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LLN409- Rebellion Repercussions

2013-08-29-Rebellion Repercussions
Lightline #409


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Repercussions of Rebellion and Celestial Artisans
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Athena
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z., Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Rebellion, Urantia
 3.2.2 Creativity, Expression
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Repercussions of Rebellion and Celestial Artisans
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Athena
TR: Henry Z., Gerdean


Prayer: [Henry] Mother/Father God, thank you for this circle of love, this circle of light which envelops us all. We are thankful to be here to seek a better understanding, thank you.

Rebellion, Urantia

GORMAN:  [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Gorman here this evening to step in if I may, into this circle, circle of awareness you have created this evening amongst yourselves. Your discussions are very interesting concerning the Lucifer Rebellion, interesting in the sense that not much information is available on a universe level about the rebellion and the worlds in rebellion in the sense of that even though it was allowed to happen it was not very much spoken of. There were universe personalities in and out of the quarantined areas but they never spoke very much of what was going on. We know in general what the rebellion has reaped on these worlds in quarantine. That is public knowledge. But the actual years of the rebellion and the psychological nature of some of the ranks joining the rebellion and some of the ranks resisting and of course, most of what is left is factual information.

We do know that it was tremendously disruptive, disruptive in the sense that a few generations of the Lucifer Rebellion completely eradicated a half million years of work that had been progressively applied to your world. Now, hundreds of thousands of years later there is even no record, no recollection, it is outside of the consciousness except that when it is brought to your attention you can’t help but have a foreboding sense of its factualness, even in terms of an explanation. In this sense, the universe decided it was going to use the rebellion and the quarantined area as an experiment both to allow time to reveal change and to engender a transformation and also, to allow events to unfold to study their nature and in a sense, gather information and knowledge and understanding about these events because these events taking part in the imperfect time and space still have an ability to contribute much to the Supreme, not so much in the event itself yet in the after-event, the eons of waves that this event ripples, vibrates throughout, earth history and human genetic history, human mental consciousness.

But in a spiritual sense, the work is the same whether the Lucifer Rebellion happened or not. You are indwelt with a spirit, a spirit personality of God, custom made for your mind so that the work of developing your relationship with spirit remains the same. The only difference being that you must intuit this yourself since there is no visible recognition of such which exists on your world and you can’t necessarily cite the religions and the religious personalities on your world as an indication of spirituality. The exception being Michael who had a divine message to deliver to the planet beings, the message of the Fatherhood of God, the primacy of the Father, and the family nature of the human race with the primacy of God as the head of the family.

It was just as much an aggressive concept which had no precedent in its time as it is today, an aggressive concept that has no precedent except that with individuals such as yourselves, you are making spiritual headway. You are making progress in working with spirit, with the spirit presences attached to yourself both internal and external and in time there will be many more. This is what is important, not that you feel that helpless that you can’t change the course of civilization and social awareness but that you can begin to develop a personal relationship with spirit and identify and become aware and acknowledge spirit so that in consciousness this becomes more readily available for others. In time there will be the family of mankind. It is a very slow process. We as a universe are ruled by eternals; their understanding of time is tremendously different from our understanding of time.

Our understanding of time is sequential, their understanding of time is unfolding. So never charge yourself for feeling helpless about the conditions and the situations in which you find yourself. The struggle eventually comes down to comfortably locating for yourself a lifestyle in which you can exist, that you can raise your families, you can become who you want to be. This is what is important, this has not changed. The inherent integrity of the human spirit is alive and well. It is man’s spiritual quest, it is man’s eternal quest to identify himself and his personality and this esprit de corps, this core of spirit, this heart-full spirit which resides in each and every one of you is alive and well and you all contribute in your own fashion. So I thank you for allowing me to express these thoughts to you this evening. I shall return, go in peace.

Creativity, Expression

ATHENA:  [Gerdean] Good evening children, my name is Athena. I will only stay a minute. You may recall I am a celestial artisan. I have worked with mortals in much the same fashion as Georgia has worked with Timothy Wyllie and as Daphne has worked with country/western artist Hal Bynum and as other muses have worked over the years with those mortals who are constitutionally suitable for such working liaisons. There is a necessary amount of stability that must be kept in order to stabilize the excitement that can be gotten from such creative liaisons, these soirees into the mystery of the mind, the dark recesses, the far reaches be they echoes of history, reflections of the imagination or a number of other representations possible because of the incredible minds that you are given to work with while you are here.

Some of them obviously are more well suited for mechanical planes or health fields or other venues and there you will be utilized as you step forward and say “I want to serve, here am I Lord, send me”. As you are aware, there are many personalities working with the evolving mortals to allure them on into service fields that make life more meaningful and provide pleasure to the creatures of Urantia and other worlds where we similarly serve. It sometimes seems that on a world such as this, which has been in isolation for so long, the slightest effort will bring forth a deluge of applause and appreciation and we find it very gratifying but we are not doing this for our glory, no, but for the up-liftment of humankind.

Often, fiction speaks louder than non-fiction. Many minds are more open to story telling than they are to the facts of geology or other sciences but when these fields can compare notes and work together, then progress is truly made when one can validate the other and encourage further investigations. It has been said, these are exciting times as you quiver on the brink of new inventions and discoveries. Indeed you are able to participate in such inventions and discoveries by and through your own mental application to those things that interest you, that inspire you and that you would look up to the heavens for guidance to serve others as you pass by.

The very act of creativity itself is enough to lift you up beyond the doldrums of apathy and ennui, creativity being one of the most personal activities you can engage in, be it creating history or creating the future, creating new products or new concepts. Creating is Godlike and so as a celestial artisan I would naturally conspire with you to create that which will allow you to feel as if you are an active participant in the process rather than an observer wondering how you can help, what can you do, not to overlook how many ways you can help by encouraging others to do. An “atta boy” or “you go girl” goes a long way towards encouraging those who work in the fields. Appreciation is one of those gestures that serves as the fruit of the spirit and I appreciate your having heard my little message for the evening.


ATHENA:   I always enjoy having a moment with those who listen. Until next time, thank you, bye bye.

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