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LLN424- Integrity

Lightline #424


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Integrity
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Integrity
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, I am so well pleased to be with you here this evening and to be with all these other beautiful participants in this experience. We all come seeking, we all try to open our hearts and receive that which you would bring to us because we would come and seek for it. Let it be so, even in this moment. We represent our desires and our intention by circling up and ask to participate with you in spirit and we trust and we have faith and we bring it to the table now. Let it be so even in this moment that we would rest and trust in our faith and be about this loving exchange in peace and in confidence. Thank you for all and thank you for this.


CHARLES:  Greetings to all of you this evening, I won the proverbial coin toss to begin tonight’s interaction with spirit. I am Charles and it is my pleasure to join you in these forums to truly share with you back and forth. I understand that there is the topic of integrity offered as a topic of interest tonight for discussion and I am most pleased to take that up with you here tonight. There are of course many aspects to be uncovered in the discussion around integrity and there will be others to avail themselves of these many layers that are present.

But, I will speak about the aspect mentioned, that integrity has part of its component that from time to time needs to be serviced or maintained or perhaps even shored up and in some cases, rebuilt entirely in order to be maintained. These are aspects to think about concerning the idea of integrity. It is always in a state of flux, a state of change. It always needs to be inspected for its condition and if necessary, may need some maintenance, some service, some attention applied to the structure in order to maintain its integrity.

Within any structure there are also a number of of sub structures, smaller parts of the whole and each one of these must have its own integrity in order to maintain the overall strength. So while it is good, having built the bridge to use to use your terminology, it is also necessary to inspect it and to maintain it and care for it and keep it in your mind as integral to the process, to not simply consider that it has been built and now may be rested upon indefinitely without concern. When I say the state of integrity is in flux I am loosely referring to the ever changing range of your capacities, that you are a different person in every new moment and this different and new person will react differently, will consider differently, will consider different choices and will function differently in each new moment or at least there is the potential for such a change.

The mortal of the realm loves to operate within the same old structure, loves travel in the rut if you will. It’s easy, it’s known and it is well worn, it becomes a true comfort zone and this serves for some period of time but in order to actually expand and grow yourself it is necessary from time to time to bump out of an old pattern and change into a new, slightly different expression. And all this causes you to be a being in flux and in change and this is well and good. As part of this process it will be incumbent upon you to monitor your level of integrity, your amount of stability and trueness, your degree of commitment to the purpose of being true and good. The more your commitment is true and steady to these things, the more your integrity is maintained in this process. It is when one tends to become complacent and drift away from the idea that integrity must be maintained, must be looked after, must be polished and fostered throughout the process.

So I throw out some topics for discussion around the idea of integrity, just some ideas that come to mind in relationship to this all important aspect of being. It is so much my privilege to join you in times like this to offer my words of expression and to encounter yours. It is so pleasing to be on the team of those who would come together for such a purpose as this. I bid you all good evening and allow this forum for use by others, thank you.

LIGHT:  Hello to all of you, it is my pleasure to join you this evening, I am Light and I would play around a little bit with the notion of integrity and how integrity is truly integral to the process in that all things within the entire system are integral to the process. Your combination that you have to offer, your unique position that you have to share, may seem to you to be so far distant as to be un-associated with the whole, but I assure you this is not the case. Your component, your piece of the whole is integral to the process. You are one of the smaller pieces of the greater mechanism and no pieces are outside and left.

All pieces are encompassed in the process and as such you are a necessary part of the whole. That is why the entire universe is geared towards your success, the entire game is played with your advancement in mind. And so, in so doing, in so applying yourself toward integrity you are fitting in your piece to the whole puzzle. You are harmonizing with the chords that are around you, you are becoming a shade changed by your association with the others. All these acts are convictions of integrity. They are the demonstration that you are committed and you are integral in the process.

It is just my pleasure to play with you with this term that’s been offered this evening and my joy to be with you as we come together in this process and share in this experience. I now step aside to allow room for others at this meeting, thank you all.

CHARLES:  Oh yes, I am here, can’t pass up the opportunity when requested. This notion of the two popular terms, trust and integrity is such a fascinating one because it is this deep sense of trust that really strengthens and in some very many cases, causes this integrity. It is integral to the integrity and once somehow violated or doubted, this trust aspect can literally bring down the entire arrangement. Once there is cause to be concern about the integrity, there is this great desire to inspect it and test it and see it if is true and sure and so it causes you to do the soul searching, the investigating of the self and seeing where there may be some weakness in the structure.

Invariably you can discern that there are weaknesses around, present within the organism that there may be doubt, there may be fear, there may be pain, there may be uncertainty and these little festering wounds will keep being triggered by these episodes in life that you refer to as the trials and the tribulations. They inflame an aspect of the whole which is in need of maintenance or attention and as regular as clockwork it seems, expressions of these aspects of weakness are brought to the surface so that they may be examined, so that they may be inspected and if they are in need of maintenance or repair they may be serviced.

This is your privilege in this process, to be the one that decides what degree of inspection, what level of maintenance you will provide, what thoroughness you will bring to the equation because it is up to you to grow your own being, to service and maintain your own individual self throughout.

And so, while the universe is geared up to help and assist in all manner and ways, nevertheless, the steps must be undertaken individually and the choices must be made by you and you alone in this process. It is easy to consider how then would you test the integrity of your choices, of your desires and I am left to refer to that which has been offered graciously here this evening, the idea that you connect with spirit, you connect with stillness, you connect within and in so doing you are aligning yourself with integrity, with divinity, with what is true and what is good and what is beautiful, you are plugging in to that source. It will then correct and redirect as necessary those who are willing to plug in.

This is your safest and surest way to maintain your heading and to insure your integrity throughout your process, is to double check with spirit, to check in with divinity in any way you know how. You will be led, you will be directed, you will be guided if you but ask.

So while it is a mortal topic of conversation and one that is wonderful to undertake, deep within you you know the answer. You know when you plug into spirit and feel truth. You know when you have touched on goodness, when you have encountered beauty, you register these things deeply. And so it is, you seek to be here now coming to this forum in spirit.

You wish to plug in, to be charged up by divinity and those who seek, find; those who put in the effort achieve the success. That is your safety, your security, to simply plug in and check with divinity as to your orientation. Are you in line? Are you part of the great chain? Are you a willing participant?


CHARLES:  Then all that is inconsistent with this reality will simply fade away, there will be no struggle, it is simply defining yourself more and more in terms of divinity. It is your pursuit of this which is the demonstration of your integrity. I hope these words aid and assist all those who are in this discussion. It has been my pleasure to bring them to you this evening. I thank you for asking for my participation. I bid you all good evening.

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