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LLN436- Create a Clean Heart

2014-04-03-Create a Clean Heart
Lightline #436


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Create in me a clean heart, O God
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Midwayer Jack, Tomas, Merium
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Create in me a clean heart, O God
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Midwayer Jack, Tomas, Merium
TR: Gerdean


Prayer: Father God and Mother Spirit, we embrace the opportunity to be in your conscious presence … Or is that: to be conscious of being in your presence? … of being god-conscious and enjoying your company? We know you are with us all the time, busily engaged in one way or another, up-stepping us, leading us into one thing or another – our place in the universe, our service fields, our friends and neighbors in the cosmic neighborhood — ever making us more aware of the incredible mysteries that unfold and adventures we enjoy in this eternal career-just- beginning. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you in this way of sharing our inner life.

Give courage to the T/Rs who come forth with integrity and endure some dreadful jeering and ostrascization from those that feel that we are remnants of the ghost cults, of Caligastia’s child, and, if we are any or all of those things, then edify us. None of us want to do anything that is against your will, Father God. Show us where and how to be better at whatever we feel inclined to do because of your indwelling. We would not be fanatics, but we would be enthusiastic workers in your field.

Bless the Lightworkers and the faithful. Grant us the peace that passes all understanding that we garner in our relationship with divinity. Thanks for Michael and the tremendous example he set and the blessings he gave our planet when he chose this place to come here; put us on the map he did. Let us rise to the occasion of honoring his work on behalf of his universe. And now, Father God, we ask you to send the divine counsel that you feel would best serve our needs and your purposes at this time. In humble gratitude, amen.

0802-AB-JACK: Jack here. I’ll just slide in to say hello for a minute. I’ll be the emcee, as it were, this evening. I introduce a classic teaching mission dynamic duo of Tomas and Merium, two entities I have had the pleasure of working for and with for many mortal years. Tomas is going to speak first. Let me move over. One moment.


TOMAS:   Good evening my friends and loyal students. I am your teacher and I am joyed to be privileged to come forth to serve you and the directors of this course of action and education that we have deemed “the teaching mission.” The ability to learn from our elders and pass on what we have learned is a worthy method, providing of course what is passed on is wise and good. It is true that sometimes the tares come along with the wheat, but we shan’t worry much about that, for at the proper day of reckoning, that will be fixed. It will be taken care of.

It will be rectified as even now the sins of commission and omission are being rectified by these efforts to involve indeed to weave the realities of the finite and the infinite, the human and the divine, the material and the ethereal into one happy family as part of the rehabilitation and reclamation of this world from your long term isolation in quarantine. Eventually and in time you will sense and realize more and further proofs of the progress being made. You will be glad of your participation.

And so we proceed as we have always done, as you say in your culture “chop wood haul water” for it is in this tried and true, tested method from which lasting value emerges, upon which we build the next epoch of socio-spiritual culture on your world and in the other worlds involved in this reclamation process. Therefore I never hesitate to discuss simple matters.

Jesus himself used simple parables; he spoke of the seed in his parable about some falling on barren soil and some falling in fertile fields, some being carried away by the winds or through birds or bees in a cross pollination. And what strikes your imagination or what calls to your spirit in these stories, these parables, is what triggers your own God-consciousness, your own relationship with your own Indwelling Adjuster that tickles the chords of your heart and mind to lend reality to your experience. Water was another thing he liked to discuss, having been so mightily impressed as a child here about the difference between ice and water and steam — rather like body, mind and spirit — which serves as another analogy for differing levels of reality.

I would call your attention today to the word clean — a simple word, one you learned at your mother’s knee, no doubt. “Clean behind your ears.” “Clean your room.” Perhaps she would clean out your mouth with soap. “Clean up your act.” Or as Jesus said, “Create in me a clean heart, O God.” And, of course, there is the Biblical admonition that “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” So let us ponder Clean.

There are some who have an outright aversion to cleanliness. They feel perhaps unworthy in sterile environments, where germs have no upper hand. Perhaps they feel it’s better to have dirt and germs to embolden your immunization process against disease. For such reasons many parents enjoy seeing their children playing in the dirt; it strengthens them and their immune system. Some people see impeccable cleanliness as too sharp, too bitter. They prefer a little low-slung humor, a little mellow rounding out from the perpetual squeaky clean of righteousness and pristine thinking. Pristine thinking has overtones of the Victorian Age which was ultra proper on the exterior while seething with passions and intrigue on the interior, feeling it is better to allow those passions and intrigues vent, so as to free the human condition from the lies and posturing of propriety.

