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LLN428- Opening the Mind

2014-02-13-Opening the Mind
Lightline # 428


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Opening the Mind
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Opening the Mind
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, it is our pleasure and our privilege to once again circle up in spirit with the attitude that we bring of gratitude for this entire process which brings us closer to you. We understand that when we invest ourselves in approaching and in seeking spirit we invariably find you. And so it is with this faith and this confidence in this process, we move forward with the expectation of your grace and the invitation to welcome you into our circle, our circle of faith that we assemble at this time. Let it be so that we approach you with open hearts and create a space within to embrace you in our parlor of spirit and help us to maintain your presence more and more in our lives, not just at special moments like this but throughout. May we recall and may we take with us your presence and your peace. Let it be so, even now, thank you.


CHARLES:  I greet you all this evening, it is my pleasure as well to join you in this process that you have developed and that you honor so consistently since you have discovered it and formed it in your lives. I will concur with you that there is always a great value in taking whatever steps may be useful to you to center yourselves and prepare yourselves to let down all of the surrounding noise and simply prepare yourself to receive that which spirit would bring. As you are all coming to be aware in your own lives, this spirit presence is not one of an active mind circuit. You are not seeking words which come to your mind formed and ready to be executed. You are seeking a transfer of spirit from your Divine Parents through their emissaries directly into your spirit center.

Words are only symbols, signposts that may be used along the way to direct and guide and illustrate but true meanings and values are imparted on another level altogether. They are wordless and less they are profound. It is important, that while seeking spirit, you allow a space wherein such a transfer of energy may be housed, that is, if your vessel is full, there is no room to impart to you that which you would seek in your spiritual searches. That is what the Master meant when he said you must come with the spirit of a child, the open mind, of one who would willingly accept that which is offered without too much preconception or filtered by too many obstacles of the mind.

You see, it is necessary for you to have room to expand beyond your current capacity. As mortals of the realm you tend to be full of yourselves, that is, you are full of your notions and ideas and your preconceptions of what you will find when you search, how it will be and what you expect. All these notions tend to conform to your interpretations and therefore you are stuck on a wheel of sorts. Nothing new can come in because there is no room for expansion, there is no area wherein unknown patterns may be introduced, where previously unexperienced spirit may thrive.

Thus I will reflect as many others have on the importance of creating this space and one very potent tool for doing so is the stillness as has been mentioned here tonight. The stillness is simply the discipline, the desire to make yourselves positioned so that you may receive that which you seek, to relieve yourselves of the burdens of the many thoughts and patterns contained within your being long enough for a new one to be introduced. I call you all to witness that when a new spiritual pattern is introduced into your consciousness, there is as gasp of fresh air in knowing-ness that this new pattern, this new ideal that has come to the fore in your consciousness is worthy of your embrace.

These are the aha moments, these are the steps of awareness that one takes and after having experienced these new and different patterns, you will all witness, that you are never really the same again. Your capacities have been expanded, your awarenesses have been increased and you are not the same being that you were beforehand. But if you will notice these leaps that happen in your consciousness are only available to you when you are in a state ready to receive them. They may easily pass you by when you are concerned with the affairs of the mind or even the affairs of the heart.

While you are concerned with any other affair, you are occupied, you are busy, you are no longer available for spirit to contact and approach and embrace. That is what is so significant and of such great value about your learning to create the space for spirit as early in your eternal career as possible because this is where the true growth happens. This is where the true values are contained in your ability to take what the universe has to offer you, your ability to embrace that which your Divine Parents would so freely give you. So I am always here in support of those who would invest in themselves, invest in the process.

It was mentioned earlier, the concept of devoting yourself to the mission, to a purpose, to a cause and maintaining your integrity to this cause. I tell you, that there is truly but one cause and one purpose which super-cedes all others. That purpose is what this whole entire universe is designed to accommodate, that purpose it the delight of your Divine Parents, that purpose is the plan that has been established and is being executed on your behalf. That plan is for you as individuals to grow your souls, to embark with complete resolution onto your eternal career in awareness and with purpose.

