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LLN422- Faith, Doubt, Uncertainty

2013-12-12-Faith, Doubt, Uncertainty
Lightline #422


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Faith, Doubt, & Uncertainty
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Elyon, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Faith, Doubt, & Uncertainty
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Elyon, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Thank you Divine Parents for this meeting of comrades, of those of us who join together in this pursuit to follow our faith, exercise our faith, strengthen our faith, demonstrate our faith even in this moment. Thank you for the opportunity this presents to do just that, to walk to the edge and be willing to go where spirit leads you. I welcome the opportunity that this brings and would offer myself for use in this process to uphold this tradition that we have created and fostered and held high even though we may be wholly uncertain as to what exactly it is we are doing in this process, still we would bring our faith and would lay it on the table and stand in readiness for what exercise you might have that we might enjoy this evening, thank you.


CHARLES:  I welcome the opportunity to greet you this evening, I am Charles. I would accept the direction offered here this evening in overhearing your conversation and insert myself into a little more expanding the idea that you are indeed stepping out in faith and acting in a manner consistent with faith while at the same time you entertain doubt and uncertainty, even some fear creeps from time to time into the equation.

This idea that as a human of the realm you must navigate your way back and forth through this desire to be bold in faith, to exercise your faith, to demonstrate your faith because there is an opportunity to do so. This bold unbridled part of yourself then has to grapple with and confront the other aspect of being human where there are doubts and uncertainties and insecurities based in the unknown and in fear. I tell you plainly that this struggle between the aspects of yourselves is the most pronounced in this life it will ever be, that is, once you graduate from the mortal realm you will lean more heavily on your spiritual influence. It will have been demonstrated to you your spiritual permanence in the equation and therefore you will have every opportunity to be bolder and to exercise your faith even more.

But in this life, you are still struggling with the animal nature, with a legacy of fear and doubt and uncertainty and you must stand atop this legacy and declare your own way, declare how much of your spiritual influence you will bring into the equation of your life. This is the dance that you do back and forth between the aspects of your being, the legacy of who you are and the potential in spirit of who you can be. As I said, at no time subsequent to this life experience will this be so pronounced, this choosing back and forth between these dual aspects of your nature.

So, if that is the case, then how marvelous it is if you can be present in this life experience and enjoy the opportunity to have to confront uncertainty and doubt about spiritual principles and basics and stand in faith even though you may be uncertain at the same moment. This is a universal demonstration of the success of the Father’s plan, that you would stand in faith, that you would seek for, that you would find and then embrace your spiritual nature when surrounded by your mortal experience.

This is a testament to the goodness and grace of your Divine Parents who have created this experience for you. It works and you demonstrate that it works, that of your free will choice of your own choosing you would come to the Divine, that you would choose to follow your higher nature and explore your spiritual dimension. The plan works magnificently for even in the hardest of circumstances and the most material of existences, there still exists the yearning to expand beyond your mortal parameters and become more than you are by virtue of exploring who you are, finding your spiritual component and embracing this aspect of yourself.

It is a joy to behold this plan in motion, this plan in success and it is moving to witness the part that we all play in different times and different positions. I applaud those who would hold high the mission of whatever it is they aspire to be because as you find the definition of what you may hold high changes as your capacity expands. And so, it is not so much about what the mission is, but rather about the act of upholding the mission, the act of once again standing in faith, returning to do a bidding, responding to a calling. This action of dedication and faith may only be demonstrated. It is not misunderstood when somebody invests themselves and dedicates themselves to a purpose.

This act of devotion stands alone, by itself, for itself, recognized by all those for what it is and so I say thank you to those who have invested the great amount of time and energy and effort to upholding this very process, this very platform that we stand on. You are the ones who bring the heritage to this experience and I express the gratitude for a great many for we all have enjoyed the fruits of the labor expended to create such a platform. You know who you are and my words of gratitude are meant for you. Thank you for this opportunity. I now would allow this graceful opportunity for others as well, thank you.

ELYON:  I as well accept the opportunity provided, I am Elyon and it is my great pleasure to once again insert myself into group activities in response to the recollection of my participation in groups gone by. Like you, I have been a participant in many different gatherings of individuals, many different groups and like you, I draw from each experience unique opportunities that are provided by virtue of the unique combination of individuals who invest themselves into the gathering.

Like you, I have come to realize that groups are constantly in motion and are constantly in flux. This is what makes each gathering unique unto itself, the combination of participants. While groups themselves may endure for long periods, the participants are bound to flux and change and morph into ever new combinations and potentials. When encountering these groups, it is so normal and natural to bring expectations from one group visit to the next and in so doing certain traditions are brought forward, certain expectations are brought forward and yet the makeup of the group at any given moment is entirely unique.

So there is this great challenge to weave continuity and stability into formats that are ever changing and constantly fluid. Typically it is required that there be some individual that is a constant that runs throughout to remember what the original focus was of the group and to maintain some stability as the members flux. So like you, I experience each meeting as something new and fresh while still enjoying some magnitude of familiarity, nevertheless being responsive to the potential of the moment.

So I would sympathize with you all about the attending of meetings such as this in that there are elements of continuity and tradition sitting side by side elements of new and fresh perspectives and opportunities and options. This is what makes for, as they say, the spice of life. This is what makes it all interesting, the unique mix that is at hand in any given moment.

I cherish the opportunity to join you in this unique mix, to blend into this moment with you and offer my energy signature to blend with yours as we gather in this meeting in this moment. I as well offer my appreciation for those who have made this possible and continue to do so. We all have enjoyed the advent of this new mode and I, like you, stand in appreciation for the opportunity. I bid you all a good day and say my farewell.

MICHAEL:  My dear ones, I would take this opportunity to fellowship with you, I am Michael. This opportunity provides me the chance to bid you all a seasons greetings and invite you to join in with the spirit and festive attitude that transpires this time of year because it is with great joy that I am with you now, that I bring you my peace and I bring you my love, that I support you when you venture out in faith for this is venturing in my direction and you are my children in whom I am so well pleased. I seek nothing more than to be there for you, be there with you so that we may be there together in the process.

And to the extent that you will recall me and remember me and bring me into this season of joy I will be pleased in any form you can manage to infuse your life experience with the certainty of our love, and the Father will be pleased. I am in deep gratitude for our relationship and the love that we share and I would desire as you would spread that around and share that with the others in our family. And so I invite you to help me to be my hands, to be my eyes, to be my lips, to bring words of joy, do acts of kindness with me in our name, yours and mine. Let us do this with joy together. Let us spread my peace throughout in this season and always.


MICHAEL:   Thank you for joining me in this invitation and I now accept your willingness, your desire, your faith and we will lean on this faith together and you will see how strong it is for if you bring this faith, I will build it and you will see as you do even now. In response to your request for strength, I am here and we are together. Let it be so and let it bring joy to your heart so that others may see it. Let us share this joy together, you and I. Take my words into your heart, they are meant for you and I now accept your offer and delight in the upcoming opportunities we will have to work together. Let it be so, thank you Father. These are my children and Yours in who we are so well pleased. Expect my peace and my grace and let us go forward, even now.

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