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LLN432- Need

Lightline #432


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Need
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Merium, Midwayer Jack
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Need
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Merium, Midwayer Jack
TR: Gerdean


PRAYER:  Father God and Mother Spirit, we thank you. We thank you for being, we thank you for being aware, for consciousness of consciousness that through this superconsciousness we rejoice to know you as a personal, intimate, loving entity bringing life to our life and love and laughter. Naturally, there are difficulties and challenges that we experience. That’s what this is for, I suppose, to learn, for the Supreme. Somehow we serve just by being, and so whatever it is that you would have us learn, wherever you lead us to, be with us as you are now, to give us strength and courage, to bring us joy and peace, as we move ahead, in Jesus name, Amen.

0802-AB-JACK:  Jack here. Good evening, kids. I’m glad to see you once again. I’m only going to get the ball rolling. I’m not going to hold forth. We have others in attendance that have conscripted to teach and so I will let them do what they came to do. I think Merium is up first. Merium?

MERIUM: Good evening, children. This is Merium, your teacher for the time being. I thought I would come in this evening and chat with you a little bit. I had occasion to teach yesterday and it felt so good, I wanted to continue today. I learn so much from this practice, I have selfish reasons for wanting to be engaged. Truly, we all benefit from our efforts to advance the light of truth.


MERIUM:  I wanted to talk to you about need. About neediness. About needing and filling the need. The beauty of childhood is that in the main your needs are met by your parents, your grandparents and extended family; even your neighbors often provide your needs, which are simple. As you get older and get involved in things, situations, relationships, conflicts and so forth, it gets more complicated and your needs seem to multiply.

This thing about neediness is a mixed bag. Some of you feel that to need anyone or anything is somehow an expression of weakness, something that gets in the way of your self-sufficiency, your own competence. This kind of attitude will see others who are needy as weak, and, without compassion, weak people can be seen as a liability; their needs become their handicap. And yet there are those who feel that “people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” They realize that they cannot do it all by themselves; they are eager to give and take, recognizing that they have needs that others can fulfill just as you can fulfill needs for others in need.

Even in fulfilling needs there are considerations. When does someone develop a skill in being needy such that they take advantage of those who would provide assistance? Not just those who would take advantage of the system, or the program, or whatever might be established for them as a matter of course, but above and beyond, reaching into your sentimentality as well as your wallet and drawing upon your resources instead of developing resources of their own?
Needs are often temporary and appropriate for that temporary situation. People get together to do a joint project, perhaps to have a barn bee or a quilting bee; they all pitch in together and get the job done, through teamwork, which is an open admission to needing each other.

Children need their parents, at least until such time as they are capable of taking care of themselves. People need work; they need employment, at least until such time as they are self-sufficient. When you realize that many of your needs are temporary, for a season, you more readily give them up when they are no longer necessary and you can live without someone needing you.
You can still feel valid and viable as a person if no one is tugging on your sleeve or pulling your chain to fulfill their needs.

Fulfilling needs can become such a source of life purpose, some folks are just at wits end without being needed. They go from one entanglement to another just so they can feel connected and needed. In time, people will mature and discern what their needs are, how they can get their needs fulfilled, which ones are illusions or ego-based and which ones are more meaningful and long-range.

Needing something to believe in is a way to establish infrastructure for your life, can help you discern who you want to do business with and who you don’t trust. You don’t need people who are going to sap you or misuse you. This is often the case with people who want to serve. They feel they must serve no matter what, even if they are put upon, taken advantage of. Eventually you will learn where you can be effective in this context. I bring this subject to your attention so that you can be mindful of it and open to it, in particular in the context of recognizing that the universe needs you.

On one hand it is a thrilling idea to think that God or his agents are looking to you for your participation in something they have planned. The more common response would be a denial that the human had anything at all to offer. That little gray area of whether you have something to offer or not has to do with need as well. You need to do something to make life more meaningful. It is born into you. But to what extent you feel you need to be doing something meaningful is going to impact on how successful you feel you are as a worker in the field.

It is probably best here to be self-forgetful. You can get a great deal accomplished if you are not overmuch concerned about yourself. When you start becoming concerned about yourself, ascertain quickly why you have gone overboard. Have you pushed yourself too far? Have you expected too much of yourself? Are you taking yourself too seriously? Resolve this within yourself; get back in the groove; and get on with the next step.

To be needed and to be there when someone needs you, allows life to be rich in human associations, even in the associations between humans and supernals. The situations that are established for you to act upon are many. And that you act upon as many as you can is good, is notable. But you need not make a note of it. It is observed on high. You are building up credits on high by your ministry.