It can be said that there is no greater purpose that serves the universe than for each individual member to tend to their own spiritual growth. All other actions are out-workings of this purpose. Service is but a symptom of this purpose, love is but a function of this purpose, worship is but a natural outcome of the awareness of this purpose. As mortals of the realm, we hear from you over and over again in your heartfelt petitions about what you should be doing in this life, how you may be useful and serviceable, what should be your purpose while you spend your life as a mortal.

I tell you plainly there is but this one purpose, this one design for you to execute and embrace. All the universe has been arranged for you to facilitate this undertaking and while it is true that there are many avenues of expression of this purpose, many important values that are derived while undergoing this purpose, in the end, the attention you pay to the self is the one gift you give to your Creators. They already love you, they already care for you, they have designed this whole life plan for you. Their love for you is unconditional and certain. Your love for yourself remains conditional and at times uncertain.

And while avenues such as service, avenues such as relationship, avenues such as important life works are all significant and contain value, they are all aspects of this one original plan, that you find out who you are, you find out that you are part of the whole, that you are necessary, that you are loved by your Divine Parents, and that your entire eternal career before you is geared towards the development of who you are. This is the greatest contribution you can make and as a result of the growth of the self, these other avenues of expression appear. You are led to be of service, you are led to have some significance in your life’s work, you are led to have relationships and be part of the eternal careers of those around you just as they are drawn to be a part of yours.

But all of these things are in support of or as the result of the one main thrust of all that you can imagine and that is your own personal spiritual growth. However it happens, whenever it happens, under what circumstances it happens, however you need to facilitate it such as a centering prayer or an act of stillness, all these are tools to enable the plan to unfold.

I invite you to consider just how significant that is because individuals downplay significance in reference to themselves. You are born in this life and stare out from this point of individualism and think that everything around you is what’s happening, is what’s important, is what’s significant, else you would not be coming in contact with it when I can tell you that what is significant is your individual point of perspective. You see, this is another thing that is unique to you and only you in all of time and space, in all of humanity, on every planet throughout systems upon systems, there is but one you, the juncture of time and space and the perspective that that brings to you is unique.

Again, this is one aspect that you may share with your Divine Parents and ultimately with the Supreme. You and only you can volunteer to share your experience and combine it, make it part of the Supreme experience. You are the only one that can. No one else can offer your perspective, no one else has been where you have been, was born where you were born, has had the experiences you have had. You and you alone in all the universes contain this experience. How delightful for your Divine Parents when you offer to share this unique once and in an eternity experience with them.

How wonderful it is for the Supreme to know that you are willing to bring back to It the experience that you have gathered on route from the material mortal plane through the spiritual existence all the way back to the First Source and Center from which you were issued, bearing with you your experience, your soul that you have grown through the entire encounter. These are your gifts, the one thing that the Supreme, the First Source and Center desire of you, the one thing of significance you have to offer, the uniqueness that is you.

I don’t know that it’s possible for you to fully appreciate the magnitude. It seems such a small thing in the mortal life. So what, you’re an individual, you’re separate, your different and distinct but I tell you that is the glory, that is the masterpiece of the entire plan, that you are a unique perspective, a unique individual, that you are a fragment of the whole which is being grown and expanded throughout your experiences and then willingly returned back to the Creator. The scope of the plan is indeed immense but your part remains consistent.

Your part remains the same throughout your eternal career, to fulfill the destiny of yourself, to actively work to make the most of all that you have been given this once in an eternity start, so that when you have had a good and long and experience filled journey, you may offer all that you have gleaned in the process back to the Supreme from which it has come.

I hope I have not ventured too far aloft with such a description of your purpose but I felt it necessary to attempt to expand the scope of your awareness so that you can appreciate that that which you do in time, here, now, is of significance throughout eternity and even into the infinite. It matters that you hold the purpose, it is a significant thing that you seek spirit. Don’t trouble yourselves with the degree at any moment in this journey that you assess how much or how little you have attained.

