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LLN418- Truth

Lightline #418


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Truth
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Truth
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman
TR: Henry Z.


Prayer: Mother/Father God, we thank you for this circle of love and this eternal connection, this ever connection with spirit. We thank you for the opportunity to come together and express our feelings and attempt to understand a little more clearly some of the notions we are grappling with individually and struggling with as a world community because the problems of the individual are not that much different from the problems of a large group of individuals. Large problems are made up of many kinds of little problems. So we surrender ourselves to you. We surrender our will to your leading, to your nudge, to your corrective influence, thank you.


GORMAN:   Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Gorman again this evening, appreciating the discussion you have, accepting the understanding you express. It is interesting in time and space, sometimes man and spirit are very similar in the sense that we are all searching for truth. Just because we are spirit doesn’t mean we can’t make mistakes and it doesn’t mean we completely understand all truth. Short of attaining Paradise it is impossible to understand all truth. It is not until a finaliter becomes a resident of Paradise that that finaliter will be exposed to all absolute truth. On Paradise it is possible to view the whole of the universe of time and space in terms of absolute truth, whereas when you are in time and space you are completely obsessed and consumed with understanding partial Paradise truth.

Then there is personal truth. Personal truth may very well be the greatest truth experience available for you to discern for absolute truth always surrenders itself to personal experience so that beyond any doubt, the personal experience becomes absolute. It becomes supreme in your understanding of what it offers. Just because it is truth doesn’t mean it can’t be conflicting. For example: Sugar and salt within themselves are both truth and absolute fact yet they are completely different. One is sweet and one is salty. Truth is similar. Not all truth reveals the same thing. Some truth will only reveal your relationship to it and not all truth will reveal itself completely in any one moment.

In this sense, truth is titrated. Little by little, piece by piece you come to discern and understand the wholeness, the personal-ness and the relationship of truth. Though they are similar, you cannot say that the laws of man are a greater truth than either spiritual truth or absolute Paradise truth. These truths may be completely different yet in any time, in any moment, in any planetary life experience there are those prevailing truths which touch and affect each of your lives personally yet may have nothing to do with the larger and more spiritually aggressive truth which individuals are searching for.

And there are moments when your understanding of the greater absolute truth mirrors and parallels your own personal truth experience. Many times when you are consciously following the leading’s of your Thought Adjuster, you are attempting to give voice, give recognition to an aspect of truth that is being personally revealed to you, which is what the Adjuster does, It reveals truth about who you are and what you are, who you are becoming and what you need to do in order to adjust yourself to become that which the Adjuster is attempting to reveal to you.

But truth is gold. It doesn’t matter if you have a teaspoon of dust or little flakes or big chunks or huge boulders, it is of the same essence. You will find that your personal truth is of the same essence as greater truth and in this respect, you can combine, you can meld together your personal truth with idealized truth, with absolute truth. The truth about things are very different from the things themselves.

The truth about life is very different from life itself. You ask, well what does that mean? What is the truth about life? Well, a truth about life is that the individual has an opportunity in life to discover this tremendous spiritual resource which dwells within the individual and by discovering and aligning your will with this resource, you will discover a meaning and a purpose in this life.

Yet all the time, life itself is indifferent. Life if just like God, it is not a respecter or persons, it treats everyone the same. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone is affected by life in ways which demand that the individual begins to accept and modify themselves to accommodate this life. Sometimes you have to maybe do things which you normally wouldn’t do to solve certain problems in certain situations in life. None of you were given a rule book when you came here and everyone is grappling with how to live life and the truth and fact of the matter is that everyone is understanding and seeing life slightly different.

So when you combine all of these variables, it may seem tremendously confusing and conflicting, as it appears now on the human stage of activity, the human drama arena, yet the truth is, everyone is trying for the most part and working towards coming together. This is also true and a truth. So on one hand you could have tremendously destructive elements in society along with great elements which attempt to regenerate and to express life in society to benefit everyone, yet these two opposite realities can exist side by side. The truth is in the choice and the responsibility is how you express yourself with that choice.

So when you talk about truth, you also have to talk about consciousness, discernment, responsibility, you have to talk about things which are responsible for maintaining truth, not only your personal truth in your lives but trying to uphold some greater truth you barely understand or have a reference for. So my children, do not be conflicted because you don’t completely understand or what appears to be someone else doing something that is not the way you would do it, pause for a second and consider what they are attempting to learn and understand.

Then look at your own self. Are you helping this person? Are you making it more difficult or is what you are experiencing more important than what they are experiencing? So you have to take them to task?

So yes, be responsible to a greater truth but also acknowledge at the same time, everyone is attempting to live and understand personal truth. We are all trying to find meaning in our lives. You must come to understand the tremendous opportunity which exists on your planet, that there are very few restrictions which keep you from either living or completely understanding truth.

You may spend your whole life living in a completely true way as you see it, yet it may not speak of completeness, it may only be one part of your life which is defined but there are many parts to life. Truth is not everything, it is an aspect, it is a part of the wholeness, the wholeness of the personality which is God, the wholeness of the expression which is Deity and it is the wholeness of life remembering who and what it is and attempting to return to its upright divinity.

It’s like water being broken into little drops, but when water begins to move and gravitate and collect it becomes larger and bigger pieces of water until it becomes like an ocean, a wellspring, until all of the particles which have been separated have been brought back together. This is the effect of truth. Truth like life has been scattered throughout the universes, segmented, broken up in little pieces that eventually all life and all truth seeks its own level, seeks to collect itself, seeks to become one and seeks to return to its original nature.


GORMAN:   My friends, it was good to have an opportunity to share a few thoughts with you. I thank you all for joining this group this evening. Have a good week, go in peace, continue your practice of discovering the God Presence within, thank you.

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