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LLN431- Experiential Journey

2014-02-27-Experiential Journey
Lightline #431


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Experiential Journey
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Experiential Journey
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Michael
TR: Mark Rogers


PRAYER: I invite you to join us as we embark on the journey. My way of shoving off from the shore is to do so by invoking the spirit of our Divine Parents and their emissaries of light to join us as we shove off and go adrift in spirit tonight with you. We come to this place seeking that aspect of ourselves, that component of our being that is spirit, to come out and play, turn loose so that we can romp in this spiritual realm with you, our Divine Parents, and with all those who are interested in our welfare and our well being. As mortals of the realm it is so easy to be so concerned and have so much preoccupation with all the noise and the bustle that we’re bombarded with in this life but by coming to this place, this place of spirit, we seek to set aside all the noise, all the dust of life and approach you our Divine Parents and emissaries for a refreshing drink, a refreshing pause from the clutter of life that’s around us. Let it be so, even in this hour, even in this moment, that we approach you as you always approach us. We accept this at this time, thank you.


MICHAEL:   My dear ones, it brings me great joy to come and fellowship with you in this environment that you provide for such an exchange. I am Michael. I am considered by many your Father. I am known by many as your brother and it is my desire to join with you in this circle at this time as one among you, as your friend, as your companion in the spirit journey you speak of. It delights my heart that you make space for this to happen, that you provide the arena wherein we may meet and enjoy this fellowship, share each others company.

You see, like any parent I have a keen interest in your welfare, in your well being and it is my desire that you experience to the fullest all that this cup of life has to bring to you. This does not mean that every aspect of it would be sugar coated or processed in the way to bring you nothing but ease because I know as a parent, that many times it is needful for you to experience a wide range of circumstances in order for you to grow and learn properly. And so, the experience that has been designed for you in one of great magnitude and great diversity. This is by plan, this represents my desire, that there be a wide variety of aspects of life for you to experience, for you to use to process, to define who you are amongst all that is outside of you and how else could this be accomplished if you were not exposed to a wide diversity of circumstances.

And so it is that you can expect to experience the gamut of human emotions, of human experience and see for yourself who you are throughout this process. It is necessary for you to encounter these numerous circumstances before you really know how you will react, what you would do and how you would do it and with how much love. And so, this complete gamut of experience is available to you. Some see this as being thrust upon them, as being an obstacle to their growth and their development but I tell you plainly, each and every experience has the necessary elements contained to grow your soul, to expand your awareness of who you are and to bring to you the contrast that is necessary for you to define yourself and try to make sense of all that occurs around you. The greater diversity of experience, the greater understanding you will have. The greater the magnitude of the experience, the more wisdom you will accumulate.

So, it is with your best interest at heart that before you is laid out a vast plan in scope and that this plan includes an almost endless variety for you to encounter and sort out and choose and not choose and adopt and forsake. This is your task at hand, to navigate through this maze of life experiences to process as best you can and to choose and to re-choose as you go through this process, each choice determining for you the next episode before you and the next opportunity to arise. All of this has been set in motion by those who would parent you through this process.

I also come to you tonight in the capacity of a brother, that is, of one who enjoyed a life experience similar to yours, who literally trod this earth, accumulated the dust on my feet that you do, breathed the air of the realm just as you do, experienced some hardships just as you do and some trials just as you do. In other words, I lived a life which then qualified me to know whereof I speak about the mortal experience and in your historical accounts of my journey you will witness that there was a vast diverse experience before me and that I was, like you, forced to make choices and presented with opportunities, just like you, to accommodate my own personal growth.

So, speaking as one of you, as one of us, I can with some authority encourage you to be bold in this process, to grab the reigns and take control of the journey, to steer the vessel with your intention. Many have said of my experience that I was divinely guided, that my choices were representative of higher values and I must concur with that assessment. This was accomplished by means of maintaining contact with my Divine Parents, those who had arranged for my journey and who provided the opportunity for me. In maintaining some contact with them I was able to receive divine guidance as it were, I was able to receive wisdom and direction because I invested the effort to ask for it.

My life is a testament to my willingness to communicate, to ask, to receive and then to follow the course that I determined. Your lives are no different. They are impacted to the degree that you will invest yourselves in communicating with the higher realms, with those who desire your health and well being. To the degree that you will invest yourself to maintain a connection and in this connection, to humble yourself and ask for guidance you will most certainly receive it. Then, having benefitted from this discipline you will discover an inner strength that results from having received what would be termed divine guidance.

It is not a magic trick, it is not only for the few, it is for all who will avail themselves of this natural, normal and universal law. All that I did when I was, as you a mortal of the realm, were all the activation of natural and normal universal truths and yet they were observed by many around me as miraculous, out of the ordinary, special, magical, even unattainable. I am here to confirm for you in your hearts, that you can do all that I did. You are to me as a brother or sister. We come from the same Divine Parents in that regard and therefore are entitled to the same universe principles.

I do so enjoy that I have these double capacities to touch you from the level of both a parent and a sibling and I would enlarge even this gift of grace. I would make a request that you not only accept me as your sibling but move one step even further, to adopt me as your friend. When I was in the flesh, I asked each of my followers if they were ready to follow me, if they would in fact follow me, and each one in searching their soul had their own response, had to measure their willingness and take stock of their intention.