These things are only learned through experience, and if you don’t experience them, you aren’t learning, you aren’t part of the human race, part of the brotherhood of man. And so it behooves you to recognize when you are feeling needy, when others are feeling needy, and whether that is a situation in which you are called to serve, or where some other solution is in the offing. Yes, it is a thrill for humans to discover they can assist God. And then feel overwhelmed by the possibilities, but let that go. Just don’t feel better than others or less than others because of your approach to and with need. Everyone needs something.

Well, I just wanted to talk about that for a little bit, not particularly any purpose other than I have stated: (1) to practice and (2) to bring it to your attention as something to consider. I will return you to Jack and perhaps there are others who have things to say in this delightful forum. Bye-bye.

0802-AB-JACK:   JACK’s back. We have a lot of time this evening in the event there are questions or other discussions pending. We don’t need to focus on need, but if you’d like, we can pick at it a bit. [Pause] Are you with me?

TOMAS: Good evening, my friends and loyal students. This is Tomas. I see we have a rusty pump this evening. The water is clear and clean, but the pump itself is old, corroded, and peeling its paint. Drink of the living water that comes from the pump. [Long pause] I too am going to defer, unless there are questions. It’s up to you. Push star six if you want to break through. [Long pause] Evidently [long pause] Merium struck a nerve. Let me give you back to Jack.

0802-AB-JACK:  Yes, this is Jack and I need to say we should probably just close off…. Linda: Actually, I thought of a question, Jack. Is that okay? JACK: Of course.

Linda: Since you have been here a long time…. They’ve recently discovered an ancient virus that they’ve unfrozen. Would you know anything about that? Would it be dangerous to us? And will more of these kinds of discoveries be falling out?

0802-AB-JACK:  I have been here for a long time, but not THAT long. The world is a million years old and there are probably many kinds of viruses that have been trapped in the ice over that period of time. I have to say no, I am not familiar with that kind of virus you are talking about, that has recently been discovered, but there have been others over time that have come back after a long period of dormancy, some with even more gusto than they had when they were frozen.

Linda: And then also they discovered some whale bones in Peru that had been washed up and buried in the sand millennia ago. I thought that was interesting, too.

0802-AB-JACK:  Well, yes. If you study your text you will discover that the sea bottom and mountain tops have exchanged places many times in the course of this stabilizing process. The fossils of early eras being found in mountain caves that should be growing only underneath the sea – these kinds of things are remarkable. Usually people don’t pay it much attention. It’s kind of like when you talk about 231 trillion dollars; it’s just more than the mortal mind can relate to and so is the ocean floor on the mountain tops and vice versa beyond your comprehension. It’s information but it doesn’t register as something you need to know about; although, if and when you do find a moment to look and be fascinated by these kinds of things, they are indeed fascinating.

They tell tales about your planet, which are fascinating indeed. Science is a fascinating thing. All the aspects of [physical] science … geology and geography and waterways and latitudes and longitudes … all this is very interesting and over time, over hundreds and thousands of years, they begin to paint a picture. Unfortunately one of the pictures that you begin to see is how long it takes things to happen. Hundreds of thousands of years, sometimes, are required before the next evolutionary step can be made. That can be very discouraging to those of you who are young idealists and infused with enthusiasm to forge ahead.

Knowing there is a vast universe of living beings and worlds that generally constitutes your neighborhood, like young people everywhere, you want to do it now; you want it to exist yesterday … which is fine. It’s part of the process of discovering its potential and limitations, part of becoming the best you can be; indeed, part of the mandate to be perfect here as God is there. You have a better understanding of your own capacities, your own neediness, and what you will do to get those needs filled. Or what you will do to fulfill the needs of others.

Lee: I have a question.

0802-AB-JACK:  Yes.

Lee: I want to get back to the needing each other. You know, after so many millions of years of human beings being on this planet, why is it we still haven’t got the idea that we need each other? It just seems like everybody’s — that the majority of people are out for themselves; they are just looking at what’s good for themselves to get through life and why is it taking so long for people to understand that if we can connect honestly to each other when we are in need that we would be so much better off. Why is it taking so long?

0802-AB-JACK: Well, there’s that question again that relates to perspective. Why is it taking so long for people to recognize that they need each other? Always, on every planet, there is a period of time in its development where everyone thinks they don’t need anybody, they can do it themselves. You will witness children trying to learn to tie their shoes; it is part of their learning independence, and so there is nothing wrong with learning how to be self-sufficient; it’s when a race of people learn how to be self-sufficient to the exclusion of everyone that we run into a strange world of myopic creatures interested only in their own survival.