There are those who like a proper mess, who like to have everything out where they can see it instead of putting things away. And so, whereas there are those who would look at such a scene and say, “What a mess! Why don’t you clean up your space?” the antithesis would be “How can you feel creative when everything is put away somewhere? Right there, it’s handy; it’s immediately inspirational.” “Oh look, let me do that right away while I’m looking at it,” whereas you cannot see it if it is stuck in a cupboard somewhere; you can’t see it and so there become differing techniques, different modes of living based upon your habit of order or disorder, or cleanliness or clutter.

So what do you think Jesus was talking about when he said, “Create in me a clean heart, O God?” Could it relate to the intrigue and the habits that have built up over the years in secret and in solitude, the gossip and judgment that goes on in little minds, in suspicious people, and in those who feel oppressed or put upon? Those are not necessarily unclean, only if that is all you know, and in that context Jesus did come to set the spiritual captives free and so I think this is perhaps what his concern was, as regards a clean heart.

“Let me open my heart, O God, to the fresh air of your purity; let me open my heart and feel the cool breezes of the breath of life, of your touch upon my face. Let me open my mind so that my heart can rejoice in fresh thinking, new approaches, new ideas, Take away the barnacles of old beliefs; create in me a clear perspective, one unencumbered by decades of prejudice, of cultural conditioning that lends dead weight to the spirit that would help you soar into morontia thought and divine reality.

In order to allow yourself the answer to this prayer, for it does require your permission — there is no point in saying “Create a pure heart in me, O God” and then deny him access, and then deny the effort involved in opening the doors and the gates to such change, such adaptations. And so you must permit God, permit the universe to mold you. You must put yourself in the position of being a young child, a faith child, as is said, “Create in me a clean heart, O God,” like a child would pray, in faith and confidence, and in willing cooperation with what you must do to attain those ends, if indeed those ends are what you truly wish for.

And then in your cooperative mode, be mindful of the many ways you bar the growth, you close off the insights, you deny your own sordid perceptions, your own prejudices and conceits, your pride and all those lesser levels that only serve the dark places, that instill fear and loathing. These are being purged now in the Correcting Time. This is the most important work at hand, taking place now in you, in your own heart, in your own mind. These are the efforts that will turn the planet inside out, that will tilt it on its axis, that will lift it up into light and life, that will prepare it for its reintroduction to the cosmic connection, that will enable it to present itself to the galaxy as the home of Michael of Nebadon instead of the abyss of evil.

Wash your hands. Wash your hands of the evil deeds, the ignorant thinking, the comfort derived from carnal knowledge and misery in company. Trade those for something more up-lifting, more rewarding, more gratifying, more enduring, fresher, and fear not that you will be so diligent in your effort that you will suddenly find yourself unrecognizable to yourself and others; there are always remnants of our past, anecdotes from history, values that emerged from unfortunate circumstances that will remain part of your memory trove for eons to come. And so it is not to say that you are to aspire to be so saintly and pure that you completely absolve yourself of your imperfections. It is not necessary that you cut yourself off so far from your mortal experience nothing remains but the deity aspect.

Just simply allow your heart its childlike purity, its innate faith in that which is good and true and simple and lovely. Indeed, in time, as you age, these qualities will become more endearing; you will be refreshed and no longer be required by your associates to laugh at poor jokes or make fun of the less fortunate. You will begin to look with pity on those who find the need to continue to laugh at or loathe those who have not attained what you have attained through righteous effort and sincere prayer, thus you can maintain your pure heart, even as you look out upon the sea of humanity with its many failings and foibles. And how much better you are able to serve when you come from a place of divine affection than from a defensive sense of superiority.

Ask yourself periodically throughout the day whether you are operating from a clean heart or if you are entertaining gargoyles. Ask your angel to guide you in the path of Light. And rejoice therein — without remorse, without regret, without shame — to be a child of God. Amen and farewell.

