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LLN423- Superhuman Efforts

2014-01-02-Superhuman Efforts
Lightline #423


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Superhuman Efforts of Humble People
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Midwayer Jack
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Superhuman Efforts of Humble People
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Midwayer Jack
TR: Gerdean


Prayer: Father God and Mother Spirit, this is Gerdean, your mouthpiece for this evening’s Light Line session. I’d like for you to help me get centered and focused for service to our mission here. Thank you for this venue, for the opportunity to touch base with each other and with you in faith of our relationship and association. We have some eager and curious minds among us that bring their concerns and their questions as we bring gifts to the Christ child, that he may find pleasure in what we bring and respond to us in accordance with his good wishes. Thank you for those who thus serve. Amen.


0802-AB JACK: Jack here. Good evening, everybody. Welcome to the new year, the new moon, the new attitude that comes to each and all who accept and acknowledge the measurement of time and space as it is understood. The beginning, the middle and the ending are all the pieces of a story; they are representative of a time and space; they are measurements by which to see your lives reflected. Many times many of your problems are resolved simply by taking time off to think about something else, to do something different, to shift your values to something closer to home, to remember the parent/child relationship, to suffer the little children, to look back with gladness at your own youth and see that you have lived a worthy life with time to spare.

And so we bring our hopes and dreams and aspirations to the forefront of our lives. What can we do now? What is there yet to be done? What is there time for? What will be presented to us as opportunity? It is exciting for me to see how well you respond to the cycles of life, how really well adapted you are to planetary existence. You do complain a lot; you do have many fears that you need to deal with; but you are always willing to see with new eyes, to maintain hope, to lovingly anticipate, to be open to surprises — even miracles.

This childlike quality in you is endearing. It is not the same as irresponsibility. And herein is the comparison between childlike-ness and childish-ness. You might observe your own behaviors occasionally and ask yourself if that was childish or childlike and thus give yourself a pop quiz on your own developing character.

There is talk, yes, that the future brings visitations from on high, even though we have been experiencing visitations from on high not just the past 30 years, no, but for thousands of years. Periodically, there are visitors that make their presence known, and more often there are visitors who simply come and do a service to you or other members of humanity and move on without ado … sometimes as fellow mortals, sometimes as invisible celestial heavenly helpers, even midwayers. There are some who hold out hope to see not only the Magisterial Son but the Master Son, the Material Son and Daughter, and Machiventa Melchizedek.

There will not be many who will attempt to squelch your ardor for such an idea because even the angels do not know when the hour of these visitations. Furthermore, it has been reported by many that they have already come, they have already made their appearance here and there, have already done their good works and the work is indeed underway.

Without having physical manifestations of deity, it is impossible to discern except through the eyes of faith and in the end the eyes of faith are those which will see you through, but in the interim, the mortal eye yearns to rest upon substance that is rightfully theirs as ascending sons, albeit this destiny has been thwarted through revolution and default. Even so, the concerns of a universe are not your concerns; indeed the concerns of planetary government are not yours to deal with. The Council of 24 has their work cut out for them and they are more than qualified to carry forth the instructions and mandates given to them by their founders and facilitators on high.

The tasks you have to deal with are those which are sown in your own field, those tasks and chores of your own life that you can handle with and through your own capacities as a mortal man among men … or woman, among believers.

It is entirely possible for you, limited though you may be, to have major impacts on the world in which you live regarding the issues that mean a lot to you. You do them, in fact, as you pass by, as you communicate your opinions and ideas and beliefs through your culture and the technological devices that sponsor your social life, such as the internet, your telephone, cell phone with its many services, the social media, such as Facebook and other lists on the web that connect you with people all over the world. And as you burrow around in there and encounter like-minded people, you manifest your support for some and rebuke others depending upon your instincts or your propensities, even your destiny calling and so there is much going on that involves and includes you, even though you may be sitting back wondering what you can do to serve.

