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LLN433- Working in Time

2014-03-13-Working in Time
Lightline #433


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Working in Time
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Working in Time
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Thank you all for coming to this place of spirit, for joining in the circle here today. Let’s embark on this spirit voyage together by activating a universe principle. This universe principle of creation happens with the three simple steps that we’ve visited many times before of thought, word and deed. We have been launched in this direction by my thought that we should be launched in this direction, now I lend word symbols to this cause and in so doing I would invoke the spirit presence of our Divine Parents and ministers and guides in this process. In using these word symbols I would invite them in. I would ask for their inclusion in this process that we are building and supporting. Then, to activate the circuit I would take the final step here and now in faith and act as I believe, and in so doing, move into the spirit realm. The sheer thought has transformed this entire experience and has become creative. This is the potential that we all have and wield in our lives. Let us direct in this way at this time and join together in this process, thank you.


CHARLES:  Hello to you all, I am Charles and I appreciate the opportunity to jump into the conversation with you here today. Truly it is a joy when it is a conversation, a back and forth, the sharing of each others consciousness, both of us grasping at these word symbols to identify meaning and value and purpose. Thus, it is what we are challenged with at this time and I am grateful to accept this challenge as I see you are in this hour as well.

I would field the question offered to show you that I have been attentive and listening. I would address the concern as to the timely nature of activities that one would perform such as prayer, meditation, visioning, projection and creation. These are efforts of the consciousness, efforts of the soul really, that are not contingent upon your mortal timeframe. That is to say, these activities exist in a different realm altogether. They are timeless, they are universal, they are eternal and so any activity engaged in may be considered to be applicable at all other times, at any other time.

If you are to seriously and with conviction have a prayerful attitude and project wellbeing and health on another, this reality has just been created by you in this process and it now exists to be tapped into or shared at any point in time. You have, in so investing yourselves, created an energy circuit, a field of energy envisioned as perhaps a cloud or mist. This field of energy is a result of your creation. You can identify this field in conjunction with others and other realities, that is, if you are to pray for instance about another individual, the energy field exists as such. If you are to incorporate another’s energy by sharing the reality of this energy with another you then combine forces and create a more robust greater energy field.

In so doing you can build upon this group prayer or meditation, the collective donating of energies to a single energy field. This has great impact and effect because you are in fact, great creators, and investing yourself in such an energy field injects your original thought, your original word and your original deed into the process and creation happens. When others decide to donate as well you have a collective and shared experience of a combined creation. This creation may take any form, may take every form and in this process, you are learning how to wield your powers as co-creative beings.

I tell you this plainly so that you may take the reins of your creative prerogative, that you may move forward in bold fashion with that which you were created to do. This exercise of yours is a means for you to discover your true nature, your co-creative capacities that you bring to the equation. These capacities are inherent within you, yet to be activated, nevertheless they are there for you to choose at any time during your ascension career and in fact you access them regularly in your mortal lives. You create your destiny day by day by having the thought of what you would do by creating a path to do it and structuring these word symbols and then carrying through with the energy required to manifest your vision. Whether it is a shopping trip to the grocery store or whether it is building your house, the same principle has applied.

Now, you are discovering you can wield this principle in a whole different realm, the realm of spirit where energy does not have form but yet may be felt, may be embraced, may be directed and used. What is it that you need to function in this realm to wield the same powers that you do when you make your daily lists and get your things done in the spiritual realm? I tell you that what is required is your faith, your belief and your conviction.

Even though the things that you may accomplish in your spiritual pursuits may not be as tangible as you might like, I assure you they are real, they are significant, they are a significant part of your growth. You are not only growing your mortal skills which enable you to live a life in balance and harmony but you are growing your spiritual skills which demonstrate to you that you are a creator, creating your highest vision or ideal and manifesting this, literally changing the world around you to accommodate your vision.