MERIUM: Greetings, my lovelies. This is Merium. I am, as always, glad to come in and follow up Uncle Tomas and his ponderous pontifications. How lovely it is though, to listen to a lecture by one as beloved as Teacher Tomas. There are a number of teachers in this Teaching Mission who have regaled us into insights into the human condition, the divine nature, and whereas the twain do meet, it has been and continues to be a fine assignment. And my my, the ramifications of our presence here! There are myriad reflections of our efforts all across your globe, and while there are many errors in the process, many false prophets, many self-centered assistants, many garbled truths, over all, as these are aired, they are exposed, they are weighed, and in time they are resolved such that the chaff falls away, leaving the wheat that feeds the hungry.

I would linger with you for a bit, perhaps to see if there are questions afoot and among you. If there are questions or comments, you access this format by pressing star six on your telephone; that will open the door for dialogue between us. When you have finished your participation, close yourself out again so that the lines remain clear. Come forward now, my lovelies. Engage with me and with us as to your efforts, your current experiential living situations. What do you contemplate as the Father’s will for you? How have you cleaned behind your ears?
Star six. Come on. You know you want to.

Well, then, I will take another moment and fluff up the pillows, for apparently you have become quite tucked into your psyche or sofa or something that precludes you from your involvement with your peers here, so I will do my thing, which is to fluff up the pillows and throw open the windows, so that the air can blow through, bringing a fresh gust of wind and energy to fill your sails in order for us to carry our regatta through this channel to the other side of the hour. Come along, lovelies. What shall we talk about? Perhaps you would rather talk to Jack.


Linda: This is Linda. Reading and hearing that our intent is the most important thing, really means so much to me because we do keep making mistakes and errors but I have seen that since I gave myself to Our Father, when something does go wrong in my life, I stop and think about it, and go back and correct it, and this I’ve never really done before. But it’s like an innate feeling to know you’ve done something wrong and it’s very easy to correct it.

MERIUM: : And only you can fix it.

Linda: Right.

MERIUM: : It’s a very self-empowering action.

Linda: And it’s not really that hard to do! Except to, I guess, humble yourself and say, “I made a mistake.”

MERIUM: : Right. In fact, it’s quite brave and empowering to do that! Not that it should become a habit and you start running roughshod over folks, knowing how easy it is to …..

Linda: No. It gives me a feeling of power that I can recognize it and change it.

MERIUM: : Yes.

Linda: And correct my thinking about something. It’s not a constant thing but when it does happen, I acknowledge it. It’s just a feeling that, you know, this wasn’t right.

MERIUM: : To get to that point, however, you must have grappled with the challenge of recognizing that somewhere back there you became mindful of the necessity to act according to someone else’s desires or circumstances that were perhaps not in your best interests, because of cultural conditioning or peer pressure or direct instruction from well-meaning parents or teachers.

Linda: But it does empower me to be able to recognize it and change it.

MERIUM: : Yes, indeed. It is good that you can see that. That ability to see your inner life becoming well, your heart becoming clean, is a benefit of the process of working with your inner life.

Linda: And too, when this happens, I feel God’s love.

MERIUM: : Indeed! You allow him to go with you, because it does go into his Supreme egg basket, after all. These values are a part of the evolutionary god. You can’t hide from him.

Linda: No, I don’t want to. I want to become better and more like him as I go down this path and I can see these changes happening.

MERIUM: : One of the exciting developments that happens in the psyche of a fledgling soul is when they can see the fears emerge and project themselves into your mind and then say, “That’s a fear! I see that now! That’s not truth. That’s not the spirit of truth! And I tell that fear to go away. I banish that fear. I rebuke that fear and do it fearlessly without fear of recourse or retaliation . That is a tremendously liberating practice which does indeed take some time and courage, for you are so accustomed to talking yourself into the Lucifer legacy.

Linda: But it’s true. When I experienced that, I felt so clean. So happy.

MERIUM: : Keep up that good work. You are cultivating your own soul, and your spirit rejoices, for as your soul is cultivated, its personality is more assured, its success is better guaranteed.

Linda: Thank you so much.

MERIUM: : Thank you for your testimonial.

Lee: This is Lee. Yes, I think it’s wonderful, and I’ve been there — what Linda’s been talking about, but for me right now it’s the absolute opposite. Since I lost my job in January, I just feel the weight of the economy in the US its taking up my entire being at this point to survive and, you know, I don’t feel like I’ve got that time to spend in my spiritual thinking, although I do think … you know, “Okay, Lee, you’re getting a little rough around the edges, because you’re anxiety-ridden, and it’s so hard to live when prices keep rising but people are making less money. This money factor that goes on in the world is just awful.

