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LLN427- Unleash Your Voice

2014-02-06-Unleash Your Voice
Lightline #427


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Unleash Your Voice
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack, Merium
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Expression
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Midwayers
 3.3.2 Work
 3.3.3 Stillness
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Unleash Your Voice
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack, Merium
TR: Gerdean


Prayer: Father God and Mother Spirit, thank you for being the center of our universe and holding us up and spinning us around and dancing, letting us dance this wonderful pas de deux we enjoy with you and the many celestial entities that fill the realm of time and space. It’s grand to be a part of the greater universe, to be a part of the galactic neighborhood, and to know that we are not alone here, that we have companions, associates, guides, professors and leaders, mentors, all over the universe, many of which are concerned about our growth and development, many of which are helping us attain light and life, planet-wise and individual-wise, we so appreciate all this help. We appreciate knowing it’s there. We appreciate all the resource materials we have received that indicate that you know what you are doing, and that we can rest easy, knowing you are in charge, that you are a good God as well as a great god, and that you have our best interests at heart. In recognition of our best interests, we ask that you be with us this evening and counsel with our Teachers and augment our thinking with godly thoughts. Help orient us in ways that will assist us to assist you in the uplifting of our brothers and sisters here on our home world. We look forward to hearing from whoever you send and whatever they, say in confidence and in joy. Amen.


0802-AB JACK:  Jack here, midwayer friend and acting emcee for the program this evening. We have the same agenda as we always have, that being your alignment and upliftment, that being your awakening and motivating, and that depends of course on you, where you are in your growth, and where you think you’re going. There are members here of the human race and of our classrooms on every level of consciousness and so we lift, we lift, we lift up.

We reach, we reach up until we level out in a realm where everyone can benefit, where the lessons are not too lofty for the humble and not to simple for the more advanced, but rather, a good middle ground that speaks to the heart of those issues and situations, those thoughts and feelings that are common to the human condition at this point in time — that point in time being February 6, 2014, Urantia time. Winter in your hemisphere; summer otherwise.

But more to the point is the soul’s environment that we speak to, that is the reality that will function summer and winter, night and day. Speaking of functioning in all kinds of weather and to be congenial, music being a language that everyone can understand, we ran across a song today that I’ll call to your attention as one being sung by Doris Day. You may remember hearing of Doris Day and the song is called Secret Love. “Once I had a secret love that lived inside of me,” she sings. She kept it secret until it was no longer possible.

It welled up within her so strongly she had to shout it out. “Now,” she sings, “I shout it from the highest hill. Even told the golden daffodil” about her divine affection — and this is the point we would like to dwell on this evening: coming out of your closet, loosening your tongue, opening up your vocal folds so as to sing your praises.

Recognize your congregation; speak your truths in the most natural and pleasant fashion possible. It is, of course, possible to set forth your truths as facts, and we see it all the time set forth as argument, but there are so many other ways to uplift your fellows than by browbeating them. You will remember that we are seeking a refinement of sentiment; the spirit has a romantic nature. It is filled with love and affection, divine affection, and so we want to convey this divine affection in our ministry. Only the most cynical would rebuke a love song.

And we cannot let cynicism undermine our efforts. We cannot let ridicule stop us from promoting that which keeps us alive, that which advances us forward, that upon which we swing from loveliness to wonder to joy and then to more truth. It is within you, awaiting your permission to sing, to warble, to yodel, to utter, even to mumble if you are in a situation where mumbling is the mode-o-day and only you can tell what song is appropriate for the ministry you are about to deliver. But music is a great venue.

You might give that some thought. I’m sure you’ve all given it some thought already in your music. Many enjoyable chats have been held about which songs you feel are appropriate prayers, just as the Song of Psalms was considered appropriate prayers at one time and now the artists of this age are repeating the pattern not only in Christian music but in all manner of love songs, Even in instrumentals, the emotions are lifted by and through the notes and they speak to the soul. But the exercise was to think in terms of the words of the song and convey your message by and through those words, until all the world is a song, everything that comes forth from you is music, be it sultry, silly, even ordinary. Music has melody that when offered as a prayer can be heard all the way to Paradise.