The fact is you are already serving. The fact that you are serving unconsciously may be beneficial, may be one of those situations in which the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Sometimes this is better because if you knew what you were doing you would come across as having an agenda and oftentimes those who have an agenda turn off those who might otherwise hear you but would not want to listen to someone who had an agenda. And this is truly part of the experience of a faith child. Believing that you are doing his will even as you simply bungle through your own life doing what you do, year after year, with friends and family, work and holidays, evolving ever onward into enlightenment.

I see a lot of troubled minds pointing at Fukushima and other hot spots in the world, other areas of dire circumstance. I see a lot of anger at the ignorance that is interfering with the proper flourishing of a world such as this, a beautiful planet with a marvelous ecosystem, being forced to work beyond its capacities making up for the egregious errors in judgment of those who take advantage of the natural resources that really belong to the people. Such mishandling of power indeed needs to be called out.

You are the people. You can help by having meaningful conversations with your neighbors and among yourselves, not merely superficial exchanges or fashionable fund-raisers, but real meetings of the mind on those matters which affect the forward or backward movement of society and the sundry societies of this globe. Not only the one you live in, but the many that constitute global sociology.
The exciting thing is we have gotten to the point of being five-sevenths of the way there. For those of you who like statistics, you’re over half way there to light and life.

You will be seeing more of the affirmative, and while you will still be seeing plenty of the negative, it will not be allowed to coast quite as readily as it has in centuries past when the secrets of human supremacy were kept behind closed doors in quiet rooms of deliberation and greasy palms. The problem is not with economics; there must be some kind of exchange. But there must be exchange … that cannot all be tied up in the hands of just a few.

The next period of time we’ll be witnessing a big expansion (how do I say this?) of “power to the people” – a more evening out, a more democratic, a leveling, an equalizing mix of humanity involving race, culture, custom, countries, currency, cuisine and all manner of differences that will be stirred into the common cup of global community. It will cause disruption, it will make people nervous, it will make people angry, but it will also excite great numbers and provide encouragement for countless others, for it is a time of great change – steady, solid, noticeable change.

Are there any questions? Open the channel there and let the communications between us commence. Star six[*6] it is. You just don’t know how to bridge the gap between what you want and what you can do. You do this by finding something simple and succeeding in it. Once you have succeeded in doing something simple, you will recognize what you have done, how you did it, what the results have been, how it has affected others, and you will be encouraged to try it again, perhaps under other circumstances or with bigger results. It is experiential.

It is so easy for you to stand by and wait for someone else to do it. Even when you are doing it yourself, you can’t seem to realize that you are doing it yourself, for you might trip and fall, stumble over your own feet in recognition of the fact that you are in fact involved in the process of working to uplift humanity … slowly but surely, increment by increment. Come on. Come in. Let’s talk about it. Have you had an instance lately that you can bring to the table to share?

Was it a conflict resolution? Was it a matter of teamwork? A joint resolution? Was it a local problem of utilities, a power failure, a fire, a crime in your neighborhood? These are where you can help. This is where you do help. Don’t think it is not enough. Don’t be so humble about your contribution that you negate your worth altogether! Self-forgetting is certainly a part of the process but you cannot eviscerate yourself completely or you will not be able to see what needs to be done. You need to be involved. You need to care. You need to have a personal investment in the situation. You need to have an emotional connection.

It does not need to be the overruling, overpowering impetus, no. In fact, that much emotion might be detrimental to the project, but [you need] at least enough to be able to relate to the situation. This is the sociology of humanity. Bringing a spiritual vantage point to humanity is setting up a classroom situation in which those who know will teach those who don’t know. You and each of you will play both roles from time to time. But if you don’t play, it won’t get played out and humanity will continue to sit where it is.


Gary: Yeah, Jack. This is Gary. You gave us a lot to think about, which is why, I think, nobody interjects the little things that everybody does. There’s a neighbor of mine and — I live in this senior housing area and I bring him his mail every day. It’s pretty insignificant, as far as I’m concerned, but I go by it every day to get mine and I make sure I bring his up to him and the example is this past holiday he was angry at his nephew for not bringing him any money so he could buy me a gift and show me his appreciation and I told him I didn’t want any gift, just the fact that he was happy and that I was able to help him a little bit, that’s all I wanted, and he kept telling me how upset he was and how bad he felt that he couldn’t buy me anything and I told him just having him as a neighbor was more than enough.

