to share it with and I delight in being there to share it with you. Let is be so, now and as your heart desires. Let it be so because it is my desire as it is yours. Let it be so because it represents our Father’s desire as well. So how can it not be so?

Take with you my peace, my love and give them away for I shall always replenish all that you have need of and you may act for me to reach those who have not become familiar with [me] as you have. In this we shall delight together. Thank you Father for these true gifts of family. I now leave you but I am never gone from you. Only in this spoken form do I now depart and leave space that may be filled but I never leave the space within your heart. I am there at your bidding. Go in peace, farewell.
Nebadonia: [Henry] Greeting my friends, it is I Nebadonia, here to remind you of my embrace. Even though I am at the center of your universe, my embrace encompasses all that is the universe and all who inhabit it, extending past the boundaries of the universe to connect with the greater Infinite Spirit, here to represent this spirit to you, this functioning, this vital, energetic, life giving, life renewing and life extending energy. I am sending all of the love that is possible for you to receive in any moment at any time. This service I extend to all of my children, all of my siblings.

I am particularly interested in quality, quality of your life, your life experience, quality of thought, quality of action, quality of your desire. It is not for any in the spiritual universe to circumvent your free will choice to honor who you think you are, to worship whatever pleases you, to be whatever you intend to be. It is only our desire that you come into full consciousness of your potential of who you really are, that as a society, as a family, you may come to a consensus and in that consensus you go beyond belief, you go beyond ambition, you go beyond the boundary of the individual to include the presence, the embrace of another and together this embrace compliments my embrace to all my children.

Hardwired into your mind is an aspect of understanding, of awareness, which goes beyond anything that you can think. Any experience you may experience, it overshadows, any thought you perceive it originates and any connection and desire of spirit, it fulfills. Any resource that you seek, I become available. What is important for you to understand is that you are my sons and daughters, you are my children. I honor the sovereignty of your souls and I tolerate the humanness of your mind because in time, your mind will honor your soul, may even become a spokesperson for your soul. Your soul is that aspect of your temple which brings in joyous harmony and light, a poetic nature, a loving kindness, a compassionate simplicity, a serviceable will, an adjunct to relationship and a still voice to the magnitude of quietness, a presence within the anonymity of all. Find your rest in my bosom. I am the whom you truly seek. I am the well which quenches your thirst and I am the abundance which gives you options.

In this moment I am one with you, intricately connected to your sensation, to your thought, to your spirit, to your wisdom and your truth. I am the Mother of Nebadon and in this moment I grace your presence. Honor me by returning here at any time. Seek my presence, experience my warmth, my loving energy. Experience the ideal relationship of Michael and Nebadonia. We are the universe model, pattern and energy, united as one in service to all. Go in peace. May my love truly surround you, may it penetrate your deepest sorrow, may it comfort your hurt, may it cool your anger, may it sustain your smile. Go in peace my friends, my children I am always with you.

LIGHT:  [Mark] Hello my friends, I will make my way in here to this family gathering and seat myself at the banquet table with you, I am Light. It brings me everlasting pleasure to join you all at times like this when there is so much camaraderie and fellowship. It also brings me great pleasure to bring into your consciousness the notion that we are about to shift some gears and the game is about to change a bit but no worries, never fear, because as has just been demonstrated to you, your parents love surrounds you, is pervasive throughout your lives. There is nowhere that you can be that is not surrounded by their influence and you have grown even in your short existence to trust in this fact and to rest assured that this premise holds true.

And so it is, we will move forward, relying on faith that we are loved and cared for and nurtured throughout our journeys and regardless of where the twists and turns in the road may take us. This will facilitate our journey and infuse it with an attitude of well being and peace, even when confronted with uncertainties and tribulations. Nevertheless, we shall endeavor as those who know of this great family to which we belong, we will struggle to maintain this posture of awareness and of peace that this awareness brings. This will be our challenge, individually and together as a family and when we struggle individually to maintain the connection, that is when we come together in fellowship and strengthen the bonds that exist. When we do this as we enjoy now, we are recharged in our enthusiasm and in our conviction and subsequently in our peace.

This is what we do for each other so that as individuals, we always feel connected, we always feel part of the great whole so we are in realization that we do not go through anything alone but as part of the whole and in this way we have communion, we have fellowship, we have bonding and we grow love. These are the rewards of relationship, of belonging to the greater part of being part of such a magnificent family where we each and everyone belong and are known and are cared for and are supported by all the others. Such value this is, this family unit, this belonging to the whole. Such peace it brings, such love it demonstrates. Let it be so, more and more forward in our consciousness. Let it bring us the rewards of peace and the feeling of connection and belonging and purpose. Let us rely on these aspects of our faith and we are most certain to navigate any circumstances in good stead.

Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to join you in this love fest this evening, the parents, the children, the brothers, sisters, the fellowship and communion of the loyal spiritualists. It is always a great pleasure to drop in on such an occasion. I now bid you all have a good evening and invite you to reflect as you lay down to rest this evening, these many embraces that you just received. Feel them all, each one, as they are meant for you. You are loved and cherished, you are part of the family. Feel it, embrace it and own it in your being. This is the gift of grace. Be at peace and in love and I will visit with you again at another time, good day now.


The Presence of Spirit: [Henry] Greetings, I am the Presence of Spirit. I am the combination of the seven adjutants, Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth. I am within each and everyone of you. I am here present to extend this quality of this loving bond deep within your soul and deep within the universe, this embrace and connected-ness which has been brought here this evening into your consciousness to integrate into every part and sense, every nerve of your being, this notion of a higher quality of being, of the Presence of Spirit, liquid light running through the fluids of your mind, the fluid surrounding your heart and the terra firma of your soul.

Breathe in this momentous moment, savor its quality, exhale its acknowledgement, become grounded and centered in its presence. Sense the higher mind, the greater self, the connected-ness of your soul, the awareness of your soul and the quality of spirit’s presence therein. Live in the quality of the large extended family. Go beyond your immediate group to include those in your area and then go beyond this area to include those on the planet. Then go beyond to planet to include those on other worlds and go beyond the material to incorporate the spiritual, the spiritual personalities, the seraphim, the archangels, the orders of divine sonship, the bearers of light and those perfect brethren on Paradise. Feel the oneness in this moment. Feel the harmony and the pulse of eternity, the immense quietness it contains and always remember to honor this Presence, thank you.

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