So how can we open you up? How can you open yourselves up to express your innermost beauty, your own creative offering from your own fount? I’m suggesting this because until you find it and practice it, you are a passive observer and not a proactive participant and naturally we would like to see you become proactive, conscious and working in the field, not just filling a void or taking up space but actually making things happen, moving things along, affecting the energy, manipulating the environment, impelling the atmosphere to respond to your command.

That may sound like a large responsibility, one which you have no business attempting, but I assure you it is in store for you at some time or another. You will learn how to do this, and the sooner you do learn how to do it and do it well, the more effective you can be in certain dynamic ministry.

The key, of course, is listening to the Master’s Voice, following the prompts that you are given from that inner urge that dwells in your citadel of the spirit, that which tells you when to move ahead and when to be still, when to speak and when to be silent. Learning to listen to the Conductor, being ready with your notes, with your instrument, with your song, ready to sing your song at the proper cue, and thus your life is a paean of praise, musical praise.

I am not, no, suggesting you all enter into civic light opera. I wouldn’t do such a thing, knowing that some of you are quite put off by such affected artistry. But there are ways that are appropriate for you, that will satisfy your every longing, that will make you feel good about yourself and your contribution to humanity’s upliftment … all this from having heard one song, one Youtube presentation.

Play with it. Let’s see if there is someone else here who would like to– Well, it’s time for opening the door for questions, actually. I guess I talked more than I thought I did. Well, it’s not difficult. Sometimes we teachers get long-winded. There are those who claim we T/Rs are in love with the sound of our own voice — and to some extent this is probably true because I know you sit and listen to the words as attentively as those who are not T/Ring. Just like children sitting around listening to a bedtime story, or scouts sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories, you enjoy the process, the focus and the camaraderie of this communal activity.

So just trust me when I say there are others here who would field your questions, but as long as I am capable of handling it, they are letting me, so let’s hear it from you now. Let’s have a little interaction. Do you have any questions? Have you a situation in your life you’d like to share with us that might benefit from joint counsel or advice from your Uncle Jack or any of the other entities who might be willing to engage with you on your concern? You know the drill. Press star 6. Come on down.


Linda: I just wanted to let you know I am watching the Sochi Olympics and I assume many of our midwayer friends are as well.

0802-AB JACK:  Why do you assume we are watching the Olympics?

Linda: Well, isn’t that one of those really cool things that humans do? That … oh, well.

0802-AB JACK:  It is one of those really cool things that humans do that humans are particularly interested in because they are manifesting the best of their competitive nature. They weigh one skill against the others and so there is a lot of superlative skill and showmanship involved. I confess I have not watched the Olympics for some time, except an occasional albeit rare instance now and then when I might be assigned to work with someone around or involved in the process of the Olympics as it relates to their spiritual nature or as I am assigned by an order of angels.

There is very little opportunity for me, doing what I do, to be useful at the Olympics. But I am certainly glad that you find them interesting and noteworthy; they are an example of the best of the best, and who doesn’t like to see the best in action?

My work, however, is generally with the worst and the least, in an effort to bring them up, and my work does not quit simply because there is a cultural event going on in one part of the planet or another. We are not amused as you are about these kinds of things. We have a certain admiration, of course, but above and beyond that we have work to do. I know that might sound very tedious and dull to those who have a different appreciation for the word WORK but work is sacred when it is done for the Father or for the betterment of humanity, when it is done as a service. And so in the main, we’d rather work than watch the Olympics.

Linda: I understand that you appreciate and like your work. What do you do for recreation, on your days off, so to speak?

0802-AB JACK:  We don’t have days off.

Linda: You don’t recreate?