This is where your communion with spirit will be so substantive for you. In order to manifest that which is the greatest, you must have a sense of what that is. How does one arrive at the highest value, the most divine truth? That is through active engagement with divinity, interaction with your Divine Parents. In order to be connected in this way you must present yourself, must allow time for this process. You must have it as a priority in your being to spend time and then you must have the discipline to practice. Everyone knows that in order to grow in greatness one must practice repeatedly so that it is second nature to you. The same holds true with your spirit connection, you must practice regularly so that it is second nature to you, it is just a thought away.

I understand that there were additional questions about the timing of events occurring to this planet. It is always most interesting to see how keenly concerned individuals are with time and its implication on things. This can be forgiven you for you are completely immersed in time, surrounded by it, literally washed over with time. It does have its effects that you mark on your calendars because you are beings that are used to marching through time at a regular pace and somehow your relationship to this is of such fascination that many questions come back to the timing of events or your experience of events.

But this whole time based reality that you are experiencing now is a very short lived phenomenon, that is, this first mortal experience so conditioned by time is a brief experience with this phenomenon, a total immersion, albeit, nevertheless it will prove to be a brief experience in your eternal encounter that you have before you. It will only be in your future ascension career further down your timeline that you can properly assess the timing of events and their implication. But right now, you are immersed in this process, so much so that there is little around you to grab that is stable and solid and certainly, time is not one of those things.

So, understand that while everything here in this first existence may be conditioned by time and its influence on you, there will be a point in your career where nothing in your experience will be conditioned by time or its influence upon you and that you will simply realize that the experience of this imposition of time was just part of your resume. As much as it is possible, maintain an eternal perspective, that is, see everything as part of the continuum rather than part of a strict and abiding timeline. This speaks to the principle of spirit through grace, of love, of spiritual peace.

These things that you create at a moment in your time are literally eternal values and truths. So while you may see an event as having happened on a tuesday at a certain time, if this event was part of your spiritual growth and ascension process, it is preserved in all time. The values that you build in your spiritual pursuits are enduring beyond this time. So part of you is truly beyond this condition. Part of you exists that is not subject to the condition imposed upon you by time. Explore this component of yourselves, invest in it, partake in it. This is the enduring component of self.

What a treat it is to speak directly and frankly to those who would seek such contact and sharing. Truly, it enables such a transfer or a download to happen with greater and greater success. I encourage you all to be active in these times, in these moments, in these days and hours that are before us. Truly, that’s all there is to act with, to act upon, to act in. There is the thought of the moment, the words of the moment, the act of the moment and in the process, in this creative endeavor it is possible to make something which endures into eternity. Thank you for the opportunity to address you this evening. It has been a pleasure. Would there be any questions or dialog at this time?


Question: I have read an excerpt in which you gave a small synopsis of your life on your home planet back in 2010. I was wondering if time was an element like it is on this planet? Was it basically the same even though it wasn’t in Nebadon?

CHARLES: Thank you for your interest in my story. I will say that as a rather requisite part of the experience of spiritual development there is always a component of living a time based existence, an adhering to the ‘laws of the land’ as it were. This is a critical experience in the developing spiritual being, to be so impressed upon by the conditions of your environment, to have the very condition of your vehicle experience the effects of time, to have a sense of beginning and ending in the process of seasons coming and going, of events occurring and passing. This is a key experience that must be experienced to be embraced.

You see, once you move into a more spiritual dimension, you will not be fettered by many of these conditions and it will only be in your memory, in your constitution that you will have recollection of the life lived subject to such conditions of time. It brings me great respect and appreciation for the lives that you are living at this time. You have only so much time, you have so many impositions upon it, so many demands on such precious little resource that you have. I say little resource but it is in of course, context to your life lived on this planet. It is very small when in consideration of your eventual career so it is precious. It is to be taken in and embraced for the experience that it is, not to be hurried through in anticipation of better experiences for they will take care of themselves and arrive in due time.