MERIUM: : Yes, it is. And I don’t know why but it seems to be getting worse

Lee: that’s my point, and people all around the world are feeling the upheaval, the strife, the upheaval of their lives. In many ways I feel I’d be better off living in Africa than living in the United States.

MERIUM: : There are many nations where you could live much more simply with much less pressure. You won’t have certain advantages, and they are serious advantages, like running water and medical emergency rooms, food banks, and the like. There are stopgap measures built into the American system, such as bankruptcy, that can help those who fall upon hard times, but there are also the values in America that are hard to overcome when you are looked down upon or cast aside because of your misfortune, your financial misfortune. That has an effect on the psyche, on the self-esteem, which tends to undermine your joy, and these things conspire to complicate what is already a difficult situation.

Most people want to work. They don’t want to be dependent on others, but when the system is so convoluted and is construed to … What is the phrase: “The rich get rich and the poor get poorer.” This is a very uncomfortable inequality of wealth and Jesus spoke against it. It is not democratic, it is not harmonic, it is very destructive, and you can be assured that the Correcting Time will be doing something about it, but it will take time. And so, that’s good to know in the long-run, but in the short-time, the individuals who are caught up in the throes of it, indeed have a rough row to hoe.

And again, when we speak of what goes on inside the psyche, it behooves you to have an understanding of what reasonable fears are as compared to unreasonable fears. Fears really don’t care. As long as they can keep you fear-ridden, they can keep control over you. And it seems that is the Lucifer Legacy, inside out. Just keeping you afraid will keep you from acting in any conscious manner, in which case, God cannot win. But if you intend to see to it that good will win over evil, you will make choices, and again, it behooves you to know the difference between reasoned fear and unreasoned fear. And this economic situation provides many reasonable fears for people because they need to know which things they can act upon and which ones are not necessary.

There are many who have had to relocate to find work; there are many who have had to forego their ideals, their dreams, goals, higher education, the new car, a lot of things that people are motivated to work for have had to go by the wayside just to survive. This is not what you sign on for when you are young and are told that America is the land of opportunity, but it is going through a painful change and unfortunately it is taking its citizenry with it, certainly the workers, and this is something you share with literally millions of other Americans, — and not just Americans! — because these economic ills are indeed global. Other nations are suffering their own turmoil because of this economic upheaval that is taking place, as greed has its way and natural resources are drained from mother earth without regard to the people who are the owners of the natural resources, and so there is a lot of usury going on.

I hear interference going on and so I will latch on to superstition and suggest that perhaps this is my cue to steer clear of politics and get back into the nature of creating in you a clear, clean heart. It does not behoove you to harbor ill will against those powers-that-be that, in truth, don’t know what they are doing. It would certainly seem that they do. It would certainly be easy to blame the influence of Caligastia to these ends, but, that is not my task. My task, as a teacher in the Teacher Corps, is to work with you on your soul development. And so we return to the message of the hour: Create in me a clean heart, and with a clean heart, you are at peace. You are directed.

When you find yourself in a panic, first deal with the panic, then you can look to find out what it was you were panicking about and go through that process that was shared in testimonial. Go with God to the root of the angst and find your way clear of it. Find the solution that is there. If you listen to the spirit of truth, it will tell you, “this is the way.” There is always a way out. Jesus came to release the spiritual captives and this is exactly what is going on in this discussion in this moment in your psyche; you are learning how to free the spiritual captive. Do not allow yourself to stay captive to fears, be they real or unreal, reasonable or unreasonable. Deal with the panic first and with God you can do anything; at least you can do what is necessary, one day at a time, to live in the light.


MERIUM:  I thank you for your involvement with us in the dialogues that enrich this mission, that give relationship to the human and the divine that calls us to be family with one another. And I will see you next time I have an opportunity. I will give you back to Jack now. Bye-bye!

0802-AB-JACK: JACK’s back and glad to be here. We did have a dynamic duo this evening. Thanks Teacher Tomas and Teacher Merium for bringing their signature patterns to the fore and addressing a most gracious audience. We look forward to the effects of these causes and the next time we meet. Later!

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