0802-AB JACK:   I am recreating now. In a way, you are a diversion. And you are certainly amusing. I have occasion to spend with the reversion directors, the — how shall I say? Angels of entertainment — on occasion and in their perspective they might consider the Olympics to be one of their accomplishments, but it just doesn’t occur to me to need a lot of amusement, or play, because my work has plenty of play, plenty of diversion in itself. I don’t need to do something special. I’m glad that you are interested in my lifestyle and my needs but trust me, I am fine.

Linda: Just being curious.

0802-AB JACK:  There was another woman who was trying to say something here.


Lee: Yes, this is Lee. Yes, I’ve been looking for a job for awhile. I’ve been trying to get back into the same job type situation I was in as a professional after college and I’m having a difficult time trying to find that but at the same time, while I look for a job, I try to stay up and stay positive. I start losing my faith, just a little bit– wondering “Why is it not happening? I am a good honest person,” that kind of thing. What is it..? Do you have any words of wisdom for me please?

0802-AB JACK:  : Perhaps. You have obviously invested a great deal of yourself in this goal and this field. You have invested your heart, soul, money, time and you have wrapped some dreams around the flowering of this pursuit, as would be expected. That’s what it is to invest in your future, but sometimes ….

Lee: This is something I’m getting back into after twenty years.

0802-AB JACK:  : … and sometimes, the training for these experiences is a means to another end than the one you had in mind.

Lee: Okay.

0802-AB JACK:  : Your initial training may or may not suffice for the field today. You may need to get more up-to-date schooling. What do they call it? Continuing Education? (Yes) You may need to volunteer somewhere so as to get your foot in the door and meet the people and speak the language, so that you will be in the right place at the right time when the opportunity presents itself. (Okay) And there is always the opportunity to think that perhaps you are short-changing your ambitions by setting them on a former goal. Perhaps you have surpassed this goal and should go on to another.

Lee: Well, that’s kind of what I did. I spent 20 years in Interior Design then moved on, left the area I was in, came down to NC and did a lot of administrative work for executives in different fields; finally got into the medical field but never got to manage anything, which was my goal, so I left that and went into childcare and I find that I’m not very good at that, so I am trying to get back into design.

You know, I’ve had good talks with people, in interviews, and I do want to start creating again. I’m really hungry for that. I lost that for many years and I do love to create but during this time that I’m working, I find that I kind of lose my … I don’t know if its confidence, but my spiritual side of me kind of grows numb. I don’t know why that is.

0802-AB JACK:  : Let me suggest that your creative nature has atrophied and it needs a shot in the arm. And you have tied your spiritual life up with your creative nature. This is not uncommon or wrong in any way. If you use the analogy of the right brain/left brain, you have been working in the left brain for some time now and your right brain is crying for attention; you want to get back into the creative sphere and away from that linear sphere. That is natural; it’s healthy to want to be better balanced.

The spirit is neither left nor right but is an integration of both sides so you have the spirit at the center urging you to reactivate the creative side of your mind but that is not to say you need to put your left brain on hold. Both need to be exercised; both need to be involved; and so the challenge is not to find your way into the right brain but how to integrate the right brain into your left brain activities and both your left and right brain into the center, which is the true Core of your being.

Lee: I see.

0802-AB JACK:  : One wants to organize and one wants to be creative; both are necessary.

Lee: Okay. Thank you.

0802-AB JACK:  : You’re welcome. Thanks for your question.

Larry: Hi, Jack. This is Larry.

0802-AB JACK:  : Hi, Larry.


Larry: In my constant efforts to improve my session in Stillness, perhaps you can give me some information on how I can be better attuned to spirit, how I can have a little better contact with my Thought Adjuster?

0802-AB JACK:  : I’m not really the one to answer that. I’ll be happy to send someone in to address it for you, though. Wait a minute.

MERIUM: : Hello. This is Merium. I am one of the teachers in the Teacher Corps.

Larry: Hello, Merium

MERIUM: Will I suffice?