But this journey may only be had here, these sights may only be seen now, these relationships may only be enjoyed in this time, in these moments. And so, I invite you all to breathe them in, to drink deeply of this cup of experience, to intoxicate yourself with the experience of mortal limitation because all too soon that experience will not be available to you and you will move on to a new and exciting set of experiences which will be available to you. So, take the full experience and soak it in, make it part of your constitution, bring it in as part of who you are moving forward. You are a comrade having traversed this experience of life on Urantia. Thank you for your question.

Comment: Thank you Charles, I guess it’s very important to live in the now and like you, I believe your time on your planet was almost three times the length of ours but I congratulate your being able to fuse with your Adjuster. That in itself is a pretty great accomplishment, so thank you anyway.

CHARLES:  I appreciate your reverential tone, however I must point out that such is possible everywhere, to anyone. There are great gifts of grace like this which may be had and discovered in the process. None of you are very far from such an event. None of you are strangers to this potential. All of you will arrive there in the proper time for each of you. There is no better status or preferred place, it is determined by your individual ascension career needs and you will arrive if you just simply keep moving forward. It is only a matter of this thing we have been referring to, time, how much of it and I tell you that sometimes the best possible results are had if the experience is as prolonged as it could be.

So accept whatever the fate of your individual ascension career brings to you. Do not consider yourself in relation to any others. You are on an individual journey and it will happen when it should happen and it will happen because it is your desire that it happen. You are the co-creators in this plan. You put it in motion, you activate it, you provide the energy to sustain it, you create the energy field. It exists and it will come to fruition, your vision will come to pass because you are powerful co-creators. So be it, in this hour and always, so be it. Would there be any other contributions this evening?

Comment: Thanks again Charles, that was great.

CHARLES:  You are most welcome.

Question: Charles, I have a question I have been thinking about recently. When the Magisterial Mission has been established on this planet, are there going to be upgrades for our physical bodies, those of us who have volunteered for the Magisterial Mission to prolong our life on the planet to help with the Mission? I will be turning seventy this year so I’m just curious because I read a little about it and I’m wondering if that is going to be available for people or whether we will most likely move onto the mansion worlds?

CHARLES:  Thank you for voicing your concern. I would like to present to you the idea that just as Michael was extremely limited in his ministry while he was but one man walking around on the planet. He subsequently was so greatly expanded in his capacity to minister when he entered the spiritual domain, the domain where time and space are not such imposing conditions upon the being. It could be said that likewise, your desire to increase your ministry could be greatly enhanced by the elimination of your tie to a physical structure, that is to say, once in spirit form you now are no longer bound by time/space restrictions and may expand your service potential exponentially.

So, this notion that to be helpful in the upcoming process of change you need to be in physical form at a certain given location, under certain conditions, is in itself an unnecessary limitation. Simply activating circuits we’ve discussed here tonight of prayer and meditation and devoted visioning are potent and powerful factors at play that are not contingent upon an event or any other individual but rather may be activated here, now, in this physical form or in the next form as a more spiritualized being. Either way, the actions may be the same, the impact may be similar, the same universe principles apply here or there, now or then.

So, consider that while you’re here you are helping in this limited form and that all things are possible, that your vehicle may in fact benefit from concerted efforts to maintain it, however the very moment it no longer serves you, you have just been upgraded to a greater potential, a more complete potential, a potential of spiritual significance that may be applied. So doubt not that if you have a sincere desire to be of service to whatever ministering forces may be at play, you will be given an opportunity to contribute and support, to help. It is very true that if you have felt the call and will respond, your assistance will be warmly received. This very truth exists as a mortal of the realm or after your transition as a spiritual being. There is no difference in the offer of this gift of grace. I hope this brings some console to all those who are concerned that their time at service might be cut short somehow. This is simply not the case.

Comment: Thank you Charles.


CHARLES: You are most welcome. I have very much enjoyed the interactive nature of the classroom tonight. I appreciate that you have invested yourselves in the process. It strengthens the connection, increases the bond between us. If there are no further contributions would there be anything else? If there are no further contributions I thank you all for attending this evening and draw this meeting to a close. It has been my pleasure to be with you and I look forward to our next opportunity to gather together. Thank you all, I bid you all go in peace.

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