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LLN416- Spiritual Life

2013-10-24-Spiritual Life
Lightline #416


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spiritual life
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Spiritual life
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman
TR: Henry Z.


Prayer: Father/Mother God, we thank you for this connection, this connection with each other, this connection with this eternal circuit of love. We ask you to inspire these transmissions with your wisdom this evening, thank you.


GORMAN:  Greetings to you this evening, it is good to be here amongst you, listening to your thoughts and feel the tenor of the group. Last time we met we had talked briefly about transition, transition from the mortal side to the spirit side, that doorway that we walk through and aspects of this were discussed. The aspects that were not discussed were the [material] things, the things which cause apprehension, dread, panic, fear.

These are just the things that a spiritual practice addresses. Anything with the fear issue is the very first thing that any spiritual practice should address, that you find a place that you feel safe, a belief that is compatible and comparable with who you are and how you live, what you believe, that this re-enforces your feeling of safety, feeling of trust, your feeling of faith, that you get to a point where you feel that there is absolutely nothing to fear because there is absolutely nothing at one point you can do to change who you are and to accept who you are and to walk through that door in acceptance in complete surrender, in trust knowing that you have lived the life you wanted to live and have been the person you wanted to be.

It’s not like there is a gatekeeper that is going to ask you three questions and if you get one of them wrong you get the red button. That is not what happens. The transition is smooth. In all actuality, many people once they’re translated, are completely surprised to discover that they are not where they think they are. All of this animal superstition that creeps through even your greatest literature does not do the transition any justice.

As concerns the Teaching Mission and having to come to its defense, after 20 years of a profound presence in this country it is interesting to hear that there are those models that still see it in themselves to take it to task. And what exactly are you taking to task, that someone might be receiving information that is helpful to them, that those in the Teaching Mission are not necessarily proselytizing, for sometimes it is just something else that exists that annoys another person because someone else may be finding fulfillment.

Luckily you live on a world where there are many choices, many choices to entertain, to choose, to follow. Even the thinning of the ranks in the Teaching Mission is somewhat of a disappointment, yet we are thankful for the few who still take charge of the task to communicate with spirit, to transcribe the transmissions and to make them available for others to peruse, that calls such as this, conference calls, are possible for those that physically cannot get together as a group.

You know it is not necessarily important that all people attempt a spiritual life, to become spiritually responsible and even between those that are attempting there is probably tremendous discrepancy between individuals. But, when a belief system can bring you to understanding, respect and love for another and respect for yourself in all situations, then you are working with something which truly tends to set you apart individually, bring you into a certain realm of peace and understanding and this ideally is what a spiritual process or spiritual direction in life does.

It is something you cannot just talk about, it is something that has to become active that you decide upon and it is something you act out responsibly. Maybe some are not ready for the responsibility, the rigorous demands which a spiritual path demands.You come to understand that you have a strong sense that you must act upon what you feel is right, what you feel is true and honest and you have to act upon what you are being told whether or not what you are being told is entirely different from what anyone else is being told. You have to learn to trust your own discerning guidance.

The interesting thing about something of the nature of the Urantia Papers is that the Urantia Papers details in more detail life after death. It talks about the morontia life, it talks about the morontia bodies, the morontia material, the morontia mind, it talks about morontia mota. It talks about things you will be walking into, any minute you could be walking into this. The thing is that by discerning and understanding, you could be addressing some of these issues and problems right now as we speak.

You can be working towards bringing in a morontia sense of mind into your soul, a sense of correction, a sense of understanding, of reasoning, of also surrendering to the understanding and becoming responsible for doing something about it, taking action. This is what happens in a mind that sees itself greater, sees the wholeness of the personality through the eyes of the Adjuster, yet on a day by day basis having to live with just who you are and not what you’ve become sometimes is a little disconcerting.

You know, the climb to the top of the mountain looks tremendously tedious but it starts one step at a time and before you know it you are taking the final steps to the top. This is what the spiritual life is like. It seems to be tremendously challenging to change anything in your life but until you attempt to begin to change one thing and when that one thing begins to change, then you can begin to shift other things in your life and in your personality. So these understandings are helpful in beginning to see yourself already having one foot on the other side, to begin to get a sense of the regimen, of the responsibility that you will be faced with on the other side.

You will not have the excuse of a poor physical body anymore. You will not have the excuse of a genetically deformed mind. You will not have the excuse of this human lethargy, this inability to move forward. You will be made as you were in the prime of your life again and initially having to address all of the issues of the human life, you can begin to start addressing these issues today. Put them in your soul mind, look at them through your soul eyes, begin to experience more of your life through the vision of your soul, through the connection of the Adjuster.

It is interesting what humans identify themselves as. If you are going to identify anything, it is important to identify with something that is permanent, something which, as your personality transcends the portal of death, something that goes through that doorway with you. Many times at different times in our life we get caught up in identifying ourselves with different things, people, money, prestige, power, we identify with a certain skill or task that we perform but ultimately we have to identify with who we truly are.

If you are satisfied with who you truly are, you can move forward a lot easier than if there are things that you feel you need to correct, things you feel you still have to work on. As you begin to see yourself in your ideal sense, in your soul sense, you begin to see the parts of yourself which have light and the parts of yourself which do not have light, which you still need to work on to be able to see yourself in the contrast. To be able to see yourself in this contrast is quite effective. Trusting in what the Adjuster intends for you to work out is also important. Many times the Adjusters knows precisely what you need to be working on in the very moment.

So what I am saying is that it is possible now to begin to experience life within your soul, to begin to see the distance you have to travel in the recognition of your own true personality and to begin to address these issues here and now. In a certain sense, it has really never been possible before without the information in the Urantia Papers about the morontia life and the morontia worlds, that now you can begin to bring in the energy, bring in these concepts, bring in these thoughts and in the soul begin to see yourself in these places, begin to see yourself in these aspects.

This has not been possible for some time on the planet. This is an opportunity, it is new territory, new territory for you to discover, discover something personally for yourself, maybe even help others discover something about themselves. I am just making it aware to you that this is possible.

There is a co-creative effort with spirit. Those of you who have been in the Teaching Mission for any length of time know this through your own efforts at discovering the Presence within and beginning to listen to what spirit has to say and how spirit sees things and how spirit sees things for humans. Spirit is not necessarily concerned about how these things are possible but that these things are possible. It is more the responsibility of spirit to make you aware of these things. That you can connect individually with spirit and allow you to find your own connection to spirit is just as important because this way you have a truly personal experience of it.

Only you can begin to discern if spirit is answering your prayer, is answering what you seek, what you ask for, what your heart’s desire is. It is only you who can discern this for yourself. No one else can discern these things for you. The quality of spiritual life that you are experiencing has to do with personal effort. How much effort are you putting into the process of living the spiritual life, a life free from gross fear, a life free from abject poverty, and I’m speaking about mental poverty, the kind of poor quality of mind. I’m speaking to the mind that is able to look into the soul and see the grandeur of everything, to see the eternal nature of now.


GORMAN:  This is all I have for you this evening. I thank you for your patience and your time, this is I, Gorman.

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