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LLN417- Practical Spirituality

2013-10-31-Practical Spitiuality
Lightline #417


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Practical Spirituality
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Practical Spirituality
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman
TR: Henry Z.


Henry: We thank you for this circuit and this eternal hookup, the eternal moment of wisdom which touches down to this moment on this planet.


GORMAN: Good evening, it is again good to be here this evening, it is I Gorman. I am here this evening, listening to your conversation and thought. I was focused more on the practical theology, practical psychology, and practical philosophy which was being brought up this evening — living in the times you live in and living at the time you are in.

Of course, living in the times you are in, is not in the same time period in which you are in. The age you are is not the age of the time period in which the age of the earth, of life, the age of activity is. Where at any given moment you could be eight, sixteen, twenty-five, thirty-six, forty-nine or sixty-two. It is only a moment of time you are changing swiftly as everything around you which isn’t seasonal is changing slowly.

So this practical theology idea, the idea that an external deity is part (speculatory?), as having no reference, it cannot be legislated, therefore the more practical approach is to have a personal relationship with God. This way you have a reference, you know for certain the fact of deity. You may know the fact as compassion of deity, love of deity. To pretend to say you know the mind of deity may be somewhat pretentious. Yet Michael said that you can always substitute your mind for His mind, to have a cleansing of mind, a regeneration and realignment of mind…a balance of mind.

You live in practical times, by that I mean you live in times which call for practical measures. The times you live in call for reflex action quick decisions, and of course a lot of times life has caught you in some physical eddy, some little inlet of a shoal you get caught in, an age of the physical body you have to endure while your time is not up on the planet. You cannot have a practice and an ideal so out of reach that it is not practical for you to have a true experience in your lifetime, therefore having a (practical practice?) and a practical ideal helps allow you to have a true experience in this lifetime.

I mean the experience of finding God and knowing him personally. You cannot have these ideals so grand that only a small percentage of the planet, if any, can live up to their fruition. You have to be more practical. This is why many things on your planet are brought down to a common denominator, to make them more practical. This is why God chooses to love everyone, no matter who they are or what they have done. He chooses to love everyone for it is more practical for Him to show forth love to everyone, the same, therefore not diminishing the quality for anyone.

So, practicality, is bringing things down to a workable and livable level. You are beginning to understand that your life is circumscribed, therefore, limited in your ability to affect the large time element of life itself. As this growing season is experienced you will leave here for your next cycle and growing season. Keep it practical.

One should keep all things practical, like your activities. Keep in balance, in proportion. Live life more intelligently. You understand this when life brings you to a place in your body which demands your attention. This is when you learn some of the finer details of living, when you reach a time when you cannot do very much about it. It matters not when you come to understand something, for it can always be applied to the present situation.

For example; even if there were multiple extra planetary forces which could cause untold disaster on the human body count, destruction of property, way of life, etc., even if these things became a reality, How would you think to deal with this situation? Would you continue to be who you are and stand firm amidst the turmoil, even when the elements of survival begin demand upon yourself, helping others, neighbor’s, even yourself, and family, as well as complete strangers.

Do you really think your would know that to do in each moment as so many variables begin to make themselves visible. Are you grounded enough in the light and spirit to completely manifest your ability to remain focused and grounded, still in a spiritual intent and pursuit, having to deal with countless, innumerable things repeatedly. It would be a great spiritual test, just to maintain a neutral base in all of this is a spiritual test.

Yes, personalities begin to attach to groups, camps. It is necessary for the survival mode to feel safe in a large group whom you can trust your safety. If these times should come upon you, it will be known as the times of great harvest, meaning the harvest of souls who are enriched and strengthened spiritually by the times of turmoil and strife they find themselves in, times of complete change, times of re-alignment. Times of fighting off the advanced effects of the Lucifer Rebellion.

Times when great fear is given a face and voice, a purpose made meaningful. This is when humans begin to make mistakes, when they follow what they think rather than what they feel. In all struggle you are challenged to feel your way through this, to assess and correct, to discern intently and understand them.

So back to the notion of a practical spirituality, one that is not tedious, a spirituality which is self-conscious, real and bringing awareness into the moment, enlightenment and discernment. So get the most out of the life you have in this moment, and begin to focus upon what is the spiritual life you have in this moment. Are you being fulfilled in any way by your spiritual approach, Is it working for you? Ground yourself in spirit and allow spirit’s help. Always feel your way through, you may not always see and understand correctly, yet feelings are accurate.


GORMAN:  My friends have a pleasant evening. It was good to share a few words with you this evening, and until next time, thank you.

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