Larry: Certainly.

MERIUM: I will take this question because I have been mortal; I have had a Thought Adjuster; and I know something about having contact with spirit from that finite perspective. Jack has never been mortal and does not have a TA, so while he may know a great deal by observing mortals, he does not have first-hand experience, whereas I do. Although I must tell, you, in my life we did not practice Stillness as a spiritual ritual or habitual practice for any reason or at any time that I can recall.

There is a reason, in fact, why we have been stressing learning the Stillness, why you should learn the Stillness here and now as part of the Correcting Time, that being — it is a way for you to step outside of the existing paradigm so that you can begin to build your reality, one that is based on something other than that which you have inherited, all of which is seriously distorted by the Lucifer rebellion, the Adamic default, and thousands of years of isolation. And so Stillness at this point is an invaluable exercise for you to learn and to master because it will help you break down that false paradigm of reality in which virtually everyone lives, and open the doors to a greater reality, one that gives the spirit an opportunity to function freely and joyously.

It is said in scripture that Jesus came to set the spiritual captives free, and there are still millions who are held spiritual captive … in tradition, in fear, in custom, in the demands of survival, in industry, in lifestyle and so forth, and it [Stillness] is not encouraged except for those constructs of organized religion or worship such as you find in the Buddhist state where you go within and become part of all-that-is.

The Stillness will allow you to become part of all-that-is and it will allow you also to adopt an appreciation for the celestial helpers who do in fact help you construct a higher reality than that which you have inherited. That higher construct is akin to the morontia estate. Not wholly and fully, certainly not, and certainly not in the beginning. But it is a step in the right direction. And setting you in that direction is what has been the major thrust of the Teaching Mission since we’ve been here.

That said (and that in itself should give you something to ponder while you are in this silent state), allow your mind to wander, float, think if it must, but do attempt to disentangle it, encourage it from being tied up in knots over things over which it has no control, or problems for which there are no real solutions. In other words, let it go. Let much of it just go. Some of it you will deal with tomorrow; some of it you may never have to deal with; but until you can discern one way or another, it’s just there taking up space in your mind. Put it to rest. Call upon spirit. Search for, reach for, and find that ‘peace which passes all understanding.’ You will find it in the presence of the Master who will join you there in Stillness.

Sit there with the Master in your own consciousness, in your mind, in your supermind, and be still. Don’t fret about the world at large. Give yourself a vacation from the worries and the turmoil, from the feelings. Take a dip, a cool and refreshing dip in a spirit pool. Allow yourself to be baptized in spirit consciousness. Rest there, free of concerns, free of the need to talk to anyone or anything until such time as you are nudged and then follow through with the nudge to go back out into the world, as it were, and continue on, refreshed, renewed, ready for the day, but ready also to return to that place first chance you get.

As time goes by, as it is easier and easier for you to attain that peace, you will learn how to carry it with you more and more. At some point, after you have learned how to talk to Jesus / Christ Michael, after you have learned to listen to him and the Father, you may find yourself being accosted by another entity or two or three, all of whom will have a reason for being in your consciousness and who are friendly, who are hand-picked and approved by God himself to serve you as a heavenly helper.

Don’t try to make it up; don’t try to force it; don’t feel like a failure if it doesn’t happen in your time frame. Stillness is to learn how to let spirit take the reins. You are so accustomed to making things happen. There is a time and a place to make things happen; Stillness is not one of them, and that is why it is very difficult for some people to master, to submit to. They just cannot let go of their need to control, even the universe.


0802-AB JACK:   There are so many adventures ahead of you, young man. You are truly at the precipice of a glorious adventure — the universe of your own mind, in conjunction with the cosmic mind that engages upon your soul-searching instantly you are able and willing to follow where they would lead. Best wishes! Let us know how it goes.

Larry: Okay. Thanks very much, Merium.

0802-AB JACK:  JACK’S back and we’re out of time. It has been fun, gotta run. Later!

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