And in your case, it has been exacerbated with the Lucifer Rebellion. Everything went along well for 500,000 years, all things considered, but when Lucifer engaged the Planetary Prince in his machinations, he planted the seed of perpetual independence. He said we didn’t need God, and if we don’t need God, what possible need would we have for one another? And so he did away with the idea that appropriate need is a good thing. He basically said just go indulge yourself, and when everyone is indulging themselves, as you look around and see, a lot of needs go unmet.

The needs of those who are not self-seeking, who don’t know how to fend for themselves skillfully, whose constitution disallows such self-centered-ness, unfortunately, — the meek — are ineffective in getting these people to stop what they are doing and so it continues. It will not continue forever, but it certainly does still go on and you are, of course, encouraged to be apprised of all these circumstances so that you can act upon your light of truth, so that you can be available when the opportunity is presented to you.

Lee: Very nice. Thank you. JACK: Thank you. Are there other questions? Other concerns?

Gary: Yeah, Jack. Along those same lines about Lucifer and his rebellion and Caligastia and how Caligastia actually messed with our DNA. Charles, a mighty messenger, had a transcript in which he had a little blog, gave a little dissertation of his life on another planet in Orvonton but as he said, with his life expectancy, he lived to be like 235 years; he eventually fused with his Thought Adjuster on the planet so he …

0802-AB-JACK: : You are suggesting this is an experience the Planetary Prince Caligastia testified to?

Gary: No, they had a judgment against Caligastia, but I’m getting back to the fact that he had messed with our DNA and Charles said our DNA is still pretty dirty as far as DNA is concerned and I’m wondering if there is ever going to be anything to try to correct that.

0802-AB-JACK:  As I understand it, there is really nothing wrong with your DNA.

Gary: There’s not?

0802-AB-JACK:  It’s not dirty, at any rate. I fail to see where Caligastia distorted it in any way. It may have been set back through the Adamic default, but Caligastia was not involved in DNA tampering. You could perhaps consider the Caligastia 100 as affecting the DNA, but the initial racial amalgamation was approved. The Caligastia 100, who merged with 50 superior men and 50 superior women of Urantia’s finest stock, produced a very noble DNA; that it was somewhat abridged by Nod and thus resulting in the Nodites was really an up-stepping to the DNA, if anything.

It was Adam and Eve’s default that might have affected the DNA for the better but it didn’t because they defaulted. So it’s not that your DNA is dirty; it’s just not fully developed. But over time, as you evolve, even in the face of the rebellion and the default, as you embrace the light of truth, you continue to evolve, individually and as a whole, until eventually your DNA is everything that it was ever intended to be. It just takes longer because it did not have the benefit of that revelatory up-stepping that Adam and Eve came to give.

Even so, it will arrive at that full flowering and you are allegedly assisting in this process by your awareness of your mating practices. When wisdom enters into the picture, you develop a field of eugenics that improves racial quality. And there are also concerns about cultural and dietary and intellectual and other realms of interest that go along with DNA that are a side effect of DNA but not determining what already is and what eventually will be. It is not anticipated that you will destroy yourselves completely by mating with the gibbons.

Gary: Hopefully not.

0802-AB-JACK: Hopefully not.

Gary: Yeah, the environment definitely has an effect on us too, I think. Maybe it’s just a combination of everything and a lack of spirituality, and like you said, the greatest belief of the scientist, their crazy belief that there is no God, you know, that the big bang just happened and a couple of chemicals bound together ….

0802-AB-JACK: Don’t make the mistake of accusing scientists of being Caligastian. They are simply scientists.
Gary: Yeah, but a lot of them have an ego problem, I think. JACK: Yes and a lot of religionists do too. Gary: That’s a big problem, I guess. That’s what got Caligastia.

0802-AB-JACK:   Well, let’s take that and wrap it around the words Merium brought this evening having to do with needs. Whose needs? Whose needs are being met? Whose needs are you fulfilling and supplying? Who are you serving? And who serves you in regard to your needs? What are your needs, and who can serve those needs? Those are the questions. It’s not a matter of what we want; it’s a matter of what we need, and I will say the same for your planet — you who are and have dominion over it, who are residents thereof and have dominion over it — that in itself is something you can do for God and his family. Take care of your home. Maintain your world … at least your own garden. Set an example.

There’s nothing wrong with your DNA and if the DNA of your soil is off, fix it, fertilize it, and cultivate it, so that it is the best it can be. Aspire to greatness in that regard: the best it can be, the best you can make it without stepping on the toes of others to get there.


0802-AB-JACK:  It’s been good to be with you again. We had a bit of a lapse in the center but we rallied; thank you for coming forward with questions. Obviously the interchange was needed. See you next time we get a chance. Later!

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