0802-AB JACK:  There you see you were put in a position of being a teacher, of teaching this man the truth that in allowing you to give to him, he has given a gift of acceptance. His gift of acceptance is as meaningful as your gift of giving. If you didn’t have someone to accept it, you wouldn’t be able to give it, and when he has the option, he can pass it on. And I’m sure he will, since he has made a point to you of how much he appreciates what you have done for him.

Gary: It seems like such an insignificant act on my part but he made such a deal about it, I guess that’s what the lesson is about. I don’t do much. I’ve been on disability for 30 years, but I have seen people just acknowledging to others that they exist and they respond to that, and that is more important than being a teacher or … I get confused. I don’t have much communication with my Thought Adjuster.

I’ve even bought some of those meditation tapes that you learn to meditate like a Buddhist monk , they say, in a couple of weeks and I constantly listen to those tapes but I still haven’t reached that stillness they talk about. They say T/Ring is so easy but I can’t seem to reach it. My mind just doesn’t want to stop or slow down. The harder I try to not think of anything, the more my mind runs away with me.

0802-AB JACK: Then let it go. When you are trying to attain stillness and your mind is running, run with it, find out where it wants to take you. Maybe it is trying to show you something. Go with it, let it show you, and if it runs you all over town and hasn’t shown you anything, the next time it wants to pull that prank, you can tell it, “I’m not going! I’m going to just sit here and be still because the last time, you wore me out for nothing!”

You can tell your mind what to do, young man. You can gain mastery, even over your mind, as Jesus did. Your spirit, your adjuster, your soul, your will in alignment with deity is stronger than your marvelous mind which is like a monkey … chattering and jabbering constantly, pulling you away from divinity so as to stay in the finite world, clever little thing that it is.

Gary: That’s the truth. I still try to combat it, though.

0802-AB JACK:  So much of self mastery is simple animal training.

Gary: I’m in pain all the time, too, and I take heavy medications for that pain and I wonder if that is interfering with it. I wonder if the narcotics interfere.

0802-AB JACK:  Well, there is a space there between pain and being drugged that provides a balance. You can access divinity in that area, even if it’s only for a brief time. That’s all you need, really; just a few minutes alone with God will make all the difference in the world. Give yourself the gift of god-consciousness.

Gary: I appreciate the advice, Jack, and I’ll take it to heart again. I’ve never given up so, no matter what, I can be useful one way or another.

0802-AB JACK: Oh, you can be useful. That’s not the issue. But just don’t wait for someone to come along … someone like Monjoronson … to come and instigate the changes that are really already underway. The changes have been happening all along and increasingly. To put off to tomorrow what is being done today negates the superhuman efforts of today by humble people like yourself. Rejoice in these people who do great things, who reveal God in their lives simply by being themselves as they pass by, as you represent Father God in your ministry to your fellows as you pass by. You know the scripture. If you have given him something to eat, something to drink, if you have visited him in prison, given him something to wear, or brought him his mail, “you have done the same for me” and this is a service.

Gary: Thank you, Jack. I wish I had more to contribute to what you say. I’ll think about it.


0802-AB JACK: Yes, you are very mental, a very mental guy. Many people are guilty of over analyzing their situation; they are so busy thinking about it, they never experience it, and this is a shame, a travesty. It is a reward, your own birthright, to experience God in you, around you and for you, at least once in awhile!

It is my New Year’s wish for you and each of you that you begin to recognize the presence of God within you and within others, that you begin to demonstrate his many qualities in others as you pass by and may you see the beauty of his creation every day in many ways, through mother nature and other means by which goodness and grace are reflected. Your lives are so rich. May you recognize the riches with which you are blessed. It’s been fun. Gotta run. Later!

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