All that will wash away with the insignificance of time in relation to the magnitude of your journey. Trust that you are on this journey and that all before you has been designed for your edification, for your growth. Mansions on high have been arranged for your purpose and you will traverse through these ages and stages, each time being more and more confident about the answer. What is my purpose? What should I be doing? Is what I am doing significant? The more you function in the spiritual domain the more such questions are relieved in your consciousness.

For now, one of the attributes you are developing in this time/space environment is that of faith. All of you have faith else you would not be here. I invite you to exercise that faith, to grow that faith muscle which is only available to you in this gymnasium we call the mortal experience. Never again will you be given the opportunity to exercise such faith muscles for as you grow in spirit, you will require faith less and less. Indeed, spirit will become so certain to you that at some point faith will be a thing of the past. It will be a bridge you have used to get you across the void of uncertainty, but having traversed this void, there will be a time when you will not need these great faith muscles that you develop now for you will be in spirit, you will be of spirit and there will be no misunderstanding, no doubts, no uncertainties as to your purpose, as to your mission, as to your function as an individual.

So, as a divine part of the whole, as a fragment of the total, simply execute your destiny, simply adhere to your purpose and that purpose is to grow yourself, to expand your soul, to increase your capacity for spiritual perception and awareness. But doubt not that these things will happen. They are a part of your destiny. Those who are on this trail seeking spirit will most certainly find it. Exercise your faith that this is the case and your journey will be made easier.

It is indeed my pleasure to bring you words of cheer and comfort. I understand the mortal epoch is not an easy one. There is doubt, there is uncertainty. Trust as there are trees, rivers and mountains, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be navigated and traversed but they are there to be encountered as part of the mortal experience and I tell you that one day you will reflect back on these mortal experiences and marvel at what you endured, what you encountered, the faith that you were able to develop, the steadfastness you held to your course and the sure and certain outcome of your spiritual pursuits.

All of this will be made plain and undeniable to you. It is only now that you must grapple with the uncertainty, that you must rally yourselves to the cause and trust that all is well, that you are on the path and that this is the path your Divine Parents have laid out for you. How wrong can you go? How bad could it possibly turn out? I tell you, be at peace, be in faith and act as if you are aware that this is the case. It will make your journey far more pleasant and it will prevent those doubts and uncertainties from knocking you off course.

It is most interesting to observe that you begin your ascension career from the furthest point out, one could say, the hardest class first, the class in which you must develop faith, you must find your spiritual component, you must learn to trust that aspect of yourself, you must seek spiritual guidance, find it and follow it. These tasks while in the mortal form are daunting but they will prove to be some of your greatest experiences because you will dominate, you will succeed, you will traverse these chasms of doubt and find yourselves on the other side and it will be only then that you will be able to have the proper perspective of what it is like to need faith, to find faith, to have faith and to use it. How else would you come to these understandings and have these experiences? Later in your career when you are engaged fully as a spiritual being, these opportunities will not be available to you, you will have come through them, have passed through this classroom.

So as difficult as it may seem, relish them, enjoy them, take them each one in as the gift they are to you. Your experience here has been designed for you to have, the awareness that you are a child of Divine Parents enables you to embrace this experience with a different attitude, with a perspective that this is part of the plan and you are where you should be, doing what you should be [doing], staying true to the principles that you hold fast and in fact, all is well. It may take you some time to acknowledge that but you will acknowledge that even in your darkest time, times when you were furthest away from spirit, there was a goodness there. There was value contained in that experience that will position you to have perspective on what it means to function in spirit. This perspective may only be had as you embrace these experiential platforms along the way.


CHARLES:  It has been my pleasure to provide these thoughts for your consideration this evening. I hope that some of these arrows have hit their mark and that you all come away with a sense of peace for you all are on the right path, you all are doing what your Divine Parents have designed you to do. And so be in peace with this, embrace the experience for what it is and take it with you. It becomes part of who you are and part of what you have to give back to the First Source and Center when you return. So be it. I thank you all for listening this evening. I sense that is quite enough for now.

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