Today I come and ask you, my current day followers, if you are willing to follow me and if you are willing to follow me, are you willing to take me with you, to abide with me as a friend, to bring me into the equation of your life as you would invite a friend, to invest time with me, to form a deeper relationship and to maintain this relationship as we go along because, I am already following you? I am in pursuit of your recognition, of your companionship, of your willingness to share your experience not only with me but with our Father above. Like any parent,

I am invested in you. I have taken an interest in your well being. I have created an environment for you and I invite you to more actively and openly share it with me, bringing me more to the fore in your consciousness and allowing me the latitude which that provides in our relationship.

I understand at this point in your mortal experience many of you are entertaining the same longing, the same question. You perceive that greatness is just around the corner, that something of enormous magnitude must be on the horizon. You literally feel it within you and I grant you this. You are spirit beings, you do have a sense of the overall and therefore you are aware of a sense of impending change. But I tell you my dear ones, while you are accurate in that great changes are afoot, your sense of timing is formed largely by your hopes and expectations. These hopes and expectations are your intentions in play. They are your desires in action and most certainly your desires, like your vote, counts, but there are many many who are also channeling their desires and focusing their intentions and casting their votes for the direction that this enormous experiment will go.

So with all those trying to steer, with all those voting, there is a great deal to be sorted out and I will point out that there have been many generations since I was on the earth as you are now and even in my time there was this same sense of great change being just on the horizon. Many generations have come and gone, each one having this similar experience and likewise will there be others beyond us because this impending sense of grand change is within all mortal hearts. It is the desire for this change which propels it, which brings it to the fore, which literally makes it happen.

You see, this great plan has been designed with every manner of options programmed into it but it is not thrust upon you start to finish merely for you to follow from this point to that point and traverse the exact path we have laid out. No, you are learning that the sons of the Father are creative just as the Father is creative and the children of the most highs are designed to reflect the creative traits of the parents. But this is part of the plan, that you are part of the plan in this regard. But this plan is not orchestrated solely from on high, but rather this plan is coordinated on many levels and your level is one of them.

Therefore, I invite you to be bold in this process, to put your will out there, put your desires in motion, contribute to the flow of energy that is this enormous plan, to mold it and shape it along the way and let this feeling of upcoming change and greatness propel you, motivate you, put you in motion. That is what it is there to do because you are right, there are great things ahead, there are enormous changes to be made before you the magnitude of which you simply cannot fathom from your position. All this is true and all this will happen but in the time space reality you inhabit it is not possible for you to put your arms around the scope and the magnitude of all the factors at play and the elements required and the time necessary for all this to happen.

In this mortal experience you are so conditioned by time that everything for you needs to be immediate, just around the corner, upcoming, arriving quickly. But that is not necessarily the way it unfolds and while your visions of truth, beauty and goodness are indeed your destiny, they may not be had before their time. They may not be attained and time may not be circumvented in the process. So hold fast to these inner stirrings, they are your communication with the divine. They are one of the strings you have which attach you to your divine family. They are there to bring you peace, comfort as well as motivation. But do not be dismayed that we are plodding through this process together, all of us, and that the journey is part of the experience. I would not take this from you. I would not rob you of this depth of experience.

And so, it will take as long as it takes, as long as it needs to take and I assure you it will also come and that one day in your eternal career you will have the vantage point to look back and realize that you were on the cusp, on the very edge of change, of all kinds of change, personal change, spiritual change, change as a culture, change as a world, change into spiritual family. You are on the cusp of all of these, you are on the edge and yet even standing on this edge, the scope is vast, the experience is great and no matter how much you may desire that things occur rapidly so that you can see them happen, I assure you that you will acknowledge in your ascension career, the value of the journey and you will concede that rushing through or having great change thrust upon you may not have been in your best interests, that having all the time you need to explore and find yourselves and grow the being that you are was in fact the best plan.

Throughout all this, we can be together, we can prevail through all of it side by side, as friends, as companions in the journey, and I will be there every step of the way to assure you that all is well, that all is moving in the desired direction, an unfolding as planned. I seek your help, I desire your participation. I assure you that if you will put yourself in motion I will guide you. If you will launch your vessel, I will help you navigate and steer. I will not prompt you to get up off the couch if it is your desire to stay there but having seen your commitment to be in motion, I will take that as my cue that I am welcome and if you will invite me, I will bring all I have to bear into your life circumstance and equation, all the love a parent has to share, all the companionship a brother has to offer and all the steadfastness of a true friend.

That is what I offer and it has been my great pleasure to make this offer to you this evening in this format that you have applied for this. I trust that the children recognize the voice of the parent. Certainly I have come here in recognition of you as part of my family and it brings me great pleasure to do so. And now I ask the Father to guide us all, to steer our vessels each one, to bring us the guidance that we seek throughout the process, to provide for us that guiding light, that steady influence throughout the uncertain twists and turns of our journey, the journey made easier by the recognition that we are on track and on course with the desire of our Divine Parents, of our Creator. Let it be so in our hearts and in our lives, now and always.


MICHAEL:  I thank you all and bid you all a good evening. I invite you to take my peace with you and encourage you to give it away. I will bring you all you have need of. You may feel free to share this peace knowing I will always refill your cup. Join me so that we may do this together. You are my dear ones in whom I am so well pleased, farewell to you all.

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